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#189 - For xi3ls

Filling the prompt “reader is friends w/ the guys & works for catb, & her & Van sort of start a secret relationship & try to keep it hidden from the guys. Maybe they tease one another in front of the guys to turn the other on secretly.” from @xi3ls

It was seeing Van in a hoodie that did it to you. Before, in the button ups and with the quiet listening he did during meetings, he was different. He was a guy in a band that was too cool for you to think about as more than a coworker. Then, he was all jokes and shower fresh scented and soft. He was sitting on the floor of the bus, in the room he and Larry cohabitated, looking up at you. 

“Why you looking at me like that?” he asked. 

“Like what?" 

You handed him the mug of tea you’d made him and passed the other over to Larry, who was stretched out on one of the tiny sofas. Van had dragged the thin foam mattress off his designated bunk into the room. He’d taken all the mattresses from the unclaimed bunks too. A small nest had been constructed, and watching him sit among the pillows and clothing spilling out of an open bag, you fell in love. It happened instantly and out of nowhere and hit you with such a force that you became breathless. 

"I don’t know. Just lookin’ at me funny,” he replied, sipping the tea. 

“Sorry. Do you guys need anything else?" 

"Y/N, you ain’t a P.A. anymore. Tour manager, yeah? Don’t worry about making tea and checkin’ on us. Go… manage,” Larry said with a warm smile. You nodded and left the room under the weight of Van’s gaze. 

You went back downstairs to sit at the ‘kitchen’ table and double check all the bookings and pretend to be calm. Bob came down and quietly made you a cup of tea. He sat opposite you at the table and uploaded photos from his camera to his laptop. His company was reassuring, even if he didn’t mean it to be.  

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hey hi hello love your work!! could I request a Cisco fic where the reader is like, super duper down and he comes to comfort her and cheer her up cause she didn't show up for work? like super fluff and cute and etc. thank you in advance!

bless you anon this was such a fun request to write! also?? thank you?? so much !! omg the fact that people love my work always baffles me y’all are amazing

Title: The Sunshine On A Rainy Day

Tags: mention of animal death (cat) (of old age), reader is so sad, but its okay cisco bares gifts

Word Count: 1620 (i really liked this prompt!!)

When you opened your door you expected to see your cranky neighbor, ready to take her complaining about your loud music. However, it was quite the opposite. With an adorable grin, Cisco held up a bouquet of chocolate covered fruits, one of those edible arrangements. Rubbing your puffy eyes, you took the bouquet into your hands, opening the door wide enough for him to come in.”Cisco, what’s all this for?” You asked, noticing the arranged set of movies he had in his hands, as well as the board game. Cisco shrugged his shoulders.”Well, you weren’t at the lab today and Caitlin told me that you called in, saying that you weren’t feeling well and she also said that you sounded a sad soooo…” He dragged out, a lopsided smile coming to his lips.”Plus, I’ve always wanted to get someone one of these things.” Cisco pointed at the fruits, a small smile coming to your lips as you walked into your home and set them down on your table, Cisco following shortly behind.

“Cisco, thank you so much. I really appreciate you coming and checking up on me, you really didn’t have to.” However, Cisco only shook his head at that.”Of course I did Y/N! I really care about you, y’know?” Your cheeks flushed at the sudden confession and you let a small sigh escape you. Holding up one of the set of movies he had, Cisco let a hopeful smile come to his lips.”Blankets, snacks, and movies?” He asked, and you couldn’t help but feel delighted at the thought of being cuddled up on the couch with Cisco watching movies.”Sure, I’ll get the blankets and snacks. You wanna set up the movies?” You asked and he nodded in agreement rather quickly, making his way to set the board game down and to your DVD player. You walked away and pulled out a large blanket from your hallway closet, knowing it would be big enough for the both of you to share. Quickly throwing it onto the couch, you made your way into the kitchen.

When you returned with snacks, you noticed Cisco was already nestled on the couch with blankets wrapped around him. Placing the food on your coffee table, you made your way to sit down on the couch. However, before you could genuinely sit down Cisco opened the blanket and invited you to cuddle under his arm. Chuckling softly, you sat down on the couch next to him and rested your head on his shoulder as he wrapped the blanket around the two of you.”What movie did you put in?” you asked, looking up at him.”Independence Day, the newer one.” Nodding, you laid your head back onto his shoulder and put your attention onto the movie as it played.

It hadn’t even been twenty minutes into the movie when a feeling of dread and agony washed over you like a crashing wave on the beach. Your eyes welled up with tears, however you refused to let them drop. Cisco had came all this way to make sure you were alright and even brought you chocolate covered fruits, you weren’t going to let yourself ruin it by crying. However, the more you thought about it the more you couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down your cheeks. It didn’t take long for Cisco to notice, his now damp shirt alerting him of your obvious sadness. Cisco was quick to stop the movie and pull away from you, making your heart sink.”Oh my god, Y/N, are you alright? What happened?” He asked, worry clear as a bell in his voice. His concern only made your chest clench and you couldn’t help the dam from breaking, your tears rolling down your cheeks more freely now.

Hiccuping, you let a soft sob escape you and Cisco pulled you into a hug, his eyebrows furrowing as he gently ran his hand through your hair to try and calm you. He let comforting words come from his lips and your heart clashed with the feelings of adoration and grief, making you let out choked sobs of agony. Your fit lasted a good thirty minutes, and during those thirty minutes Cisco didn’t go anywhere and allowed you to cling onto him like you were. However once you were done, you pulled away from him and rubbed your red and puffy eyes, sniffling softly. It was clear that Cisco was still worried, his eyebrows still furrowed and a sympathetic frown was place on his lips.”You wanna talk about it?” He asked, and you shrugged softly, a shuddered sigh escaping you.”My cat died last night.” Your voice cracked.

The realization of why you were so upset came crashing down on you. Cisco knew you adored your cat, hell he was sure everyone at the lab loved your cat. You brought him with you whenever you could to the lab and allowed him to mindlessly just sit in the Cortex. He was a chubby, orange tabby that was very affectionate and loved getting attention from you. And you loved giving him attention.”Oh Y/N..” Cisco murmured as he brought you into another hug, you immediately hugged him back. A sad laugh escaped you when you pulled away, wiping the tear that was threatening to fall from your eye away.”He was really old, I should have expected it but not so soon.” You could feel Cisco’s hand softly rubbing up and down your back, making you immediately begin to feel better.

Cisco brought his other hand up and wiped the tears that were forming in your eyes again, your cheeks flushing in embarrassment.”I know you’re sad Y/N, but it was time to let him go. I know you gave him all the love and affection any cat could ever want, I’m sure he passed being one of the happiest cats ever.” Sniffling, you nodded with a sad smile, wrapping your arms around him and hugging him once again. Cisco immediately hugged you back, and you enjoyed his comfort. His comforting words and touches made you feel better, but you knew it was going to take you a long time to get over it. Cisco ended up staying the night comforting you and trying his hardest to make you feel better, to make you laugh and smile.

The next morning, Cisco had already left your home leaving a note telling you to come to the lab. You were a bit iffy on going, seeing as you didn’t want anyone else seeing you like this, however he had been there for you the night before so you decided to go. Pulling on your shoes, you left your house and made your way to the lab. You were nervous, you had ignored everyone’s calls yesterday except for the time you called Caitlin yourself, you were a little afraid they were going to be upset with you. However, when you walked into the Cortex the first thing you felt was Caitlin giving you the tightest hug you’d ever felt.”Wha…Caitlin?” You wrapped your arms around her, accepting the hug.”Y/N, I’m so so sorry for your loss.” She said and you let out a soft sigh, a small smile coming to your lips. You pulled back from her hug and gave her a gentle smile.”Thank you Cait, I appreciate it.” Caitlin gave you a sad smile and began to chat you up. Thoroughly distracting you from both Cisco and Barry, whom were approaching the two of you.

“Y/N!” You turned at the sound of your name and you took in a quick, audible intake of air. You brought your hand up to your mouth in shock as you walked over to the two of them, tears welling in your eyes. Cisco and Barry stood in front of you with two kittens, one orange and the other orange with white stripes.”A-Are they for me?” You asked, your voice cracking as the two of them nodded and handed you the kittens.”Oh my gosh….” You took the two mewling kittens into your hands and you couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down your cheeks.”Y-You guys!” You gasped as you held the kittens close to you, sniffling softly as you cooed softly at the kittens. The three of them watched you interact with your new kittens with smiles on their faces.”After Cisco told us what happened, we all decided to pitch in and get you them, since you deserve the best. You’re cat care-taker I know.” Barry said, a smile coming to his lips.”Oh but don’t give us the credit, it was all Cisco’s idea.” Caitlin budd in, pointing to the now flustered Cisco.

Cisco shrugged a bit, shoving his hands into his pockets.”Well, you grieving so much and I didn’t like seeing you so hurt so I just thought this would be nice.” You pet the two kittens in your hands and nodded, a grin coming to your lips.”Thank you so much Cisco, this is more than I could have ever asked.” You leaned up and pressed a short and chaste kiss on his cheek, causing Caitlin and Barry to erupt in chuckles at how fidgety Cisco immediately got, his cheeks flushing a bright red in embarrassment.”So! What are you gonna name them, Y/N?” Cisco quickly altered the conversation, crossing. You thought for a moment, a cheeky grin coming to your lips.”How about Vibe,” You held up the orange kitten with white stripes, allowing it to mew at Cisco.”And Cisco?” Holding up the all orange one, your grin widening at Cisco’s obvious flustered attitude.

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Supercat 19

19. Things you said when we were the happiest we ever were…

Cat can’t stop smiling as she watches Kara being twirled around the dancefloor by Clark Kent, a grin on her face as they make it look effortless, despite the long white dress that Kara’s wearing, miraculously never catching at her ankles.

Cat’s curled up in a chair in the corner, a half-asleep Carter at her side, and she sneaks a glance at him whenever she can tear her gaze away from her fiancée – no, she reminds herself, giddy, her wife – and admires how handsome he looks in his tuxedo.

He’d been their best man.

She glances down at her left hand, splayed across the white tablecloth as the song finishes and Clark bows his head and is swept away by Lois Lane, admiring the way that the thin gold band on her finger catches in the light.

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This is my cat Isabella, she’ll turn 8 in May. At the start of 2015 she started acting strange, she walked with a wobble and couldn’t stand up on her own. We took her to the vets and the diagnosis was that she was brain damaged due to an ear infection. But with the help of daily medicine she got better! She is going to be brain damaged for life sadly, but the medicine made her be able to walk and stand again. She has been off her medicine since the summer and she is the happiest cat ever! She just requires a little extra love and care, that’s all :) she also enjoys a game of Monopoly

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