happiness is dean martin

Happy Easter!!!!!

Happy Easter guys! I hope you have a fantastic Easter, and DOCTOR WHO SEASON 10 COMES OUT TODAY!!!!!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!!



“In the beginning of our relationship, Jerry was just wonderful, and I was doing all the funny things that I had always wanted to do. I love to hear laughter, but I couldn’t get laughter just singing. Hearing a whole audience laugh is like getting drunk.“

- Dean Martin

“Oh, God, we had such fun, it was ridiculous. He’s doing a number one night and he calls me up. He said, I hope I didn’t interrupt you when you’re busy.” I said “No, I was just standing around listening to you.’ He said, ‘In the middle of the song I thought to myself, I miss him.’ I said ‘That’s why you called me up, because you missed me?’ He said ‘Yeah–now we’re together–isn’t that wonderful?” 

- Jerry Lewis, Dean and Me


“If he were to walk in here right now, all of the barriers would be down and we would have the kind of fun and laughter that no two men could ever have.” – Jerry Lewis

“I don’t need him like I need my left arm.” – Dean Martin

“Our partnership works because of the way we feel for each other that nobody can duplicate, so there can never be another two-act like this because there’s never going to be two guys who feel this way about each other. There couldn’t be two men who are as close to each other as we are."— Jerry Lewis

Martin & Lewis (July 25th 1946 - ∞)


“I went backstage while Dean was on and watched him from the wings for about twenty minutes. He was wonderful. Ken had told me there was a certain point in the show when Dean bowed off and exited - stage right, as always. After that, Ken would play the introduction to the next number and Dean would come back out. This all went exactly as planned, except when Dean returned to the stage, Ken stopped the music and I yelled from the wings, “How the hell long are you gonna stay on?“

Dean looked startled, turning toward the familiar voice, Ken cued the band into “Happy Birthday,” and I wheeled that giant cake out onto the stage. The place went apeshit.

“You surprised me,” Dean said. He held his arms out. His eyes were full of tears. I blinked hard, not wanting to start bawling in front of 1,500 people.

As we hugged, he said, loud enough for the audience to hear, “I love you and I mean it.“

And this is what I said, also loud enough for everyone to hear: “Here’s to seventy-two years of joy you’ve given the world. Why we broke up, I’ll never know.”

- Jerry Lewis on surprising Dean Martin at Bally’s 1989, from Dean and Me: (A Love Story)


“We had been a team for four nights, and we were sleeping in the same bed so we could save nine bucks. I dream out loud and he says to me, ‘You’re dreaming out loud again! Let me know when you’re finished so I can go back to sleep (laughs).’ Then I say ‘Paul understand what I am going to tell you right now. In about six months. we’re going to have such money, we’re not going to be able to count it. He said, ‘From your lips, my friend.’ Just days after we teamed up, I make this prediction because I believed it.”

- Jerry Lewis