I don’t know when it happenend; maybe inbetween that time we broke up and you found your way back to me. You begged me to take you back, promised me to change and God, in that moment this was everything I wanted to hear.

Now, a month later I can feel that something has changed. I have changed. When you talked about moving, I just laughed it off and said I’m glad I’m still living with my parents and don’t have to worry about that kind of things. You then asked me, if I still wanted to move in with you as soon as I turn 18 and I stayed quiet.

I know I’m being selfish right now, but when I think about my future it’s not with you. I can’t see myself waking up next to you in a few years from now on. I don’t want to make you breakfast in the morning and then kiss you goodbye as we seperate ways to go to work.

I can see my future, but it’s not with you.

Not anymore.

—  excpert from a letter I’ll never send off

I wished Solas would have gotten more focus in DAI.

True, he shines if you bring him along to Adamant or into the Temple of Mythal, where he has unique extra dialogue … And “In Your Hurt Shall Burn” wouldn’t function without him (because he’s the one who gives you Skyhold).

But you can’t talk to him about what happenend in Adamant/the Fade after the quest is done and I think that’s a huge oversight.

He’s such a great and excellently written character, he should’ve gotten more screentime. 

More cutscenes. 

I sincerely hope we got a Solas heavy DLC where we don’t just find him at the end of 5+ hours of searching, but get him back as (temporary) companion and a huge amount of dialogue and cutscenes because …

Heck, I would wish for a patch who adds extra Solas cutscenes to the main game. I would pay for it, even. (I know that’s not going to happen, but still …)

I’m just glad that he played such a big role in Cole’s personal quest (and also in Cole’s recrutement quest), because every Solas scene/dialogue is important and he got not enough of them.

I want more Solas content. 

Plotting data points on a map of the world did not feel like the most intuitive thing I’ve ever done when this happenend. Still, printed on a 1 x 2 m canvas, “the map” would surely make a nice wall decoration in a Le Corbusier style house.

via moritz

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It really bugs me that people mess up the netherlands and denmark! One time when i told someone i was from denmark, they asked if it was the capital in amsterdam

wow, I only thought that Dutch people got confused with Danish people, I had no idea that Danish people got confused with Dutch people. like this is the second person telling me that this happenend… wow people really need to look at a map

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LMAO thanks for uploading. Do you think he kind of wanted to say another story(that we dont know) that happenend at the paleyfest but maybe he realised that fans shouldnt know about it(maybe a fan asked Emily in the paley fest what she was doing after the panel, and she told him she was going with the cast for dinner-which she did) so he kinda changed the story and talked about the screening panel story? Because the cast had a dinner after the paley fest. I mean,could this happen? Two stories?

No worries. It’s possible. But I think he just didn’t remeber what happened very well. He was a little drunk at the panel afterall, lol.

I know I haven’t written in a long while, it’s because every single person I know who has read this blog has told me one in one way or another something like “your blog is grim. Are you sure you are ok? It’s all so sad” As I said before: if there’s something I truly hate is knowing people feel sorry for me. 

So I decided not to write ‘till I have something nice to say. I don’t know how long it’s been since I last wrote here, and it’s not that nothing nice has happenend all this while, lots of nice things have happened! some pretty amazing things, a few sad ones too. Funny thing is, it seems to be a good sign that I haven’t written here in so long, in a way it means I’m having a good time-

But you see? Here I am writting, normally, I am calm even though this morning I was quite close to death, my doctor says really close, again.I write boring calm stuff, I don’t want to write about how much I miss someone or how afraid I am of being a total failure, how nervous I am about the first short story contest I’ve entered, or how my grandma needs hip surgery and I’m so afraid her never coming out of that hospital, or walking again, or how I was fired from my main job some days ago, or the nightmares I get every night because of all this. But no, I don’t want to write about any of that. 

Let’s write about fun stuff! Nice things, cold beers on a hot evening and the way the sunlight looks when it’s not so cloudy and it goes through holes in the clouds, making rays that shine on particular parts of the city or the field, like gigantic spotlights. I think I can do this, describe nice things, compare nice things, like that smell of old bookstores and the scent of a beautiful woman that stays with you forever. The taste of a delicious cinnamon coffee like the one my aunts and grandmother make. Or the feeling you get when you see out the window of a moving aircraft, minutes right after take off, and you see the place where you just were half an hour ago, getting smaller and smaller, and then the rivers, the lakes, the cows, the trees, the mountains, and then just beautiful snowy cloud white.