One year ago today. In the exact same sweater. I don’t know the person on the left anymore, she wasn’t me. I want to thank anyone who’s commented or liked my pictures, because although the choice of healthier living is one you have to make on your own, having people compliment you and congratulate you is some of the best motivation anyone could ask for. I felt as though I was being judged, no one really takes you seriously when you’re big. You feel as though you’re not part of the regular world or the “normal” world. You’re weird, you don’t fit in (Literally). You feel like an outcast and I honestly can say I didn’t even know how big I was, I would compare myself to others and wonder if I was just as big. That being said, I didn’t do this to be accepted, to be liked more, I did this because I want to be the best possible me I can be and how can I do that if I’m hiding behind these layers? It’s a huge battle and I’ve come this far, there’s no way I’m stopping now. For anyone looking for a reason to start something, anything you’ve been holding off, what are you waiting for ? The hardest part is starting. It took me months to realize that I’m not going to drop 100 pounds in a day, because it didn’t take me a day to get there ! Do what makes you happy, keep going no matter what, there will be ups and downs, tears of joy and tears of sadness but whatever you set your mind to you can achieve it. And never, ever let anyone get in your way. #weightloss #happier #healthier #75poundsdown #weightlossgoals #oneyear #dontstop

So it’s been a month since I started Bootcamp and I wanted to do a non official comparison from some point last year to now. I looked through all my photos on Facebook and Instagram and could not find one photo of me in a bikini (except a semi one from a few weeks ago). It made me really think about how much I have actually hated my body for the past two years, probably longer. I only found this photo to the left on Facebook as it was in a private folder for my friend to see from our trip to Bali one year.This makes me feel so good about myself, I not only look better than what I did but I am happier, oh so much happier. I’m not only getting rid of excess baggage on me but I’ve been getting rid of it from my life as well. I’m more confident, I’m wearing clothes I would never even considering wearing in public like a year ago, I’m doing things I’ve only ever imagined doing, like booking a last minute trip to Europe and losing weight, and I’m welcoming new people in my life. I’m letting myself have fun every weekend, unlike I use to, I use to be at home by myself on the weekends by like 9, I’m actually going out and creating new memories and meeting so many people. I know I’m not only feeling the excess fat going away, I am feeling so much fitter and healthier! I don’t run out of puff after a busy waitressing shift at work, or walking up the stairs, or having to jog a bit through the rain, I feel like everyday activities are getting easier and it makes me feel so happy about it! I’m still honestly not 100% happy with what I see but I’m starting to get there and I’m happy with my results! And just cause I’m not 100% happy with what I see now, doesn’t mean I still don’t love my body 100%, I just know I can do better and be a better version of me! I do not give a fuck any more what people, think or say, I’m so carefree! No boyfriend, not anywhere near as many bills, no study commitments, just the responsibility of me and I effing love it!