Remember to celebrate happiness every day. Surround yourself with positive people. Do what you can to stamp out unhappiness. Do what you love and do what makes you happy. 

Inspirational post: both are me, left is before and right is after. Four years, almost 90 pounds gone, no miracle cure or expensive diets. My best advice would be: talk to a nutritionist!! We eat portions that are way too big for us. I didn’t cut anything out, just ate a little less of everything. I hope this helps someone 💋🖤🌹🥀🍁🦊🦄🗡😊

Guys I’m crying. The picture on the left was from my wedding day. I know it doesn’t look like it in the picture but I was overweight and hated my body. My grandma’s friend had to alter the dress just so it would fit me. It’s a size 8. On the right is today. I got married July 11, 2015. (I’m already divorced 😂😑) I was really curious how much progress I had made since my weight hasn’t changed much, but my body has. I’m slimmer and more toned. I’ve gained muscle mass along with losing the body fat. I can’t believe I did this. And I’m not stopping. Stay strong lovelies. 😘❤️

i. I was washing my hair in the shower and a sliver of you fell out, went right down the drain, and suddenly I can’t remember what shade of blue your eyes are
ii. I bought new sheets and tucked the old ones into a closet, left tiny pieces of you on that top shelf, forgot if the feel of your fingers were rough or smooth as they brushed my shoulder
iii. I shook another boy’s hand at a party and he accidentally took a fragment of you right out of the crease in my palm, and I didn’t hear your laugh in his
iv. I awoke in the middle of the night, tears streaming down my face, wiped a piece of you right off of my cheekbone, and I cannot recall the smell of your cologne on my pillowcase
v. laughing in the car with friends you never got to meet, I felt a shred of you roll off the tip of my tongue and onto the vinyl, and you didn’t cross my mind the rest of the night
—  losing pieces of you | s.c.l.
I am still hoping that you would come knocking at my window, saying how sorry you are for giving up on me, and want me back. Because no matter what you did and what happened in the past, I would still take you back. I would gladly take you back. We can start over, be happier than we used to be. We. Can. Try. Again.

kinda bummed my ex broke up with me when i wasn’t ready to be done growing with him. we weren’t fully there yet as a couple, i wasn’t 100% comfortable, and he gave up before we could reach it.

You know something?

You make me happy.

When you call in the middle of the night and ask a question
When you send little ‘XD’ faces in our texts
When you tell me that I sing well
When you tell me that I’m not bothering you even when I feel like I am
You make me so happy.

It’s kind of like falling
But you’re not worried about when you’re going to land.
You’re just focused on the fall
Because falling can be good.

Even when I’ve fallen so far that I can no longer touch the stars
I know it’s okay, because you’re waiting at the bottom
To catch me.

—  falling into you, by ayla