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this account is such a blessing i feel the need to post this. @seokjin_quokka is an account dedicated to seokjin and his resemblance to quokka. the account’s description is “quokka is said to be the happiest animal in the world. i hope seokjin would become the happiest person in the world too” ;u;

Now back to this &*@$% who’s been making my life a living hell for the past week…Oreo, what’s good??

The Signs As My Family Members
  • Aries: My grandma Linda who is so happy all the time. She's that cute old lady who is confused and excited all at the same time.
  • Taurus: My uncle Kim who has 3 macaws and a prairie dog. He's super cool.
  • Gemini: My cousin Austin whose been to jail over 23 times.
  • Cancer: My mom, who always nags on me and annoys me to death.
  • Leo: My parakeet Luna, she bites me and screams a lot but she's super cute.
  • Virgo: My brother Jake who I used to hate with a passion but now we're best friends.
  • Libra: My grandma Judy who I miss so much and never get to see her because she can never get out of her house anymore.
  • Scorpio: My aunt Ellen who wants to explore the world.
  • Sagittarius: My cousin Keisha who is a preppy cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys with a happy life.
  • Capricorn: My hamster, her name is Pancake. She pees on me a lot.
  • Aquarius: My dad. We're not close at all, but I hope one day we'll be okay.
  • Pisces: My dog Sport. He's a golden retriever and he's the happiest animal I think I've ever seen.


We cut to the next day, when everything changed. We see the crime scene, pieces of glass all over the concrete floor, with a bunny lying on the floor. Blood coming out of this bunny’s body, it’s just very hard and disturbing to see. We then see a fox being called in investigate, and what he sees, immediately killed him. That fox’s name, is Nick Wilde. And that body he sees lying on the bloody floor, that’s officer Judy Hopps. That is his partner and girlfriend, just laying there. He immediately screamed her name out loud, alerting everyone around him. But when he screamed and ran towards the body, other officers decided to grab him away from Judy, in order for Nick to calm down.

“Judy?!?! Judy?! Let me go!!!! That’s Judy!!! Get off of me god dammit!! Judy!!!!! Nick said, screaming on top of his lungs. He still tries to be free from the officers grips, but they set too strong. Until Nick crawled under them and ran to the body. He was on his knees, holding Judy’s face against his chest.

Judy! Please be okay! Please!! I need you! I can’t bear living without you! Nick is now crying, balling his eyes out. He still holds Judy very close to him. Wrapping his arms around her upper body, and tears streaming down his face, onto hers. He then picks up a nearby phone. That’s Judy’s phone, and he cries even harder when seeing the two of them kissing. And when looking at screen, it was cracked. The crack, right down the middle, separating the two. And that is what is happening to Nick, he is separated for the love of his life.

"Officer Wilde? I’m sorry about your loss, but we need to take her in. I’m sorry. One paramedic said to Nick. Nick said ok and before he left, he said something to his girl.

"I love you Judy. I love you carrots. You’ll always be my sweetheart. I love… I love you forever.” Nick said, crying while speaking to her. And when he finished speaking, he kissed her on her mouth. He didn’t care if her mouth was cold, he kissed her. Realizing that this is the last time, that he has ever kissed her.

It’s now a week later, and Judy’s funeral is happening. Every ZPD officer was there, including Bogo and Clawhauser. Gazelle was there. Gideon was there. Judy’s siblings was there. Bonnie and Stu was there. Everyone was there for Judy, especially Nick. So Nick was now about to speak to everyone in the audience.

“Hello everyone. My name… Is Nicholas P. Wilde. I’m glad that all of you are here, I really appreciate it. You know…” Nick stopped mid sentence. He looked back and saw the casket opened. Seeing Judy’s beautiful face there, she doesn’t deserve any of that. Then Nick cried in front of everyone. Judy’s death got to him. He then spoke again after taking a deep breathe.

“Judy was the best thing that ever happened to me. She was the only animal, in god’s green earth, that cared about me. She was the most optimistic animal I had ever met, she was smart, loyal to others, always being funny to others to make them smile, the most toughest animal, and she was the most beautiful animal I have ever seen. And she still is, even if she is lying down in that freaking casket!” Nick said as now he’s getting angry that Judy was killed. He then made the following statements.

“Look at her everyone!! She didn’t deserve that! She didn’t deserve all of that!! So listen up! I’m gonna get to the bottom of this!! I will find the one who did this to her! Using every ounce of my breathe to find this son of a bitch!! There! Will! Be! Justice!! Nick angrily said and everyone screamed and cheered. They all agreed on what Nick said. So now he goes to Judy’s casket and has something in his hand. It’s… It’s the carrot pen. The one that they both used when solving cases. Oh the good times. Nick was thinking about the things that they’ve accomplished. Inspiring each other and everyone in Zootopia. Judy made Nick the happiest animal in the world. She meant everything to him. So he places the carrot pen on top of Judy. He then said something to her.

"Judy. Carrots. Sweetheart, haha. I will avenge you. No matter how hard this animal hits. No matter how fast, or how athletic. I will bring him down! There will be Justice brought upon him! And once I stare into the eyes of the killer, I’ll grab his neck, and choke him. He shall suffer, just like how I suffered. And as it’s continuing, he will squeak. And once he says, "Mercy.”, I’ll whisper back, “No.”“

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