happiest day of his life

Bigbang as dads

T.O.P : cries when baby is born, tells to every MC who asks that it was happiest day of his life. Overprotective worried dad 24/7, panics every time his child cries, wants to beat up that kid that stared at his daughter at the park (it takes two hours for his wife to convince him that three year old boys don’t have evil thoughts) Has like 5 paintings of his daughter cause SHE IS ART duh. Also occasionally becomes tickle monster.

G-Dragon : Buys a shit ton of clothes and toys for his child. Doesn’t answer his managers calls because he is too busy having a tea party with his 3year old, also he is wearing pink dress with wings (cause according to his child every tea party is dumb if it’s without fairy princess), misses awards shows to watch cartoons. Brings out his kid to one of his concerts (fans coo at cuteness of them) Doesn’t get tired of listening to his kid talk for hours. Likes kissing his kid on the cheek.

Taeyang: Tries to convince Hyorin to let kid have dreadlocks. Teaches his kid how to swim. They dance together while he is cooking breakfast for mommy’s bday. Kid absolutely refuses to wear any clothes and Hyorin silently curses her choice to marry someone who takes of his shirt at any occasion (they eventually come to agreement - Youngbae and his child wear matching outfits). Recreates pics and videos of his child on instagram (Gah). Sings lullabies.

Daesung: Tries to be strict dad but fails because his kid’s face covered in lipstick is too funny. Wakes up in the middle of the night to change diapers.
Comforts his child after nightmares by inviting him to sleep in daddy’s and mommy’s bed. Cooks animal shaped pancakes just to see his kid smile. Likes petting his little one’s head. Hosts awesome sleepovers for member’s kids (they all learn look at me, Gwisun dance)

Seungri: Has atleast three kids and is insanely proud of their every achievement. There is a bigger possibility of world ending tommorow than Seungri missing kid’s soccer game or school play. Teaches kids how to do business from early age (after all someone will have to take over his business empire). Sends pics of his children’s trophies to other members.
Gets jealous of Daesung and starts teaching them “the real dance”. Gives best hugs and shoulder pats.

Nymphadora Tonks, just shy of three weeks pregnant.

Taken by Remus Lupin one Sunday afternoon in 1997.

Remus didn’t often let people take pictures of him. Tonks didn’t often listen.

Taken by Tonks when Remus wasn’t looking.

Four months pregnant, she still insisted on Order missions. They were partners.

Taken by Remus Lupin in November 1997.

Tonks said it was the ugliest jumper she’d ever seen. Remus didn’t care.

Taken by Tonks on Christmas Eve, 1997.

This was the longest period Tonks had ever not spoken for.

Taken by Remus Lupin, during the longest eight minutes of his life.

In her third trimester, she craved chocolate cake.

Taken by Remus Lupin at 2am on a Thursday.

Remus once thought he couldn’t be happy. This was the happiest day of his life.

Taken by Tonks, who was definitely not crying, the day their son was born.

Edward Remus Lupin, exactly two weeks old.

Taken by his mother, who sang him to sleep for the last time that evening.

Tonks’s favourite picture of Remus. She never failed to make him laugh.

Found in her coat pocket on the 3rd May, 1998.

Remus: @asktheboywholived

Tonks: @sirussly

Teddy: @kapitan5o

♠ Would most likely carry you bridal style
♠ This is the happiest day of his life but even so he still won’t let you see him cry
♠ Mainly because he feels it would ruin it for you
♠ For once this man cleaned up and is wearing a nice tuxedo
♠ No really, that tuxedo is way too expensive looking, where did he get it?
♠ Of course, is still wearing cowboy boots, but at least they match
♠ He couldn’t wear his hat so he needed an exception
♠ Would 10/10 dip kiss you with the way he’s carrying you
♠ Strutting with you literally everywhere, then again, there’s no history or records of previous connections such as family
♠ So this isn’t really considered eloping in his case
♠ This man is so happy just let him have his moment

♠ Would try to get out with you as soon as the ceremony is over
♠ Of course, records of his family’s business would explain why he’s in a hurry
♠ Would hold your hand whilst leaving though
♠ Takes you out to a nice restaurant for dinner, which is why he asked you to wear a more casual dress for marriage
♠ So he can make it look like you two are on a date
♠ He’s trying to be very secretive about this
♠ Since it’s eloping, he doesn’t know where your parents are so he’s trying to keep suspicions nonexistent
♠ Save this man he’s too experienced for this
♠ He’d probably take you to a high place—like the roof of a building—and watch the sunset with you
♠ At that point he’d loosen up a bit and put his arm around your shoulder
♠ 10/10 would whisper sweet nothings into your ear
♠ Might even leave small kisses on your cheek
♠ Would mention to you a couple times about settling in the suburbs of Japan

♠ Probably would prefer a private wedding, since everyone thinks he’s passed on
♠ Would still try to make it the most romantic thing ever for you
♠ 10/10 would hire an authentic Spanish cuisine cater
♠ Yes he’s the one setting up the wedding, he won’t let anyone else
♠ Save him he’s trying too hard
♠ Would probably have the wedding set up in a church, and move to a different building for everything else
♠ For once the man isn’t wearing that mask
♠ Hey you can properly kiss him now
♠ Surprisingly good at French kissing when it comes to the “you may now kiss the bride” part
♠ 10/10 teaches you how to tango
♠ Does so as an excuse to dip kiss you
♠ This is probably the most romantic he’s ever been
♠ Also probably the first and last time, so enjoy it for now

~ Mod Roto

Why are there people getting angry about the ending to the series being Naruto’s wedding and not focused and centered around Team 7? I think having it end on his wedding is a great way to end it (not just because I ship nh)
Just think about it. The series began with Naruto as an outcast, hated by everyone and desperate to prove himself.  Now everyone is coming together, from all the different villages, to celebrate him and wish him happiness in his future. He has everyone’s trust, everyone’s respect, and they just want to be there for him on one of the happiest days of his life. How could you not be satisfied with that?

An excerpt from the Zimmerflow ™ fic because I told @omgpieplease/ @cannedtalent I would do it.

Jack makes a bet on the best day of his life and promptly forgets about it. He’s too busy being a Stanley Cup Champion to remember a ridiculous wager he’d made when he was tipsy. Besides, he was the most sober player at that party. There’s no way anyone will remember it. Right?


Turns out, Tater had filmed not only most of the party (“For memories, Zimmboni! Precious moments with team, no?” And really, how can Jack argue with that?) but he’d taken special care to capture every single idiotic syllable of the bet.

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Double Trouble

From this request: can you do one where the reader is really young and has an identical twin and they like confusing the avengers because they look the same


Steve had never imagined being a father (especially since Tony liked to call him ‘Gramps’). But the pregnancy news was soon pushed aside for an even bigger announcement: Steve was going to be a father to twins.

The day you arrived was the happiest day of his life. After hours of labor, you popped out first, a healthy, screaming baby. Your twin soon followed, not as loud, not as big, but just as beautiful to Steve.

It was easy to see that you were going to be the leader of the two. You were the first to cry when hungry, lonely, or wet; your twin would take your hint and sound their own alarm. However, on the occasions when your twin cried out on their own accord, you were immediately invested, wanting to know what was wrong. When your twin was taken out of the room, you cried until they were brought back (or until you were taken to them).

Tony was more than willing to create a state-of-the-art nursery for you two. Soft music played from hidden speakers, lulling you to sleep. The lights could easily be dimmed to make the midnight feedings not so glaring. The baby monitor had a live feed to telescreens scattered across STARK tower so Steve could keep an eye on you. Tony tried to teach Steve how to check the monitor on the watch Tony had made, but Steve didn’t seem to understand.

“Why would I watch them on a screen when I could watch them in person?”

“Because in a few years that’s going to be creepy.”

“And watching them on a screen won’t be?”

You and your twin grew as normal children do, despite your father being a super-soldier. Steve loved spending time with you, loved watching you grow, learn. He loved you with all his heart and ever since you’d been born, his heart had grown bigger than his bicep.

Being twins meant that people often gifted Steve with matching clothes. He would dress you two up and… well, sometimes he couldn’t tell you two apart. Sometimes he could only tell you were you by taking one twin out of the room: if the one in his arms cried, it was you. If the crying came from the other room, Steve knew he was holding your sibling.

You showed yourself as the more rambunctious of the two, and Steve knew he was going to have his hands full with you. But he wouldn’t have it any other way.


As you grew, one of your favorite games to play around STARK tower was something you called ‘Mirror’. You and your twin would wander the halls, darting in and out of rooms while following the other Avengers around, seeing how long it would take for them to realize that a switch had happened.

You nodded at your twin as they ducked into an empty room. You stepped into Tony’s lab, which always took your breath away: all of the stuff was so shiny and big.

“Hey,” Tony said, looking up as you stepped over to him. “Which one are you?”

“You mean you don’t know?”

“With that attitude, I’m guessing Y/N.”

“But you don’t know?”

Tony studied you. “JARVIS…”

“No cheating.”

“Who said I’m cheating? I’m just using all the tools in my arsenal.”

“What’s an arsenal?”

“A giant pile of weapons.”

“Daddy said no fighting in the tower.”

“You always do what your daddy tells you?”

You squared your shoulders. “Uh-huh.”

“Liar. And that’s how I know you’re Y/N.”


“Daddy, look!”

Steve looked up in time to see you and your twin jump towards him, pushing him back onto the couch. He laughed as the three of you sat in a tangle of limbs, trying to situate everyone.

You and your twin held your arms out, temporary henna tattoos on the underbelly of your forearms.

“Look what Wanda did!”

Steve examined the tattoos: beautiful calligraphy of each of your names.

“Now people can tell us apart,” your twin said.

Steve couldn’t help but laugh again. But he paused, his brow creasing slightly. He gazed at you both intensely before dropping his eyes to your tattoos again.

“Wait a minute…”

He looked back up at you. “You guys got the wrong names, didn’t you.”

467. The day Harry Potter became the head of the auror's office was not just one of the happiest days in his life but also one of the happiest days in Professor McGonagall's life. She walked around the school high fiving all the professors shouting "He did it! My boy did it!" She made sure that copies of the Daily Prophet were available for anyone who wanted to read about it.

Inktobeeer. Requested by Anonymous-san! ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)♡ 

Fall asleep into a darker place
Where my mind shuts off for the day
And recollect in peace

– Colours Fading by GUMI / xCepheid

This one is a bit tough too for me! (ง ˙ω˙)ว When I listened to the song, I personally want to portray where Russell chose to stay in the dream forever.
We know that the dream started to crumble slowly day by day, yet maybe that was the happiest place Russell could have in his life. 

In the end he started to crumble too, along with the dream, he was conflicted if it was happiness or pain he felt now. And then I wanted to draw Informant-kun saying like “Don’t worry, Russell. Just a bit more, enjoy the happiness and the peace left…" 

I’m sorry I started to ramble too much l-lol…;; I hope this can portray the prompt well! (灬ºωº灬)♡ maybe just an excuse to draw InfoRussell //no

Request (End Roll Only) is still open ! (*/ω\*)♡ Details HERE

poedamerqn  asked:

Prompt: Han and Leia dancing together in the falcon?

POSTS:  10 / 10 JYN ERSO
AND A LITTLE COMPLIMENT FROM NOR: Tegan you are a good natured and pure hearted soul I am so glad we’re friends you are an obvious ray of sunshine and flawless.

Drabble: [Takes Place in the LHV]

Hold, hold on, hold on to me
‘Cause I’m a little unsteady, a little unsteady

It was a song Han would never forget. It was played on the happiest day of his life. It was decades ago before time became cruel, before the trials came and  they embarked on a journey to find each other again. But it seemed fresh like a recent memory.

“They played this at our wedding,” Leia commented as the swayed to the music, with her husband occasionally twirling her, “remember.”

Han smiled dipping her backwards ever so slightly looking at her as if she was a celestial goddess that came down from the heavens. He had a moment where he wondered if he really did die on Starkiller and this was his version of Heaven. But Leia squeezed his hand and brought him back down to the living plane.

“How I forget,” Han mused as he brought Leia back up straight, “You looked so angelic, you were wearing your mother’s dress your aunt kept on the farm, and you wouldn’t stop smiling…you were so beautiful. I mean you still are..you almost knocked me off my feet when I saw you again for the-”

She cut him off with a long gentle kiss. Something frozen in time and would never end. It was a few more moments before she pulled back, looking at him with starry eye and wonder.

“I am so glad you are home my darling,” Han sighed happily.

Leia took a long gentle breath and leaned her head into his chest. Her eyes were closed to revel the sound of his heartbeat and breathing.

“Me too hotshot,” She responded, “Me too.”

Han kissed the crown of her head as his fingers played with her faded brown hair. His body gently moving to the music. His last ten years, far across the galaxy from the woman he loved were dark, but it made this quiet and gentle moment, only sweeter.

Want One?

Princess // Anakin x Reader

Anon requested: Can you do a headcannon about Anakin’s daughter?

-When you were born, it was the happiest day of his life. You were his sunshine.

-As a child, you had bad dreams, nothing like your father’s but, they were lucid which scared you. You would wake up screaming and crying, but Anakin rushed to your side. “It’s okay, sweetie. Daddy is here”, he’d hug you and rub your back as you clung to him for dear life.

-You were spoiled rotten. Rotten. He would come back from trips with toys or clothes for you which of course you were thankful for.

-Him leaving for missions were terrible. You would try to hold back your tears as his gave you a hug and a kiss goodbye, but when he left, you ran to your mother sobbing. “I know, darling. I miss him too.”

-When it was revealed that you were force senstitive, Anakin was beyond excited. He immediately started to teach you the ways of the force and how important it was for you to take the path of a Jedi.

-As you became older and started to discover the world of boys, Anakin became very over protective. You once saw a cute boy in market and he was staring at you. Of course, your father noticed and called him out on it. “Okay, move along, buddy. My daughter isn’t your prey!” “DAD!” “What? Did I say something?”

-When you turned sixteen, you started your path of training to become a Jedi and your father couldn’t have been happier.

-He was that parent who would cheer on for you the loudest. The Jedi Masters who currently had padawan made a sparring competition for all of the padawan to compete in. You were Uncle Ben’s padawan and you were first up. As you stepped in the arena to face Master Windu’s padawan, your father started yelling positive affirmations to you. “COME ON, (Y/N)! YOU GOT IT! YOU HAVE THE GENES!" When you won the competition, even more screaming came. He was then asked to leave the arena…

-No matter how much he annoyed you or embarrassed you, you were his princess and you loved him with all your heart.

A little preview...

Man, this chapter is going to be such a fun time. It is turning out so nicely that I want to share with you this lighthearted segment that is sure to set the tone for how this chapter will turn out!


Steven was having the happiest day of his life.

It was amazing to think that any day could top the last when it came to the young optimist, but this day was special. There were several moments in his life he looked back on with high regard: the first time his father let him listen to his old recordings, his first night with the Gems, the first time Lars acknowledged him, the first time he formed his shield, meeting Lion in the desert, wrestling with Amethyst as a means of bonding with her, becoming friends with Lapis Lazuli, hearing his mother’s voice for the first time, any time his father told him stories about his mom, meeting Ruby and Sapphire for the first time (discounting the whole getting kidnapped by Jasper and witnessing Malachite getting dragged into the ocean ordeal), entering the Grand Line and falling on Petrea and Damian’s boat, becoming a Straw Hat and meeting the crew, becoming friends with Chopper, fusing with Luffy, saving Alabasta from Crocodile, and reuniting with the crew for his birthday chief among them. But over the past two years, the ones he cherished the most were those relating to Connie: meeting her and accidentally trapping each other in his bubble, discovering his mother’s armory with her, becoming Stevonnie with her, bonding with her over reading, training with her and Pearl, seeing her face when she was there to rescue him from Crocodile, and her agreeing to join him once again to the Grand Line.

But this…this day…this day was magical.

He and Connie were truly becoming inseparable. She seemed so happy to be with him, even after he worked up the courage to tell her how he truly felt about her. She saw that what he wanted was for her to be happy, and she seemed to be happy being with him. Steven knew that they were only kids, but he wanted theirs to be a story to rival that of Lisa and Arcamicarus’ from the Spirit Morph Saga.

However, the only thing he wanted in this moment was to find the perfect mask to bring back home. As luck would have it, he found one that would suit Connie nicely at a mask store near Dock One.

“Look, Steven!” Connie rushed over excitedly with a mask in her hand. “I think I’ve got the best possible choice for you!”

“Me too!” Steven smiled, quickly hiding the mask he picked up behind his back. “I think you are really gonna love it!”

“Okay, let’s show each other on the count of three,” Connie told him, following Steven’s lead by hiding it.

“One…two…THREE!” the two shouted in unison.

As Steven pulled out his gift for Connie, his eyes widend as he got a good glimpse of her choice for him. It was a mask with two eyeholes in the shape of a pink rose. The petals made up the entirety of the mask’s face. It was the perfect representation of his powers and the love his mother had for him.

In other words, it was perfect.

“Steven, this is so beautiful!” Connie grinned as she examined her own mask. It was a teal and yellow mask whose yellow markings came in at the center of her face to resemble a bird’s beak. The forehead possessed an ornate, white sphere that really made the whole design work. “It kind of looks like Pearl, doesn’t it?”

“I know! I picked it out because it was the same color as your dress on the first day I met you, but then I noticed the circle on the top and it was just too perfect to pass up! I mean, you train with Pearl and…”

“Steven, I love it,” Connie told him. “I think that these two are quite the pair, aren’t they?”

The youth nodded, trying not to blush. “Yup…they really are.”

With that, the two of them put on their masks and got a good look at how the other one looked. After a moment, the two began to laugh at how silly they looked. Finally, they paid for their masks and set off to have one final ice cream cone to cap a perfect night.

As the sun started to set, Steven and Connie found a nice spot to sit back and enjoy the view off of the water. Steven could not help but smile at seeing his best friend seeming so happy and enthusiastic. The energy was literally bouncing off of her. In Steven’s mind, he could literally see her shine orange as brightly as the dipping sun.

Nothing could take Steven out of that moment…nothing in the world…

His wedding day (you aren’t the bride)

Requested: yes

Description: the titles pretty self explanatory 

Word count: Just under 2k

It was supposed to be the happiest day of his life. He would have that permanent bond with Zoe. He would see the family he so desperately missed. He would get to spend an eternity remembering this day. He’d remember the small flower girls and the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. Yes, Michael Clifford was getting married.

And everyone was so overly excited, waiting in the pews of the small chapel or the designated area for bridesmaids or groomsmen. Except for her.

You waited in the area where groomsmen were. Mostly because Zoe refused you to be a bridesmaid. But Michael had played it off saying “oh you would’ve been a groomsmen anyways”. You knew it wasn’t true, but you wouldn’t miss being in his wedding for the world.

Of course, you’d always hoped you’d be the bride.

You were so hopelessly in love with him, you’d never guessed how he didn’t realize. Ashton was the only one who had picked up on your flirty banter, your loving stares, and your feelings of jealousy whenever Zoe was around. You hated the way they acted together. You wished so badly it was you feeding him off of your fork, cuddling him, and laughing with him. You wanted him so badly, but you can’t always get what you want.

You sat in one of the chairs they had set up in the room, staring blankly at the floor. This was it: you’d had your chance to say something about your feelings, and you didn’t. “Excited?” Calum asked Michael. Michael was fixing his tie in the mirror as a slight smile escaped onto his face. Obviously he was excited. Who wouldn’t be happy to marry a model-like girl such as Zoe.

“Yeah, mate. I can’t believe it’s finally happening. She’s the only girl I’ve ever loved like this. She makes me so happy, Cal,” he smiled. Calum laughed and they continued their conversation about how fit Zoe was. You had to force yourself not to eavesdrop anymore. You didn’t want to literally vomit from the sick feeling you get in your stomach when her name is mentioned.

“(y/n), are you alright?” Ashton quietly whispered in your ear when he sat down next to you. There were tears in your eyes and a lump in your throat, so you did what was best and just shook your head “no”. Ashton took your hand in his, rubbing soothing circles with his thumb. “You’ll be alright,” he comforted. But you wouldn’t be.

How were you supposed to sit through hours of a ceremony attaching Michael to the love of his love? How were you supposed to be friends with Michael ever again? You had no clue how you’d even cope. You loved Michael, and he loved some one else.

“I’m going for a walk,” you abruptly blurted out, standing up and running off. You had to get out. You couldn’t sit there for another moment listening to Michael and Calum.

“I got it,” Ashton spoke firmly to Michael who was about to run after you. Ash knew that Michael going after you, wouldn’t help your situation in the slightest.

And he eventually found you, sulking on a bench in the garden area.

“(y/n),” Ashton said with a pleading tone to his voice. He pulled you in with out hesitation, wrapping his strong arms around you. But they weren’t as comforting as Michael’s arms. Nothing compared to him.

“Ash, I-I can’t do it,” you cried, into his chest. The makeup you had gotten professionally done was washing away with every fallen tear. But why would you care? The only person at this wedding to impress was the groom and he had Zoe.

“Listen to me,” he spoke into your hair. You tilted your chin up, straightening yourself out, but still sulking. “You’ve made it this far. You can do it. Michael would be broken if you left,”  Ashton explained.

“I’m going to be broken if I stay,” you whispered.

“I’m not letting you leave,” he firmly said, wiping tears from your cheeks.

“Please let me go,” you sobbed, putting your head into your hands. “It hurts too much, Ash. I love him and I can’t watch him be happy and in love with her,”

And then Ashton’s body tensed, making you feel uncomfortable entangled with his body. Then you heard some one clear their throat. It was none other than Michael. Your eyes went wide. How much has he heard? Does he care? No, (y/n), of course he doesn’t.

“Weddings about to start,” Michael awkwardly spoke, before you could say anything you heard his heavy foot steps fade away in the direction of the chapel.

After a moment of awkward tension between you two, you whispered to Ashton,“How much do you think he heard?”

“He heard enough to know,” Ashton sighed. “C’mon, we don’t want to miss this,” he said lightly. He was the first to get up, gently pushing your body off of him. You did want to miss this wedding, so badly. You wished it was all a dream-no a nightmare-, but this was reality. And in reality Michael and Zoe were getting married.

You sat next to all of the boys in the front row, getting a clear view of Michael. Damn, did he look great in a tux.You could hear his heavy breathing and his sighs. The way his fists were balled together and the way his foot was gently tapping, you could tell he was nervous. You looked at him, biting your lip gently. And his head slightly turned towards you. He gave you a small smile, but it was so sympathetic. He knew you loved him now, and every thing had changed. Shit, you’d been staring too long.

You turned towards the other 3 boys, to find them already looking at you with comforting eyes and gentle smiles. “We know, (y/n), it was so obvious,” Luke smiled lightly, trying to bring his humor into this.

“Apparently not as obvious to him,” you mumbled, as the cheesy classic wedding song started playing on the piano. Ashton grabbed your hand for comfort, as he saw you look down with devastation.

Zoe was last down the aisle with her dad clinging to her arm. You couldn’t bear to look at her. Your eyes were too glassy and if you looked up some one would for sure notice. “You’ll be okay,” Ashton whispered to you. And yeah, maybe you would be eventually.

You glanced up to see Michael one more time. You just wanted to capture what he looked like one last time before Zoe came into the picture. You glanced up through your tearing eyes, and saw him staring at you. Not staring at Zoe. You briefly made eye contact, before his eyes wandered away from you, and onto her.

“Ashton, I can’t,” you whispered harshly to him, your voice on the verge of breaking. “I have to leave,”

And this time Ashton let you. So you hurriedly waved to the boys and excused yourself. As you made it to the back of the church with out causing a big distraction, you looked back one more time. Michael was holding her hands with a fake smile on his face, but he was watching your every step. Little did you know, each time you came closer to the door, his heart broke even more.

You were crying- sobbing- by the time you ran down the marble church steps. You sniffled and wiped your nose, trying to keep some composure. You found a small sitting area adjacent to the stairs. You sat on a bench, not caring if your pale pink dress would be stained. You sobbed into your hands, just waiting for this day to be over. Your heart couldn’t handle it anymore.

“(y/n),” an out of breath accented voice called out your name. No, it couldn’t be. Your head whipped up, immediately you wiped the tears freely flowing. A few feet away, stood your best friend- the groom.

“Michael?” you questioned harshly. He was supposed to be inside. He was supposed to be getting married and saying his vows.

“Oh my god, there you are,” he sighed in relief. He sat down next to you, almost too close for comfort. His eyes were scanning you.

“Shouldn’t you be in there?” you falsely smiled. You looked into his pale green eyes. the same ones that could read right through you.

“Shouldn’t you be in there too? I stopped the wedding to make sure you were okay” he remarked. He bit his lip. The silence between you two was so unnerving. You fumbled with your hands, looking for some type of distraction.

“Yeah, I erm just needed air,” you spoke quietly. “You can go back in, I’ll be there in a minute,”

“We need to talk…. about what I overheard,” he sighed. Gently, he put his arm around your shoulders.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m too late. It’s your wedding day for god sakes,” you shouted, throwing your hands into the air, as tears welled in your eyes.

“(y/n) if you would’ve told me it would be different,” he explained.

“Different?” you scoffed. “How?”

“I wouldn’t be with her because I would’ve told you I loved you back,” he yelled, silencing you. Did he just say what you’ve been waiting for all this time? Now on his wedding day, he decides to tell you.

“You what?” you whispered in disbelief.

“It wasn’t supposed to come out like this. It wasn’t supposed to come out at all,” he mumbled to himself. Michael got up and started pacing back and forth in front of the bench.

“You should go back in there,” you told him. No matter how much it hurt you, you would always put Michael first. His happiness was what was important to you.

“No, I can’t,” he snapped at you. The frustration was evident in his eyes. You were taken back by his tone, but you understood. “Sorry, I’m just so torn. I love you and I guess I just thought you’d never feel that way and now that you do, I don’t know what to do,” he rambled on.

“I’m gonna go in there and postpone the wedding. It’ll buy me some time to think,” he told you. Before you had  a chance to say anything, he ran in the other direction towards the church.

A happy feeling rose inside of you. Maybe there was a chance you and Michael would end up together.

It had been 10 minutes and Michael still hadn’t come out of the church. It surely didn’t take this long to postpone a wedding. Curious, you went back into the church. You expected to find Michael speaking to Zoe privately, but what you saw was so unexpected. The sight made you sick to your stomach.

“You may now kiss the bride,” the priest announced as everyone clapped with joy. And Michael leaned in and sealed their love with a passionate kiss.

You sunk down onto your knees drowning in sorrow, hoping this wasn’t really happening. Was this some sick joke?

But it wasn’t. Michael had married Zoe. There was no more hope. 

part 2

Happiness Drifting Away
  • Finn:
  • Finn knew today should have been one of the happiest days of his life and the truth was, it was but he had recently been sucked into some kind of scenario that he wasn’t exactly impressed about. He knew he hadn’t been himself, he was angry, he was lashing out and worse, he was barely talking. To anyone in fact.
  • A week prior to Rachel having Luca, a girl by the name of Sarah contacted him. She was threatening going to the media with a photo she supposedly had of Finn and letting it known to the world that Finn wasn’t the guy he seemed to be. He had tried hard to take care of everything he could and he didn’t want to alarm Rachel. Not when she had just had their baby. Plus, he really thought he could take care of it.
  • Today however, he had dropped off a sum of money to his manager, asking if she could take care of this Sarah girl. He knew if the money wasn’t paid by 8pm that night, he was sure his life would be ruined forever.
  • He was trying not to think about everything but some how he kept getting sucked into the black hole, so it was no surprise that he arrived at the hospital later than what he should have. Clearly upset, angry and frustrated, he made his way up to the maternity ward with a baby car seat in tow.