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psst "jason, haper and julia go sometimes to hear underground bands"

Oh yeah, of course. Harper’s always liked music, but the norm for smaller venues in Gotham is usually 21+ (The venue can’t be held accountable for minors getting injured if Firefly decides to crash the party, and small bands usually means small ticket sales so they gotta sell booze to keep the place running). Any venue that allows an all ages audience is way too expensive for Harper to afford, and even if she could buy a ticket she’d prefer to put the money in Cullen’s savings account for college.

So when Jason asks her if she’s seeing insert-band-name-here tomorrow night her response is to give him an incredulous stare and make quips like “What’s it like to buy name brand ramen with your concert tickets, Hood?” and “Do you use a fake ID to get in because of your age or because you’re wanted for murder?” for the next half hour. So the next night when Jason’s driving to the venue with Julia they take a shortcut through the Narrows and Jason decides last minute to pull over, climb up the fire escape of Harper’s apartment, jump through the window and take the brat to the concert. 

After the initial shock of almost tasering Jason as he somersaulted over her desk, Harper is absolutely thrilled to attend her first show. She’s still in her work clothes and smells faintly of sewer water but Jason doesn’t want to be late, so instead of letting her change he just tells her to take off her sweatshirt and puts his leather jacket on her (”Good as new, now let’s rock and roll”). Jason didn’t even tell Julia what he was doing when he pulled over, so though she’s initially waiting sullenly in the car she looks absolutely chuffed once she sees Harper. 

Harper doesn’t have a fake ID so they sneak through the back. Jason looks like enough of a rockstar to just stare at the security and nod, and they’re let inside and led to the VIP area (”What was the point of buying tickets again?” “Supporting your local scene, Jason”). They watch the opening act from there but jump into the crowd once the main act starts, because it’s about the experience of being there as much as it is about the music. 

Long story short, Jason loves the fact that Harper (someone he could have easily ended up like had it not been for stealing a batmobile tire) got to have the opportunity to go let loose and rock out. Julia loves seeing teenage genius Harper jump around and dance and be a kid, and gets her a t shirt after the show. It starts to become a thing with the three of them. Once there were some tickets put up on Stubhub last minute and Harper bought them and INSISTED that Jason and Julia cancel the plans for the night because she FINALLY gets to treat THEM (and how could they refuse?)

I could go on. I won’t because I have class. But you get the general idea.

Canada's prime minister wants to make it harder for people to vote against him | Caroline Konrad
Stephen Harper, who won by an uncomfortably small margin in the last election, has passed laws that may keep voters who oppose him from the polls
By Caroline Konrad

The Fair Elections Act strips Elections Canada, the nonpartisan government body responsible for administering elections, of its authority to actively encourage citizens to vote – a matter, we’re told, that is the responsibility of political parties to promote. And on voting day, incumbent candidates and not Elections Canada will appoint polling supervisors. This hardly smells like democracy.

Then there is the muzzling of the chief electoral officer, restricting the role to speaking publicly on just five ‘safe’ topics such as ‘how to become a candidate’ and ‘how to cast a ballot’. Specifically removed is the role’s power to alert the public to problems during an election and to raise awareness of the electoral process, particularly to “persons and groups most likely to experience difficulties in exercising their democratic rights” as previously outlined in the Elections Act. No coincidence then that these very groups - indigenous peoples, the disabled, students living away from home and transients, are not traditionally Harper supporters.

A serendipitous bonus has been a recent court decision declaring that citizens out of the country for more than five years are ineligible to vote this election. Again, not your average Harper supporters.

Harper also cut Elections Canada’s budget by 8%, stripping it of $5.6m USD,forcing the group to abandon its intention to pilot online voting, which increased voter turnout by as much as 10% in municipalities where it was tested. But cohorts with historically low turnout, which include immigrant groups such as the Latin American community, aren’t the ones likely to bring the far-right Harper back for a fourth term. So let’s not make it any easier for them to vote, shall we?

Pharrell Lands The Cover Of Harper's Bazaar Man Korea

Pharrell Lands The Cover Of Harper’s Bazaar Man Korea

Music mogul Pharrell land the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Man Korea. In the spread he wears a variety of street style clothes,some high end pieces from Chanel and his Adidas sneakers. 


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Who doesn’t love a man in Chanel

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