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Happy Birthday, Stella [x]

in honor of it being Selena’s actual birthday :3

Happy Easter!!!!!

Happy Easter guys! I hope you have a fantastic Easter, and DOCTOR WHO SEASON 10 COMES OUT TODAY!!!!!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!!



Happy Birthday Frank Sinatra!!!   (12 December 1915 - 14 May 1998)

He was the epitome of what singing is all about, beautiful sounds, smooth as silk, effortless, impeccable phrasing, stylish, intelligent and full of heart. - Barbara Streisand

When Frank sings a song, he wraps himself around it and sinks himself into it. You can just feel every syllable and you know his soul is in it. Sinatra leaves behind a legacy of music, a legacy that will live forever. Five hundred years from now, people will be listening to his recordings and they’ll say, ‘There was only one Sinatra.’ And that’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. -Tony Benett

The most admirable thing about Frank is his great determination. After a meteoric beginning, he had every conceivable reversal and disappointment, socially, professionally, and privately. Very few people in our business can rally from something like this. But he did—andbig! And all by himself. - Bing Crosby

 I looked at my watch and turned on the radio. The music came pouring out and I sat there absorbing what sounded like hundred pieces playing the Axel Stordahl arrangement, swelling, softening, opening a path for Frank Sinatra’s voice to come through singing… I dropped my do-it-yourself record on the floor, listening, appreciating the professionalism, the way all that music served as no more than a frame for his voice, a frame he didn’t seem to even notice was there. He sang free, unencumbered, as easy as if he were int eh shower, yet all the elements fit and came together in a big-time sound that gave me chills. -Sammy Davis Jr

Frank and I are brothers, right? Blood brothers. We cut the top of our thumbs and we became brothers. He wanted to cut the wrist. I said, “What are you, crazy? No, here’s good enough.” To me, he’s always been my brother. We’re alike. Dean Martin


*HAPPY BIRTHDAY* Luke Evans 4/15/1979

“The cast sort of lived very near each other and we had a really good time. You’re so far away from home so these guys became my family.”

Luke Evans


“If he were to walk in here right now, all of the barriers would be down and we would have the kind of fun and laughter that no two men could ever have.” – Jerry Lewis

“I don’t need him like I need my left arm.” – Dean Martin

“Our partnership works because of the way we feel for each other that nobody can duplicate, so there can never be another two-act like this because there’s never going to be two guys who feel this way about each other. There couldn’t be two men who are as close to each other as we are."— Jerry Lewis

Martin & Lewis (July 25th 1946 - ∞)

Music Tag

I was tagged by @betweenthepies

Somehow all of the cool, hipster, not embarrassing music on my ipod decided to disappear. for this- my fave bands are nowhere to be found. That being said, I do listen to a lot of musicals, so it’s not exactly wrong.

Rules: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the ten first songs, then tag ten people.

  1. It’s Not Unusual - Glee Cast (oh god this is gonna be embarrassing)
  2. Tug of War - Carly Rae Jepson
  3. You Can’t Always Get What You Want - Glee Cast
  4. Temporary Fix - One Direction (shut up made in the A.M. is actually a great album)
  5. Fifteen - Taylor Swift
  6. On Ira - Zaz
  7. Decode - Paramore
  8. Would You? (End Title) - Cast of Singin in the Rain
  9. That’s Amore - Dean Martin
  10. Happy to Keep his Dinner Warm - Cast of How to Succeed in Business WIthout Really Trying

Okay- let’s see if I can make it to ten:

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“In the beginning of our relationship, Jerry was just wonderful, and I was doing all the funny things that I had always wanted to do. I love to hear laughter, but I couldn’t get laughter just singing. Hearing a whole audience laugh is like getting drunk.“

- Dean Martin

“Oh, God, we had such fun, it was ridiculous. He’s doing a number one night and he calls me up. He said, I hope I didn’t interrupt you when you’re busy.” I said “No, I was just standing around listening to you.’ He said, ‘In the middle of the song I thought to myself, I miss him.’ I said ‘That’s why you called me up, because you missed me?’ He said ‘Yeah–now we’re together–isn’t that wonderful?” 

- Jerry Lewis, Dean and Me