happiness is a cup of coffee and a really good book

things that give me the sweetest feeling of home:

– a cup of coffee at just the right moment.

– watching a snowfall, rainstorm, or simply the leaves as they dance with the wind outside the window.

– a good conversation with someone I really care about.

– the aroma of cinnamon + cloves, or fresh rosemary.

– old favorite films. 

– music by Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, or Nat King Cole.

– reading a really good book in a really comforting place.

– cooking + baking.

– the idea of tradition, and all that comes with it.

– happy memories of good moments had with family + friends.

Somebody Twice Tagged Me

And this time, that somebody is the supreme Memelord of Germany  @starboundbane

Name: it is I, Asia

Nicknames: *sofly* don’t

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Height: around 1.70…?

Orientation: asexual & aromantic & using my invisibility to be a witch in Molise

Ethnicity: Italian, from the land of good poetry and pizza with no fruit on it

Favourite Fruit: cherries!

Favourite Season: spring

Favourite Book(s): i’m going with Small Gods by Terry Pratchett because y i k e s, but also keep in mind Les Mis

Favourite Flower: uuuh idk man all flowers are pretty

Favourite Scent(s): coffee & castille soap

Favourite Colour: y e l  l o w

Favourite animals: TURTLES, dogs, i also really like sloths

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa? Coffee & tea alike, although it depends on the day (actually i’m going through a mostly-coffee period, but few things make me happy as a good cup of tea)

Average hours of sleep: many, and yet i’d sleep more if i could

Cat or dog person? DOGS, cats and I have a complicate relationship in which I like them and they hate me and we just cannot seem to find a common ground

Favourite Fictional Character: Regulus Black from HP and I also have a soft spot for Gringoire in Notre Dame

Number of Blankets I Sleep In: many, and yet not enough

Dream Trips: okay, I have the vague dream of getting to see the entire world, but for now I’m more focused on Europe. France especially, but also Ireland, Scotland, northern countries and eastern Europe as well? I just. I think Europe’s really beautiul. I also dream of travelling extensively Italy, like I haven’t even been to Rome, or visited Pompeii, or the entire Sicily, what the hell

Blog Created: 2014. i don’t even remember being alive in 2014 what is this Conspiracy

Number of Followers: some 251 people i have no idea who they are. why aren’t y’all talking to me. guys. guys who are you

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She can’t look at the stars the same way anymore, for all she remembers is his eyes. She can’t make a cup of coffee without serving it the way he always loved. She isn’t able to finish books anymore, because they don’t always have happy endings. She can’t wear her favorite perfume anymore because it only reminds her of his smile appearing when he smelt it on her. Cooking dinner doesn’t have the same good feeling it used to. There are no more words she can write without somehow bringing it back to him. She can’t say “I love you” to anyone, because she never really knows if they love her back.
—  Three Words to Ruin your Life paxadisee

Quanto è bello dire “buongiorno”? Voglio dire, svegliarsi e sperare che le altre persone passino una buona giornata, c'è forse qualcosa di più dolce e positivo?
Buongiorno a te, buongiorno lei, buongiorno a tutti voi. Spero che passiate una splendida giornata e che stasera possiate andare a letto felici!
Ditelo più stesso!