Yo, where are all my Tumblr besties?

I haven’t heard from some of you in awhile.



Last night, I had the best omegle conversation of my life.

I was just dicking around, expecting to find losers and dumb people, especially since it was like 4 AM and that’s when all the pervs come out.

But then I connected with someone, and they immediately said, “Amelia Pond?”

Now, I could have said “Rory?” or “Doctor?”, and either one would have been an appropriate response, but I went with, “RORY?”

And I told him that Melody was kidnapped, and he told me that he found her, but then the Doctor was gone, and then Melody started freaking glowing, and then the Silence were there, and we ran away, even though we forgot why we were running, and Melody was STILL GLOWING, and then we found a door leading outside, and we decided to chance it even though we didn’t know what was out there, and we went outside and it was eerily empty, and we found the TARDIS but the Doctor was nowhere to be found, and it said Bad Wolf on the TARDIS and we saw it written in other places and we were like “what the fuck” and then we saw a house with angel statues in front of it and we were like “oh fucking fuck” and we slowly backed away without blinking and got back to the TARDIS and the Angels never moved and it looked like they were guarding the house so we were like, “they must have the doctor inside”, but by this point it was 5 AM and I decided we had to wrap it up somehow, so Rory told Amy to stay in the TARDIS and look after Melody while he tried to go and save the Doctor, and there was a heartfelt and moving goodbye and then he left and then we stopped cause I was gonna pass out from exhaustion. 

Then I found her on tumblr. And she’s a starkid and glee and Harry Potter and Darren Criss and Klaine fan. So, basically, we’re best friends now.

Ana, Hermione still hasn't gotten her letter from Harry...and it's been 15 days...

Which means it must be in the hands of one of four people:

  • Dobby, the house elf
  • a stupid Muggle postman
  • Amelia Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
  • Mafalda Hopkirk, Improper Use of Magic Office

I just want my letter! Is that really such a crime??