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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, dear followers and lurkers! <333333

I’m down with a headache and heading off to bed now. ._____, No Halloween party for me. Two years in a row OTL. Spending Halloween with a JLPT textbook this time. Hope everyone’s having a great time tonight! <3

spaced out on sensation, rin/haru


Working at a halloween store together wow try on his costume for me?? AU


((4634 words, rated NC17??? I guess))

((this got kinda long so I gave it a title and it’s on AO3!)) 

Haru inflates what must be the twentieth ghost-shaped balloon—about ten more than his boss asked of him; it’s probably more overkill than initiative at this point—just before he hears Rin’s voice calling him from somewhere down the costume aisle.  

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