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Ash Can for @amikitten. IDK what is happening here.

so this is like my first post featuring something i did using corel painter- this is really only one brush so i haven’t really had a lot of chances to really experiment

and yesss I have a new computer now so I’m a bit rusty with digital art but happy to be doing it again :)

Augustus is bae has become a beloved mantra of mine while I’ve been working on this short paper on the Res Gestae. He’s been my bae since the first year of my undergrad and usually when i write about him I get all the As. (It might have something to do with him being the patron saint of west edmonton mall and the jubilee auditorium; he’s always watching over me.) I tried to give him flowers relevant to his patron Apollo (hyacinth, sunflowers, heliotrope, marigold) but they all turned out like blobs so imagine xD;

so here is a quick doodle of a kawaii Augustus hoping that you pass all your classes and don’t resort to adultery

my initiative to draw less trash and more classics

Project Canada: Alberta Timeline

I wanted to put it all together, so here it is. One day I hope to go back and colour it and tweak it so it doesn’t look so inconsistent, haha. I also plan on doing more of these for other characters, so I welcome suggestions. I have New Brunswick’s history summarized, so she’s probably next on my list. 

I intend this to be a flexible timeline without exact human ages so that we’re not terribly worried about consistency. My general feeling as I’ve said before is that confederation for Alberta and Saskatchewan is somewhere vaguely around puberty, and their modern ages are canonly around 18-19 or whatever it is, haha. I did not include the 1790s Alberta I drew so as not to mislead people. If you like the hetalia idea that avatars appear during european exploration/first european settlement like America’s character did, that’s the earliest I would do it for. I don’t really do that for Alberta though because it doesn’t make sense to me. (Edmonton would, however, go that far back, but he’s older than Alberta.)

I’m not sure how legible it will be on tumblr but there you go.

You can see slightly more detailed (or at least entertaining) descriptions here: [pre-confed] [post-confed]

Ancientalia: Rome’s Beginnings: Epilogue

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This is the last page finally after a million years! I just wanted it done and over with so I apologize for mistakes and inconsistencies. It’s taken me way too long to finish this but it’s done now haha

The next ancientalia comics will be much shorter and probably strips or only a page or two in length- more sustainable that way xD I’m not sure what sort of comic I’ll do next, but keep your eyes open!

post-confederation new brunswick timeline

[part 1] [full timeline]


Cheap American goods threaten the Canadian market, and Canada creates the National Policy to exclude foreign goods. New Brunswick shifts from timber to other industries, like textiles and sugar refining. Lots of technological advancements begin to appear: sewers, paved roads, electric street cars, telephones, newspapers, etc.  The Maritimes grow much faster than Central Canada in industry, but there was still stagnation in rural areas. The Acadians have a very high birthrate and show more of an interest in politics than before.


Workers go on strike for wage increases, women fight for suffrage, and everyone is disenchanted with the idea of war. The Acadians viewed the Great War as an English War and were mostly uninterested in participating. The Great New Brunswick Potato Scandal happens when farmers charge full price for rotten potatoes to send to the British people as a gift. The Maritimes face aging industrial equipment and unemployment after the war. In 1917, NB passes the strictest Prohibition laws in the country’s history, but it is clear they do not work by the end of the decade.


The Clutch Plague hits hard and 12% of the population of the province is on welfare three years into the decade. Tuberculosis was an enormous problem, but underfunded hospitals had to turn patients away. Central Canada harmed other provinces by raising tariffs in order to protect itself. Neither the provincial government nor the federal government helped the problems at all, only the second World War did. 


The federal government finally begins to stop defending Confederation and seriously evaluate how other parts of Canada are faring. Hugh Flemming creates the New Brunswick Development Corporation, the Atlantic Board of Trade, and the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council. He strives towards equalization grants to help poor provinces and is seen as the leader of the Maritimes. 


The most thorough reforms in New Brunswick and arguably Canadian history by one administration are introduced in New Brunswick by Louis Robichaud, the first Acadian to lead the Liberal Party. The old liquor laws are re-examined and changed, school boards were consolidated into districts, and more responsibility was shifted from the municipalities onto the provincial government. French Rights and even Acadian independence become hot topics, and bilingualism is finally made official in 1969. Robichaud’s revolution is known as the Quiet Revolution to Acadians.


The economy stagnates and French Rights are not meeting demands. Acadians did not appreciate bilingual schools because they were essentially English schools with some French programs. The Department of Education was English until 1974. Half the delegates surveyed in a 1979 poll wanted independence for Acadians. There are attempts to integrate French into governments, but there still appears to be a bias favouring bilingual Anglophones rather than Acadians. 


Honestly I don’t know very much about how NB is working nowadays. Bilingualism is still a major issue in the province, for one thing. Physically, she’s now 24 years old.

I’ll try to get the full timeline done and up in a timely manner. Enjoy ;u;

Athens: What? You need my amazing talent? -clears throat- -handed lyrics- “WHOOOO’D'YOU THINK YOU’RE KIDDIN’, HE’S THE EARTH AND HEAVEN TO YA TRY TO KEEP IT HIDDEN, HOOOOONEY WE CAN SEE RIGHT THROUGH YA GIRLLLL YOU CAN’T CONCEAL IT WE KNOW HOW YOU FEEL AND WHO YOU’RE THIIIIINKING OF WHOAWHOAWHOAAAA- this song is crap it doesn’t even make sense wait what this is supposed to be about Rome oh ew -rips up lyrics- I mean sure he shut up Corinth but having him hang around here all the time and vandalize things is not a fair trade. -stomps off- -shouts from distance- AND THAT IS TOTALLY NOT HOW GREECE FEELS AT ALL. I SHOULD KNOW I BASICALLY AM HER only handsome and manly and stuff.

i thought I’d throw together a promo image because i’m very excited and I’m going to be pressing everyone on this episode soon (once my final paper is done). 

There are still two unclaimed scenes which I am willing to do myself but they are a little background heavy. Both involve drawing PEI’s house in the 1860s- one exterior and one both exterior and interior. There need to only be a couple of detailed backgrounds in total, the rest are just dialogue and such.