30 day naruto challenge (hard mode: kakashi not allowed!)

ahhhhhhh taichou of my heart! yamato is so steadfast and reliable and dependable and is just such a cool, practical, level-headed dude…. super dreamy!! uwu <3 even his special ability is fantastic, the mokuton is so cool and useful…. he’s just a really neat dude who has got most of his shit together, despite being surrounded by rowdy teenagers with little to no interpersonal skills and a tricksy senpai. <33333

won’t someone….. please… rescue him…..  _(◜◡`」∠)_

mama i sent this to you the night we watched lain together but i guess your submit box ate it???? D: i hope that’s the case and i’m not just annoying you…

so here is…….. serial trollsperiments laraindia 

(from hangedfromstars!!)

argh hanz you are perfect in every way this is perfect it’s everything i ever wanted


the most confusing anime