hap birfday

reallyscj  asked:

Can you do Baze/Chirrut, birthday? For my birthday?

“When’s your birthday?”

Baze looked up from the dismantled pieces of his gun, blinking. “What? Why?”

Chirrut was working on his staff, whittling something into the end. “Maybe I want to get you something.”

Baze grunted and went back to cleaning the blaster. “No idea.”

“What do you mean, no idea?” 

Baze lifted a shoulder and didn’t look up, focused on getting the grime out of the firing pin. “Orphan. Dumped at the temple. Monks didn’t exactly assign me a birthday.”

Chirrut made a noise and set his staff aside to stand. “I’ve thought long and hard about it,” he announced, rounding the table and pushing it aside so he could straddle Baze’s lap. “And I’ve decided today’s your birthday.”

Baze leaned back, bracing his hands on Chirrut’s thighs. “Is that so? What’s my present then?”

“Me,” Chirrut said, and kissed him.