hap and harry

maybe this is just me, but i really hate it when fanon invalidates dransy? it literally just nags at me that this seems to be a trend in so many fanfics and i hate, hate, hate it. people shit on this relationship so much, makes it seem fake, because… what? because they hate pansy parkinson? i mean, okay, i totally understand the hatred. it’s very valid, especially if you take a look at her horrendous behaviour in canon. but i don’t think that’s an excuse to completely ignore the validity of their relationship, even though it never escalated to boyfriend/girlfriend territory? we don’t even have evidence that it didn’t. 

people usually excuse this by saying that draco deserves better than just pansy parkinson, and that’s just ??? pansy may be problematic, but he is too? in many ways, they deserved each other? especially during those first few years. let’s not forget that he was showing off for her in canon, he took her to the yule ball, lied down on her lap to let her stroke his hair. he was trying to impress her. it wasn’t just her who was invested in that relationship. i refuse to believe that. he liked her, too. and yes, he doesn’t marry her, because maybe at some point after the war, they no longer fit the way they used to. he changes and she doesn’t, and he suddenly realizes that he needs something else other than what she can give him. but honestly, who’s to say that it wasn’t her who left? why do people always make it seem like she’s the one who was set aside for something “better”? like she’s scum of the earth and draco’s finally free of her, thank god??? 

people would probably never buy into the idea that maybe she’s the one who let him go, that he wasn’t necessarily looking for something better as much as he is looking for something different, that just because he chose astoria doesn’t automatically mean she’s LESS. because guess what? she’s just pansy parkinson. she’s hard-faced and ugly and dumb, right? and draco malfoy is himself and obviously he’d dump this desperate hoe who was always trailing after him at school because he’s so much better without her. FUCK OFF. this kind of reasoning is detrimental to BOTH of their characters. people are so ready to glorify draco and forgive him for his mistakes, which truthfully, are on the same level as pansy’s, but they’re not willing to forgive her, are they? she’s irredeemable. boys grow up to be men, right? and girls only grow up to be bitches. what kinda sick double standard is this? i’m disgusted. 

i don’t know if draco loved pansy, or if pansy loved draco. i can’t say that for sure, since canon doesn’t give us any material to work with on that front, except for subtle and vague situations which can be interpreted a million different ways. BUT PLEASE PLEASE. don’t ever say they didn’t care for each other. don’t ever say he only tolerated her. don’t invalidate it like that just because you hate her character. don’t take this away from her. i mean i guess, you can do whatever you want, especially if you’re a roleplayer. i can’t stop you. but just think about it. we can all ship the ships we want for both of them without disregarding and belittling and dismissing what they had, whatever little of it they shared. just because they’re not your endgame doesn’t mean you need to erase the validity of their relationship.