happening again tonight

Sugar Sweet | 6 | (M)

word count: 4.4k

genre: smut + fluff; college AU + fuckboy!kihyun

pairing: reader/kihyun

summary: your best friend & roommate changkyun just wanted to help get you laid. instead you found solace in a pink haired man named kihyun who had a smart mouth with sharp words you weren’t afraid to let cut you, as long as he didn’t mind you hurting him a little too.

dedicated to: @honeyheonie, @lostinmonstax & @jooheonster, who legit were some of my biggest backbones to keep me going (cough & for @tomatoholmes bc she stans ki cough)

a/n: i’m back bitches lmao jk but legit i’m v sorry this took so long, i didn’t even realize it had been nearly two months since ss 5! time is going by too quickly, especially as i fill drabble requests and write other one shots. but i’ll try to refrain from neglecting ss, as i’ve truly found a solidified plot line to the point where i think i’ve speculated where everything will go and therefore than means more concrete chapters, sooner updates and a finalized chapter count! i cut this chapter off a little early bc i didn’t want to head into the next part just yet, but stay tuned for Jin’s party kiddos :) much love to all those patient guppies who stayed by my side and encouraged me to continue despite the many setbacks i felt.

also if you didn’t know, the song kihyun sings is suffer by charlie puth, a favorite of mine.

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5


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This very polite friend first appeared by my pool on July 4th and I just happened to see him again tonight! As you can see he is very good at being still and round. I thought the stickies might like to meet him!

Hello Polite Friend! 😀🐸

What a glorious spherical you are wearing tonight! Voigt likes the pattern you have chosen very much! Surely it is a beautiful custom made jacket?

Voigt sends you a goblet of kissies and a happy smile! 😊🐸😊


BTVS aesthetics: Willow Rosenberg 

‘Hi, um…Tara. How are you? I was wondering…do you want to go out sometime? For coffee? Or food? Or kisses and gay love?’

{Monsta X Reaction} to S/O having sleep paralysis

Scene: You’re lying there, tossing and turning because not a single position is comfortable. Eventually you lay on your back, but something’s wrong. It felt like someone was sitting on your chest, pinning your whole body down. Your eyes shoot open, but your whole body is stiff and it refuses to move, struggling to get a decent inhale of the cold night air, your conscience internally screaming at your body to move just a little. Just enough to wake your partner next to you. Tears slowly start to form and you’re scared of being stuck like this, but the fear only digs its nails further into your psyche when out in the corner of your eye you see this figure standing in the doorway. You can’t make out who it is, its face is completely blacked out, until it smiles. The tears now streaming down your face and all you want to do is move. When it felt like you were about to pass out from the lack of oxygen, the weight that was on your whole body was gone and so was the figure. You gasp loudly and began to sob even louder, waking your partner next to you.

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Every Me And Every You - Thirty

Instead of going back to Spencer’s like you normally would, for once you went back to yours.

You didn’t have any clothes or toiletries at Reid’s, you hadn’t wanted to make things weird by leaving the odd thing at his so you always made sure you packed everything back up.

Spencer had been inside your apartment a few times before, but never inside your bedroom. You led him in there almost straight away, him looking around and taking in the room.

“So this is where you sleep… ” he commented.

You giggled, replying, “Generally.”

“And where other stuff happens?”


He sat down on your bed, kicking his shoes off.

“I’ll be right back okay. I’m just gonna go…. Erm, clean up again quickly. Do you want a drink or anything.”

“Just some water. Where have you put the things I bought you?”

“Top drawer, bedside cabinet.” You left the room as he moved to the drawer, you wondering what exactly he was planning.

Heading into your bathroom, you stripped your panties off and discarded them into the laundry hamper, filling the sink with warm soapy water. You couldn’t be bothered to shower again so you just ran a flannel between your legs, making sure to remove the last of the residue from earlier, feeling cleaner.

Leaving off your underwear, you pulled your dress back down and went back to your bedroom, grabbing two bottles of water as you went.

Spencer had lit the candles that you kept in the room and had turned off the over head light. The room was still light enough to be able to still clearly see, and you spotted him sitting on your bed, at the bottom end, leaning against the foot board. In front of him were two objects. 

Placing the water bottles on the bedside table, you turned.

“No,“ you told him, seeing the purple silicone object on your bedspread.

“Yes. I have strikes to cash in from before remember. I’m cashing them.”

He leant over slightly so that he could touch you, trailing his hand up your leg. “I have to say Snow, I like these sock like stocking things you’re wearing. You can leave them on. But the dress needs to come off.”

“The dress can come off. But I’m not doing it. If you want me to use it so badly, then you use it on me.”

He pulled at the hem of your dress, signalling for you to remove it. You did, remaining in just your bra, choker and socks.

“I will be, in a way. I’ll be telling you what to do. Now climb onto the bed and lie down.”

You hesitated.

“Y/N, call it if you really don’t want to. I’m not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to, I’d hope that you know that by now.”

You did, he was right. If you truly didn’t want to do this, you could tell him. It wasn’t like you didn’t get yourself off regularly anyway, you just always stuck to the outside. You guessed you could at least give it a try.

You crawled on the bed, discarding your bra as you went and lay down.

“Good girl.”

Spencer positioned himself so that he was lying across the foot of the bed, his head propped up on his hands. He had a very clear view.

“So we can’t just go straight in with it, we need to get you ready. I want you to start running your hands over your body, feeling yourself, touching yourself.” His voice was low and persuasive, sexy and soft but with a hint of assertiveness.

Letting your hands trail over your torso, you followed his instructions; tickling and teasing your skin with your fingertips, carresing the tops of your thighs, massaging your chest.

“Wet a finger and use it on your nipple, Y/N.”

Again you did as he asked, sucking a finger into your lips and swirling your tongue around it, before bringing your hand to your breast and using your slick finger to circle a nipple, teasing it, the sensation going straight to your core. You flicked lightly, then using your thumb and forefinger to tug and pinch, your lips parting.

“Let your other hand do what ever feels right now, Y/N.”

Okay so that wasn’t a very specific instruction so you did what you’d normally do. You let the other hand move to your groin, letting your hand dip between your thighs, spreading them. You flicked your eyes to Spencer, seeing him watching intently as you ran your hand over your centre, finding your clit and starting to circle it slowly, your other hand still on your breast.

He allowed you to work for a few minutes, gasps leaving your throat every so often.

“Feel inside yourself Snow, just allow one finger to slip in, feel how wet you are.”

Not thinking too much about what you were doing, you allowed your finger to drag down the centre of your lips, finding the opening and gently pushing inside yourself, only met with a small amount of resistance as you curled you wrist to allow for a better angle, feeling how wet you were.

“Think you can fit another one in there?”

You did as he asked, groaning a little as you wriggled two fingers inside yourself, the silky fluid of your arousal coating them as you spread your legs wider, feeling for that dimpled patched of flesh along your inner wall.

You moaned as your fingers pressed against it, gently pumping them, curling them on it and then retracting slightly, repeating the motion. Spencer moved on the bed, and you heard a soft squirting noise and the felt his hand on your wrist, pulling you away from yourself.

Stopping with both hands, you awaited his next instructions. He handed you the purple silicone sex toy, it slick with lubricant.

“Just run it around the outside to begin with Snow, drag it over your clit, your opening. Get used to it.” His voice was still low, almost a whisper.

You moved the toy over your outer lips, rubbing it over your sensitive nerve. You could feel the silicone give slightly when pressure was applied, but not much. For the most part it was robust.

“When you’re ready push the tip inside. You don’t have to go far. The majority of the sensitive nerve endings are in the first third of your vagina.”

Closing your eyes, you placed the toy against your entry and pushed gently.

Jesus, fuck.

This was much bigger than the two of your fingers together. It didn’t have the same feeling as when you were penetrated with an actual penis, it was different. Not bad different, just…. different.

“When you’re comfortable starting moving it. Just little thrusts, you can rock it back and forth rather than in and out, whatever feels best.” His voice was starting to crack and croak. He was turned on, you could recognise it, his breathing becoming heavier as he watched you.

Knowing you were arousing him gave you encouragement and you gripped the toy tightly, adjusting the angle slightly and moving it in and out.

“Fuck Snow. I’m rock hard watching you do this. This will be replayed in my brain for a long time.”

Opening your eyes you glanced to the end of the bed, seeing he was palming himself over his pants. Christ, that was hot.

You moaned at the visual, his hand stroking up and down over.

“You’re watching me Spencer… Oh…. Ugh…. Let me watch you. Please.” You thrust the toy a little deeper, it hitting against your g-spot.

“I give the instructions here Snow. But seeing as you asked so nicely….”

He unzipped his pants and pushed them and his briefs off and on to the floor, discarding his mismatched socks as he went. Removing his shirt so that he was completely nude, he resumed his position; placing his hand to his groin and gripping his length, he began to slowly stroke.

You pumped the toy harder, the tip moving against the sensitive flesh inside you, your breathing quickening. The toy was now covered with your own juices as well as the lubricant.

“Use your other hand Snow, play with your clit.”

Oh god… If you started with your clit again you’d be coming in no time, especially hearing the groans coming from Spencer as he watched you intently, his teeth grazing his lip as his pumped his cock.

You added in your other hand, rubbing against your throbbing nerve endings, daring to go that little bit deeper with the toy. Your hips lifted off the bed as light-headedness started to overtake you, the telltale tremble in your legs settling in.

Moving the object faster, back and forth, in and out, your fingertips working frantically on your clit, you started to come, moaning out Spencer’s name and stars bursting inside your head.

“Spencer…. Oh fuck….. Oh god…. Yes… Yes…. Ahhh…oh shit…. ”

You finished loudly and quickly, feeling quick movement from the foot of the bed, a hand grasping your wrists and pulling the toy from you.

“I need to be inside you.” Reid gave his explanation, adjusting himself between your thighs, pulling your socked legs up and over his shoulders as he pushed himself into your slit, filling you with an altogether different sensation.

Leaning forward onto his hands, he began his thrusts, the position you were in allowing him deep inside.

The orgasm you’d just finished reignited and your gasps and whines started back up again as you dragged your hands down his back.

No longer than sixty seconds and you were coming again, without any clitoral stimulation this time, the feeling different but still euphoric. The feeling of your walls tightening and clenching around him had Spencer coming moments later, lowering your legs and crashing on top of you when he done.

You lay there together panting, trying to catch your breaths.

“That was one of the most sexiest and beautiful things I’ve watched, Y/N. That is definitely happening again tonight. And yes, that is a command.”

“ ‘kay…. Break first. Dying here…. ”

He chuckled at you, planting a kiss on your breast and rolling off.

Handing you the water, he agreed. “ Break first.”

hold onto me ⌁ isaac lahey

request : Request? An Isaac Lahey imagine where he’s having a nightmare about his father and he accidentally hurts you but you try to tell him that you’re okay, and just fluff? Okay thanks sweetheart :)

word count : 1.9k :)

  He had gone to bed that night unprepared for the dreams that followed- or, rather, the nightmares. It wasn’t as if Isaac Lahey was a stranger to night terrors; by now, he should have been used to them. They were attached to his person more so than anything else because of the trauma he had faced throughout the entirety of his life. He had known nothing other than torment for the first fifteen years of his life, and only recently had he found the salvation and happiness he had so desired. You were the biggest part of his happiness, and he intended on making you equally as happy so that you would stick around him for many years to come. Though, he supposed that’d be much easier if he stopped waking in the middle of the night with a cry for help and a shaking in his bones. He was sure he was irritating you at this point, having you sleep over Scott’s house almost every night only to wake you at four in the morning because of his stupid dreams. 

   Tonight, however, was the worst night he had had in quite some time. It was only midnight, earlier than normal but still late, considering it was a school night. Your eyes were just beginning to slide shut, the dim, gold light of the lamp you had left on reflecting in your eyelids, when you heard the smallest of whimpers from beside you. You turned on your side so that you were facing Isaac as his entire body began to tremble. You sat up, your fingers barely grazing his bare shoulder as you murmured, “Isaac, wake up, love, it’s just a dream.” Your soft, coaxing voice was usually enough to send his eyes flying open, icy blue eyes blown wide with a mix of fear and rage until your kind words sent him into a calmed state once again. 

   He couldn’t hear you this time, no matter how much he wanted to. In his dream, there was glass cutting into his cheek, blood trickling down his face and the droplets decorating his pale hand. Bruises blooming across his skin, turning purple and red and yellow until they faded away and then reappeared with each hit he took. Again and again and again. He healed too fast, he wanted to stop the healing so he wouldn’t have to keep getting hurt- oh god, was he hurting. He was always hurting, his bones ached and his heart was heavy. He was tired of being hurt, why couldn’t the hurt just end- why couldn’t he be the one to hurt the people who harmed him? He snarled, lashing out, claws extended and teeth bared threateningly. He would no longer be harmed, he refused to be harmed by this man that was his father only biologically, not in reality. He would hurt him this time- 

   “Isaac!” Your voice snapped him out of his this time, awaking with a jolt as panic shot through him. He stared at you, breathing hard through his mouth. He almost calmed down before he noticed his hand was wrapped tightly around your forearm, tight enough that if he squeezed, your bones would probably shatter. He let out a breath, unable to speak. A lump was forming in his throat, his nose itching slightly, and he know he was about to cry as he released your arm from his clenched fist and he saw that he dug his claws into you. Puncture marks decorated your flesh, you arm was bleeding, it would most likely bruise. Neither of you said anything as his hands dropped to his side, his gaze locked on your wound, inflicted by him. He was the one that was never supposed to hurt you, you were the person he had never wanted to hurt. 

   “Isaac, i-it’s fine, stop looking at it,” you told him quietly, pulling down the sleeve of your sweater. “It’s fine. I’m fine. I’m, like, in perfect condition. Stop looking at me like that,” you pleaded, watching carefully as his mouth closed and his eyes began to water. He rubbed at his eyes with his hands; he shouldn’t be crying, you were the one who was hurt, not him. 

   “I’m so sorry,” he croaked, distancing his body from yours and leaning so far away that he almost toppled off the bed. “I-I hurt you, you, of all people. I-I-I’m a terrible person, I’m awful. Please don’t come near me,” he moved even further away, sliding off the bed with ease and making himself comfortable on the floor. He glanced back up at you, sweat gleaming on his forehead. His hands shook as he brushed sticky strands of hair away from his face. He said, “I’ll sleep down here. I don’t want to hurt you again, and you shouldn’t come over again after tonight. Just- just stay away.” He leaned against the bed so he did not have to look at you- at the pain he had inflicted- bringing his knees up to his chest and resting his head down on them, still shaking. 

    You slid off the bed, too. You sat down next to him, wrapping your arms around his waist before he could shy away. You felt his body stiffen, rigid and terrified. “Isaac, please look at me.” When he refused, you tentatively brought your hand to his face, touching his cheek as gently as possible. He didn’t like his face being touched often, it made him nervous and sometimes angry- his face had always been a target of his father’s. He was too handsome, too “pretty,” with his golden curls and blue eyes that melted every heart except his own. You softly rubbed your thumb along his cheekbone, and he sighed at your touch without thinking. Your finger trailed along his jawline before coming to rest at his chin, where you turned his head slightly in order for him to look you in the eyes.  “I’ll heal. It’s okay. It was an accident due to a nightmare, and I know you would never dream of hurting me when you’re awake. You’d never truly harm anyone, Isaac, so please, don’t beat yourself up over this. Get back into bed, or else I’m sleeping on the floor with you. Got it?” He nodded, his cheeks wet with tears he had silently let stream down his face.  

    As he got into bed, he opened his arms, intending for you to fall into them. “D’you think you could hold me for a bit?” He inquired sheepishly, his cheeks a little more rosy than usual. You smiled at him, plopping into bed and automatically pulling him into your arms. He took a deep breath, his body shuddering again. You ran your hands through his curls lovingly, softly, gently, as no one had before. He could have fallen asleep that way within seconds, but opened his eyes reluctantly. “Can you show me what I did to you?” 

   Hesitantly, you tugged your sleeve up your arm and presented the newly minted bruise to him. He grimaced upon seeing it, swallowing down his self deprecating words and instead focusing on something different. “Are you in pain?” 

   “Sort of,” you admitted, your eyes following him as he lightly lifted your arm, his hand around your wrist just as before, though this time his touches were feather light and cautious, as if you were going to break into a million pieces if he handled you the wrong way. 

   “Point to where, please,” he added. With your other hand, you prodded at the place where your bones felt like they were throbbing. “Okay, just… sit still, for a moment. I-I’ve never done this on people- don’t know if I’ll do it correctly… it worked on the dog though,” he babbled. You raised your eyebrows at him, but didn’t say anything. His stared at the place he had hurt you and let his hand skim down over it, taking a deep breath as he concentrated. He focused on your face, your expression locked in a slight wince because he was holding the place that was in the most pain. He didn’t dare look at his hand, where the veins were turning an inky black in his effort to heal you, take the pain away. You exhaled with elation, no longer hurting. “Did it work? Did I do it?” 

    “Yeah, yeah, you did,” you stared at him in awe. “You took my pain.” 

    “I couldn’t let you hurt like that,” he said softly. “No one should hurt like that, unless they really fucking deserve it. But you? Anyone who hurts someone like you is a shit person with no moral compass and an affinity for getting the crap kicked out of them. No one should ever hurt you, okay? I won’t let what happened tonight happen again, ever. You’re- you mean a lot to me,” he finished lamely, gaze dropping to the wrinkled bed sheets. He was going to say, “you’re everything to me,” but he wasn’t sure if it was too soon for that. He hadn’t worked up the courage to say that he loves you yet, though he showed you in numerous ways to make up for it. 

   “You shouldn’t hurt either, Isaac,” you said as he sank back under the covers and into your arms, his blonde hair tickling your cheek. 

   “I’m used to it, sweetheart, it doesn’t bother me as much anymore,” he replied, moving one of his hands so that he could place it over your own. They were locked around his middle, and he realized that he had never even had a mother to hold him, let alone someone like you. Someone wonderful; utterly intelligent, beautiful, kind, caring, loving, perfect in so many ways and completely imperfect in many more. 

    “I wish I could take your pain, though.” 

    He turned over on his side, wanting to look at you. His nose was almost touching yours, you were curled so tightly together. “I’m not in any pain, Y/N.” 

   “Not physically, not anymore, but,” you sighed, “I wish I could take the emotional pain. The nightmares, the trauma, the claustrophobia, the scars, the bruises on your heart, the trust issues, the people you’ve lost, that’s all caused you pain. I wish I could take it away from you, carry it on my own back for a little while. You don’t deserve it, any of it,” you mumbled, hugging him tightly and pressing your face into the crook of his neck. He teared up again, cursing himself for it, but still hugging you back all the same. 

    “No one- no one’s ever said that to me before,” he mumbled back, hands stroking your hair absentmindedly as he fought to get his next words out of his mouth. “Y/N, I-I love you. I love you. I love you so much.” A weight had been lifted with those words. Once he spoke them, he knew he was going to have you around for a very long time as you automatically began crying (in the happy way, of course) and held him closer than you ever had before. He’d have you to hold onto for the rest of his life, if that’s what he needed and wanted the most. You whispered the same words back and forth over and over again for the rest of the night, reveling in it, your hearts swelling more each time it was muttered against his lips or against your skin. You were his anchor, he loved you more than anything, and he held on to you closely when you both finally fell asleep that night, nightmares no longer plaguing his dreams. 

1D Hiatus: Day 565

* After all the nice things Niall said about Louis in yesterday’s interviews in Australia, Louis tweets Niall to let him know he’s a fucking legend 

* Nevada Remix of ‘Strip That Down’ is released 

It’s Jun 30th, 2017.

On this day a year ago: #200

Yo its the night shift greenwalls employee again

Something happened tonight that i cant even be mad at but it was still just. Ugh.

This woman came in wanting photo cards for her daughter and son in law for a late mothers day present for her and a fathers day present for him because they had just had a baby. She stayed for four hours.

Four. Hours.

Every little detail she obsessed over. But she was so nice like you could just tell she was so /lonely/.

Like she made a few questionable comments about not being invited to go see her daughter with her husband and how her daughter wouldn’t let her hold the baby. And trust me, as someone with parent issues myself, i get not trusting your mom, and not wanting to have her in your life after certain instances but this woman was so sad. And you could really tell she was trying to be peppy and upbeat for both her sake and mine but it hurt to see her that way, you know? Like she wanted everything to be perfect since she couldnt be there.

I dont know. It was annoying because she was technologically illiterate and had me walk her through each step of the photo kiosk but honestly like after she saw the cards she hugged me and teared up

It just made me sad. Idk. Knowing what i know about shitty parents and working retail she could have been a manipulator and maybe im a sucker but i felt for her.


shallura drabble: nightmares

//inspired by my fluffy pre-relationship shallura headcanons//

She knew it would happen again tonight. He was sleeping with his back to her and Allura felt an emptiness where his arm usually hooked around her waist, felt the disappointing lack of his warm chest against hers.

Come back to me, Shiro.

They had been sharing Allura’s bed for some weeks now, and things were… nice. Every evening began with them safely on their opposite sides; Allura on the right, Shiro taking left. But as the nights went on, their unconscious (maybe sometimes just-a-teensy-bit conscious) bodies would end up meeting in the middle: breaths mingling, arms wrapped around each other — but some nights weren’t always so nice.

Allura reached out and pressed her hand onto Shiro’s back, He’s shivering. No, he’s shaking. It’s begun.

It hurt to watch as he curled further into himself— farther away from her. Her hand shifted to his shoulder and she tried to nudge him awake. It didn’t work, it never worked; Shiro couldn’t wake up from a nightmare until it released him. So Allura settled back and watched over him.

Shaking turned into writhing, silence gave way to groans and then cries as Shiro struggled with his demons. Then with a final strangled sob, he jolted awake into Allura’s waiting embrace.

Finally, my paladin… my Shiro, She trailed her hands up and down his arms in an effort to soothe him, then let a hand drift up so that her fingers brushed through his cropped hair while her palm cradled his jaw. Allura tilted Shiro’s head until his darting eyes met hers and moved forward so her brow rested against his.

Her chambers echoed with the sounds of Shiro’s panting. His chest heaved and his breaths rattled in his throat as the terror slowly subsided. Every exhale tickled against Allura’s lips and their faces were so close she could almost taste him.

No, not now. She chastised herself, Stop getting distracted by your emotions, this isn’t the time.

Even in the dark, Allura swore she could see the exact moment when awareness flickered back into Shiro’s wildly-darting eyes. She could stare into those eyes forever. When he recognized where he was, he looked at her desperately as if she were the only thing keeping him tethered to reality. As Allura held his gaze, she heard his breathing steady and knew it was over when he leaned into her touch and brought his own hand up to cup her cheek. She did not know when they both leaned back into bed, only that his hand never left her face that night, and that his arm had returned to its rightful place around her.

She was his princess as much as he was her paladin, and they held onto that knowledge as strongly as they held onto each other.

Sleepover (Dick Grayson x Reader)


PROMPT?: Could you write something with Dick Grayson (as Nightwing) from YJ where the reader and Dick are friends and have to share a bed and they end up making out (with maybe some smut 😏) ?

A/N: Sorry this took so long! I don’t know why but staying with a plot was really hard for me for some reason. I hope you enjoy nonetheless. 

WARNINGS: angst, cursing, kissing, ****slight smut****

You knew he was stressed. A brooding Dick turned you on more than anything. But, you promised yourself that you would never make a move on Dick, and leave it at that. And for the past few months? Keeping your little crush a secret was getting harder and harder. The other boys eyeing you during dinner whenever Dick spoke or pushing you together as you walked down the hallway past each other. Frankly, it was hard to believe Dick didn’t notice. So as any good (cringe) sister, would do, you walked over and comforted him. Except it didn’t come out as sisterly as you would’ve liked, and you trickled your fingers down his chest. Placing your head on his shoulder, you felt him tense. “Oh, hey (y/n)-” he managed a stutter, only furthering your raging hormones. “Dick, you’ve been staring at that dumb thing for hours, you know you missed dinner?” you sighed and he looked sideways, his lips centimeters from your cheek. “I’ll be there tomorrow. I promise. Goodnight (y/n.)” he sighed, placing a quick kiss on your cheek and slipping out before you even knew what happened. 

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If you’re struggling like I am - Ch. 16 (M)

Summary: You are hired as a makeup artist for BigHit working with BTS. You are older than all of them, yet, despite your best efforts, you find yourself slowing falling in love with the youngest member.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader, Jungkook X Noona

Genre: Angst, Fluff and Smut

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27(final)

Chapter 16 - Gossip

You struggle to figure out where your relationship stands now.

Word Count: 3.5k (of 73k)

Warnings: discussion of smut, angst

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