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tigracespace  asked:

My heart is filled with joy that Mark reblogged something from me for the first time! You remember when Mark first reblogged from you? Cause I do, I was so happy for you! Now look where you are! So proud of you!

It was only a matter of time until he reblogged you and my heart stopped when I saw your username. You deserve it, my love!

I do…And I cried for hours. It’s kind of crazy how happy that can make you, isn’t it?

SSHH I’m proud of you, little lady <3

i know a lot of people make the easy comparison between yuuri and yuzuru hanyu 

for those people, I will be happy to tell you that Yuzuru Hanyu won the Grand Prix Final today for the fourth straight year in a row

if thats not hopeful foreshadowing, I dont know what is