Things to do in fall

🌂 invite your best friend out and take old-school black&white pictures of her bc i just thought about it and i’m so gonna drag her out to like an old shed and let her just stand there and be all human and it wilL LOOK AMAZING U WAIT

🍂 make a youtube channel about going on dates with yourself BECAUSE YOU’RE LIFE MY QUEEN

🎃 go all out on halloween, be someone else for a night; with your friend/s or alone, who cares? izzz halloweeen guys. be elle woods!!!!

🍁 compliment people and spread positivity that leads to people feeling warm, fun thing to do when ur bored hinthint!!! fun way to procrastinate hinthint

🌫 find cheap watercolors and brushes, spend a whole day just splashing it all on papers orrrrr invite your grandmother and paint with her!! thats a great idea Maya thank u maya

🐕 go out with someone’s dog (bc i never mention dogs and I’m sorry you all deserve love)

☕️ invite your mother & grandmother out for coffee and tea bc they are truly the best sigh

🏮 re-decorare your room!! make it crazy and warm and funny!! cover the walls. it’s time to build a little nest before winter ma chickencup

▶️ make a playlist only for fall, make sure every song makes you happy, fall is an amazing time, y'all!! i don’t wanna see you bon iver it away anymore :( i believe in you!!!

🐈 your cat will be cold so hug her alot

☔️ hang out with new people, let yourself lose control for a while, let yourself be human because it will be fun