International Transgender Day of Visibility, we all start somewhere. The left picture is five years ago and was the day I told my mom she could dress me for senior pictures because they meant more to her than they did to me. It was the last time I got highlights, the last time I wore a padded bra, the last time to cake on make up, and last but not least the last time I straightened hair of that length on my head. I wasn’t happy with my body but at this time I knew what my plan was for my future. The right picture is me today, it’s the way I pictured myself all those years ago but felt it would be impossible to reach or even accomplish alone but looking at this comparison, not giving up was the best thing I have ever done because it got better. It always gets better just be strong and you will see 💯✊💪

I love my community and couldn’t be more proud of who I am today.