just because
you’re used to
being sad,
that doesn’t mean
that you’re never
going to search for things
that’ll make you
truly happy.
—  ma.c.a // You Deserve To Be Happy
Keep going. Regardless of your current level of skill, regardless of your current circumstances, and despite your doubt. If you love something, completely and without question, don’t give it a second thought. Head towards it with open arms.
Can you count how many times you smiled today? Maybe how many times you genuinely laughed? Hopefully you shouldn’t be able to. Hopefully, as amazing as it is, it happened so many times that you were unable to keep track!

All he ever wanted was for someone to love him back, to give him the love he longed for, the love he willingly poured out.

Little did he know, he was looking in all the wrong places and that the one for him would be there, he just had to be patient

—  Tenari Ioapo // I’m so glad I found you

Post #712. I figured I would make this one special and give you a glimpse into my process. I started creating these posts exactly 2 years ago and have created one every day since! 👍

This has been my passion project and I am honored to have been able to lift some spirits and inspire people along the way. ❤️ 

In year 3, my aim is to grow The Happy Project into a business and ideally a full time job…but I need your help! Spread the word, tag friends, buy my book or some tees and pillows…🙏 

Eventually I will be able to give more back to charities and create a foundation…hopefully in year 4. 🔥

Thank you for your support and remember to do what makes you happy! 😁