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Hey there! I was just wondering if you can make headcanons with Jesse, Hanzo and Genji, teaching their s/o how to fight using their weapons??? (Bonus: their s/o sucks) Thanks! :3 I LOVE YOUR WORK BTW!!

((A/N - I LOVE that you like my writing. I love writing for you all, you lot are too kind))


• You’d never fired a gun before

• You really wanted to know what it was like

• Who better to ask than your own cowboy for a boyfriend?

• Jesse would take you to the practice range out of hours

• Would not miss the opportunity to curl around you from behind and use his own body to correct your stance

• Would whisper glowing praise in your ear of how well you are doing

• Makes an astounding amount of innuendoes for handling his ‘weapon’

• All the sweet talk and touching would make you shiver and blush

• Let’s be honest, you’ve never fired any shots before and the first missed the target

• He uses this as an excuse to adjust you. Hands covering yours and torso pressed flush against your back

• McCree loves the intimacy of you trying to handle his Peacekeeper and him trying to help you

• Like he loves the feeling of playing hero and you being his little damsel in distress

• The little noises you make when concentrating are too much for his southern heart

• He would laugh at you after you get frustrated and try to give up and exclaim it’s too big and heavy

• Your boyfriend wouldn’t persist, wanting to take the conversation elsewhere. You didn’t mind at all and happily followed him back to his rooms


• Would be thoroughly surprised when you told him you wanted to learn how to shoot his bow

• You’d never seen someone look concerned and amused at the same time

• Before even touching his bow, Hanzo would make you sit through his training exercises, the only one you actually being able to join in on was meditating

• His eyes soften when you first pick up his weapon and marvel at the beauty and intricacy of the detailing

• You joked to your boyfriend about him secretly being Robin Hood

You made a mental note to teach Hanzo who Robin Hood was after the confused look on his face

• The first arrow you tried to fire flopped down at your feet

• You didn’t expect to hit the bullseye but you thought it would go much further than that

• Hanzo would stand back watching you, instructing you to balance your stance and use muscles you didn’t even knew you had

• This was much more complicated than you had thought

• Your persistance pleased your boyfriend, glad that you weren’t giving up so easily

• Hanzo was proud of you for trying, calling you his ’little blossom flower

• You weakened at the pet name. PDA from the archer was damn near non-existant

• He loved seeing you with something that was so personal to him

• Promised to train you more in the future once he’s worked on your strength training


• Outright refused when you first asked him

• Thought you were absolutely ridiculous when you insisted, saying that the shurikens were deadly and don’t even get him started on his katana

• Gave in when you showed him your puppy dog eyes and batted your eyelashes

He was a softy at heart and couldn’t say no to you

• Gave you thick leather gloves to wear because he didn’t want you to hurt yourself

• You admired the shurikens, the tiny details that Genji had never really paid attention to

• Was constantly by your side, arms crossed and smirk on his face, telling you to crouch more, put more strength into throwing them

• They ended up hitting the target but not digging in, just falling flat against it and clanging on the ground

• Genji was amused at how much you wanted to try to impress him

• Sure in his younger days people were always trying to obtain his attention, but this was different

• You had accidentally ended up splitting the glove open and cut yourself on the sharp edge of the blade

• Genji of course scolded you for not being more careful, the typical ‘I told you so’

• You shrugged it off, hinting it wouldn’t have happened if it was with his katana

• He still refused, saying you need to take more care with his shurikens before you handled his sword

You got a playful smack around the head for saying you were already a master at handling his 'sword’

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Would it be alright to ask for headcannons of...well all the guys! Headcannons of when they realize they're in love?

That’s a lotta boiz. I’m gonna try to do all but that means they’ll b short sorry!!!!
-Mod Zen

*It hits him like a sack of bricks while you’re laying on his huge chest, asleep. He cranes his neck up to see you gently rising and falling with his breathing, and then rising with your own breathing. You’re in sync. Perfectly. He smiles and leans back, an old man at peace.

*“Keep up old man!” You laugh as you run ahead of him on the path, the trees in front of you seeming to bend to your will. Who wouldn’t? A rare smile appears on his face, rare as his vacations. Sunlight gives you a halo, and in that moment, he knows he loves you.

*It’s a scary moment. This is why he didn’t want you near Talon, this is why he didn’t- you sit on the bed in a slightly drug induced haze with your arm bandaged from a bullet, Reaper pacing back and forth filled with panic and rage and frustration. Why was he doing this still? What good was Talon? What good… he looks at you. Even when you’re out of it, you’re looking at him with a loopy smile like he’s your god. His nonexistent heart breaks. He’d do anything for you, even leave Talon.

*He walks into your shared room, and stops. You’re standing on the balcony, practically sheathed in moonlight. He can’t breathe. You look exactly like a king, his king. You turn to him and smile, and hold out your arms. He sweeps you into his, mumbling his praises to you, his god, his salvation.

*“Mako, would you look at the stars?” He looks at you instead, your innocent, happy gaze at the sky. His heart pounds in his chest, the buzzing of the bugs around his ears only amplifying his nerves. It never shows though, definitely not behind his mask. You’re the only thing that makes him nervous. He takes your hand, and when you turn in shock with a blush, his mask is up toward the sky.

*You’re giggling like mad, his dragons twisting around your legs and giving you tickly little dragon kisses. “C-call em off, call em off!”
He chuckles as he watches their mischief, and how well you take it, so at peace, so gentle. The dragons reflect his inner feelings- and he loves you as much as they do. He just can’t say it.

*Sunlight breaks through the curtains. He’s awake before you, a rare occasion, and he lays his sleepy eyes on you. Your sleeping face, whether serene or goofy, makes him smile. You’re so sweet. So good, so pure. Even if you really aren’t, he’ll never stop holding you to a god standard. He presses his lips to your forehead and watches you yawn, chuckling softly under his breath.

*You try. You really try. Sometimes you can do it. Sometimes you don’t have the patience. He’s watching you meditate out of the corner of his eye, thank god for the visor. Your face looks peaceful enough, but he can tell by the subtle twitches of your fingers that you’re having a hard time. It’s so cute. He laughs softly and you blush before collapsing into giggles. The attempt is enough for him. His heart flutters at the sound of your laughter.

*“Hey, what about this?” You hand him your journal, filled with random song ideas, lyrics. He takes it from you and scans over the lines. A smile slowly grows on his face. He nods, normally at first, then vigorously as he launches a hug at you. You squeak in surprise and laugh as he peppers your face with kisses. Where would he be without his muse?

*Your headphones are on and you’re listening to something that makes you happy. He can tell by the grin on your face and the nods. He gets it: not a lot of people like his clanging and banging and explosions. And his latest project just blew up in his face, the tips of his hair charred. His grin matches yours as he yells: “I LOVE YOU!”
You take out a headphone. “WHAT?”

*“It’s so lovely Zenyatta. Thank you for trusting me.” Your voice is soft as if it’ll shatter the entirety of the temple. Everything is delicate and pristine- glorious. He watches you carefully, something in his chest whirring as you gaze in awe through the glass windows at the sunset. He takes your hand, smoothing his thumb on the back of it as you watch the sun set together.
“Of course, my love.”

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okay but like… overwatch seems especially attractive to tall people (reyes, reinhardt, zarya, etc.), so the watchpoints are all built around the idea that the average human height is six foot plus. and since there’s not a chance in hell he’s gonna go fetch a Tall Person ™ to get things down from the top shelves, hanzo starts climbing all over shit to reach the high places. he free-climbs up walls, he can handle a set of kitchen cabinets. he is a hero to the short people on base.

This is a really good point and an amazing headcanon, and as a smol person myself i fully embrace this like you have no idea.
The man is also a master of furniture jenga, who can and will use anything he can lift to reach his destination. And being the master of pranks (@blckwatchmccree & I decided this), He is the smol terror the tol’s fear in the dark kitchen when hunting for midnight snacks… they never know what cabinet they might find him in ready to strike. 

Overwatch heroes as emoticons

Hanzo - (•̀∧•́)

Genji - (*`▽´*)ウ

Gabriel Reyes (Pre-fall) - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Orisa - (●’ ▽ ’ ●)

Zenyatta - ( ⌯ᵘ ᵕ ᵘ ⌯)

Ana - (*˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈)

Tracer - (σ❛ᴗ˂̵)σ✧

Sombra - (っ ื▿ ื)っ

Reinhardt - ᕕ|・ิᆺ・ิ|ᕗ

Mei - (੭ु。╹▿╹。)੭ु⁾⁾

Brigitte - 且_(゚◇゚;)ノ゙

McCree - ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )ᕗ

Symmetra - ( ᵕ̳ ^ ᵕ̳ )

Torbjorn - 凸ಠ益ಠ₎凸

Lucio - @(。・0・)@

Mercy - (≖͞ᆺ≖͞ )

D.Va - (^ↀωↀ^ᵔ)

Soldier 76 - (≖͞_≖̥)

Moira - ლ(`∀´ლ)

Zarya - (ノꐦಠヮಠ)ノ

Widowmaker - ( ͡°⌓ ͡°)

Bastion - (⊙﹏⊙✿)

Junkrat - (≖ᴗ≖๑)

Roadhog - (–︿ლ)

Doomfist - ( ་ ⍸ ་ )

Winston - o(*^▽^*)o

Pharah - ╰(・∇・╰)


I had so much fun writing these!! Some hit a bit close to home :’) but i hope your cute butts enjoy this post (also these vary in size!!) warnings: implied nsfw, diets, cuddling????¿¿


“You look beautiful, beloved,” Hanzo’s voice murmurs. “As always.”

A hand ghosts over your profile; from your temple, to your jaw, and down, down, down, until he grasped your hips with a strong hand. He had gifted you with an expensive silk robe; light pink in colour and embroidered with beautiful birds and flowers. It’s something he had always wanted to see you wear. He had imagined how it would look; how it would flow over your curves and soft stomach, how it would hug your arms and curve of your back just right. But now, seeing it in front of him, he couldn’t have ever imagined a sight as sweet.

“You don’t think I look too…?” You trail off, eyebrows furrowing at your reflection. You didn’t like the way some areas bulged, or tugged on the fabric. You thought your figure too awkward, too large.

“Too…?” He prompted.


Hanzo looked genuinely confused for a few seconds, though he recovers quickly. He poises himself behind you, meeting your eyes through the reflection. His eyes were always dark but they seemed even darker now, and you swallowed as he placed a hand beneath your breasts and the other just below it. Eyes never moving from yours, he placed a kiss right beneath your ear.

“No such thing, beloved.”


Ever since you were child you had been considered fat. You had the thick thighs, love handles, the muffin top, the arms, the chin, you name it. It had resulted in self-esteem issues that had been hard to rid yourself of. And sometimes, they came back to haunt you.

You knew that Genji and Angela had… had something. Back in the day she had saved him, and that was something he’d always be in her debt for. You could see it in their eyes, in the smiles they gave each other, in the way they confided in each other — and although you knew that Genji’s heart was irrevocably yours, some days you couldn’t help but let those deep-rooted fears seep back into the forefront of your mind.

She was so thin, so dainty and small and gentle. You were the complete opposite, and you hated it enough to want to fold in on yourself whenever you saw her, wanting to be smaller, tinier, daintier. You hated the stretch marks that swam from your hips to your armpits, envious of the clear, smooth skin she boasted. She was everything you weren’t, and yet…

“What bothers you, my love?”

Genji returned to you every night, not her. He kissed up your stomach and pecked each and every stretch mark, nuzzled his nose into your hips and bit cheekily at your thighs, smoothed his hands up your back, not hers. At the end of the day, Genji was always yours.

“Nothing.” You smile, brushing your hand over his cheek. “Nothing at all.”


Jesse McCree liked his women thick. Not that he was opposed to a thinner woman, but there was something about squishy thighs and soft stomachs and curvaceous hips that drove him crazy. He loved the feeling of his lady’s waist in his hands, or the fullness of her figure; and, maybe on the more mature side, the way she felt against him when they were between the sheets, nothing separating them.

“Now, darlin’,” he chastises, lighting his cigar casually, “Don’t be talkin’ like that.”

“Like what?” You say innocently, avoiding his eyes that grew more serious with each second.

“You know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout. Lookin’ down on yourself. Treatin’ yourself less than the queen you are.”

You flush, fiddling with your fingers. You knew you had a way of unconsciously nitpicking at the bad things about yourself. Jesse hated it, but he was gentle in his reminders and for that you were grateful.

“'Cause you are, ya hear?” He finishes, voice serious. He places a finger right underneath your chin, pulling the cigar out of his mouth only to press his lips to yours. “A queen. My queen.”

Soldier: 76

“A diet?” Jack echoes, looking at you in confusion. “Why?”

You cough at his sudden attention, shrugging. The salad in front of you is limp and damp, lacking any colour or excitement. Your stomach rumbles at the thought of something more appealing, but instead you shovel another leaf in your mouth. “I dunno. Just figured I could lose a few more pounds.”

You try to ignore his stares as you force down another forkful, eyes cast to the table. Of course you knew why you wanted to go on a diet. You wanted to be thinner, more dainty. You had an image drilled into your mind, and you had been taught to constantly try and achieve it. He’s well aware of this. Jack sighs suddenly, and from your peripheral you can see him shake his head.

“If this is what you want, sweetheart, I’ll support you,” he starts slowly, raising a brow as you meet his eyes. He reaches over the table to intertwine your hands, bowing his lip to your knuckles. “But if it isn’t, don’t force yourself, alright? You’re beautiful. You’re perfect. I wouldn’t want you to change for the world unless you truly wanted it, okay?”

Tears burn at the back of your eyes. Happy tears, and you hope he knows that he’s the cause of them.


“Ah, cariño,” Gabriel says, grinning to himself when he sees the sight before him. “Perfect timing, eh?”

What a sight to come home to, after 3 long months of sleepless nights and action-packed days. Your wife, fresh out of the shower and wearing absolutely nothing.

You scoff, rolling your eyes as you tuck a strand of wet hair behind your ear. You set your hairbrush on your vanity, raising an eyebrow at him through the mirror. It’s all in good nature, though, and he knows this, humming as he bends to wrap his arms around your damp shoulders. He pecks your neck, just at your pulse point, a hand snaking up your towel and grasping at—

Gabe!” You gasp, smacking his hands away. “I just showered, you insatiable little–”

“Three months,” he interrupts, inhaling deeply. “Without your hips, your thighs, your arms, your sweet, sweet, little—”

You turn, pulling his lips to yours just to stop the onslaught of filthy words you knew was coming. He grunts, tangling his hair in your wet locks to stable you against him.

“So either you stay here and get dressed, cariño,” he says huskily, ghosting his lips over yours, “Or you can walk your cute ass over to the bathroom and join your very excited husband in the shower.”

You swallow, throat suddenly dry, and that’s all the answer he needs.


“Mako,” you sigh, nuzzling your face into your husband’s broad chest. You pull the blankets up to your chin, eyes fluttering shut. “Stay still.”

He grunts, adjusting himself once again, but says nothing. You frown, lifting your head up towards him. A sudden realisation hits you and you wince. “Am I too heavy?”

Mako, the 7’ 3" giant that he was, could only stare at you for a second. He was the strongest man he knew, the largest man he knew, and the fact that you thought that you were too heavy for him was more than a little confusing. To him, you were the perfect shape and size. Soft, chubby, warm. You had the squishiest thighs and the most huggable hips, and he loved every part of you. “Are you serious?”

Rolling your eyes, you sit up, easing your weight off of him until you collapsed onto the bed, much more cold than you had been previously. “Nothing. It’s nothing.”

Mako makes a sound of annoyance, and you yelp as his arms wind around you and hoist you up on top of him again. Much warmer, much more comfortable. “You’re as light as a feather. It’s just too warm in here.”

With that in mind, he kicks off the covers and keeps you warm in his arms, letting you cuddle into him for the whole night.

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Hi can you do mccree, zenyatta and hanzo with an s/o who loves animals and adopts a newborn kitten and raises it? I think it would be fun particularly for zenyatta cause he's not human

((A/N - Thank you sooooo much for bearing with me in this hiatus. Life is absolutely *fantastic* atm lmao))


• Is slightly curious when you come back to base with a lump under your jacket and you trying to be sneaky

• Knocks on your room later on, his curiosity getting the better of him

• Bursts into laughter when he realises there’s a kitten running rings around you, your hair now a mess and claw marks up your arm

• You explain the poor thing was just dumped at the side of the road, and you couldn’t leave it

• He manages to grab it by the scuff of its neck as it tried to run through his legs out of the door

• The little furball instantly relaxes into your boyfriend’s arms, you throwing your arms up in exasperation

• You have to admit, seeing what is usually a hardened killer cooing at a tiny cloud is just precious


• No matter how hard you try, you are unable to keep secrets from your other half

• Which is why, when you spontaneously decided to adopt a kitten, he knew exactly what was going on

• He was more intrigued than anything, want to understand more about the relationship between humans and animals, something he has never really been able to relate to

• Is a bit taken aback by how similar the kitten and Genji of all people are, something that you find incredibly amusing

• The kitten’s favourite place to relax is on your boyfriends lap, by his surprise

• Watching you fall in love with this little scrap makes him realise how much he loves you even more

• Which, in his eyes, is incredible as he thought he would never be able to feel this way about someone


• You felt guilty when met with a disapproving look from your boyfriend, a tiny kitten sleeping in your arms

• You cuddled it closer, the reason for you adopting it was because you felt a bit lonely on base, especially when your boyfriend wasn’t there

• It took him time to warm up to the idea of you looking after a pet, on top of the rest of your workload

• His two noodles would often come out and play, happy to be in the company of a new animal

• When he sees how much happier you’ve become, he becomes happy too

• The first time the kitten falls asleep on his chest, he’s too scared to move incase he wakes it up

• After a few weeks, he’s happy to have his two little ‘kittens’, that being his favourite term of endearment for you

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Remember that request for the boys s/o secretly putting stickers on their weapons and armor? Can i get a continuation of that w zenyatta, 76, hanzo, genji, and mccree??

First part is here, these are gonna be a little short cause theres so many - Mod Genji

Solider 76

  • He honestly has no guesses as to who it could be when he finds his jacket coated in pink stickers for the third time that week
  • There isn’t anyone in the recalled Overwatch that wouldn’t jump at a chance to prank him
  • If he was still Strike Commander he could just have the quarters searched and any stickers found confiscated 
  • Not that he would
  • Lets it go and resigns himself to peeling off stickers every morning
  • When you do reveal yourself he is so fucking happy cause he can finally tell you to STOP
  • The old man appreciates that you were trying to brighten up his day, but he needs to Rest


  • Genji really only takes his outer armor off to sleep or meditate, so when you two wake up in the morning for training and there’s stickers on the inside of his chest plate, he knows it’s you
  • Plays along though, doesn’t mention it to you, just smiles and puts the armor on
  • He just smiles bigger when there’s even more stickers the next morning
  • Starts to wonder where you’re getting all these, where you’re hiding them in your shared quarters, how you manage to get out of bed, bedazzle his stuff, then climb back in without waking him
  • Wants to ask but your little giggles in the morning when he finds his new prize are his everything and he doesn’t want to ruin the fun
  • When you reveal to him he doesn’t bother acting surprised for a moment and immediately starts asking all the questions he’s been holding back for months
  • He never scrapes them off


  • He Knows Where His Orbs Are
  • He Knows You Took One
  • He’s being very quiet about it and not recalling it but it’s making him more anxious than previously thought possible
  • Meditating, for once in his life, doesn’t work. He trusts you and knows that he would know if something was wrong but he can’t stop fretting
  • There’s a reason his orbs return to him in game once he loses line of sight
  • Finally you come back to him with the orb in hand and a little unicorn sticker on it
  • He snatches it away from you and asks you please, don’t remove parts of him without him knowing, please
  • (He still lets you put stickers on the rest of the orbs, provided he remains in line of sight with them. He thinks they’re cute and puts some on your gear as pay back)


  • He really wants to keep the sticker on his gun
  • The person who put it there obviously meant him well and wanted to show they were thinking of him! And it’s super cute! He can’t just be rude and scrape it off!
  • There’s one thought that doesn’t leave his mind though: it doesn’t match his aesthetic
  • He puts his foot down and decides not to remove it, suiting up and leaving to depart for the mission….
  • ….but then he passes a pane of glass and the sticker catches his eye in the mirror
  • He’s scraping it off mumbling “sorry sorry sorry sorry” under his breath before he can blink
  • When he finds out it was you, his boyfriend, his pumpkin, his darling, his sugar muffin
  • His heart breaks
  • He doesn’t stop apologizing for weeks, even after you tell him you don’t care that much


  • Don’t put things on the storm bow
  • You can’t put things on the storm bow. Hanzo always has an eye on the storm bow
  • There’s a rumor around base that if you touch the storm bow without the dragon’s express permission you die instantly
  • The string is insured for $100,000 american
  • The storm bow does car commercials….. In Japan
  • If you build up the courage to actually go for it you’ll find out Hanzo doesn’t mind that much. He just lets the rumors breed because it’s funny and it keeps people away from his things
  • He’ll have to take it off, or else other agents will get ideas, but he gives you a kiss on the head and thanks you
  • He still knew it was you though, and you have no idea how

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(headcanon) As a person with a shamefully thick southern accent myself, I find it that the later it gets at night, the worse my accent gets. So its fun to think of a situation where the more tired or delirious Jesse gets, the more southern terminology and shit he uses to the point where he hardly makes sense.

Bless his heart.

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Can you write some Hanzo, Mcree, Reaper and Junkrat wedding stuff with fem s/o?


  • The engagement ring is very beautiful
  • Took a while to ask you, mostly because he was afraid you’d probably say no
  • Gives you a beautiful silver engagement ring that is both beautiful and simple in tastes, with a snug little sapphire in the middle
  • Your incredibly happy to be engaged to the man of your dreams
  • The only problem is the two of you clash a little when discussing the wedding
  • Hanzo expects a traditional Shinto wedding, while you figured it would be simple, with a white dress and a tux and a priest to marry you
  • The two of you battle it out quite a bit
  • But finally, Hanzo realizes that the wedding isn’t what’s important
  • Its the fact that he gets to marry you
  • The two of you have a long talk and decide to make compromises
  • You both agree to keep the wedding small and personal, with only overwatch and close family there. It‘ll be held at a Japanese shrine, as per Hanzo’s request. You may wear your chosen dress of white and he will wear his Japanese wedding garb.
  • The wedding is perfect, in both of your opinion
  • Hanzo gives you his mothers ring, the last thing of hers he ever was able to keep
  • You can’t believe that he would want to give you something so precious
  • When you start to open your mouth, Hanzo just took your hand and whispered, “This ring is precious to me, and so are you. You are the only one I ever wish to wear this ring.”
  • Touched, you let him slide the ring onto your finger
  • You promised you would cherish it, and knew that the ring would stay a family heirloom throughout time
  • Honestly, when the two of you dance on your wedding night, you see Hanzo shed his first tears in a long time
  • Tears of happiness at knowing that his future will be with you


  • Never really expected to get married
  • Once you’ve been a lone cowboy, that’s how you tend to perceive yourself after
  • But once he fell so hopelessly in love with you
  • He knew he wanted you for the rest of his life
  • Almost a year into the relationship, he managed to get enough money to buy you a ring
  • You almost cried when he asked you to marry him, and you kissed him as you said yes
  • McCree was honestly really worried, because as far as weddings go, he didn’t have a lot of money
  • That was another worry, that he couldn’t give you the wedding of your dreams
  • But you insisted that no matter what kind of wedding it was, all you wanted was to be named husband and wife
  • And as long as you two had that, the wedding wouldn’t matter
  • The two of you scraped money for months, and decided to keep it small 
  • You invited overwatch, friends and family. In totally, around 50-60 people came to the ceremony
  • It took place in Texas at Route 66, the diner serving your wedding dinner
  • And the two of you shared your first dance and kiss as man and wife in the diner the two of you had met in
  • Nothing made you happier


  • Didn’t believe it was possible to get married
  • There were so many things he didn’t think could happen after becoming Reaper, and living as a walking corpse
  • Except you walked into his life
  • And suddenly, there was light peeking through the black clouds that was his life
  • You gave him possibilities again and dreams, no matter whether he voiced them or not
  • For a long time, fear drove him not to ask the question he longed to
  • As well as the fear of you getting hurt because of who he was
  • Yet one night, everything was perfect as you two lay beneath the stars…and the words just slipped between his lips.
  • “Will you marry me?” he had whispered, watching you with such vulnerability in his eyes
  • You had smiled and touched his cheek, as if the answer was obvious.
  • “Yes.” It had been so simple, and yet you made him so happy
  • You didn’t mind not having a wedding. You were happy enough eloping, and taking on his name
  • What you didn’t expect was when Reaper presented you with an infinity wedding ring, covered in tiny sparkling diamonds. In the center on top was one heart shaped ruby. Nothing had ever looked so beautiful to you
  • And inside, you noticed, were words engraved.
  • You are my dream come true -Gabriel Reyes’
  • It was the sappiest thing he had ever written or said, yet nothing could be more true
  • With tears of joy in your eyes, you wrapped your arms around his neck and presses a soft kiss to your new husbands lips


  • Though he would never admit it, he always wanted to marry and have kids someday
  • This was not a dream he’d ever spoken aloud
  • Nor one he ever really believed to get, simply for the fact that he was not like normal people
  • But neither were you
  • Or else you wouldn’t love this man as you did
  • With you, he knew what he wanted
  • But he didn’t know how to achieve it
  • One day, he brought you a rose and a small box, feeling shy
  • You were surprised, but you smiled, taking the rose and opening the box
  • Your silence scared Junkrat as minutes passed. As did the tears that finally filled your eyes
  • In the small box was a ring. It was not a fancy box, nor a fancy ring…There were little smudges on it, and you realized it was a home made ring that had been a bit roughly tempered.
  • It wasn’t perfectly round, but it was close and had been polished to a silver shine. There were no stones, but long the top read ‘I will love you forever-Jamie’ on top of the ring
  • You could imagine Roadhog had to help him a little but altogether…
  • This was the most precious gift you’d ever received, and the love was real 
  • “Are you asking me to marry you, Jamie?” you whispered, lifting the ring and he stared as you slid it on your finger
  • Swallowing hard, Junkrat nodded and rubbed his neck, wisps of smoke floating from his singed hair
  • “That’s what I’m ‘oping fer, darl’,” Junkrat said, the barest tremor in his voice. You’d never seen him so nervous
  • Throwing your arms around his neck, you hugged him tightly. “Its perfect. Yes, Jamie. I’ll marry you a thousand times, yes,” you whispered, and you couldn’t believe the relief and joy in his heart
  • The two of you had a real junker wedding, and trust me. You two didn’t spend more then forty dollars on the wedding, and that forty dollars wasn’t even junkrats.

anonymous asked:

hi! can I have some relationship headcannons with mccree, hanzo, and junkrat? if you want, you can add another character of your choice.


• Naturally a teasing, flirtatious cowboy. He can’t help himself, it’s just a part of his personality

• You have had to whack some sense into him when you’re out in public and he stares and tries to charm other people

• You are his and he is yours. End of.

• He’s an absolute hypocrite; his honey voice is able to make the knees weak of everyone surrounding you, but if someone do much as looks at you the wrong way he’ll be there to claim you

• Very easily jealous and protective, but will never stand in the way of you and your friendships, understanding their importance to you, even if he is just one big man-child


• Has yet to learn the definition of ‘PDA’

• You sometimes catch him looking at you, intrigued. He’d never mention it to anyone else as he wasn’t really comfortable talking about something so personal, but you managed to pull it out of him: Hanzo wondered how lucky he was to find someone like you

• Behind closed doors he’s a very relaxed man. Growing up as the heir to the Shimada clan had taught him no emotions were to be shown, but you taught him otherwise, which he is eternally grateful for

• He has a hidden talent. He loves to cook for you, and he’s bloody well good at creating his own recipes

• Will never back down to a challenge, which you take full advantage of. He’s still embarrassed about the guacamole incident


• This man is pure sugar. From his hyperactive personality to the sweet compliments he pays you

• A joker at heart, he knows exactly what to do to cheer you up when you’re down or to make cry from laughter

• Jamison is a very open person. You have to be careful what you tell him or the way you phrase things as he will absolutely blurt it out in conversation one day. Accidentally, of course

• The only downtime he has is when he’s chilling with you. He’s told you before and will tell you a thousand times more that there’s just something about you that calms him

• He’s besotted with you and will cater to your every whim. Even if you haven’t vocalised your whim, he’ll still be there with a plateful of goodies or a blanket to snuggle into. You love that he’s so in tune with you

Hanzo Domestic Headcanons
  •  This babe is a busy body.
  • He may not be able to change the past, or take back the horrible things he done, but dammit, he can sure as fuck keep his room clean.
    • Will do chores around his home just to stay busy and have something to do.
    • Actually genuinely enjoys doing the dishes. 
    • To regain some semblance of control in his life, he likes to have his living environment spotless.
    • When a chore needs to get done, it needs to get done now. It bugs him to no end to just let it sit.
    • He’s like a mom when company comes over. (Please refer to the video, Company is Coming by Chris Fleming, on youtube.)
      • “We’ve gotta clean the house, now, n O W, N O W, PEOPLe
      • “I want this place looking like Disney on ice in one minute.”
      • “Genji, if you haven’t made your bed, throw it away it’s too late to make it now.”
      • “Company is c o m i n g
      • “The chairs need to be pushed in, there cannot be any sign of living in this house.”
      • “Get rid of the couches, we can’t let people know we S I T.”
  • His house smells like rosemary and incense.
  • When he does settle down, he’ll lounge on the couch and usually read a book. Though, if he’s in the mood, he’ll watch some TV. 
    • He’ll lay down with his Noodles draped over his stomach and/or shoulders, and watch horror movies (his fav) or The Office (Genji got him hooked).
    • Spoils his s/o and will usually watch whatever they want to watch. He enjoys seeing them happy so he doesn’t mind.
    • He’s actually really funny when you get to know him. His humor is very dry and sarcastic. He appreciates an s/o who can make him laugh and be silly around him. He’ll play it off and call them childish, but he loves it.
    • He is the king of try-not-to-laugh/smile challenges. However, if there’s a funny dog or cat video, he’ll have a hard time keeping his composure.
  • In trying to rebuild his relationship with his brother, he’ll go to Genji’s or Genji will come over and they’ll order takeout and play video games. At first it was awkward but he’s slowly beginning to enjoy himself. 
  • Much prefers texting to actually talking on the phone. 
  • Runs his life on a tight budget. It took a while for him to get used to not having endless amounts of money at his finger tips, but now he’s very responsible with his money and has turned into a bit of a penny pincher. 
  • Goes to therapy once every two months (that’s all he can handle when it comes to sharing his feelings, but he’s getting there.)
    • It was Genji’s idea.
    • Usually, after his therapy session, he and Genji will have a gaming night to distract Hanzo from his emotional exhaustion; or if he’s experiencing a bout of guilt, his s/o will step in, make him tea and run him a bath. They’ll just relax the rest of the day. Don’t expect him to talk much.
    • He struggled with alcoholism for the longest time, and he’s still working on it.
      • That being said, he is a very emotional drunk, ugly crying and everything. He also tends to wander when he’s drunk and needs to be supervised at all times. 
    • Journaling, maintaining a healthy diet, gardening, training and spending more and more time with his s/o and brother is helping him to deal with his depression and ptsd. 
  • Growing up in the clan, he was gifted with an expensive education.
    • He’s very STEM inclined and knows several different languages.
    • He has floor to ceiling bookcases full of books he’s read more than once.
    • When he was younger, he was coerced into learning the piano. He can still pluck out a few songs, but he’s kind of rusty.
  • Feels no need to fill silence with mindless chatter. He really enjoys comfortable silences and regards them as the highest form of intimacy. 
    • Speaking of intimacy, handholding and brief hugs are the farthest he’s willing to go with PDA. He’s a big, scary, ex-yakuza assassin and he has a reputation to uphold.
    • Laying down with his s/o, silently cuddling is his favorite, though. He’s so touch starved, behind closed doors it seems like he always has a hand on his s/o. 
  • When he does listen to music, it’s traditional Japanese music or heavy metal. 
    • Sometimes his s/o can catch him in a rare mood and they’ll sing classic hits together like “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes or “Africa” by Toto.
    • Has a secret love for the arts and loves taking his s/o on dates to art museums, plays and orchestra concerts. 
    • Contemporary concerts make him nervous. Too many people, too loud, too chaotic- it’s sensory overload and he feels very vulnerable to an attack. 
  • Handsoap loves to cook.
    • Gets really proud when he makes a particularly tasty dish, and thinks to himself, “at least I can do something right…” It makes him really happy, and it builds his self confidence. 
    • His s/o is his guinea pig with new recipes.
    • In his years of wandering, he picked up various recipes that he keeps written on notecards. They’re kept in one of his kitchen drawers. 
    • Really likes Mediterranean food (quinoa, eggplant, chickpeas, tomatoes, etc).
    • This is a man who really appreciates good food, and can be kind of a snob about it. That means no frozen dinners or packaged ramen.
    • Fridge is full of fresh, organic produce (sometimes accompanied by the occasional cake). 
    • Has a little herb garden. He would like to start a full vegetable garden when he has the space and time to do so.
    • Doesn’t like heavy foods/comfort foods unless they’re desserts. He doesn’t like how heavy they sit in his stomach and how sluggish he feels afterwards.
  • Keeps the thermostat colder than a witch’s tit. He likes the still, brisk air. At least this way it’s easier to enjoy a hot cup of tea and snuggling under a blanket with his s/o.
  • Has an armchair sitting right beside the window with a small table next to it. These are for those stormy nights. He’ll grab a cup of tea, sit down and watch the lightning. It invigorates him.
    • Sometimes he likes to be left alone during this time, but more often than not, he’ll pull his s/o into his lap so they can enjoy the storm with him. 
    • He’ll press soft kisses to their temple and whisper how much he loves them and how he doesn’t deserve them.
  • Likes to take care of himself in the sense that he’s very meticulous about hygiene. He has a whole bunch of essential oils and bath salts and stuff for his self-care tub time.
    • Baths, in his opinion, are perfect for aftercare. 
    • He loves taking baths and showers with his s/o. 
  • A very light sleeper. He’ll wake up at the drop of a pin. As a result, he doesn’t get the best sleep. 
    • His blinds are never closed. He rises and sets with the sun. Unless he’s hungover.
  • He tries to meditate at least three times a day anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. 
    • His s/o is welcome to join him but they shouldn’t expect much attention from him and would do better to just leave him be. 
  • Decor is very minimalistic.
    • He’s not very sentimental, so there aren’t a whole lot of pictures in his home, save for one family portrait that sits in his nightstand.
    • Not a lot of personal possessions. Were there to be a fire, he’d grab his s/o, Stormbow, arrows, and family photo. Nothing more. 
  • He really wants a cat.

creativeandinterestingnamehere  asked:

Hi, so I don't know if you're gonna wanna draw this or not but I've had this idea in my head for so long now of Hanzo knowing how to play the violin and every one is just shocked when they learn, and he's like really good???? Like he's been playing since he was rlly little so he's just great at it and everyone's like >:OOOOOOO k imma go byeeee

Sorry, this took so long ‘cause I was on vacation for almost a month!

But I adore this kind of headcanons!

I was talking with my friends about it, and we thought it would be really nice if the moments Hanzo plays his favourite instruments are the ones he’s the happiest!

Relaxed and peaceful Hanzo is what I live for. ( ˘ ³˘)♥

(Oh, in case if you’re wondering what he’s playing. ;^) )

royalheartsblog  asked:

How would Jesse, Hanzo, Genji and Soldier 76 react if the new member was emotionless and very blunt/quiet but on the battle field they are a ruthless and psychotic I hope this makes sense.


• He was always trying to sweeten you up with nicknames and pet names

• You just weren’t really interested, preferring to keep to yourself

• Jesse always commented on how quiet you were, not understanding how you couldn’t be like him

• You would just look at him blankly, he wouldn’t understand the reasoning behind your sulleness

• Your first mission with Jesse was swiftly approaching, him desperate to see what you were like on the battlefield

• You were on the front line with him, taking out enemies left right and centre and barely giving him a chance

• You had easily won the battle, a small smile on your lips and blood dripping on your clothes and weapons

• Jesse had understandably kept his distance for a while after seeing you like that

• It shocked him to the core to see someone so innocent and quiet become such a monster

• He of course came back in the end, wanting to know your secrets and past. You weren’t known as Slicer for nothing


• He had always admired you from afar, he could never tell what was going through your head and he didn’t want to become too close

• Being the previous Master of the Shimada clan, he had come across all types of people

• Never someone like you though

• You looked too weak and were always blunt, he didn’t understand how you survived in a world like this

• Hanzo was interested to see how someone as frail looking as you would handle yourself on the battlefield

• His dream came true when you were paired up on an infiltration mission together

• Things were going well until someone had recognised your face, calling out your old alias in fear

• Well you had to dispose of them now

• You’d never forget the stunned look on Hanzo’s face from you easily overpowering the stranger and nearly slicing their head off, his bow lax in his hands and blood now coating yours

• He respected you more after that, impressed that you were able to handle yourself


• Being the new recruit on base, you had caught the attention of the ex-playboy cyborg

• A fresh face to look at, in his words

• You were never one for flirting or socialising; you’d rather sit in your room reading a book than go out with your friends

• He only seemed to be obsessed with your looks and never with your training, only paying attention when it was announced that you were signed up to go on a mission with each other

• Genji was rarely impressed, wondering how someone like you would live up to his standards

• You turned the tables when you became surrounded and somehow managed to slaughter all enemies within your immediate vicinity.

• What shocked Genji most was how casual you seemed about it, shooting him a sweet smile as you were wiping your blades clean

• Genji was now impressed

• Would offer to train with you afterwards, learning tips from each other

• Just because you were a new recruit for Overwatch doesn’t mean you didn’t have a history in combat

Soldier 76

• He had made it clear from the very beginning that he was not going to babysit you out on the battlefield

• You shrugged him off, he didn’t know that you didn’t need to be looked after

• You had had more than enough training to be able to defend yourself and help others

• Soldier 76 had said you looked too young and were far too blunt to be in this line of work

• You of course proved him wrong

• If it wasn’t for your quick thinking, the first mission you went out on together would have been his last

• Being young and quiet meant nobody would suspect you of being able to horrifically murder someone, striking fear into your victims hearts before they even knew you were there

• He praised you for saving him, but was also incredibly worried of how you just seemed to change

• He found out from you your past, how you had to learn to fight or be killed

• Pent up aggression made you lethal on the battlefield, but Soldier 76 knew exactly where you were coming from, helping you train  and channel your emotions properly

anonymous asked:

Can we get some head cannons of GENJI , junkrat, MCREE, and hanzo and what their kinks are ?

I’m alive and ready for NSFW.
-Mod Zen


*Back in his playboy days he tried anything once. Maybe not really gross stuff but let’s be real, he’s a grade A Slut and he loved it.

*Simple bondage he really likes, silk ties and such. He’ll do it very sweetly.

*Praise kink to the max. He’ll coo in your ears about what a good, beautiful boy you are, taking his dick so well, but if you turn the tables on him he’ll get so red so quick.

*Double penetration, three hundred percent. But the second is a toy-he’s not really into group sex. But he does love toys, and he experimented with pleasure in Blackwatch (I headcanon he still has a flesh dick).

*Just slight knifeplay kink. He’ll only indulge if you let him, but with his sword laying across your chest, just barely scratching the skin-he’s ready to burst.


*Uhhhhh major Daddy kink

*I know everyone says that but I’m very sure he does. He needs this control over something in his life, and that means you. But he isn’t a dick about it, he’s a very sweet daddy.

*But he will dirty talk like no ones business.

*Over the headset, phone, anything-he’ll definitely send you filthy pictures when he’s away.

*He really likes to see his S/O in stockings or garters- it fits his whole cowboy aesthetic, lace and silk melt him.

*Gunplay? Gunplay. But it’s the same as Genji: he won’t do it unless you’re absolutely sure. But he does love to watch you suck on the barrel of his Peacekeeper with those eyes tilted towards him.


*Big on hair pulling. If you don’t have any hair to pull he’ll get used to it but then he will definitely grab you.

*Quickies are a thing. He gets an adrenaline rush after a big explosion or anything of the like, and when he sees the hardened look in your eyes, something else gets hardened

*wink wonk

*Very casual about sex. He’ll be sitting playing video games with you and then he’ll ask for a blowjob.

*Public sex is big for him too. He loves to pull you in an alley and fuck you senseless, whispering and giggling in your ear about how dirty you are and how you’ll be in so much trouble if you’re caught.


*Everyone either headcanons him as vanilla af or a kinky mofo. Guess what

*He’s definitely kinky

*He has a lot of pent up sadness and all so in that time where he’s still grieving his mistakes and Genji’s death he feels very masochistic.

*He likes to be whipped and bit and marked up, his shameful moans reaching the high heavens.

*Post Genji confrontation, he’s a bit better with that stuff.

*He still has a bit of masochism to him, but when he’s found his partner he puts pleasure first always.

*Bondage has always been something he’s liked, particularly shibari. The elegance and discipline is soothing to him.

*He’s also into praise like his brother, breathless whispers about how beautiful you are. Again like his brother, he will blush when you respond.

*Now that he’s found you, he’s kind of desperate. He likes to bite and mark you up, not like he did to himself, but a few hickies to remind you who you belong to.