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Ms. Prophet, I have a serious Cockles question for you. So I was watching JaxCon 2017 footage of Jensen saying that "Destiel doesn't exist" in response to a fan asking about Dean's crush on Dr. Sexy and how come Destiel can't exist ect. The crowd boo'd her and cheered Jensen's answer. So Misha seems to not necessarily agree with Jensen as he is always playfully shipping Destiel. Maybe it's just heteronormativity, but do you think that Cockles could exist in a world where Destiel doesn't exist?

Okay well I think I can answer your question by first explaining something about the whole “Destiel does not exist” thing. Look back on any question that Jensen has ever been asked regarding the show and his interpretation of it— the question doesn’t even have to be about ships or anything even remotely “meta”, but Jensen will still only ever give very short, direct, not very in-depth answers. More often than not, he’ll start his responses with “Well as you saw [on the show] … ”  or  “Like it said in the episode … ” because for Jensen, what’s in the episode and what’s in the script is just the way it is. He doesn’t like to sit around and hypothesize or read between the lines. Everything he needs to know is printed right there in black and white. No where in any of the scripts has it said “Dean and Cas are dating” or “Dean is Cas’s boyfriend” or any variation of that (except for in the 200th episode, but then of course—the emphasis was that it was all just “fan fiction”). So to ask Jensen “Are Dean and Cas a romantic couple” of course he’ll say no, because the script has not told him as much.

Now, with that being said— as fans, we see the show as a whole. We don’t see words on a page, we see entire worlds spread out before us; therefore, our interpretations will be far different than that of the actors who don’t even film scenes in the intended sequential order. We have the luxary of interpreting sub-text and that’s what makes us all have such differing opinions on what we’ve seen. Lots of us see Dean and Cas’s journey together to be this epic, tortured saga—where two individuals are happiest while together, so it makes sense that it could possibly be romantic. Misha is the type of person who enjoys making those types of connections as well. He enjoys reading between the lines—he likes making assumptions and speaking on behalf of the character, far beyond what is ever written down on the pages. Since this is something he enjoys, then it’s no surprise that he can also see Destiel as a possibility, and not be as dismissive about it  as Jensen.

Now—all that’s not to say any one actor is right in their actions or any one is wrong; they’re both simply processing the show and its happenings in the ways that make the most sense to them.

So, all in all … yes, Cockles can exist in a world where Destiel might never actually come to be in a script, because Destiel, as well as any other sub-textual interpretation of the show, boils down to individual opinions. Jensen and Misha probably don’t see eye to eye on a bunch of things, but they are obviously still very close. The way they behave when they’re around each other is most likely the reason why their acting across from one another is so full of chemistry. What we see in the show as “Destiel” is thanks to their in-person connection; and thanks to that connection … we have been blessed with the overwhelming love and joy that is Cockles.


Day 2: Relationships/Favorite Scene

The relationship between Thor and Jane Foster is by far my favourite. Thor is so protective over Jane and it’s truly beautiful. I think Thor seems the happiest whenever he’s with Jane, when he’s not worrying over Loki all the time. I honestly think he is deeply in love with her, and it’s the most adorable thing in the world. He can confide in Jane, as can she with Thor. He kept his word didn’t he? Surely that shows how much he cares about her.

My favourite scene is from the first Thor movie where Thor and Jane are sat around the campfire, stargazing. It’s a perfect scene. I love how in depth Thor gets when telling Jane about the nine realms. It’s almost as if he’s getting lost within the stars, beautiful.