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Facts about Yixing?

  • Before entering SMEnt., Yixing was already “famous”/known
  • [Unclarified rumor] He had a girlfriend whom he lasted three years with before moving to Korea. His girlfriend broke up with him because she wanted him to focus on his career, she didn’t want to bother Yixing.
  • Yixing has Hemophilia (a rare bleeding disorder)
  • Lay is into cute, petite and innocent-looking girls
  • Once his “idol life” is over, he will probably return to Changsa since he thinks there, he will be more relaxed than in Beijing
  • [LayHan] Yixing used to eat late night snacks with Lu Han
  • Yixing is actually quite stubborn
  • Lay has a considerable fanbase in China, and he’s still quite surprised about it since he thinks he doesn’t have much fans (compared to other members)
  • Off cameras, he’s much naughtier and playful than we think he actually is
  • He plays piano by ear, just like Chanyeol, he doesn’t know to read music notes
  • Yixing’s neck is extremely sensitive
  • Lay is quite blunt and honest
  • Yixing loves babies, and so does taking care of them. Back to when he was filming “Oh My God” he was 24/7 holding Brodie
  • [LayHan] ever since Lu Han left EXO, he has met up with him more than once in Beijing
  • [LayHan] + [Lu Han’s last TLP in Beijing], he asked Yixing: “will you support me when I return home?” (yes, he was referring to leaving EXO) Yixing, with a sad face, told him he would.
  • Lay is actually less close to Junmyeon than we think he is
  • His life motto is: “give your all on endurance, not explosiveness”
  • He thinks Doraemon’s “anywhere door” is quite cool
  • Yixing can’t take alcohol well, that’s why he rarely drinks any
  • When he was little he liked to imitate his teachers, Yixing liked making his classmates laugh even though his teachers would scold him
  • He didn’t like to be the ringleader of the kids his age when he was little
  • Lay’s back suffered from a severe injury some years ago. This back injury has been coming and going throughout the years
  • Regarding the departures of the three Chinese members, Yixing said that he must show his hard work in order to make people realize that Chinese people can be trusted