Sometimes, It’s The Little Things

Anyone who knows anything about a long distance relationship, will tell you that it can be hard. Sometimes, the pain we feel when we’re missing our SO can be suffocating. And in our relationships, there’s always going to be those days. And since we love them, oh so much, it is impossible to avoid missing them. BUT! What some people may not know, is that despite all this, we are so often, the happiest people in the world. 

How? How is it possible to be so happy in a relationship when you barely see each other? Well, it’s quite simple, actually. We are able to remain happy because the love we have for our SO is stronger than any other thing in this world. Our love is stronger than the distance, stronger than the negativity, and most importantly stronger than the sadness we may feel when missing our SO. Love always wins. And because of that, I am able to find happiness in the smallest of moments in our relationship. 

There are many times in my relationship with my boyfriend, that we don’t get to talk or Skype each other as much as we want to. Our busy schedules always seem to get in the way of our plans. But we have come to accept this. And we know that when we finally do get to talk and Skype with each other, all the waiting is always worth it. Because when we are together, we make the best out of every moment. We cherish every second we have together, and just the pure presence of each other can make our whole day 100 times better. 

So for me, I find happiness in the little things I do with my boyfriend. We don’t have to go on some crazy big date night to make me happy. We don’t have to talk the whole day for hours to make me happy. And we don’t even have to be physically together to make me happy. Would I love to talk to him for hours on end, and be with him physically? Of course! But, sometimes, a simple “good morning my love” will make my whole day better. Sometimes, it’s seeing the picture I hung up on my wall of him that will brighten my day. Sometimes, its the way he smiles that makes my heart happy. But most of all… it’s the way I can tell he truly loves me, that makes me the happiest girl in the world. And in those days that I feel like I’m falling apart, I just think of how darn lucky I am to have him, and everything seems better. 

Not everyone in this world is lucky enough to have someone to love that loves you back. And for me to be able to say this, and also knowing that one day, I will be with my boyfriend physically, sharing our lives together… I am not only the luckiest, but the happiest girl in the world. 

Inspired by the LDR Writing Prompt: Happiness https://www.ldrblogs.com/happiness/ 

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