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Do you know any spells or the like that one could cast to help someone else have a nice day? Someone I know on tumblr here is havin' a rough time and I want to do something that would incline the universe to maybe be kind to them after being kind of harsh so far.

That’s really sweet of you :’) I think I have a few links that could help you out! Ya can write their name/ url on a bay leaf and burn it, and think of luck and prosperity going their way. 

On a non witchy note, kindness and words go a long way. Make sure you keep checking in on your buddy and that they know they are loved, and that they matter.


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Wonderful things happened tonight. :3 An OOC proposal for @poetry-in-exile and plans to get the IC ball rolling for lizardly love! ^_^ Thank you to all the friends who came to the surprise! @mother-muscles (especially for the RP pre-taken proposal SS), @zahkis-ffxiv, @yasuharu-ffxiv and a chunk of my amazing FC! :3 It was awesome.