I pray you find all of the peace, joy, and love you have been looking for. I pray you feel the grace of God like never before.
I hope you find happiness in all of right places (and forget the wrong ones). I hope you feel whole and safe and welcome every place you go. And I hope, in the inevitable times of darkness, you never forget Who’s you are.

Good times are coming. I promise.

anonymous asked:

Your post about extroverts happier than introverts pissed me off like for the longest time I wished I was an extrovert because everyone likes extroverts but I finally began loving my introvertness and man I happy as fuck as an introvert and that post just pissed me off what even are your sources???

It’s possible that tests of happiness are biased for extroversion. Current tests consistently rate extroverts higher on the happiness scale than introverts. However, many of these tests measure degree of happiness using activities like socializing and interacting with the outside world, both of which extroverts need to thrive. Introverts do experience happiness when they around other people, but are most happy when participating in lower-key activities. These are not accounted for on current tests and likely causes introverts to score lower. 

I used to think that people couldn’t make you happy, that you shouldn’t let people in because they’d only let you down
Recently, that idea has shifted. I don’t know if I believe in total happiness yet.
I think that you still have to have your own definition of happiness, that your happiness is dependent upon your view on happiness and how you create it for yourself.
I still believe that, but I think that people can help you define your definition of happiness.
I think that people can open doors for you that would otherwise be locked if they didn’t come into your life.
I think those doors unveil things that contribute to your overall quality of life, your happiness.
I don’t think that one person can give it all to you, because if they leave, then you have nothing.
And I don’t think that you can have a good quality of life without any people.
I think that multiple people come in and open doors for you.
I also feel that you have to meet them halfway. It’s not as easy as them just opening the door.
You have to let them open the door, you have to give them the key, you have to be ready.
You have to be ready to open your heart and mind to what is behind that door.
You have to be ready for people to help you be happy.
Your happiness is not going to be the same as someone else’s happiness.
I think that you create your own definition of happiness and no two definitions are the same.
And in no way am I saying that you’re going to be completely happy forever by allowing people to help us be happy
You’re going to have bad days still, and some may outweigh the good days, but that’s okay.
We’re all just trying to get by here, we are all works in progress
Letting them in & opening the door won’t fix everything, but it’s a start.
You can’t do it on your own, and trust me, I’ve tried for 19 years to define my happiness by myself but you can’t
You won’t have any chance of improving your quality of life if you don’t open the door, if you don’t meet them halfway, if you don’t let them in and that took me a long time to figure out.
—  Ashley Marie
Beyond the mind

Consciousness is the formless, unchanging, unmoving, silence beyond the mind and body. It is not a frequency. It is not a vibration. It is not energy. It is the presence beyond the senses. It is the container of all that was, is, or ever will be. Silence the mind and stop thinking. Allow a gap in between your thoughts. Experience the presence of pure being. Allow yourself to realize the past and the future are only illusions. Time will dissolve. Boundaries will dissolve. You are pure awareness, in the eternal now moment. You are beyond, and all is within.

How to Create Your Own Placebo Pills

The more we study the mind, the more we find just how mysterious it can be sometimes.

The placebo effect is one great example of this. It’s a popular concept in psychology that describes how individuals can receive physical and mental benefits from a “pill” or “drug,” even when there are no medicinal properties in the drug. For example, often placebo pills are just “sugar pills” disguised as “real medicine.”

However, the reason the placebo effect works is because our minds have the expectationthat the drug is supposed to do something positive, and our mind and body follow by making that expectation come true (a kind of self-fulfilling belief, but at a biological level).

The placebo effect is proof that our minds have some influence over our bodies. That doesn’t mean we can use placebos to cure serious illnesses or disorders (real medicine still serves its purpose!), but placebos can be a valuable tool in making small improvements in our overall health, mood, and well-being.

Usually placebo pills are prescribed without the patient knowing they’re “fake,” but newstudies show placebo pills can work even when patients know they’re getting a sham drug.

This likely means that we can create our own placebo pills and still get a positive effect from them. I’ve been experimenting with placebo pills over the past month. Below are basic instructions you can use to create a placebo pill of your own.

How to create your own placebo pills:

  • Buy empty gelatin caps. You can find them in most health/vitamin stores, but I picked up these cheap ones off of Amazon.
  • Fill the gelatin caps with a harmless substance, like a pinch of sugar.
  • Find an empty prescription bottle. Peel off the old label.
  • Choose what you want the placebo pill to improve. For example:
    • Focus
    • Willpower
    • Relaxation
    • Happiness
    • Intelligence
  • Create a new label with the name of your placebo pill. You can just call it something simple, like “Intelligence Pill,” or you can come up with a more creative and inspiring name, like “The Albert Einstein Super Genius Pill.”
  • Add instructions to your label. For example, for my “Willpower Pill” I wrote: “Take one a day to improve willpower, motivation, and self-discipline.”
  • Add the new label to your bottle.
  • Take your placebo pill every morning you when feel you need that extra boost.
  • Make multiple placebo pills for different things, then choose one a day depending on what you need a boost in most.
  • You can make your “placebo pill” more effective by repeating positive affirmations while focusing on each before you put them in the bottle.

Please keep in mind: This is NOT real medication – and it should NOT be used to replace any kind of real medication. It’s just sugar. This is only meant to be used as a fun way to boost your motivation and attitude.

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I want to be your
kind of Sunday morning
where you look forward to
feel, rise and touch the sky
as you drive your way home
where your heart really belongs.
I want to be the reason
why your Sunday afternoon
will become special and memorable.
I will be your musician that will
play all of your favorite songs
on a violin, even if I don’t know
how to play it. It’ll be special.
I want to be the pillow
that you will hug on
a cozy Sunday night
where you will find solace
inside these arms of mine.
I want to be the hot chocolate
that you’re excited to sip and taste.
I want to be the reason why
you will look forward to it
as you were a child all over again.
I want to be the reason
why you will remember
and love Sunday.