Hawaiian pizza is not a thing that most people like in Hawaii (I personally think it’s fuckin disgusting)

Pineapples are South American (possibly Brazillian) not Hawaiian

Wearing a “Hawaiian” shirt to a party does not automatically make it a luau nor does it make you Hawaiian

There is a difference between “Hawaiian” shirts and Aloha shirts

Authentic Hawaiian lei are made out of actual flowers and not that fucking neon plastic shit you haoles keep wearing

Hawaiian is an actual race, therefore not all people from Hawaii are Hawaiian.

Hula is a fucking hard thing to master. Just because it looks pretty doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Hawaii is an illegally overthrown country that had it’s sovereignty violently ripped away from it in 1893 when our queen was held captive in her own home.

There is so much more to Hawaiian culture than this stupid neon beach party pineapple grass skirt tiki bullshit that you all keep spreading around. 

Please stop.



I’m nb trans, and aporogender more specifically. Being fat and having big boobs in addition to dressing the way I want essentially means that I never pass in any situation. I have been told to just loose weight or bind so that some people will be more willing to respect my identity. I want my body to stay the way it is. Bodies don’t have gender identities, people do. Clothes don’t have gender identities, people do. My gender identity is valid regardless of what I look like or how I dress. Sorry, not sorry for being someone who takes more conscious effort to respect, the way I am and acknowledging that has been the defining thing that keeps me from ending my life.


white/white-passing trans folx: can we please share more tpoc and especially dark trans black women? Also let’s not fetishize them. Let’s not talk about how attractive they are to us. They don’t exist for us to have something beautiful to behold.

Nonfat trans folx: please represent fat trans folx. Not just cute fat or sporty fat. Like actually go through the tags and rep all fat trans folx.

Able bodied trans folx: let us represent any disabled/mobility challenged trans folx. They are fucking valid and rarely if ever get representation. Also let’s not talk about what inspirations they are. Their life struggles are not there to make you feel better.

Financially stable trans folx: We need to represent poor trans folx. Money gives us access to soooo much that can help alleviate some of our pain or at least make it somewhat easier to manage.

TLDR: trans folx, represent other trans folx that are marginalized in ways you aren’t. While trans representation is abysmal enough, trans folx who are white and thin and able bodied and have financial stability are the vast majority of the kind of representation our community does get. Let’s do better.

*I definitely didn’t mention all the different levels of marginalization or marginalized identities within the trans community. Feel free to add to this, correct any mistakes I have made, etc.

** for those trans folx who are not wanting or not able to participate, you are in my thoughts today. You are not alone.

***I will go through the tag as much as I can, but also feel free to submit or tag me in things to make sure I reblog them.

Are y'all ready for something else Disney shoved in their new beautiful film Moana?

This is the Honi. Throughout the movie you see Moana exchange this with many people including her mother, Gramma Tala, and Te Ka. This is conducted by pressing the forehead/nose together and breathing in/out together. This is the exchanging of ha, the breath of life, in which the two share their mana- spiritual energy. This is often used when saying goodbye. Tbh, no one that I know does this that often anymore except on special occasions, sad. I just thought it was really cool how disney didn’t just leave it at a hug, they included this small detail.

An extra fun fact: The word for foreigner in Hawaiian is Haole (often used specifically for white ppl but can be extended to anyone not Hawaiian). I was told that this word came about because when the first people came from outside to visit our islands they used handshakes instead of the Honi. Therefore its ha (the breath of life) ole (without). (Honestly not 100% positive on this one but that is the literal meaning but this was something I was told by a kupuna so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)


As much as I liked Lava, I was so disappointed in learning the names of the two volcanoes: uku and lele. While people not native to the Hawaiian islands think it’s adorable, the creators hardly did their fucking research. Uku means flea and lele means jumping. (Source: my Hawaiian boyfriend who took a Hawaiian language course at UH) An ukulele refers to the motion of the strings being plucked like a jumping flea. That has nothing to do with volcanoes and is hardly clever.

Yeah, my Hawaiian boyfriend was pretty irritated watching the short. “Freaking haoles misrepresenting our culture”.

We are losing a culture with movies like “Aloha” and this pixar short by either misrepresenting or having no representation of the culture at all.

Hawaiian Parents ; Haole Parents
  • Haole Parents: Watch out hunny, you might fall and get hurt
  • Hawaiian Parents: Watch! When you fall I going laugh!
  • *kid falls*
  • Haole Parents: Aww, hunny are you okay? That's why I told you watch out.
  • Hawaiian Parents: Haha, good for you! go again!
Typical Hawaii pilikia

now days, I see on all the 808 tumblrs , people hating on Hawaiians/locals.. Saying all kine stuff like we get problem with them (haoles), were mean, were uneducated because we speak pidgin, they don’t like Hawaii because of the people that live here..
I don’t know where those people are coming from, the only way us locals would act mean to haoles is if they’re mean or disrespectful to us first, like they don’t have manners or they act like they own the damn place. We are NOT uneducated, actually theyre the ones that lack the education, becuase they don’t know why or how the pidgin language came about. If we (meaning hawaiians) are uneducated, just because we speak pidgin or Hawaiian Creole, then that means the Chinese, Portugese, Japanese, Filipinos, caucasians, and other immigrants are uneducated too.. Here’s a short history lesson for you Haoles:
Hawaiian creole English was formed as a way of communication between ethnicities way back in the day. All the aforementioned ethnicites had to communicate during work, and no one spoke one universal language,so they devised a way rather ingeniously. They took a little from each language and combined it into one language so everyone could communicate at work.
That doesn’t seem uneducated to me.. And some of us are lucky enough where we can speak pidgin and proper English.

K bah, so nuff with all da bashing and just share some aloha. Positive vibes bu.. No be hateful, yo maddah Neva teach you; IF YOU NO HAVE NAHTEN NICE FO SAY, DEN NO SAY NAHTEN AT ALL..