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So you DO do ask who knew Anyways I have another one for you can you do one where Hanzo and Mccree are riding horses together plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

Oh geez this has been in my box for a couple of months and I’m sorry this took so long oTL.  And yes I do take mini requests but as I stated before it takes a while for me to get to them in most cases. oTL

I tried drawing them on horses and I could not make it work I’M SORRY!! But I remembered one of McCree’s data mined lines about a hover horse so…hopefully this’ll make up for it? 。゚(*´~`)゚。

Thank you for the request tho!

“I’m a cowboy. On a hover horse I ride” 
-Jesse McCree

“I think also,” He continued, “that I owe you more than unending gratitude. Apologies, perhaps, also ceaseless in nature, and a heartfelt plea for your forgiveness for being such a faithless fucking idiot last night. Look at me.”

His head snapped up reflexively and Hanzo saw that his eyes were red in a manner having nothing to do with his origins, no matter how strange they might be, and swollen, and he did cross that distance then, and went to his knees, and wrapped his arms around his ranger’s shoulders, whispering fiercely, “It doesn’t matter. It does not matter. You are the man who has saved my life, and the lives of everyone I love, and as long as you are that, nothing else will ever matter. And I am sorry, so very sorry, to have hurt you this way.”

Ghost Stories on Route 66  is so damned good guys!!!!

do you like mchanzo, supernatural elements, monsters, and some attractive ranger mccree? because I SURE DO.

lemme suggest a fic for you, Ghost Stories On Route 66, by @solivar! this is from the most recent chapter.

Ghost Stories on Route 66, by Nagaina or @solivar

Fan Art of Chapter 1 “Somewhere in the middle of hour four, he pulled out his phone and, discovering himself still without connection, opened up his recording app and began dictating the please-don’t-blame-yourself message he’d been writing in his head for at least the last forty minutes so that, when his coyote-gnawed carcass was eventually found by the authorities, the hormones-and-namaste addled little dumbass he called his only family worth having would at least not feel bad about it.”

Spot the early bird Genji Cameo~

genji and hanzo really took opposite routes for me in my heart cuz i love hanzo bc the only hanzo fans i talk to are embittered gays who wanna call him out incessantly over being an idiot and i cant stand most genji content bc the only genji stans i talk to or even know of are gamer men who are kin with him or 30 year old east asian artists who just, really wanna see him with a v*gina

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If you're still taking mchanzo ficlet prompts, maybe Deadlock sometimes sends guys after Jesse and the Shimada clan sends assassins after Hanzo and the two protect each other?

The kind of lives they’ve led are startlingly similar in their themes–from rough childhoods to horrible choices to lifelong chases for redemption. The end result is that McCree and Hanzo both, from time to time, entertain would-be assassins sent by their former ties. 

The attempts are never successful, despite multiple tries on each side over the years. Even if both men weren’t alive simply through their own considerable abilities, the bond between them is unbreakable, solidifying through the shift from steadfast friendship to deep, unifying love, and they fight at each other’s side as perfect complements to one another.

Eventually the assassins just stop coming at all, because the word gets back to their employers that there is never just one man–there is always the pair, each fighting not for themselves but for each other, for a life they’ve haphazardly put together for themselves, and there is no winning a fight like that.