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I still remember when the finale aired I was like “I’m so sad it’s coming to an end, and I know korrasami won’t be canon. If it did, it would probably be one of my favorite stories ever, but I just know it won’t.” And when IT HAPPENED I was utterly in shock… I don’t think I’ll ever forget how I felt in that moment

and now it’s been a year since that show completely changed my life. Thank you, Bryke

Patronus Glyphs: Bat

This is the first of a new series I’ll be working on and experimenting with! 

Similar to sigils but also much like servitors, these glyphs can be used in a variety of ways. Your “patronus” doesn’t have to be this animal for you to use it, but it’s best if you either have a tie to it, it makes you happy, or its particular brand of magic will be useful in what you’re trying to achieve. 


How to use as a patronus:

*For banishing negative thoughts and emotions and chasing away depression*

-Focus your eyes on the image. 

-Bring to mind your happiest memory, and hold it there. Imagine as you do that you are being filled with a sensation of warmth and/or a bright glow as the memory fills your awareness

-Once you feel you’ve been fully imbued with the light/warmth of your memory, touch or point to the patronus glyph and say, whisper, or think “expecto patronum” or whatever other activating phrase resonates with you. 

-Imagine the patronus glowing, flaring to life, and physically chasing away your negative emotions (which could be visualized as dementors, if it helps).


Another way to use this glyph is to invoke it as a magical servitor or a familiar, in which case choose whatever activation method you prefer, or use the previously described steps but replace visualizing your happiest memory with visualizing your intent, and your servitor being fed and empowered by carrying it out.


Some things bat magic is good for:

-family bonding

-sending messages between planes

-percieving things beyond the veil

-finding things in dark places

-good luck and fortune


-facing your fears 

-general communication

Print available here


Boku ni Hana no Melancholy by Komori Mikko

I might’ve just found out my new favorite author. I mean, THE ART. Look. At. The. Art. My eyes can’t take such beautifulness!

The story is about a boy with mommy issues and some nymphomaniac tendencies, and his Mary Sue-ish counterpart. But who cares? Again: Look. At. That. Art. And. Drool.

An: so a random fic, i just love the idea of a jealous spencer, and yeah. Enjoy.
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Jealousy. It didn’t take you being a profiler to see it clear as day on your boyfriends face, as you walked into the police station for the newest case, serial murders and kidnappings, the lead police officer had his eyes on you, all of you, spencer didn’t like how the man watched you walk, the natural swing to your hips, his eyes not leaving your ass as you walked in the box of files and evidence in your hands. You smiled back at him when he broke the line of sight the man had on you, now walking close to your back as you entered the room your team had been given, setting the box on the table. The officer entered his shoulder hitting spencers as he passed to pause by your side, leaning close to you asking pointless questions. This was gonna be a long case.

“Okay so, we have his comfort zone close to the deepest part of the woods, we need to search through there and we’ll find more victims or the people he’s keeping hostage.” You smiled always loving how good spencer was at geographical things for cases.
“Do you know how large that area is? That could take days, they could be dead by the time we find a trace of them” you frowned turning to look at the officer who had been far to cozy with you
“462 sq ft” you turned back to spencer
“Sorry what?” You laughed to yourself
“The area is 462 sq feet, home to deer and Fox’s, brown bears, and currently is able to be traveled through easier then any other time of the year, if you are quick and good at finding signs of human life it should take your team 3 hours, where while it’ll take me and my team here an hour maybe.” You looked at him eyes narrowing as a smirk crossed your face, he was jealous, a big green…well hazel green eyed monster.
“Okay i know you are some smart nerd boy but my team is good we know this area better then some book freak, i mean i bet you are quick with everything aint ya, books, math, the ladies who pity you enough to spend the saddest two minutes on bed with you” you saw spencer face change, he was angry but you saw the hurt in his eyes, standing you walked quickly in between them hand pushing the fuck boy away from spencer, seeing spencer jealous was fun at first, seeing him hurt and angry was not,
“Listen to me, you jack wad, spencer is smart and funny and amazing, you wouldn’t be able to pull any woman into bed you haven’t paid, and i can tell you this, spencer has an IQ of 187, can read over 20,000 words a minute, and all the brains he has he can make me do what you could never do, he can make me smile and laugh and makes me feel like i am the only person in the world, but he can also make me scream and beg him to never stop, he is everything you will never be.” Turning you smiled up at spencer a look of pride on his face.

The case was closed unsub caught, you stood next to spencer clearing off the evidence board, stopping you turned to him
“You know i love you right, only you, no dumb jock cop who peeked in highschool will change that” he sighed turning to you
“But some other guy could, some genius who makes you laugh and also found the cure to schizophrenia and developed the pill to stabilize depression, he could sweep you away because he was smarter and funnier and-” you stopped his ramblings your hands grabbing his jacket pulling him down to kiss him, pulling back
“No person who cured depression or schizophrenia, will ever make me feel the way Dr. Spencer Walter Reid, genius with 3 Ph.D’s and 3 BA’s, the man who can make me laugh, and make me feel the happiest when my mind closes in on me, the man i would take 50 bullets for, no one will ever be what i need, no one but you” you smiled seeing him blush slightly, pulling him down again deepening the kiss, his hands holding your waist pulling you close to him
“And i will never want anyone else because you…make me feel like i could take down any one, i love you…so much…”

What needs to happen in Criminal Minds Season 13

I know there are a few posts like this already floating around but I thought I would make my own.

1. Garcia needs her own arc. They have given her several episodes over the years but never an arc and she deserves one. Especially more backstory, please.

2. Alvez needs a telling backstory arc so we can all learn about him or an episode would be acceptable.

3. I want Alvez and Garcia to develop a good friendship over season 13. Then they will, at the end of the season, share a kiss of impulsive excitement initiated by Garcia. Penelope will freak out say she is sorry and look embarrassed until Luke says “Don’t be” and kisses her back. We will see them trying to figure out how to balance a workplace romance in season 14 (which may be against FBI policy but the BAU loves their YOLO lifestyle). By season 15 they will be seen with a solid romance ending with either marriage or procreation (or both) I would also settle for them being a happy family of dogs and Godchildren. Season 15 will be the last season rounded out beautifully btw. 

4. Reid needs to be suspended but does get to come back. While he is suspended he meets a significant other male or female. I’m down for bisexual Reid. He is finally happy, works through some insecurity issues, but ultimately the writers decide to stop torturing the kid and just let him be happy. He returns to the BAU halfway through the season. (To tie his side stories in with the episode they could parallel whatever case they are working on). 

5. Our other new characters need some character development as well because at this point I don’t even remember their names because they are pretty bland. 

6. More of JJ just doing anything she is a goddess and everything she does is magical. I would love to see more of the darling friendship between JJ, Prentice, and Garcia cause those girls make me happy. 

7. I want Derek and Savannah and their kid to guest star an episode just to show that they are still great friends with the team. (This needs to happen every season btw). Filled with wonderful bromance between Reid and Morgan and a moment where Derek notices Garcia’s feelings for Alvez and teases her while she denies them. Penelope will ask Savannah for relationship advice not admitting it’s about Luke (nothing has happened between them yet) and they will have a great girl talk moment. Derek with ask Luke to be good to Garcia and we will all die because the episode is just so adorable. 

8. Let me reiterate one last thing Luke and Penelope need to be a thing, not the same flirtation crap the writers pulled with Morcia. The chemistry here is obvious. She gets nervous around him in ways I have never seen. He lights up whenever she is in the room. Who cares about Sam I honestly forget he exists on a regular basis you could easily write him out by just saying their relationship fizzled out. Give me a legitimate Garvez relationship well balanced over the seasons making reasonable but not too hasty progress. 

There is my wishlist though if only 1,2, and 3 come true I would be the happiest human. 

Double your blessings

Always be thankful for everything you have , Appreciate everything god gave you , Taking things for granted can be done subconsciously so be well aware of the blessings that surround you , This way you will not only be happier but you will also notice your blessings growing and keep in mind the happiest person is the one that appreciates things the most

Hoping for Rain- Chapter 1

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Ships: Marichat, LadyNoir, Adrienette (and possibly) Ladrien

Word count: 1 273 words

Notes: This is my first fic! I wanna thank @mellorad for being my first beta reader and for giving me advice and support! Hope you guys enjoy it~ Oh! Also, I recommend this song to listen to while reading this first chapter. 

Also on AO3.


Above the rooftops of Paris, in the lonely night he stood. Below his feet, a lively bar bloomed with upbeat melodies. The jazzy sound made his heart flutter with excitement, the people’s voices singing along filled him with warmth and the view of the lights, shining familiarity in the balconies of his beloved city only deepened his love for the night. A slight breeze caressed his cheeks below the mask, it was nights like this that made him the happiest.

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Since the last few days have been rather angsty in the fandom... You have 7 seconds to write the FLUFFIEST, HAPPIEST thing on your mind about Johnlock, go!!

John and Sherlock giving each other eskimo kisses when one or the other is sick, and they cuddle up in a pile of blankies on the sofa watching cheesy movies and giggling about how awful the plots are together.

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Sou and Nagisa. I don't know. I'm out. *runs cause scared*

[[ SouNagi - The Whipped Ship

Alright, so this is another one of those ships that really doesn’t have much canon interaction, so we have to be a little creative.  Totally honest, I didn’t really ship it until I really sat down and thought about it, so dammit Anon I blame you for the fact that I ship SouNagi now.  RIP Me.

Let’s break this down.

One of the very first things that I noticed rewatching the OVA is that Nagisa is not afraid of Sousuke. At all.  Not like Ai was at first.  He’s just simply not intimidated by him in the slightest and I think that’s incredible.  Even Sousuke and Rei seem to be surprised by Nagisa’s forwardness with him.  Sousuke has some serious resting bitch face and he’s a huge guy, so I think most people are fairly intimidated by him at first, but, oh lord, Nagisa just straight up calls him Sou-chan, cuts in between Haru and Sousuke when they start to fight, offers Sousuke a Shark Fin (?) Bun.  Check out this little blond shit:

Isn’t that some crazy stuff?  Sousuke who has like 10/10 Intimidation Skill gets shot down to 0 around Nagisa.  

Okay and look at Nagisa when he first sees Sousuke at the Maid Cafe.
Here he is when he sees Rin walking up:

And here’s how his expression changes when he sees Sousuke:

Go back and watch this moment if you don’t believe me.  If he had a puppy dog tail, it’d be wagging and he’d be like “YAY!”  Sousuke is just another person and Nagisa, with his amazing inclusive personality, has this immediate friendly and beautiful reaction to even his stone-like presence.

And how does Sousuke react?  Immediately, he’s at a loss.  Someone called me -chan?  This short kid is offering me food?  Once the puppy dog eyes come out, Sousuke can’t resist him and he quickly recovers from his previously more standoff-ish response.  I don’t think Sousuke is used to this sort of attention in the least and it’ll take a bit to adjust for him, but if he and Nagisa were to become closer I think Nagisa would become, for him, and intensely close relationship for him.  

I see this ship being full of lots of cute interactions.  Nagisa would energetically tug Sousuke along to different places and, unable to say no to that cutie pie, Sou would go along and actually have a lot of fun.  When Nagisa is getting too crazy, Sousuke can literally pick him up and put him over his good shoulder. On the other hand, Nagisa can jump up and cling to his giant back and get piggy-back rides everywhere.  Sousuke probably would just give up trying to scold him after a week and give in to his short, yellow-haired, fluffy penguin boyfriend.  Oh, but Nagisa would have 0 problems scolding Sousuke for being too rough or gloomy or unfriendly. 

Don’t mistake: Nagisa is in charge here.

Their days would be filled with lots of eating (these are the food characters from each team, after all) and I think Nagisa would get to use that head-nuzzle thing on Sousuke a ton.

After a bit of time, I think being with Nagisa would make Sousuke smile the most out of any other ship.  That doesn’t mean he’s the happiest with Nagisa, mind, but I think Nagisa would be relentless about making absolutely certain that Sousuke always looked happy and felt included.   Sou’s very very low maintenance, but Nagisa would 100% treat him like he’s high maintenance and that, to me, is magical and would make Sousuke feel so loved and accepted.

In return, Nagisa would be the most protected, well-fed, happiest little fluff in existence.  Sousuke would tickle him relentlessly just to hear his cute little laugh and Nagisa would always be sitting in his lap or hanging off of him in some way. They’d be touching all the time.

Sousuke would be so whipped for this kid. 

Also: Nagisa is the big spoon.  This is hilarious to me.  Jetpacks forever.
I’d like to see Nagisa try to top Sousuke.  Don’t look at me.

Finally, excuse the subtitles, but look at this:

Sousuke’s not really the most touchy-feely guy and, sure, you could say this is just an instinct reaction to protect the person closest to him, but isn’t it cute?  His immediate reaction to this cute kid who actually included him, treated him like a friend, and inserted himself into Sousuke’s circle was to protect and defend.  

The Attitude That Can Change Everything

When it comes to feeling happy and content, your attitude plays an important role. A negative attitude keeps you focused on the negative side of your situation. You spend more time thinking about what you don’t have; the opportunities you missed out on, the terrible things that have happened to you in the past, and the awful things that might happen to you in the future.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the “Happiness Attitude,” which is slightly different than a mere positive attitude! A positive attitude is certainly a good place to start because it helps you to feel better and think more positively overall, but the Happiness Attitude also includes a concrete decision to live your life from a focus of happiness and joy - which can elevate your attitude to a whole new level!

If you’re ready to adopt a genuine Happiness Attitude in your own life, read on for some easy ways to do it:

- Appreciation

The Happiness Attitude requires an ongoing commitment to appreciation and gratitude in every moment. Not only should you appreciate the bigger stuff like your family, home, job, friends, and health, but also the smaller blessings like getting a good deal on a new pair of shoes, receiving a compliment, or even catching a glimpse of a beautiful bird outside your window.

- Optimism

Optimism is a huge component of the Happiness Attitude because it requires a conscious decision to expect the best, no matter what! Rather than obsessing and worrying about the negatives, you’ll commit to giving most of your attention to the great things coming your way.

- Confidence

Feeling unsure of yourself or your capabilities contributes to a negative attitude - and is the direct opposite of the Happiness Attitude. By building your confidence and affirming your capabilities to do anything you desire, you’ll feel strong, powerful and more in control of your overall happiness.

- Trust

A Happiness Attitude means also trusting yourself to make the right decisions that will create greater happiness and fulfillment in your life. These decisions may not always be easy, but by choosing to believe in yourself and trust your inner vision, you play an active part in creating the life circumstances that will make you happiest.

- Flexibility

A rigid mind-set often fosters stagnation and negativity, which detracts from your happiness. A Happiness Attitude, on the other hand, encourages greater flexibility and resourcefulness, which aids you in overcoming obstacles and facing challenges.

- Balance

A negative attitude can make you feel like you have to work excessively hard to get ahead, which only leads to stress and burnout. With a genuine Happiness Attitude, you’ll find it easy to balance all aspects of your life and create a genuine sense of happiness and fulfillment.