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Spoiler, we are getting a canon same-gender couple this season who are in love, and Dirk Gently is going to root for them, is going to help them, however doubtful he is of his own powers this season, is going to generally think it’s awful that they’re being kept apart, and he’s going to turn to Todd and smile when they get their happy ending


There are asexuals that are sex repulsed.
There are asexuals that are okay talking about sex.
There are asexuals that have sex.
There are sex positive asexuals.
There are asexuals that have sex when they have a strong emotional bond.
There are asexuals that are romantically attracted to the same sex.
There are asexuals that are romantically attracted to the opposite sex.
There are asexuals that are romantically attracted to one or more sex.
There are asexuals that aren’t romantically attracted to anyone.

And yes, I get that asexuality can be hard to understand and empathise with, but if I hear “that’ll change when you meet the right guy,” one more fuckin time, I swear to God!

So my oldest (Jacob, who is 6) loves to play with “girl” toys. My Little Pony is his favorite. I’ve bought him a bagillion of them. And Shopkins and MagiClip dolls. Whatever. He likes to play with that stuff so who cares.

My husband and basically the rest of my family. T_T Who says I buy him girl toys because I want a girl. I’m like. Dude. He can play with whatever the fuck he wants. He wants a My Little Pony Rainbow Rocks doll? He can have a Rainbow Rocks doll. I always tell my boys: toys are toys.

So the other day my kids get some money from their uncles and the middle one (Avery, who is 5 and loves all things superheroes and monster trucks) asks if they can buy toys with it and I said yes.

Avery: Okay. Jacob. I’m gonna buy boy toys and you can buy your girl toys, okay?
Nolan (who is 3): No, Avery! There no girl toy or boy toy. IT JUST TOY!


Ugh. And you know it’s really tough when they’re old school Asian and constantly telling Jacob “ew why are you playing with dolls? You’re like a little girl.” Like. Really? You’re going to say that to a 6 year old?!?!?

Me: *happily ignores responsibilities for an entire day*

Me: *decides to start bio homework and an essay late at night*

Me @ me: You piece of shit

but ok hear me out - I honestly do not think HeaSoo didn’t tell So about Eun because she doesn’t trust him, I am a firm believer that the girl knows what she’s doing. She hides Eun from So because she knows - from a historical fact - that Eun is in danger of dying, so taking any risks right now would just be too dangerous, because anything else that was meant to happen, it already happened (and that alone is scary enough tbh).

And I’m pretty sure HaeSoo knows that So would never kill his own brother, but she also knows that his brother will die, and it doesn’t matter whether So does it or not she just wants to prevent the inevitable no matter what. 


Request from @bisexual-watermelons : reader finding out Negan is ticklish, and a massive tickle fight between them breaking out. But like it turns into a war so it turns into them getting each other back through out the week.  (Like tooth-rottingly fluff)

Notes: This was adorable, nothing smutty but it’s a long post so I placed the fic under the cut. I TRIED TO LENGTHEN AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!! 

*I do not tag others in requests, I like to make my requester feel special this way! Will tag people in posts that are not meant for others. Thank you!*

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So at work today, I took a to go order over the phone and the lady told me to put it under DONOGHUE.

So she came to pick it up and looked at the ticket and was like, “You know, it’s funny, we took out the ‘G’ to make it easier and this is the classic Irish spelling. No one ever spells it this way. Good for you.”

I wasn’t about to tell her I only spelled it that way because of certain life ruining Irish man.