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cute fluffy david cuddles? any cc characters you want

Please, hug the man.

After few more bad attempts…

I bet my drawing skills hat it’s Gwen gave him 12$ to make him hug David. But let’s pretend what it’s not that obvious…


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It’s a sunday when Cas gives up his grace. He and Dean are sleeping in and the angel is tickling his husband’s naked back, drawing Enochian symbols in his skin with a lazy finger. Cas does this sometimes. Writes poems no one will ever hear, etched into Dean’s skin. Sometimes Dean will ask what Cas writes. Sometimes Cas will tell him.

But then, there are other times when Cas sends words of adoration to his hunter that don’t translate. Language that only an angel could understand.

But always, there is one symbol Cas ends with. It’s curved with soft unbroken lines, and it reminds Cas of an ocean wave, beautiful and strong. Like Dean.

“Tell me,” Dean whispers.

Cas smiles. He scoots closer, but still leaves room between their bodies for him to work and slots a bare foot between Dean’s calves.

“Today, I’m writing about your eyes. Your skin,” then, Cas’s hand runs up the back of Dean’s neck as he thumbs the bristles of hair. He kisses the spot softly, pulling back as he feels Dean shiver.

“Your hair,” Cas says softly.

He can’t see Dean smiling, but he knows he is when Dean scoots back into Cas’s arms, letting the angel wrap around him until they are back to chest, breaths unified.

And, this close, Cas sees it in the morning light, the soft, gray hair peeking out behind the hunter’s ear. He touches it, lovingly, the little symbol of time and growth and the fleeting moments he has with the man he loves. So small compared to the length of his existence, but more than anything has ever meant to him before.

He and Dean haven’t talked about it—the point when immortality and mortality will become important for them. But, they both know. Cas thinks of it as he traces the beautiful wave on Dean’s back. The symbol of the fallen angel.

He’s been carving himself into Dean’s back this whole time they’ve been together. Creating permanence below the hard cut of the hunter’s shoulder blades.

It’s just a Sunday. Not a special day with any kind of significance. But Dean is here, and the sun is shining through the windows like a blanket, and he suddenly knows that today is the day.

So, with a steady hand, he takes a breath. And, he calls his grace to the tips of his fingers.

“I love you, Dean,” he whispers.

Then, he’s placing his palm along the place on Dean’s back that holds their poems and stories. Slotting it in the space where he traced the story of the fallen angel who loved his hunter so much that he would give him anything in the whole world. Even part of himself. Slowly, he lets his grace float from him into the hunter, pouring from the angelic vessel that could hold it, into the human he loves where the grace will finally dwindle, diminish and die without its host.

It’s a death of its own as he watches the stories of his millions of years as an angel slowly disappear with the dying of his timelessness.

It’s painful, raw and beautiful. And, when the final bits of his grace descend into Dean, Cas is shaking, crying silently with the wonder of it all.

He’s staring at Dean’s back, watching as his shoulders raise and lower with every breath, the hunter sighing contentedly unaware of the sacred space the two of them just created.

Cas smiles, pulling the hunter to him and kissing his back with reverence, letting his tears fall silently on the pillow.

It’s just an ordinary Sunday. But in this moment, Cas knows that it’s the happiest day of his life.

painting greys

i hope you’re all prepared, because i did tear up a few times while writing this. :-) don’t worry, the ending is very fluffy. apologies if there are any spelling/grammatical errors, i’ll fix them as i see them. please lemme know if you like it!!

rating: m (for graphic violence)
pairing: reddie (richie tozier x eddie kaspbrak)
warnings: homophobic slurs, strong language, graphic violence

“Eddie, don’t fall asleep… Eddie, please!”

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Prompt because I can never have enough angst in my life: Elorcan modern AU where they get in a fight and one of them leaves the house with hurtful words thrown at each other, one of them is severely injured somehow?? Idk really

This was only supposed to be like 1,000 words, oooooooooops.


“I just don’t understand why you’re so angry! I didn’t do anything!”
Elide and Lorcan were in the kitchen of his small apartment, the latter leaning on the counter with his arms crossed across his chest, while the former had her thin arms braced on the table.
“Oh, please,” he spat at her. “This Luca guy wouldn’t continually ask you out for no reason. You’ve never even told him about me, have you?”
“Of course I have, Lorcan!” She said, spinning around to look at him. Her arms fell to her sides helplessly. “Every time he asks me to hang out after work, I politely tell him no, because I have you.”
He growled, “Maybe I need to tell him, and not so politely.”
“What were you even doing there?” She asked.
Lorcan ran a frustrated hand through his long hair. “What? Am I not allowed to visit you at your job?”
“You are,” she sighed, “But you kind of ambushed me.”
“Ambushed you?” He asked, his voice raising. “I was trying to surprise you! I was-.”
Cutting him off, she asked incredulously, “Were you checking up on me?”
“For the last time, NO!” He roared. “I just wanted to come surprise you. But then I walk up and I see that asshole had his hand on your arm and then you, you actually touched his chest! And I hear him telling you about how he’ll take ‘good care of you’ at the party on Friday night? What party, Elide? Huh?” A humorless laugh left his mouth. “On second thought, maybe I do need to check up on you at work.”
“I’m not a child, Lorcan.”
“You could’ve fooled me.”
“And,” she said, ignoring his comment, “you don’t own me.”
With his long legs, it only took three steps until he was standing directly in front of her, towering down over her small frame. He grasped her left hand and held it up, letting the light catch on the diamond ring encircling her finger. “Do you see this, Elide? It means that you are mine, and only mine. You are not my possession, but you are mine, to protect, to care for, to love.” He let go and her hand dropped limply to her side. Turning around he walked to the fridge and opened it, grabbing a beer and popping its lid off.
“Baby, I-.”
“Just get out, Elide,” he cut her off, not turning around to look at her. “Go home. I need to…think about some things.”
Her breath caught in her throat. He’d never asked her to leave. In all the years they’d been together, they always worked their fights out. “Lorcan-.”
“Get out.” He growled.
Breathlessly, voice shaking, she asked, “What do you need to think about?”
“Leave, Elide. Now”
Silently, Elide grabbed her keys off of the counter and her purse from the kitchen table. She walked to the door and with a hand on the knob, called to him, “I love you.”
Nothing but silence answered her from the kitchen.
Lorcan knew he had overreacted.
He knew he was an ass and that he should never have asked her to leave. He didn’t need to think about shit. He loved Elide Lochan, and she was the best thing that had ever happened to him. The happiest day of his life was the day she had agreed to marry him.
This Luca prick at work was going to have to stop though. He texted her non stop and apparently had been asking Elide out every week without fail. He may need to make a stop in on Elide’s next day off.
For the thousandth time that night, he rolled over and looked at her empty side of the bed. By now, her inky black hair would be draped across her pillow. Her clothes would be in a heap at the end of the bed. Her small frame would be curled up against his. He ran an exasperated hand down his face.
He fucked up and he knew it. He rolled over and picked his phone up off the nightstand. She hadn’t texted him even once, hadn’t called him. He expected that she would’ve texted as soon as she got home, but she must have been pretty upset with him. She hadn’t tweeted or posted on Facebook or anything, which led him to believe she fell asleep as soon as she walked in the door.
He could hear her cries in his head and he felt like a piece of shit for causing her pain. Swallowing his pride, he sent her a text.
“I’m sorry. I’m a jealous ass, but I love you more than my own life. Call me in the morning. I love you so much.”
He watched the little, blue bubble send off and waited for it to read “Delivered” underneath. Hell, maybe he’d get lucky and it would show up as “Read”. If it did, he’d call her. He’d blow her phone up until she answered and he’d apologize for being the piece of shit fiancé that he was.
But it never delivered. The blue bubble turned green as it sent as an old school text message. Lorcan’s eyebrows rose and he decided to call her, to see if he could fix this now. It immediately went to voicemail. Her phone must have died.
Sighing, he rolled over and put his phone back on the nightstand. He’d fix this in the morning. He’d go see her in the morning and he’d make everything right. But first, he needed to get some sleep.
There was a pounding on his door. Lorcan sat up and jumped out of bed, grabbing the 9mm he kept on his nightstand, next to his badge. The banging continued. A look at the clock on its surface told him it was just after two in the morning.
Popping the safety off and loading one in the chamber, Lorcan crept through his apartment until he got to the door, where the pounding was still happening. A glance at the peephole had him groaning and setting his gun on the small table Elide had distressed and placed by the doorway. He swung open the door to reveal his partner dressed in his blue uniform. “What the hell are you doing here, Whitethorn? It’s two in the gods damned morning.”
“Lorcan, we need to go, now.”
Immediately, Lorcan was on red alert.
“What are you talking about?”
The man in front of him, the man he’d known his whole life and worked with on the force for over 4 years, that was pain in his pine green eyes. Pain and pity.
“It’s Elide.” His heart stopped. “Lorcan, there’s been an accident.”
Rowan was just starting his overnight patrol when he got a call over his radio about an accident involving an overturned vehicle on South Terrasen Rd, headed towards Adarlan. Since he had just made a stop nearby, he radioed that he was close and turned on his lights.
As he approached the accident, he turned his spotlight on and his heart dropped into his stomach.
An extremely familiar car was wrapped around a tree, upside down.
Rowan had pulled over friends and family members in his 4 years with the Erilea Police Department. He’d had to arrest former classmates and people that he knew. He’d even had to escort funerals of people he’d known his entire life. He’d never had a problem putting on the mask that made him “Officer Whitethorn” and staying professional. Until tonight.
He jumped out of his patrol car, screaming, “Elide?!”
He sprinted towards the wreckage, calling her name, listening for her to reply. He heard nothing.
Grabbing his radio at his shoulder, he called out, “This is Officer Whitethorn, I need paramedics to the accident on South Terrasen ASAP.”
He reached the car, just as his radio went off. “How many passengers?”
He got on his hands and knees to look into the car and almost vomited due to the fear coursing through his veins.
Elide was hanging from her seat, held in by her seatbelt, thank the gods. However, her arm was crushed between her body and the door. It was twisted at an unnatural angle and he could see a bone piercing through her forearm. Blood was trickling from her head, originating from a wound he couldn’t see in her hair. She was unconscious. And he couldn’t tell if she was breathing.
He radioed back to the dispatcher, “One female passenger, I can’t tell if she’s unconscious or de-.” His voice broke. “Deceased.”
The radio clicked back. “Standby.”
Grabbing at his shoulder, he called back, “Dispatch, I’m going to attempt to remove her.”
Silence met him.
“Officer Whitethorn, wait for assistance. Erilea Fire is on the way and-.”
“The passenger is Officer Salvaterre’s fiancée.”
More silence. A new voice came through the radio.
“Are you positive it’s Elide?” The usually confident voice was shaking.
“It’s- it’s her, Manon,” he said, wiping the sweat that was starting to appear on his brow.
“Did you say deceased?”
He closed his eyes. “I- I can’t tell, she’s not in good shape, and I-.” He paused and had to collect himself.
“Get her out of that gods damned car, Rowan. I’m calling Aelin.”
He took that as permission and sat on the ground, leaning back on his hands. With Elide unconscious, he didn’t have to warn her to look away. Pressing his boots against the passenger window, he brought his legs back and smashed his feet into glass. It shattered, sending shards everywhere in the car. Elide didn’t so much as twitch.
“Elide?” He called out, hoping just maybe she would hear him and wake up.
Crawling into the wreckage, he reached a shaking hand to her neck and felt for a pulse.
He waited, his body going cold.
There. There it was.
It was weak, so faint that he could barely feel it.
“Manon!” He called over his radio.
“Go, Whitethorn,” Asterin’s voice called back.
“She’s alive, but she’s fading fast.”
A silent pause met him. “An ambulance is close, less than a mile away. Can she hold on that long?”
“I don’t know,” he replied. “I haven’t even gotten her out of the car yet. I just got her pulse.”
“Continue on, keep us updated.”
Elide’s left arm was crushed by the door, her right hanging below her body. He had to do this carefully. One wrong move and she would fall from her seat and that could be it. He ran a finger along the seatbelt, and that’s when he noticed blood on her abdomen.
A shard of metal from her mangled door was jutting directly into her side.
“I can’t get her out,” he said into the radio. “She has a laceration on her left side. Wreckage and shrapnel. I don’t know if it’s hit anything major. I can’t risk cutting her down without an ambulance here.”
Manon’s clear voice called back to him. “It’s almost to you. Asterin is tracking them. The EFD should be pulling up any second.”
Rowan did the only thing he could think to do. He took Elide’s limp hand in his own and prayed. He prayed to every god and goddess he could think of, regardless of what they were the deity of. After a moment, he heard approaching sirens and crawled out of the car.
The engine parked and men jumped out. In the darkness, they all looked the same and he couldn’t point a single one out until he heard “Whitethorn!”
Running over to the Captain, he passed the other men and relayed the information he’d discovered to them. As he approached, Chaol grabbed his arm. “Is it really Elide?”
Rowan ran a hand through his silver hair. “Yeah, it is. It’s not good, man.”
“Have you called Aelin?” Chaol asked.
He shook his head. “No, Manon said she would. I need to let Lorcan know though.”
Chaol’s chestnut eyes were somber. “Go. Fenrys and Gavriel are on their way.” An ambulance was pulling up and a second patrol car was behind it. “Get out of here. I’ll call you if anything changes.”
Rowan clapped the man on the shoulder and ran to his patrol car. Getting in, he dialed the number of his oldest friend, trying to figure out how he was going to tell him what had happened. He didn’t answer. Hanging up, he dialed him again. No answer. He left a voicemail.
“Man, I need you to answer or call me back immediately, it’s an emergency.”
He sent him a quick text saying the exact same thing.
Turning the car on, he tried to dial him one more time. As he pulled away from the accident, glancing at it in his rear view mirror, he sent up one last to prayer to anyone who was listening.
By the time Rowan and Lorcan pulled up to the hospital, Manon had called Rowan, letting him know they’d had to cut Elide from car. They’d taken her to the hospital and she’d gone immediately into surgery. Not only had her arm been destroyed, but there was bleeding and swelling on her brain and her common iliac artery had been severed by the wreckage.
Lorcan hadn’t said a single word since Rowan appeared at his door and he wasn’t about to push his friend to speak. Had the roles been reversed, Rowan didn’t know what he would’ve done.
They sat in a silent waiting room, as one by one their friends filed in, in various states of emotion. Aelin and Lysandra were barely holding it together, where Manon was a stone wall of strength, the only indication of her fear being the vice grip she had on Dorian’s hand.
Lorcan’s elbows were braced on his knees, his hands knotted into his long, black hair. Every now and then, his friends would hear a quiet sniff come from him, but for the most part, he was a shell of his normal, sarcastic self.
Bits of every conversation floated over to him.
“When did it happen?”
“I wonder where she was going.”
“She got off work at 10:30, I don’t know why she was out so late.”
“Why wasn’t she at home?”
“Because of me,” he whispered, and the waiting room went silent.
“What?” Aedion asked, Lysandra’s hand held tightly in his own.
“She wasn’t at home because of me,” he said again, dragging a hand through his dark hair and tying it in a knot at the back of his head. Faint tracks could be seen from tears that had slipped down his face. “We- We had a fight. It was stupid.” He pulled his hand over his face, wiping the tears away, sniffing. “I told her to get out. I made her leave. And now…” He trailed off, and the warrior broke down. No one had ever seen Lorcan cry. Elide was the only who had ever been able to break down his walls.
Manon stood up, taking careful steps across the waiting room, and stopped in front of the broken man. He glanced up at her.
And a silver tipped hand smacked across his face.
The waiting room erupted into chaos. Dorian pulled Manon back across the room as she started to yell at Lorcan, who just sat there, blood pooling from the thin scratches she’d left on his face. Aelin stood up and got in Manon’s face, Rowan quickly grabbing at her to pull her back to her seat. Aedion, Lysandra and Asterin stood back ready to grab someone and drag them out if need be.
“Excuse me?!”
The group of friends silenced and found a stoic man standing by the entryway to the OR, wearing scrubs.
“Which one of you is Mr. Salvaterre?”
Lorcan’s head snapped back up and he stood. “I am.”
“I need to speak with you.” With that, he walked towards the desk, away from the group.
Lorcan watched him walk away and felt a small hand squeeze his own. He looked over to Aelin and nodded, before following the doctor.
“How is she?” He asked, stopping in front of the man.
“I’m Dr. Emrys Mistland. I’m the chief operating physician tonight.” He held out a hand.
Lorcan took his hand and shook it but didn’t say a word, waiting for the man to answer his question.
“Sir, were you aware that your fiancée was 7 weeks pregnant?”
Lorcan felt like he’d been punched in the gut.
“She was pregnant?” He stopped. “Wait, was?”
The old man looked at him, placing a hand on his shoulder. “I’m afraid there wasn’t much we could do, with it being that early. We had to make the decision to focus on Elide.”
“Is she okay?” Lorcan asked. “Is she awake? Can I see her? Can I talk to her?”
Dr. Mistland gave him a sad look. “I’m afraid there’s a chance that Ms. Lochan won’t wake up. Not for a while, at least.”
The world was falling out from under Lorcan. He was going numb. He listened to the doctor, as he explained Elide’s multitude of injuries, and how they’d stabilized her, but he only heard parts of what the man was saying.
His Elide. His fiancée. The mother of his unborn child. When she’d left, she’d told him she loved him and he didn’t say it back.
And now he might never have the chance.
Four days. It had been four days since he walked into this hospital at 2:30 in the morning. Lorcan hadn’t left once.
Aelin and Manon and even Aedion had offered to stay so he could go home and shower, so he could get some good sleep.
“I’m not leaving her,” was his response every time.
Everyone had come to see her by this point, and with every passing day, more and more flowers were piling up. Cards were dropped off. Through out it all, Lorcan never left her side, never let go of her hand for more than a few minutes.
He cradled her left hand so carefully, running his thumb over the empty spot on her finger. His other hand reached up and fingered the mangled engagement ring he had slipped onto his necklace.
Standing, he brushed her dark hair back and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. He headed down to the cafeteria to get a cup of coffee. He called Rowan to let Aelin know there’d been no change this morning when the nurses came in to check her vitals. Making his way back down the hall, he noticed the door to Elide’s room was cracked open. He knew he had shut it when he had left.
Quietly easing the door open, he found a man in his early twenties looking over Elide’s flowers at the window, his back to Lorcan. As he stepped inside, the door creaked and then man whirled, a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a card in the other.
“Can I help you?” Lorcan asked, instantly going on his guard.
“I, uhm,” the younger man stammered. “I work with Elide. Everyone wanted me to come drop this off.” He held up the card, and set it on the table with all of her flowers, cards and other gifts.
“And those?” Lorcan asked, indicating the flowers.
“I wanted to drop them off,” he said, blushing. “Are you her brother?”
Lorcan was seeing red. This was him. This man was the cause of the whole situation they were in right now. If he would’ve just taken no for an answer the first time, the fight never would have happened, and he never would have asked Elide to leave that night. She never would have wrecked. They never would have lost their baby.
In a clipped tone, he said, “I’m her fiancé.”
The color bleached from Luca’s face. “Her fiancé? She wasn’t kidding?” He took a step back, away from the man who was almost a foot taller than him. “I thought that was just something she was saying, I never thought she meant it.”
Lorcan closed his eyes. He took a few deep breaths. There was nothing that he wanted more than to beat the hell out of the kid standing in front of him, but taking the high road, he said, “I think you need to leave.”
“I- Uh.” He looked up into Lorcan’s murderous eyes. “Okay.”
Without another word, he dropped the flowers on his chair and left the room.
Making his way back over to the chair, he picked the flowers up and carried them across the room, dropping them into the trash can next to the bathroom door.
“Surprised you didn’t beat his ass…”
He spun around and saw Elide’s dark eyes were opened slightly.
“Elide,” he said, his voice cracking, and he ran to her. He carefully placed a hand on either side of her face, resting his forehead against hers. “I thought I lost you,” he cried.
“Not that easily,” she said, so quietly he could barely hear her.
“I’m so sorry,” he whispered. “I’m so gods damned sorry, Elide. I never should have told you to leave.”
“You did nothing wrong,” she rasped, her good hand coming up to weakly grip his wrist, her thumb stroking the skin there.
“I love you so much,” he said, unable to stop the tears at last. “When I found out what happened, the only thing I could think of was the fact that you told me you loved me when you left and I didn’t say it back, and I would never get to tell you how much I loved you again.”
“I wouldn’t mind being reminded a little more often,” she joked, and he barked out a broken laugh.
“Every single day,” he promised. “Every single hour, every single minute. I’ll make sure you know just how much I love you.”
And for the rest of their days, he would.

james hogwarts headcanons

- when he finds out that he can’t be in the quidditch team as a first year, he tries to trick his way in by taking an aging potion which ends up with him looking like  a 70-year old for 3 days straight

- he discovers his first secret passage within his 2nd week at hogwarts,,, and it was definitely because he was looking for hiding places after his Great Plan failed (or maybe good places to nap, to give his old bones a break? the world may never know) 

- the reason snape and him actually become enemies is that he overheard him criticizing james’ hair, so james made a poll within all the 1st years about who had the worst hair between the two of them

- snape lost and was never able to get over it

- james’ crush on lily starts in 2nd year when he sees her flip off slughorn’s back after he says for the first time that her potion is ‘acceptable’ and not amazing

- from there on, any time she looks at him, he trips over his own feet, causing peter to genuinely believe he has a serious balance disorder for a couple of weeks

- he can’t stay still and keeps fiddling with things, the happiest day of his life is when remus shows him a muggle pen that he can click during class

- flitwick has low-key hated him ever since

- his research on werewolves in 3rd year leads him to read YA werewolf romances and even at 21, he would defend his favorite trilogy to the death 

- he holds “pun nights” in the gryffindor common room every saturday, and sirius makes him a badge P.R.O.N.G.S. which stands for Potter Recklessly Organizing Notoriously Ghastly Saturdays and this is the true origin of his nickname

- during their first summer together in 5th year, sirius and james are called into the ministry for incorrect use of magic eight times, and no one knows how they got out of it every time

- until the day he dies, james’ only answer to the question is “my charming and irresistible wit…” which always causes him to receive a Look™ from sirius, prompting him to grudgingly add: “…and sirius’ ass”. the latter has never been explained further

- he wears a mohawk somewhere in between 5th and 6th year and not the good artsy kind

- he doesn’t even react when lily finally accepts his invitation out for a date, he’s actually halfway through the corridor before he Realizes

- and then he lets out a little scream, runs back down the corridor and asks everyone if he heard correctly

- and everyone is cheering and yelling in astonishment and basically having a riot in front of the classrooms, so mcgonagall shows up to shut them down but james just says: “she said yes”

- and mcgonagall blinks, gasps and goes “oh my”, before leaving them to party 

- (later that night, remus and sirius take it upon themselves to lecture james loudly about the bees and the birds in the common room where lily is incidentally reading a book, and if they both somehow end up waking up on a mattress in the middle of the lake the next morning well, who says james has anything to do with it?)

- (mcgonagall does. he gets 2 weeks of detention.)

One Shines Brighter by afirethatcannotdie

“Hi, baby. You doing anything fun today?”

Harry shrugs. “Dunno. Thought I’d see how I was feeling before making any plans.”

“You wanna get married?” Louis asks. Harry’s face breaks into a smile, and he nods.

Louis’ lips are just brushing Harry’s when Gemma appears in the hallway. “You two are in so much trouble.”

Harry’s wedding was never supposed to be the happiest day of his life. No, that was going to be the day after, when he finally got to start his marriage. Unfortunately his family (and Louis) have other ideas.

Featuring a pair of moms who only want the best for their kids, meddling sisters with too much time on their hands, and a groom who gets caught up in the fairytale.

11k | harry/louis | written for the @hlyearlyficfest | read it here

anonymous asked:

For the drabbles (if theyre still open!) #18, Jungkook, and either Jungsh00k Au or Fuckboy!Jungkook 😍 Whichever one you think fits it the best. Also I have to say that your writing honestly makes me so damn happy okay oml ❤️❤️ Dont push yourself, and stay healthy!

hello thank you so much for asking! i hope you like it! it’s a continuation from my previous fuckboy!jungkook drabble, hope that’s okay!

18. “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”


part one 

Originally posted by b4ngt4nboys

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voltron hp au no one asked for
  • Shiro is a Slytherin. He became a prefect in his fifth year then later on became Head Boy in his seventh year. He was chosen to be a seeker but turned it down on his first year, he wanted to be a chaser instead. Then he became captain. Shiro is literally a legend in Hogwarts. Perfect grades, handsome face, great personality—he is not just the man, he is The Man. Everyone just looks up to him, wants to be with him and wants to be him. Favourite subject is Astronomy. 
  • Keith is a Gryffindor. A bit of a troublemaker but maintains good grades. Not really outstanding but he manages. Hates Potions class because of the professor (who doesn’t really?) As an orphan, he considers Hogwarts as his home. Discovered by Shiro and suggested he tries out for the Quidditch team to be a seeker, despite being on the opposing team. Likes to be alone and sometimes just goes to the library to sleep. Once had a row with the Whomping Willow.
  • Pidge is a Ravenclaw. That person who always raises their hands in class and has all the answers to all the questions being asked. Claims she studies for fun. Always devastated when exams are cancelled simply because she can’t see her classmates suffer. Is always up to no good. Hates all subjects but excels in everything. Been planning to infiltrate the Slytherin dungeons but got caught by Shiro. “I wanted to see if there are dragons!” “There are no dragons in the dungeons, Pidge.” “LIAR.”
  • Lance is a Gryffindor. Literally tries to flirt with everyone—literally everyone. He wants to be part of the Quidditch team so he tries out on his first year but failed. He tries out every year until he finally got in and became a beater in third year. Happiest day of his life. High-key jealous of Keith for getting in in his first try out. Has a lot of family members that were mostly Gryffindors. Loves Muggle Studies the most. He’s best friends with Hunk ever since.
  • Hunk is a Hufflepuff. Overall The Best Guy. Everyone’s friend. He tries to help those who needs help with studies because he loves school (a thing Lance doesn’t understand). He loves Care of Magical Creatures the most. Got to ride a hippogriff once in class and casually picks up Lance to ride with him and it was awesome, however, he barfed right after their ride and decided he shouldn’t eat pudding before flying. Always the voice of reason when the gang is up to something.
  • Shiro helps Keith most of the time with his studies because he wouldn’t let anyone else help him. Keith tried with Pidge and it failed because she gets distracted and likes quizzing Keith about trivial things that isn’t even related to the subject. 
  • Hunk and Pidge are buddies and loves cooking shit up in Potions class. Lance is always the victim of these experiments—always. The trio that is always together despite being in different houses.
  • Keith gets compared to Shiro in terms of flying skills and he thinks Shiro would hate him for it. In fact, Shiro’s definitely proud. They practice together that Shiro gets called out for “giving pointers to Gryffindor’s seeker” Shiro just laughs it off because it’s not a big deal.
  • All five of them get to hangout because Pidge hangs out with Keith “stop being so emo” so obviously that means the rest tags along. They go to Hogsmeade together on Keith’s birthday, specifically to Honeydukes when they found out he’s never tasted the famous chocolate and sweets there. Hunk was mortified and decided to fix it. 
I’ll remind you

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: angst, slight swearing, death of a child, some fluff 

Word count: 2090

Summary: After a hunt gone terribly wrong the reader reveals a little secret to Dean to comfort him.

A/N: Omg guys I almost cried while writing the first half of this. Btw if someone already wrote a fic like this I’m gonna die. I was so proud when I had this idea lol. Gif is not mine [x] 

Silence. Silence was surrounding you; it weighed heavy on your chest and made you feel helpless and lost.

Dean drove the Impala through the dark night without saying one word. His grip on the steering wheel was so tight that you could see his knuckles turning white. The only sounds you could hear were the engine of Baby and the rain which drummed wildly on the roof of the car. Sam was fast asleep after the exhausting hunt you guys had just finished. You on the other hand couldn’t sleep; you were trying to focus on which raindrop would make it down the window, you were staring at, the fastest. Images of the hunt that had gone terribly wrong flashed through your mind. Tears burned in your eyes, blinking them away quickly you tried to think of something else.

This time it was really bad. It had been a kid. Jake Simmons.

The three of you had tried everything to save him in time before the vampire who had captured Jake and his parents, who were dead long before him, could hurt him.

When you had arrived at the nest it was too late. The little boy, who was no more than five years old had laid there on the cold floor of an abandoned warehouse. His clothes were all bloody and his teddy bear was a few feet away from him, also stained with blood.

Every time you closed your eyes, the sight of his lifeless body would send shivers down your spine.

So you silently sat in the backseat, with Jake’s bloody teddy bear clutched in your shaking hands, while trying to ignore the urge to cry uncontrollably.

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More Superfamily

For @superhusbandswithasideoffamily <3

As it happened, the fact that their newly adopted son turned out to be enhanced came as a complete surprise to Tony and Steve.

They’d had him two months and three days. A three year old that both Tony and Steve had fallen in love with the moment they’d set eyes on him. He was small and skinny and had the hugest eyes Tony thought he’d ever seen, and a laugh that made his heart want to melt. Although pretty shy at first, when Steve had happened to hit on the right question (’so what’s your favourite thing to do?’), the boy turned out to be passionate and excited and very, very fucking smart.

Yeah. It was a pretty easy decision, in the end.

Signing all the papers and going though all the checks (although- seriously, they were superheroes, did they really need to go through the ‘do you have murderous urges?’ questions?) was totally, utterly worth it to see the look on Peter Parker’s face when he was told he’d get to have a new home with them.

And hell- him coming back with them had probably been one of the happiest days of Tony’s life. For the first time in his life, he had a proper, honest-to-God family. Tony was man enough to admit he’d shed a tear or two.

At least he wasn’t like Steve though. That man took one look at Tony holding Peter at the threshold of the tower and burst straight into tears.
(Natasha was going to delete the video of him going up to Steve seconds after and then doing exactly the same thing. He would make sure that footage was never seen by anyone else’s eyes again.)

So yes. Happiness all around. They had a son. They had a son who could speak better than Clint in the mornings and owned a smile that made even Natasha swoon. Generally speaking, Tony was pretty sure he hadn’t stopped smiling for nearly three months. Steve was no better- damn guy looked constantly as if he was about to burst into song.

Of course- because they were superheroes and that was just their life- something had to surprise them out of the blue.

(Read more, mobile users!)

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I get a newly married rfa+saeran and v with MC? Just like normal Saturday morning fluff or something? With cute kisses and cuddling. Thank you so much. I love your blog!

Thank you so much! This is such a cute request, I seriously love it so much! I tried making it as fluffy as possible so I hope that you enjoy!! :)


  • Yoosung was still in shock that it had only been a week since he married the love of his life  
  • He was always the ‘baby’ of the RFA but he finally proved them all wrong being the first out of all the members to wed
  • And Yoosung couldn’t have been more content at the moment
  • He had a steady job as a veterinarian and you were living with him at his apartment, currently cuddling the heck out of each other
  • Yoosung was already the kind of cuddles before the two of you got married but he was being extra clingy today, but you didn’t mind
  • You had your back pressed against Yoosung’s chest as he lazily had his arms draped around you
  • “I love you so much my sweet MC”
  • Yoosung kissed the top of your neck and moved his way down to the bottom of it
  • When he got to the bottom, Yoosung buried his face into your neck - “I love you too Yoosung”
  • You could feel Yoosung’s smile on the back of your neck as your turned your head slightly to give him a proper kiss on the lips
  • The two of you sighed in happiness and when the short but passionate kiss broke, the two of you went back to your original positions
  • It may seem like a boring Saturday to some people, but to Yoosung, it was the greatest Saturday of his life with his favorite person in the world


  • Zen thought that there couldn’t have been a man happier then him the day he married you
  • He had finally found someone who didn’t just care about his looks, but you were someone who truly cared about Zen’s happiness
  • It had only been a few days since the two of you had wed but for Zen, it seemed like an eternity
  • These days were the best days in Zen’s mind
  • You and Zen were laying down in bed, your face buried into his strong chest
  • He was humming one of his favorite musical tunes while gently running his fingers through your hair
  • “You’re so perfect MC, I can’t believe that I’m able to call you mine”
  • You smiled as Zen placed multiple kisses on your forehead
  • He trailed the kisses down to your cheeks and placed one final, loving kiss on your lips
  • The two of you sighed in contentment as Zen readjusted you in his arms
  • He started singing your favorite song as you fell asleep in his arms
  • Zen smiled and made a promise to himself to always spend time like this with you since you were his beautiful princess


  • Jaehee never would have thought that she would meet the love of her life within an eleven day span
  • She thought that she was happy with her life until she met you, the one who showed her what true happiness was
  • You had given her the courage to stand up to Jumin and to finally do something for herself for once, and that courage was carried over to when she proposed to you
  • It had only been a week since the wedding and the two of you still had time off before you decided to re-open the cafe
  • You had dubbed it ‘Lazy Saturday’ and Jaehee did not oppose
  • The two of you were laying on your shared bed both on your backs but your hands were intertwined
  • Jaehee hesitantly grabbed your hand and placed a soft kiss on the back of it
  • “Words cannot express how much I love you MC. Thank you for always being by my side”
  • She leaned in cautiously to kiss your hand again but you pulled Jaehee in for a tight hug instead
  • She stiffened for a moment before relaxing into your embrace, putting her own arms around you and gave you a light kiss on the lips
  • Jaehee rested her head near your chest to hear your heartbeat as she made a promise to always treasure and love her perfect partner


  • Jumin never would have thought that someone like you would ever be able to break his tough exterior, but inevitably you did
  • Everyone saw Jumin as the emotionless ice prince which was the complete opposite of what he truly was
  • The day that Jumin first laid eyes on you, it was love at first sight
  • You helped Jumin discover that who he really was and how to express himself, a debt that no amount of money could ever repay
  • The two of you were wed only a week ago and Jumin treasured ever second of being your husband
  • You and Jumin were laying on your shared bed, with you resting your head on Jumin’s chest and his arms wrapped around you
  • Jumin gently rubbed the back of your hand as you traced random patterns on his chest
  • “All I feel is love whenever I’m with you MC. Stay with me forever my love”
  • You smiled at Jumin and he cupped your cheek and gave you a feather light kiss on your lips
  • He moved one of his hands to the back of your head and lifted you to deepen the kiss, wanting you to feel every ounce of love that he has for you
  • The two of you pulled away, both of you panting, but smiled feeling nothing but love from Jumin
  • He wrapped his arms back around you as you laid your head to his chest, returning to your original positions
  • Jumin noticed you fell asleep and smiled down at you, gently kissing the top of your head vowing to himself to always make you feel like the queen that you are


  • Seven still felt like he was dreaming ever since the day that he met you
  • He never thought that he deserved any kind of happiness, his mother told him that more than enough times when he was younger
  • But his life changed when he met you, you became the light in Seven’s dark life, something that he would never forget
  • So Seven decided to stop joking around and truly marry you at a space station
  • It was less than a week later since you and Seven wed and to say that it was the happiest day of his life was an understatement
  • All Seven wanted to do was cuddle and be in each other’s presence for the day and you happily obliged
  • You and Seven were laying down on the bed, his arms around you as you leaned your head into the crook of his neck
  • Seven lifted his head up to stare into your eyes, the eyes that saw his pain, the eyes that saw his silliness, and what he had hoped the most, the eyes that saw his love for you
  • “You’re my everything, my precious MC. My love for you is as large as the galaxy”
  • Seven kissed your shoulder, making his way to your neck, then finally to your lips giving you a kiss with all of his love
  • When the two of you parted, Seven gave you one of his signature goofy grins and snuggled back with you
  • Seven closed his eyes as vowed to make sure you would be happy, safe, and feel all of his love, making sure that your future would be bright with him at your side


  • V never realized what true love felt like until he met you
  • Even though he thought he was in love when he was with her, V understood that love wasn’t suppose to feel like when he was with her
  • But when V found you, his entire world changed for the better
  • You taught him that it was okay to be selfish, to voice his own opinion, to let people know how he himself truly felt
  • How couldn’t V fall in love with someone as caring as you?
  • So the you of you got married and the amount of tears shed by the two of you could fill up a pond
  • It was a few days after the wedding and V was laying down on the bed with you wrapped around his long arms
  • You buried your face into his arm as V gently stroked your side
  • “You truly are an angel MC. I promise to love you forever and always”
  • V dipped his head down to kiss your nose, then your cheeks, and finally a small yet loving kiss on your lips
  • He radiated love and you couldn’t help but smile at his gentleness
  • You wrapped yourself back around V’s arms, closing your eyes in contentment and drifting into sleep
  • V held you close to him, never wanting to let you go, never wanting you to leave his side and as he placed one final kiss on your forehead, V fell into sleep himself as he dreamed about all the ways he would make you feel his love


  • Saeran would never understand why you would choose someone like him to be with
  • To say Saeran’s life was hell is putting it lightly
  • All of his life Saeran was used and abused, only feeling a slight amount of love when Seven was with him in the small time during his childhood
  • But then he met you, Saeran thought of you as just someone he could use but he somehow ended up falling in love with you, and you returned the feeling of love
  • Somehow Saeran managed to propose to you and to his surprise, you said yes
  • It’s taken some time, but Saeran finally became comfortable around you and one of his favorite things to do was to cuddle with you
  • You always made him feel warm and safe but this time, he wanted it to be the other way around
  • Saeran had you wrapped around his arms and your head against his neck
  • He listened as you softly hummed to him, feeling your warmth always made Saeran feel at peace
  • “I truly believe that you’re my soulmate MC. I…I love you so much”
  • Saeran slowly leaned down and pressed a quick kiss on your lips, his cheeks turning slightly pink
  • You giggled and reached up to kiss him again, this time with more passion and love
  • He kissed you back as deeply as he could and when the two of you finally parted, you could see a small smile form on his lips
  • Saeran noticed you cuddle back into his arms and slowly fall asleep and seeing your perfect face reaffirmed Saeran’s love for you with him vowing to protect and love you because you truly were the best thing to happen in his life and he had no plans of ever letting you go

One Shines Brighter by afirethatcannotdie

Rating : Teen and Up Audiences

Warnings : No Archive Warnings Apply

Wordcount : 11k

Summary :

“Hi, baby. You doing anything fun today?”
Harry shrugs. “Dunno. Thought I’d see how I was feeling before making any plans.”
“You wanna get married?” Louis asks. Harry’s face breaks into a smile, and he nods.
Louis’ lips are just brushing Harry’s when Gemma appears in the hallway. “You two are in so much trouble.”

Harry’s wedding was never supposed to be the happiest day of his life. No, that was going to be the day after, when he finally got to start his marriage. Unfortunately his family (and Louis) have other ideas.

Featuring a pair of moms who only want the best for their kids, meddling sisters with too much time on their hands, and a groom who gets caught up in the fairytale.


Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean discovers what being truly content feels like.

Warnings: None, major fluffies.

For @ilostmyshoe-79‘s Sweet Emotions Challenge! I had the prompt “content”. I had a blast writing this! Hope you all enjoy.

Originally posted by blogfandomimaginesstuff

Dean never thought he’d get to live a happy life.

After watching Sam, his mother, Cas, and his father (hell, even himself) die countless times, he was sure life had a personal vendetta against him. After all, his father always said a hunter’s life wasn’t pretty nor good (”and the sooner you understand that the better.”)

And, Dean had believed that for the the longest time, ignoring his desire to fight for a happy life.

That is, until he met you. As cheesy as it sounds, you were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, even though you were covered head to toe in monster guts at the time.

You had taught him many things about living life. He learned how to smile, despite the hardships he was facing at the time. He learned how to cry when things became too much. He learned how to love somebody with all of his being.

But, most importantly, he learned how to be genuinely happy for the first time.

Dean had thought the happiest day of his life was when he got the courage to get on one knee and ask for you to be his eternally. 

But, the day your little girl was born was by far the best, happiest day. Dean doesn’t often cry, but when he held his baby girl in his arms for the first time, he sobbed for the first time in months. 

Soft, gentle rays of light flow through the bedroom window. The quiet chirping of birds fill his ears as he begins to awaken. He gently blinks the sleep away from his exquisite green eyes as his vision begins to focus on the cream wall of his bedroom. 

The annoyingly bright red lights of his alarm clock say that it is 6:00 AM, meaning he should probably get up and make the morning coffee.

But, something catches his eye before he can pad into the kitchen. Softly snoring with your mouth slightly open, you lay resting in a peaceful sleep. Dean admires how the soft morning light glows on your beautiful face, highlighting every curve edge.

Resting himself on his arm, he leans over you to brush some hair out of your face, causing you to shift slightly before stilling.

You’re just so damn perfect, he thinks as he continues to watch you rest. He slightly chuckles when he imagines your reaction if he told you that (”I’m far from that, Deano. Try again.”) But, through his eyes, you’re a perfect hunter, a perfect partner and wife, and a perfect mother.

He can’t resist placing his hand on your chest gently, feeling your heart beating gently. You’re so perfect that he fears this is just a cruel allusion; a fake being who isn’t real. But, as your heart steadily beats along his fingers, he’s reassured you’re absolutely real and his own.

Dean could stay here for hours, he decides, and he would without a doubt if he could. But, he hears your little girl softly coo, signaling her wake.

Slowly getting out of bed to avoid waking you, he leaves the warm sheets and reaches over the crib to pick up his daughter.

She looks more like you, Dean thinks. She has your shining locks of hair and the exact same smile. But her eyes are bright green, just like his.

As he rocks her gently, her small hands clamp around his calloused finger and tears immediately fill his eyes.

He shares glances with both your sleeping form and his cooing daughter before he comes to the conclusion that he finally found what true happiness is.

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I had a dream last night in which Jake and Amy were planning their wedding and Amy surprised Jake with plane tickets to London for their honeymoon + the Harry Potter studios and it made him SO HAPPY it was the cutest thing :’)

anonymous asked:

Would you be up for writing something really cute and sweet? :3 How about the boy band reacting to receiving an awkward love letter from a really shy and socially inept reader?

I have always loved the love letter thing, yet never got one. Maybe due to the fact no one can win this heart, unless you have food, lol. Write me a love letter on a cake!


I don’t know how to explain my feelings for you in person, so I figured that a letter would be much better. Now I’m not the type that’s good a writing poems or sonnets or anything like that. I just think you’re a really nice guy and I would love LIKE to get you know you much better.

Yet because I’m too afraid to tell you what I’m feeling, and I don’t know how to start, but I’m just a coward who’s so afraid that you might break my heart. I wish this were easier to do, and maybe one day I can tell you face to face, but for now I hope this letter will do.

I adore you.



Being the Prince of the Lucian people, Noctis was use to getting his fair share of love letters and gifts from many of men and women alike. Yet nearly all of them were more ego stroking to both himself and those who were attempting to woo him, the Prince never acted on it.

Until now, this letter was something different, the style of writing, the stroke of the pen, and the fact that it was delivered to his apartment. Whomever this was, knew of the Prince’s home address or of someone who knew of his home address, Ignis, Gladiolus or Prompto. Yet he knew none of them would give it away, yet still this wasn’t any of their handwriting, and the fanit scent of perfume was on the paper.

None of them would go this far!

So Noctis pocketed the letter forget all about it, as he scratched at his neck. Looking to the clock as he realized that he had another few hours before the others arrived for a video game night.

A knock came at the door, as the Prince rolled from the bed, hearing the door open meaning that Ignis must have been with them. He was tempted to have them drag him out of bed, or even set up game night in his room, when he heard someone walking down the hall.

“Yeah, I bet he’s still in bed.” Prompto laughed.

“Is it okay, that we’re just walking around his house?”

Noctis perked up at that, he had forgotten that he had invited you over. An intern at the palace who had grown rather close to Prompto and Gladiolus so in connection himself as well.

“It’s fine!” Prompto called slamming open the door, “Wake up Noct! Y/N got that new horror game! OMG what’s wrong with your face?”

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Requested: “Could you do an imagine where Shawn comes home in the early hours of the morning and he’s super tired and all he wants to do is cuddle with his girlfriend but when he finally gets upstairs to their bedroom he sees that she spread herself out on the bed like a starfish and he has to figure out how to move her? I would love it if you could do this and maybe tag me too!”

Also requested: “Could you please write a fluff about sleepy shawn kissing yoy in bed and how we would cuddle with y/n”

Authors note: I thought I would combine these two since they’re pretty similar. Also, I don’t know how to tag people or anything, so I apologize!

The sky was as clear as ever, the air a little cold leaving goosebumps on his skin. It was much too early to be awake, and he felt awful for coming home at such an awkward time. The last thing he remembered of his girlfriend was texting her and telling her that he’d be home soon, and she never responded. He figured she had fallen asleep considering how late it was when he sent that text. The drive home was all radio talk shows playing quietly, and running through red lights, to get home quicker. It’s only been a whole day without her, but he missed her terribly. Shawn loved his job, and he sometimes he loved working overtime, but lately he’s been tired, and very stressed about life in general. All he really wanted was to be with his girlfriend and have her calm him. She was always so good at that. Her voice resembled a stream, moving through the wind during the spring time. The way she touched him, drove him crazy. She was soft, in all ways, physically and emotionally. He was crazy stupid in love with her and he knew he always would be.

After driving for maybe 20 minutes or so, Shawn pulled into the driveway of the little apartment he shared with Y/N. He stumbled through the door, more tired than usual. There was a small noise coming from the kitchen when he opened the door. He walked through the kitchen to reach the bedroom and saw the cat sitting on the counter. The cat that Y/N picked, since they couldn’t have a dog. Shawn was too drained of energy to try and shoo the cat off the counter, so instead he just scrunched up his nose, hoping the cat would just stop making so much noise. He finally made it to the bedroom, desperately reaching for the bed, only to find Y/N spread across the entire bed. Her arms were propped up over the pillows, and her legs were tangled in the sheets. Her cheeks were rosy, and her hair was sticking to the sides of her face. She was stunning, even while she was asleep. Shawn sat at the edge of the bed, staring at her, wondering how he’d move her over so he wouldn’t wake her. Shawn thought it out a bit as he undressed from his jeans, to put on a comfortable t-shirt and shorts. He hovered above his girlfriend, and carefully placed her arms and legs around his waist, and he slowly moved himself onto the bed. A small noise escaped her lips, and Shawn’s heart melted at the sight. He kissed her forehead, before placing his head on her chest, so he could hear her heartbeat. This is how Shawn fell asleep every night. Even when he was gone on tour, he called her and fell asleep to her breathing over the phone. He just couldn’t sleep without her breaths or her heartbeat. Knowing that she was there was what calmed him the most.

Suddenly, he could feel her arm move up, and to his head and she started playing with his hair.

“I didn’t mean to wake you, I’m sorry baby.” Shawn said sweetly and kissed her collarbone.

“Shh.” Was all she said, and she continued to run her fingers through his hair. Life was crazy, for the both of them, so these were the times Shawn felt the happiest. Being on stage was thrilling, and some of the best days of his life were on stage. But, peacefully laying with someone you love with your whole being, and knowing that they love you just as much, is an indescribable feeling, that will never get old.