Practice being kinder to yourself. Instead of picking out all your flaws when you look in the mirror, try to find the things you like about yourself instead, even if they may start off as simple as liking the color of your eyes. Instead of being angry at yourself when you mess up and telling yourself you’re a failure, cut yourself some slack and tell yourself that mistakes happen, you’ll do better next time. Treat yourself like you love yourself and one day you will.

for anyone who needs to hear it: you are going to be okay. the time will come when your heart will feel light. everything is going to work out, there is nothing to worry about. but until that time comes try your best to relax and laugh at yourself. remind yourself that you are worth loving and you deserve the good things coming your way. keep your head up and enjoy this challenging journey, everything is going to be alright.

Friendly reminder that you are NOT obligated to celebrate today. A lot of people may try to guilt you into it, saying “but she’s your mother!” No one knows the relationship you’ve had. They don’t know your circumstances. They simply don’t know. Take care of yourself and your mental health, don’t cater to other people’s ideals.