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Lucy Liu as Ge Lin Fei (Gryffindor) ; 22
Lee Byung Hun as Cheon Go Myung (Ravenclaw) ; 25
Takeshi Kaneshiro as Nohara Hiroshi (Hufflepuff) ; 23
Rinko Kikushi as Hosokawa Shiho (Slytherin) ; 19

In 980 CE, Ge Lin Fei, a young Chinese witch of twenty years, set off on a journey of discovery. She wished to find other witches and wizards like herself after feeling discontent with only knowing the small magical community which had formed in China after its reunification under the Song Dynasty. It was on the road that she happened to meet Cheon Go Myung, a wizard, who at twenty-three had left his home and country in search of greater knowledge. He wished to separate himself from his family, who had grown in prominence in his home country by becoming advisors in the Imperial Palace by use of their magic. Their similar desires in letting go of their roots quickly bonded them together and the pair continued their journey together.

Miles away on the island of Japan were another pair travelling together. Nohara Hiroshi had been born in Japan but fathered and abandoned by a Chinese father. Only days after his birth, his mother left him at a Buddhist temple, where he was then raised by monks. He was loved and adored, and his magic was allowed to flourish and knew nothing of the troubles outside of the temple he resided in. That is until one fateful day he wandered outside and found Hosokawa Shiho. She was small, filthy, and starving. How she had survived on her own for the past seven years was beyond him. And despite rejecting his friendship at first and then refusing his offer of coming to live amongst the monks, Shiho still returned week after week for the next ten years. It was when she turned seventeen that she decided to leave the village behind her, wishing to forget her childhood and the hardships she had faced. She wanted to make something more of herself. Hiroshi naturally followed, knowing she wanted him to come along even if she hadn’t actually asked.

Two years later, the four finally met on Mount Heng in the Hanging Temple. Shiho and Go Myung found mutual friendship in their eagerness for self-improvement and expanding their knowledge and magical power. Hiroshi gravitated towards Lin Fei, from a deep desire to connect with his own Chinese heritage. The four would eventually come to establish Haowang Academy of Magic as a place to gather and cultivate young magical minds from all over Asia. It was a place that they hoped would transcend the borders of their respective countries.

Little did they know their peace would soon crumble. For with each passing year, Shiho became more restless and unsatisfied with how static and unextraordinary her life had become.