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i would love to go to manoa but i have heard many things about racism being big in hawai'i- have you faced any problems thus far?

There are parts of the island that definitely don’t like haoles, but if you’re not rude and you respect them and you’re open and willing to learn and don’t act like an entitled buttface, then you should be good. There is however a lot of stereotyping and although it’s not outward much, a lot of people have different ideas about specific types of certain races, and there is some of that. But I’ve never noticed it or had a problem with it. If you’re nice and open, they’ll be nice and open right back.


As much as I liked Lava, I was so disappointed in learning the names of the two volcanoes: uku and lele. While people not native to the Hawaiian islands think it’s adorable, the creators hardly did their fucking research. Uku means flea and lele means jumping. (Source: my Hawaiian boyfriend who took a Hawaiian language course at UH) An ukulele refers to the motion of the strings being plucked like a jumping flea. That has nothing to do with volcanoes and is hardly clever.

Yeah, my Hawaiian boyfriend was pretty irritated watching the short. “Freaking haoles misrepresenting our culture”.

We are losing a culture with movies like “Aloha” and this pixar short by either misrepresenting or having no representation of the culture at all.

Hawaiian Parents ; Haole Parents
  • Haole Parents:Watch out hunny, you might fall and get hurt
  • Hawaiian Parents:Watch! When you fall I going laugh!
  • *kid falls*
  • Haole Parents:Aww, hunny are you okay? That's why I told you watch out.
  • Hawaiian Parents:Haha, good for you! go again!
Typical Hawaii pilikia

now days, I see on all the 808 tumblrs , people hating on Hawaiians/locals.. Saying all kine stuff like we get problem with them (haoles), were mean, were uneducated because we speak pidgin, they don’t like Hawaii because of the people that live here..
I don’t know where those people are coming from, the only way us locals would act mean to haoles is if they’re mean or disrespectful to us first, like they don’t have manners or they act like they own the damn place. We are NOT uneducated, actually theyre the ones that lack the education, becuase they don’t know why or how the pidgin language came about. If we (meaning hawaiians) are uneducated, just because we speak pidgin or Hawaiian Creole, then that means the Chinese, Portugese, Japanese, Filipinos, caucasians, and other immigrants are uneducated too.. Here’s a short history lesson for you Haoles:
Hawaiian creole English was formed as a way of communication between ethnicities way back in the day. All the aforementioned ethnicites had to communicate during work, and no one spoke one universal language,so they devised a way rather ingeniously. They took a little from each language and combined it into one language so everyone could communicate at work.
That doesn’t seem uneducated to me.. And some of us are lucky enough where we can speak pidgin and proper English.

K bah, so nuff with all da bashing and just share some aloha. Positive vibes bu.. No be hateful, yo maddah Neva teach you; IF YOU NO HAVE NAHTEN NICE FO SAY, DEN NO SAY NAHTEN AT ALL..