I’m genuinely ready for the deep, intellectual conversations. Not the ones that only happen at night, but the ones that happen in the middle of the day; in the morning. Where you can spill out whatever it is that’s been going around and around in your mind to the person that’s right there with you. I cannot wait to find that extremely special person. I know that they’re definitely out there, somewhere.

you know what’s the most annoying thing about people ?? they will always find a way to make you feel bad, to pull you down, and to push you away. when you’re practically just a positive ray of sunshine, they will hunt your flaw and burn you down. when you’re reaching for the stars, they will trick you into believing you can’t fly and ruin your aspirations. but you know what ?? don’t let these bunch of negativities hinder you from doing what you want and holding on to what you believe in. never reevaluate your choices in life because they don’t like it. for sanity’s sake, just do it your way. you can do it and i believe in you. just keep on pushing. i’m rooting for you!!