happiness is blur


“All right. I know I’m a prince, so we can’t be friends. But if I wasn’t a prince… […] Well, then… we’d probably get on.” 

requested by anonymous

auditory pride parade

  1. the henney buggy band - sufjan stevens
  2. lgbt - cupcakke
  3. survival - adult mom
  4. boys keep swinging - david bowie
  5. wut - le1f
  6. the girl wants to be with girls - talking heads
  7. true trans soul rebel - against me!
  8. faggot - mindless self indulgence
  9. you spin me round - dead or alive
  10. chloe in the afternoon - st. vincent
  11. boy division - my chemical romance
  12. loud - titanic sinclair
  13. girls & boys - blur
  14. sweet transvestite - rocky horror picture show soundtrack
  15. girls/girls/boys - panic at the disco
  16. now i’m your mom - david byrne

AU where sun and moon are warriors protecting their kingdom. I’m really not happy with this one, but I hope you like it anyways!

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