happiness is a journey not a destination

A big part of our show is the idea that endings aren’t real… In our culture, one of the more damaging things we can tell our children is the idea of ‘happily ever after’—that you’ll find the prince or slaughter the dragon and be happy forever—but that’s not true. What happens the day after you slaughter the dragon? You still have to get out of bed.

Raphael Bob-Waksberg

Diane Nguyen actually takes the quote closest to this, when she talks about her wedding, but its the reality all the characters are realizing

There is no place you cannot see.
No destination you cannot reach.
No dream you cannot achieve.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

“Freedom is the most important thing.”

Tove Jansson wrote the above when she was very young, as an almost defiant statement. It is very clear that her whole life was defined by this very thought. She spent her entire life trying to define freedom, searching for freedom and making sacrifices to keep her freedom. This also shows in her writing. If one was forced to choose the most important theme in Moomin books, it would be freedom.

For Tove, being free often meant being able to pursue her dreams and goals as she chose for herself. This meant that she would be able to make art as she wanted. As a woman in the early 1900s, that was never easy. Women of the time were expected and encouraged to give up personal goals to support and nurture a family. Tove saw this first hand at her own home, where her mother dedicated everything she had to take care of her husband and children. Ham had very little free time and her career was mostly meant to support the family when her husband’s income as a sculptor was not enough. Ham took up tedious drawing assignments and would draw late into the night. Tove’s father Faffan was instead free to pursue his passion. Ham was emotionally available and always there for her children. It is clear she loved her role as a mother, but Tove was always worried her mother was giving too much of herself away.

It is understandable that Tove herself was very reluctant about marriage and family. Getting married would mean giving up her career and tying herself to the role of a mother. On the other hand, Tove was very emotional and yearned for romantic connection, so she often played with the thought. When Tove was in love, she had the habit of losing herself completely in it. Her mentor and lover Sam Vanni even warned her against this. He told Tove not to lose herself in anyone so she would no longer be able to create as herself. She played with the thought of marriage and becoming a “politicians little wife” when she fell in love with Atos Wirtanen and truly wanted to marry him. But as Atos was emotionally distant and valued people not getting too attached to each other or things, Tove was never able to commit the way she might have wanted to. Like Snufkin tells us: “You can never be free if you admire someone too much.”

Her yearning for freedom was also why Tove was very reluctant about motherhood. She saw having children as the biggest responsibility and commitment a person could ever do. Sometimes Tove yearned for children, sometimes she was terrified of the thought. Eventually she never had children of her own.

This is why her own atelier and home was so important to Tove. It was her own sanctuary where she was free to create, decorate and isolate herself when needed. No matter how deeply in love she fell, Tove was never ready to give up her home. When she was ready to marry Atos Wirtanen, she always pictured herself still keeping the apartment so she would have her own place. Having that option and autonomy was essential. When she fell in love with Tuulikki, they both still kept their separate apartments always. Their apartments were right next to each other though. Even today, Tove’s atelier is left untouched in Ullanlinna.

Tove would often share her thoughts and questions about freedom in an indirect way in her writing. Moomin books have characters who yearn for freedom, protect the freedom they have or are terrified of freedom. There are also many ways to be free and sometimes a character may not like the freedom they get. Almost completely restricted characters without freedom are often miserable. Characters like Fillyjonks and Hemulens lack freedom the most, often because of their own actions. Hemulens see freedom as a threat to the order they are trying to create. If people have freedom, they will stop doing things like Hemulens are telling them to! And if they do not do as Hemulens have told, they will do things all wrong. Fillyjonks also fear freedom, but not because of others; they fear what freedom will do to themselves. Fillyjonks want to organize everything neatly and live orderly, restricted lives. If life is resticted, it will not offer any scary surprises. In Moominvalley in November, both Hemulen and Fillyjonk need to let go of their restrictions to control others or themselves. When they let freedom in, they both become happier people.

On the other end, completely free characters without anything to bind them to anyone are not seen as truly happy or even that admirable. Hattifatteners represent pure freedom. They have no desires or regrets. They do not have families or enemies. When Moominpappa elopes with them in Secret of the Hattifatteners, he begins to doubt if Hattifatteners even have actual thoughts. They only live to pursue the endless horizon. They only form groups because it’s easier to sail away that way. Hattifatteners are so free that they do not even have a destination, only the journey. When Moominpappa realizes what kind of life this absolute freedom means, he immediately runs back home.

Moominpappa is actually a character who is torn between wanting freedom and wanting connections. His character is actually first introduced to us in The Moomins and the Great Flood as a father who has left his family to go adventuring. Despite yearning for freedom, Moominpappa does love his family and is actually very fond of his comfortable life. His anxiety about this is explored in that short story where he elopes with the Hattifatteners. He leaves without a warning because he simply wants to adventure and be free. But when he is faces with absolute freedom and all it means, he is simply terrified. In the end Moominpappa returns home to his porch, because that is the place where he can be just as free as a father needs to be.

Another character who is torn between freedom and his connections with others is actually Snufkin. At first it might appear that he is an independent person who has all the best things freedom can offer. In Finn Family Moomintroll, he simply jumps up one day and leaves just because being always in one valley with all these people around him is making him anxious. And just like that, he can also return whenever he feels like it. In Moominsummer Madness he is very late just because he had some business to take care of and in a short story, Spring Tune, he outright states that he does not have to return to Moominvalley at all. But despite his protests, Snufkin is not as free as he would like. He cannot make the spring tune because he keeps thinking about Moomintroll and how much Moomintroll must be missing him. Even his leaving each autumn eventually resembles a rebellion more than actual choice. Snufkin is essentially tied down by his pursue for freedom. In Moominvalley in November he finally realizes that he was free all the time even with the family there, because they always let him be free. That is when he lets go of his pursue and does not leave for that winter. He just does what he feels like, finally truly free.

Moomin family is all about letting others live as they please. Narrator even tells us that in Moomin family, everyone is free to do what they please because they have agreed not to worry about each other. Whenever someone wants to go on an adventure, they can go ahead and do just that. And trust that others will be there to welcome them back. Characters like Snufkin or Moominpappa just need to realize that freedom is not the same as leaving, it’s having the choice to leave or stay as you please. Once again, the character who seems to realize this the best is Little My. She is so independent that she can go by herself whenever she wants but also cares enough about others to happily stay. She never questions the grand philosophy behind freedom or actively pursues it until her shoes are filled with holes. She just does what she wants and that is her freedom.

“There are those who leave and  those who stay, it has always been like that. Everyone can make the choice by themselves, but you have to choose in time, and never give up.”

iamhalsey: MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS DAY!!!!! Please remember that mental health is not limited to just those with mental illness! Remember that mental health is not a destination! It’s a journey! You don’t just wake up and arrive at healthy and happy! It is a constant process that requires your love and attention for the rest of your life. REMEMBER that you should NEVER feel ashamed for seeking help that you need! A lot of your favorite musicians (myself included!) see a therapist / psychiatrist regularly because keeping our minds healthy is what helps us do a great job at keeping YOU happy! You are never alone and you are WANTED and LOVED. Every battle helps you win the war! It’s okay to fail and to struggle along the way and every day won’t be a great one! But it’s these small transgressions that make us stronger. Please talk to your peers and your family about mental health. Speak LOUD! We have come a long way, but there is much stigma to be dissolved even still! You can be a shout into the atmosphere that helps someone else, and they will shout it back to you as well. I love you!!!!!!!

The Year 2017

The year 2017 is for complete and utter confidence in yourself and your actions.
The year 2017 is for cutting out all the negative people and energy that accumulated all through last year.
The year 2017 is for writing down all of your goals and having the faith and dedication to make them all come true.
The year 2017 is for being selfish with your time and your love and your thoughts.
The year 2017 is for discipline, in order for you to live your life to the fullest.
The year 2017 is for taking more steps towards the life you want to live. That you WILL live.
The year 2017 is for growth, in every area of life, wether it be maturity, love, career, thoughts, spirituality…everything.
The year 2017 is for dreaming BIG. HUGE. OUT OF THIS WORLD.
The year 2017 is for GOING FOR IT. For feeling the fear and doing it anyway.
The year 2017 is for going through the struggle and coming out stronger than before.
The year 2017 is for love, of yourself, others, who ever.
The year 2017 is for accepting yourself, and being happy with yourself.
The year 2017 is for financial abundance for all.
The year 2017 is for miracles.
The year 2017 is for the impossible.
The year 2017 is for an overflow is love, support, knowledge, wealth, and so much more.
The year 2016 was for all the nightmares. For all the struggle…but the year 2017 is for us.
The year is finally for us.
And we will make the most of it.

I present to you the following Facts:

- Dirk throws the stars and stripes shirt at Todd, and Todd is still holding it when Dirk starts the car and pulls out of the parking space

- When they reach their destination, Todd is wearing the shirt

- At some point during the same car journey, they switched places so that Todd was driving (”I stopped the car to check the map, and you got out to start digging!”)

- Despite Dirk’s terrible driving that first time in episode one, Todd seems happy to let him drive at the beginning of episode five, until this car journey, when he apparently decides Dirk is never allowed to drive again (”Dirk’s outside. Can you take him? Hes not good with… cars”)

Ergo, vis-a-vis, I forward a theory:

- Todd took his shirt off mid-car journey and Dirk veered off the road, nearly killing them both, at the sight of his compactly muscled body

Thank you for your time 

Enouement Masterlist


The bittersweet feeling of having arrived in the future, seeing the way things turned out, but not being able to tell your past self.

Summary:  Told in reverse-chronological order, Enouement is the story of love and loss, telling the journey that led you to your ultimate destination: a life full of happiness and regret, mistakes and laughter- and the man who gave you it all. Bucky x Reader 

Author Masterlist

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Part 24: The Beginning

Happy hump(back) day! 

This humpback whale was spotted near Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, off the coast of Massachusetts – one of the world’s premiere whale watching destinations. Each summer, humpbacks and other whales journey here to feed in the sanctuary’s rich waters! 

(Photo: Peter Flood)

So I know I’m like a week late to this but better late than never. 

I’ve seen a heck of a lot of people post their contribution to the HS fandom now that it’s over and I figured I might as well do the same.

I’m a pretty decent fanfic writer and I’ve written a lot of fics, so here’s the fic list! It’s going to be broken up into categories by ships/other with a very small summary. (I made most of these before the last homestuck updates so the info in some of them may be wrong because of the latest updates.)


  • Karkat’s Lessons- Karkat learns about what’s he’s destined to do in life with the help of Kankri and a lecture that lasts forever.
  • Karkat’s Journey- (Part Two of Karkat’s Lessons) Karkat sets out into the new universe with hopes of becoming a leader to the new race of trolls but history ends up repeating itself once they find out that Her Imperious Condescension has already taken over Earth.
  •  The Kids Are Alright- The Game’s finally over and Dave’s just happy he can stop worrying about dying and destruction and just relax with his alien boyfriend.
  • A Sprite, A Ghost, A Dream Bubble- Neither Davesprite nor this dead Karkat are the “original” versions of themselves and that sucks, but at least they have each other.
  • Picture Perfect- Dave just wants Karkat to see himself the way Dave sees him.


  • Migraines and Sore Throats- Sollux was just some troll that created a better chatting application to use for himself and his friends, he didn’t realize that’d he make such a huge connection with someone who typed in weird grey text.


  • The Only Hope For Me Is You- Gamzee’s let out of the fridge and it seems like Karkat’s the only one willing to help the poor clown change.
  • Best Friends?- The story of Gamzee and Karkat and how their friendship grew through the years.


  • ScreenEridan and Sollux weren’t perfect matesprits. Hell they weren’t perfect kismesis’. But they were happy and that’s all that mattered to them.



  • His PrinceKarkat Vantas never really expected to become anyone’s matesprit, especially not Equius’s.


  • Turtlenecks- Karkat and Kankri were the exact opposite, yet they were perfect for each other.


  • LovelyJohn stays on the meteor instead of Dave, and it is boring. Everyone except the one person he wants to talk to talks to him. He just needs some way to get the nubby-horned troll he desires to talk to him, and when he does get that he wonders if maybe he wants more than to just talk to Karkat.
  • Love Actually- Was there ever really a point in time where Karkat denied his feelings about John? No. Was there ever a point in time where Karkat realized his feelings about John were something different than what he first thought? Oh yeah. Definitely.




  • High School Football HeroNepeta just wanted to play football and not even the school’s fucked up sports system will stop her and her girlfriend from achieving her goal.


  • Night Of The Living GamzeeGamzee Makara finally snaps, hunting and killing every single troll or human inhabiting the meteor
  • The Loneliest Corner of the Meteor- Karkat’s lonely. He was lonely ever since Kanaya and Rose hooked up. Since Dave and Terezi hooked up. Since the death of a vast majority of his friends. Since Gamzee broke off the already fragile pale relationship with him. What’s a troll to do when no one on this small meteor will even give him the time of day?
  • Ground Control to Mituna Captor- We all know that Mituna suffered severe thinkpan damage from protecting his friends from some sort of monster, but how exactly did it happen?

Thanks for reading! Remember to comment and tell me how my writing is! Happy late 4/13!!

“The rays of happiness, like those of light, are colorless when unbroken.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

So…“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in Finishing an activity but in doing it.”~ Greg Anderson

it’s hard when you live your life in black and white, when you base your perceptions of people off of what they’ve done to hurt you, when the world feels like it’s ending when somebody does you wrong because you can’t wrap your head around how people so beautiful can make such big mistakes.

but i’m learning how to live in the gray area and be okay with it. i’m learning to still have love in my heart despite the iron fists that have come down on it. i’m learning that people are people and science is teaching me that they’re complicated.

and sometimes i feel like i grew up backwards because i grew up always wanting to do the right thing and i was always raised to never make any mistakes. but now i’m happy making them because i’m happy being human and you know, sometimes i even like being me.

now when people make jokes about death, i cringe. i ask them if they’re okay. i know what that’s like. i know how badly it hurts. i know how much it stings. when i was younger, i never thought i’d make it to my mid-twenties. but now my parents are getting older and when they talk about death, it’s different. it’s scary. it’s wow i’m sitting here worried this life is going to kill me. but i’m still here standing. and i am so young. and i am so healthy. and i have so many more possibilities.

so today? today i really am doing okay. and maybe it’s just mindset in the end but the bad days aren’t as bad as they used to be. maybe some days i’m just too busy to notice i’m sad but some days i really am happy. and maybe i’m not where i want to be yet, but i’m getting there. and the journey really is more important than the destination so i’m still here trucking away.

and i’m making it. slowly. because i’m not investing myself in the black or the white anymore; i’m taking in a little bit of everything. i’m not putting my life on the line for one person or one thing. i’m in a different city every weekend and still studying during the week. i’m merging my friend groups, doing different things, changing my direction over and over again until i figure out who i am and where i want to be. changing my mind and getting behind other people my age but doing it because i know this is right for me.

and i collect my friendships like memories, take screenshots of the “i love you”s and read them when it gets bad, and when my friends make that mistake, i remember we’re human. and we care even when we don’t admit it. i remember the good times. and it helps to talk about it, too. to realize the world is so much bigger than just you. and the thought is finally making me feel more than insignificant - it’s making me feel alive, motivated even, because there’s so much more here that i want to do. and i hope some days it makes you feel alive too.

Two Kinds of People

There is a crowded flight of stairs
Leading to happiness
Two men stand at the bottom

Man #1 wants to be at the top
He starts to move forward
Climbing one stair at a time
Occasionally he takes a step back
But eventually reaches the top
With help
As he lends a hand to others on the way

Man #2 also wants to be at the top
Instead of moving forward
He forces people down
Until he is at the highest point
But there will always be people
Walking up the stairs

He can’t reach his destination by
Preventing others from reaching theirs
And he will never reach his destination
If he doesn’t climb the flight of stairs

“The storm catches everyone, eventually. Does it matter?”

I frequently think about what matters to me the most: my kids, my family, my home. In my depression I wonder whether the work will really amount to anything, whether I’m ever doing enough. I’m tough, but life is tougher. The storm caught Fleet, in the story Kaladin tells to Wit, though he ran as fast and as hard as he could.

Like Kaladin, I focus on that part, weighing the meaning of the story against its outcome. Fleet could never outrun the storm. He wasn’t good enough, not fast enough.

Then, what was the point? Was any of it worth it?

What I think Wit is saying (as if it’s actually ever straightforward or simple, but let’s pretend for a moment) is that the end actually doesn’t matter. No one outruns death. As Death says in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, “You lived what anybody gets…You got a lifetime. No more. No less.”

We know what will happen. The storm comes. Death (or hardship, if you prefer) comes for everyone. But does that equal defeat?

I think Wit was trying to tell Kaladin what he knows but has not yet absorbed: Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination.

Life is hard. Life kicks your butt. But life is about what you do, the experience of living it, not how it ends or that it ends. It’s made up of the journey and not the arrival. If Fleet had decided that he wouldn’t run unless he knew he could have everything he wanted by the end, he wouldn’t have started.

I realized recently that my all-or-nothing, black-and-white thinking defeats me in a different way than I had imagined: there is no achieving perfection - that’s a false ideal. I will never be able to make the perfect series of choices and enjoy a perfect life. But I am able to end up with the ‘nothing,’ if I despair enough and give up. Against my intuition, happiness is in the grey areas: not the white, which is impossible, or the black, which is failure. It’s in between. It’s being alright with not getting everything you want. That doesn’t mean that you don’t live or enjoy or use your strengths. You fling yourself against the rocks of life and you don’t ask the cost.

The point of Fleet’s race was not to win; the point was to RUN.

Journey before destination.

Keep running.

A very personal post for Erwin Smith

When I began to watch this series, I haven’t been attached to Erwin that much. Like many of us, I began this series with anime and at first season, I had no interest in Erwin, till the end.

To me, the series began at episode 25 of anime. I have fallen to SnK hell at that episode and since then I am happily craving there. Till that episode, characters were not interesting to me, can you believe?! But at that episode, I got hooked for characters like Annie, Eren, Levi and Erwin. And of course after that, Isayama made me swallow my words about his amazingly written characters. I remember the exact moment I got so impressed of Erwin.

 This, is it.

This is the moment I fell for Erwin Smith.

There’s even a fanart about the actual footages of me and Levi so I know I am not the only one

Of course then I read manga and find out that this moment is actually a filler etc but as I kept reading, my love for Erwin started to grow too. And then it became a strong tree with roots and branches.

The reason I love him this much is not because he is cool, handsome and a generous wonderful commander. These reasons do help, but I have loved characters with horrible, horrible attitudes too. I don’t need them to be perfect to be loveable, I need them to be relatable.

And I found Erwin a very relatable character, specially for grown ups.

I am saying he is specially relatable for adults, because I don’t think normal teenagers can relate to give up someone you love or the grief of losing a close one, teenagers are not that broken by Life™  that much, yet. But Erwin, like many of adults, has suffered by these.

But that’s not just it.

He also knows what it feels like to be a failure. What it feels like to be disappointed by self. What it feels like to have an unachieved, broken dream.

Yet he keeps trying to reach it, trying to find a way.

Have you ever met an accountant that doodles on his desk because he wanted to be an artist? Or that catlady that randomly dances even though her joints are hurting because she just loves to dance? Have you ever met with someone that has an unachieved, broken dream?

Those are my favorite kind of people, because the child in them never dies. They always find a way to keep it alive and it’s not like all of them still want to achieve that dream, they have mostly carried on yet that dream remained a part of them. You know what they say; the beautiful and enjoyable part is the journey, not the destination.

Erwin Smith is also a part of this crew.

That’s why I find him so relatable personally.

That’s also why I found his death so beautiful, too.

I mean it.

When his father died, he could have gone rogue and swore to get his revenge, but that was not what his father thought to him. Papa Smith thought Erwin to dream, to seek for answers and Erwin followed this till the end. Many people thought Erwin may be a monster, yet he was one of the most human characters. When he died, he was surrounded by the people that loved him, other than Flocke, he got his way of a funeral and Levi even picked some flowers for him. 

Before riding to death, he thanked Levi because he also understood that what matters is the journey, not the destination. He close his eyes without free from regrets and free from pain and not just that, probably for the first time in his life, someone understood him, too. Levi cared for him more than he cared about anything else at that moment. How amazing is that?

Look how soft his smile is.

This is not he smile of a man that is about to die, this is the smile of a man that is relieved.

So happy birthday Danchou Eyebrows Smith!


Motivational Sentence Starters

Send a sentence below based on a real-life quote. Adjust pronouns if necessary.

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”
“If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”
“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”
“Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.”
“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”
“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
“The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.”
“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”
“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”
“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”
“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not the absence of fear.”
“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”
"The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.”
“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”
“What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?”
“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”
“You never regret being kind." 
"Can you decide that your happiness can come from someone else’s success?”
“Do what you have always done and you’ll get what you have always got.”
“Happiness is where we find it, but very rarely where we seek it.”
“To be content means that you realize you contain what you seek.”
“Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time…serenity, that nothing is.”
“To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.”
“Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others." 
"Don’t tell people how to do things; tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.”
“Victory has a hundred fathers and defeat is an orphan.”
“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things." 
"Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.”
“Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.”
“Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another." 
"Being responsible sometimes means pissing people off." 
"A leader is a dealer in hope." 
"I cannot trust a man to control others who cannot control himself." 
"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for." 
"If you really want the key to success, start by doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing." 
"The art of leadership is saying no, not yes. It is very easy to say yes.”
“Leadership is an action, not a position." 
"Surround yourself with great people; delegate authority; get out of the way." 
"Show me the man you honor and I will know what kind of man you are." 
"A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason.”
“If you spend your life trying to be good at everything, you will never be great at anything.“ 
"Don’t blow off another’s candle for it won’t make yours shine brighter.”
“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.”
“People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.“ 
"A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”
“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.“
“Silent gratitude isn’t very much to anyone.”
“The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you.”
“You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do." 
"Do it or not. There is no try." 
"Rarely have I seen a situation where doing less than the other guy is a good strategy.”
“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”
The best revenge is massive success.“
"The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”
“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Chocobros + Nyx | Favorite Vehicles HC

Tagging @glaive-eve, @vashiane@drpepper280 for helping, especially with Ignis and Gladio 💕 

Noctis | Audi R8 Star of Lucis - Spyder Model

Was there ever any question as to what Noctis’ car would be? As much as he loves the Regalia, it’s not the same when the R8 boasts a V10 engine that can hit 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds with a top speed of 205mph, almost triple that of the Regalia.

The first time Noct picks you up in his convertible R8 Spyder you raise a skeptical brow at him. It’s impractical (only seats 2, no hard roof), it’s loud (man does that engine roar) and to top it off, it’s ostentatious (the sleek supercar sticks out like a sore thumb, even in downtown Insomnia). The car is the exact opposite of your Prince. 

But boy does he love this car. When you first get in, you’re hesitant, but the moment Noct grins wickedly at you –  an expression you rarely see – and revs the engine, something within you snaps. His cocksure smirk along with the hard vibrations of the V10 does something delicious to you; your thighs already squirming together in anticipation. 

Once you’re out of Insomnia and on open roads, the car comes to life, roaring across the plains. Noctis shifts through the gears seamlessly, the look of sheer concentration and wicked delight on his face is something you’d never forget. 

Top down, wind in your hair as you take in the beautiful scenery under the starlit sky, you begin to appreciate the Prince’s impractical choice in cars. But what you really love about the car, is this other side it brings out of Noct.

Usually quiet and reserved, the car seems to bring about his more untamed self. He’s more open with you, a little more talkative, a little more mischievous, something you used to only see when he interacts with his closest friends.

Right when you reach your destination, a lonely plateau in Duscae overlooking nothing but wilderness, Noct is on you. His hands, lips, body. Before you know it he’s pulled you roughly on to his lap. You’re straddling his hard length as he desperately tries to undo your jeans with an eagerness that sends a jolt of desire straight to your core.

There is a certain intoxicating exhilaration in riding the Prince of Lucis into a shuddering orgasm out in the open wilderness.

At the end of the night, you’re convinced you love the car almost as much as Noct does. The next time he picks you up, you’re properly dressed, flowy skirt sans undergarments. 

Prompto | tokyobike Classic Sport Bicycle

Prompto is all about animals and exercise, so you’re not surprised that his choice mode of transportation is by bicycle (Why pollute when you can exercise and help the environment in one fell swoop?). It’s quite minimalistic and really only seats one. When he arrives, brow damp with sweat, slightly out of breath and little bike bell going “ring-a-ding-ding,” you can’t help but think a) how adorable he looks pedaling up to you and b) how the hell were you and the picnic basket were going to fit?

“Hey! Sorry to keep you waiting,” he says as he proudly pulls out a single tulip for you (Where had he even been hiding that?!). You’re flattered, but what makes your heart flutter is the expression on his face as he hands it to you - open, earnest, and happy; happy to see your smile grow at his small gesture. 

After a few minutes of fidgeting, somehow Prompto manages to strap the basket on to the back of his bicycle and somehow you manage to sit sideways along the bar in front of him. It’s not comfortable by any means, but being trapped between Prompto’s arms, his breath hot against your ear, as he pedals to your destination more than makes up for the slight discomfort. 

So off you both go, on a wobbly start. The journey takes a little longer than usual and you feel a little guilty that Prompto’s carrying all the weight, but he wont switch with you, no matter how much you insist. “It’s good exercise!” he chirps cheerily as he continues to pedal. 

By the time you arrive at the park, Prompto’s drenched in sweat, but you don’t care. You’re flustered and a little impatient from having his hot breath against your neck the whole ride. You pull him by the collar for a kiss. Surprised, he sputters a “W-wow,” face tinged with a pretty blush as he leans in for another.

The picnic lies forgotten. You need him, now. A little sweat never bothered you anyways. 

Gladiolus | Mercedes-Benz G65 SUV

When Gladiolus pulls up next to you in his tank of a car, you almost burst out laughing because, of course he’d drive a Mercedes G65. Between the car and his smug, “Hop in, baby girl,” you’re not sure if you want to hide or melt. Fifteen minutes into the ride, you realize that the former was probably the better choice.

As you grip onto the door for your dear life, the only thought that runs through your head is “Gladio drives like a freaking maniac!” When he had asked you to go on an “adventure” this was not what you had in mind. Traffic signals? Who needs them. Roads? Those are for the weak. Animals and/or pedestrians? Road kill. Seriously though, as much as you love this man, there’s no way in hell he’s driving you anywhere ever again.

Unsurprisingly, you arrive at your destination deep in the Nebulawood in record time (“The roads are too out of the way, it’s faster if we just cut through.”) Gladio feels a little guilty at how pallid your skin appears so he lets you rest in the car as he sets up camp. When you’ve recovered enough to join him, you’re surprised to find Gladio dozing off in a folding chair, his book hanging dangerously off his lap. Good, you think, because he’s not getting any sleep tonight.

You attempt to wake him with a surprise, but his amber eyes open before you could get started and the next thing you know he has you pinned against the tree with your hands restrained above you. Smirking, he says, “I was in a rush to get us here so we’d have a little extra time together for the nice dinner I planned out…and maybe something more. But if you want to skip ahead, I’m more than happy to indulge you.”

As he hooks your legs around his waist, grinding his length into your core, all you could think was, Screw dinner, I’m having you tonight.

Ignis | He’s blind, he doesn’t drive Volvo S90 Sedan

If ever asked, perfect is the one word you’d use to describe Ignis. Perfectly coiffed hair, perfectly pressed shirt, perfectly refined eloquence, perfectly perfect. His car, of course, while understated and much more practical compared to that of his friends, is also perfectly Ignis.

Without the need for speed or off-roading, the Volvo S90 is indeed the perfect car for Ignis. It’s understated and classy with its beige leather and pine wood accent, equipped with state-of-the-art touchscreen technology, loaded with more options than you would ever need, but essential  for the adviser to the Prince.

When you get in the car, classical music from the Insomnia Philharmonic is already gently playing from its superb speakers. Ignis hums quietly along, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel to the rhythm of the piece. Between that and Ignis’ smooth driving you’re quickly lulled into a peaceful slumber.

Upon arrival at Cape Caem, Ignis wakes you with a gentle, “Kitten, we’ve arrived,” holding out his hand to help you from the vehicle as he wraps a cashmere throw around your shoulders to keep you warm.

Once you’ve made your way down to the beach, you spend the next few minutes watching the sunset with his arms wrapped around you. It is so perfect you feel like you could die…if not for your grumbling stomach. You tense at the sound it makes, hoping Ignis doesn’t notice, but relax as Ignis snaps his fingers and mumbles, “I knew I forgot something.”

A decidedly unlady-like snort escapes you as you turn around to kiss him. Ignis wasn’t perfect all the time, but he was perfect for you.

Nyx | BMW R nine T Pure Motorcycle 

You almost kick Nyx off his ride the first time he “picks you up” because that’s exactly what he tries to do – holler at you as if you were a two-bit whore. He stops his bike (albeit impressively) one foot away from you and whistles loudly, catcalling as if you were a piece of meat. With his face obscured by his helmet, you almost knock the offending asshole onto the ground until you notice that his leather jacket is suspiciously familiar and that those boots were definitely Kingsglaive issued.

As Nyx removes his helmet, shaking his braids free and running his hand through his hair, you are torn between throttling him and taking him now. If you thought you had it bad before, boy are you in for a rude awakening. He’s clad in all black: cotton V-neck shirt underneath worn leather jacket, leather gloves over calloused hands and, the best part, tight jeans that show off the thickness of his thighs…among other things. 

"Get on,” he orders as he throws you a helmet. You let him boss you around, just this once (Who are you kidding? You secretly love it when he’s demanding), because you’re just as impatient as him to have your arms around him. Once you’re on and situated, he doesn’t wait to take off, swerving in and out of traffic fifty above the speed limit. Your only option is to hold on to him for your dear life, and when he chuckles at the tightening of your embrace as he speeds all the faster, you know this asshole planned this all along.

But you can’t complain, not really. It’s an easy excuse to enjoy the burning heat of his body, the hard planes of his chest, and the sweet intoxicating musk of his scent – fire, sweat, and cedar mixed into something uniquely Nyx.

Once you’re past city limits and feeling brave enough, you throw your arms up in the air, exalting in the feeling of freedom and adrenaline as Nyx carries you off into the dusk. Being the cheeky bastard that he is, Nyx suddenly brakes causing you to let out a scream as your chest slams against his back and your hands slam down in panic, grasping the closest thing in reach. He laughs so loudly, you can feel the rumble of his chest against yours, as he says, “If you’re that eager, I have no problem making you scream again, right here, right now.”

Your first thought is, “WHAT?” and your second is, “Oh. Oh…” when you realize you’re grasping the junctures of his thighs, fingers brushing the inner parts (where he’s most sensitive) and the growing bulge of his erection. You grow silent as you hotly blush, unsure of how to respond because wow, this is moving all too fast for you.

Nyx chuckles, for the second time today, at your expense and says teasingly, “Don’t worry. I don’t put out on the first date.”

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