Self love is a journey, it is a never-ending practice of consciousness and acceptance. It begins today, right now, wherever you are. Don’t wait for it to come to you - seek it in this very moment, in any way possible. Start small, for each positive thought will grow into something much larger. Before you know it, you’ll be climbing mountains.

Buddhism Summed Up: How to Be at Peace, Always

Buddhism has many teachings and “rules,” like the Four Noble Truths or the Noble Eightfold Path, but its primary message is actually quite simple: we can’t avoid the hardships of life, but we can avoid misery.

What life throws at us is not our choice, but how we react to it is - and that’s how we can be free of misery, of suffering.

Buddha searched for the causes of human suffering and also the cure for it. He realized what made an average human suffer, and how to emerge from that suffering.

The Cause of Suffering

Desire and ignorance. We always want something we don’t have, and we are too stupid to see that it would not make us happy anyway. Basically, that’s how I’d sum it up, not trying to be fancy with my words.

We put the source of our own happiness, our peace outside of ourselves, and we fail to realize that it’s actually inside. Therefor we keep chasing the things that we think would make us happy, all the while wasting the treasure that is the present moment. It’s like knocking on a door, wanting to be let it, not realizing that we’re already inside.

The Cure for Suffering

To live without suffering, we have to be content with the present moment and be wise enough to see its wonders. Be wise enough to see what’s real in the present moment and what is just a thought. Read more>>

 (via Buddhism Summed Up: How to Be at Peace, Always | The Miracle Forest: The Zen Smile of Mindfulness)

3 principles to assist you on the path to happiness!

  1. Clear your mind so when you enter a new situation you are not fixed on preconceived emotions or judgments. 
  2. Be aware of your surroundings and really take in everything you are doing as if it’s the first time you are doing it.
  3. Don’t get caught up on “reaching” for a certain point in your life. Enjoy everyday as if today is the only day. Because it is! 

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