happiest animals

Until one has loved an animal,
a part of ones soul remains unawakened.
—  Anatole France
✨Chao Asks!✨

Neutral - try to doodle yourself!

Hero - do you have a cinnamon roll? Too god, too pure?

Dark - who is your problematic fave?

Egg - what is your earliest memory?

Chao Fruit - what is your favorite food? Place to eat?

Heart Fruit - do you have any crushes?

Emblem - what’s the coolest thing you ever found?

Kindergarten - favorite school memory?

Drives - what makes you happiest?

Animals - ever been to the zoo or somewhere similar? Did you like it?

Race - hobbies?

Chaos Chao - when do you feel your best?

Omo-Chao - tag your best friend(s)!

Chao Garden - where is your favorite place to go?

Evolution - best birthday you ever had?

Chao Key - is there a special story behind an item you own?

Black Market - say whatever you want!