This was never supposed to happen..

I was never supposed to like you.

I was never supposed to hood your hand.

I was never supposed to get butterflies when I know I’m about to see you.

You were only supposed to be my best friend.

My shoulder to cry on.

My arm to punch when I needed to.

But now you’ve become so much more.

You make me smile brighter than the sun with no effort at all.

You know me better than I do.

You can always make me happy with a simple smile.

There’s nothing better than laying in your arms, listening to your heart beat.

We have that innocent love..

That sweet, genuine, cute, love.

I can kiss you and sometimes even fell more than I should at the moment,

But I know were gonna be smart about everything.

I have the security of knowing my promise ring will never be broken.

So you’re not just my best frend.

You’re my boyfriend.

You’re my everything!<3