hanyaan cosplay



Step 1: I started with a really shitty eBay wig from a now closed shop. It was actually both curly and super trashed beforehand, but I straightened it and saved it. Then I cut it off a little below where I wanted the mullet part to be and saved the rest because I knew I would want to use the extra hair to cover the rest of the nonsense.

Step 2) the teasing of the wig begins! Regardless of your feelings on drag queens, please watch YouTube wig teasing tutorials from drag queens instead of cosplayers. None of the cosplay tutorials (yet) are good enough for this. I parted off the hair to the part above the mullet in the back and began to tease. Instead of hairspray, I was using Super 77 spray glue.

Step 3) using scissors, trim your mess of teasing to a level of flat top you think is about right. Cut it too tall rather than too short; it’s easier to take off more if you have to! Also this is where I started using a hairdryer and a fuckload of hairspray to form the back of the mullet, trimming excess hair as I went.

Step 4) try the wig on. It was too tall, so I cut it shorter.

Step 5) now is the time to take the excess hair and cover the hairline extension and the back split so that it doesn’t look like ass! This is nearly impossible with loose hair, so I put the hair lined up on foil, put Tacky Glue on the ends, and let it dry. Then I split apart individual segments, hot glued them into place, and cut a zigzag pattern with scissors to form a fake hairline. They’re held in place over the flat top with both a metric fuckton of hairspray and a few dabs of hot glue where SERIOUSLY needed. And yes, I glued some in the back and sides under the mullet. You really can’t tell unless you look super closely at the back view. Make sure you glue the hair at the proper angle; you can see here how I changed the angle depending on where in the hairline I was.

Step 6) finished Polnareff wig! Hilariously enough, despite being heavily styled, this is one of my most indestructible wigs. It’s really hard to damage it. And I mean “my cat tried to play with it once and I fixed it in 5 minutes” tier indestructible.


Backlog continues with Tsuyu Asui from My Hero Academia! Frog girl best girl. This costume was bought from Taobao and came with a too-big jacket compared to the skirt, so no photoshoot until I buy a smaller jacket.

I did, however, do the wig myself, and let me tell you that bow is enormous and weighs a crapton. Worth every bit of skull strain though for how much fun I have in this costume!


What did I do in January and February?

Binged through the ENTIRETY of Saint Seiya: Sanctuary in a few weeks and then made this and wore it to AOD.

Someone help me; I’m not even close to caught up and this series is taking over my life. Also I had the rose to stick in my mouth and then I just kept posing with it for some reason?? I don’t even know. I need to make an actual good cosplay from this to relieve me of my sins.

Hyoga | Shun

ABC Cosplay Challenge!

F is for… Fucked up wigs!

I am so mature that I can’t resist dropping the f-bomb. But anyway, while this may be my most epicly mutilated wig, I have been routinely hacking up wigs and reassembling them and torturing their poor plastic souls for the last six or seven years. This started out as a waist-length wavy wig. It then became dreadbeast, the eater of souls.

I love wig styling. While I don’t actually like having to store insane styled wigs after the fact, I do absolutely LOVE doing something ridiculous to fake hair and getting “Wow, how did you do that?” No tutorial is not worth saving, no drag queen on Youtube not worth listening to. I’m going to gather ALL THE TIPS and then make those poor wigs not even know what happened to them… as you’ll see tomorrow!

I was lucky enough to meet Grant Imahara from Mythbusters at Anime Expo last weekend. He was sooooo super nice oh my goodness!!! I asked for a photo together, and thanks to having demonstrated JoJo posing… 

Well, I got to help teach a Mythbuster how to JoJo pose. 

It was pretty awesome, even if iphone camera caused issues here.