hao why would you bring this up

Dear Jill Ellis,

Since Pinoe and Holiday are out of the equation for Friday’s game vs China, I wanted to share some thoughts leading up to the game.

1. FREE KO AND HAO. I think to deal with the disruption in the midfield, you should move Kling to mid on Kriegers side, and stack the Irish soul sisters on the other. That alone makes the wings unstoppable.

2. Keep lil Moe in the middle, I don’t feel we have seen her full potential yet. Besides, let’s be honest, Lloyd has hers and the rest of the centrals backs.

3. Stop trying to pass Press off as a wing mid. She does not have the perfect combination of aerobic endurance and repeated sprint ability that make up a mid. Point is, she’s a forward, play her there.

4. Instead of relying solely on Abby, why not let the younger players (Press and Morgan) take the lead and bring some energy and speed to the attack. (If you don’t know them by name, coppertone and tampax)

So your starting line up would look a little something like this: Solo, Kriegs, Becky, JJ, KO, Kling, Moe, Lloyd, HAO, Press, and Morgan. Boom. Winning combination. Just a suggestion.


A concerned and soccer experienced fan.

Can someone hit me with a lead pipe? It would hurt a lot less.

It really sucks seeing someone you’ve looked up to since you were a kid get left off a roster just so we could bring in new players. I don’t give a shit what anyone says, HAO deserved to be on that roster. Period. And you know what, she’s not going to stop fighting for that spot on the Olympic roster either… And you know why? Because that’s how dedicated she is. She will try her absolute best to claw and climb back into the role she should be in. She basically sat the bench the entire World Cup & Victory Tour even though every time she was put in she made an impact. It really shows HAO’s character that through this all, basically being Jill’s personal rag doll, she still has the grace to handle is maturely. I’m not quite sure what Jill’s plan is but I don’t think it’s smart at all to leave out a player with such talent and leadership. You want new players? Wait until after the Olympics to rotate them in. Trying to build cohesion for an OLYMPIC TEAM with a ton of new players and roles within a few months is going to be very very difficult. I hope we are able to come out successful. I need people to remember that it’s not just the talent of the players on the field but also leadership and guidance off the field. HAO did that. And Rampone. And Boxxy. And Chalups.

I know this is a rant but I needed to get it out. HAO didn’t deserve this. The team didn’t deserve this.