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xiutothemintotheseok  asked:

Hello muffin :3 Can I make a request too? *shy look* Halloween is near, so, what do you think about some xiuhan where xiumin is a vampire? *puppy eyes* pretty pleeeeease (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

“Minseok, come eat~”


Dressed in his vampire costume, Lu Han’s adorable 3-year old son runs down the hall, little giggles spewing out of his mouth. Minseok is too excited because this will be his first trick-or-treat and he can’t wait to fill his pumpkin basket with candy and popcorn balls. It will be so fun! And his daddy will there with him too, dressed as a big pumpkin.


Lu Han glances down at his son and smiles, seeing his little baby with black slacks, a white dress shirt with a black vest, and a black cape tied around his neck. Minseok’s bangs is slicked up, his face coated a ghostly white, and his lips red and pouty, similar to an antique doll.


“How do I look, papa?” Minseok chimes happily, rocking his body back-and-forth, he hasn’t quite gotten used to his new shoes.


Lu Han smiles and picks up his son, letting the baby automatically wound his legs around his waist. Lu Han carries the boy to the table and sits him down. “My Minnie looks so cute~” Lu Han coos and pinches Minseok’s apple cheeks.


Minseok pouts while giving his father a small glare. “But daddy! I’m not supposed to be cute!”


Lu Han chuckles and sets the table, only taking out plates for the two of them. Lu Han concentrates on the pasta he had on the stove, too busy worrying about burning it again. Minseok’s gaze wanders, and he kicks his feet in the air, a little frustrated with the new black shiny shoes his daddy bought him. They were a bit uncomfortable.


Minseok grins devilishly suddenly, he quietly jumps off of his seat and tiptoes the lanky male. Minseok holds in his laughter and tries to be quiet as possible. The little 4-year old crouches down before letting out an adorable growl.


Before Lu Han can turn around, Minseok latches onto Lu Han’s hips and begins to dig his baby teeth into Lu Han’s jeans, biting the older male and letting soft growls roll out of his mouth. Lu Han looks down and holds in his laughter at the cute sight. In fake shock and fear, Lu Han cries, playing along with his son.


“Oh no~ I’ve been bitten by a vampire~” Lu Han yelps as reacts and he can see Minseok smiling in victory. “Someone call the police!”


Minseok giggles and pats the area he bit his daddy. “Daddy~! It’s me!”


Lu Han chuckles and picks up his son in his arms and he nuzzles his nose against Minseok’s neck, his hands tickling the toddler’s ticklish tummy. “Oh, it’s just my Minnie~”


Minseok lets giggles spill from his mouth and latches onto Lu Han’s large hand and wraps his small hand around Lu Han’s index finger. “Yes, yes daddy~ it’s me!” Minseok settles when Lu Han stops tickling the boy and he cutely pokes at Lu Han’s nose, and he grins brightly. “Now you’re my bride, daddy. You have to run away with me to my castle~”


“Oh, I have to?”




“Well, if my little vampire says so, I just have to obey, huh?” 

anonymous asked:

kitty!luhan & minseokkie please ^^

“Minseokie, Minseokie, Minseokie~”

Minseok’s adorable catboy trails through the hallways with a cheery voice and an excited gleam in his eyes, trying to find his owner for he had something to share with him. 

“What is it, Lu Han?” Minseok asks, poking his head out of the bathroom. He was trying to get rid of a cowlick that has been there at the top of his head since this morning. 

Lu Han’s grin becomes bigger, the corner of his round eyes crinkling. “Sehunnie said we should go bicycling with him and his kitty. Please, please?! I really want to go, so can we, Minseokie?” Lu Han babbles happily, tilting his head to the side to add some adorable boyish charm. 

Minseok is left unfazed though. He knows that since today is Sunday, Lu Han is asking to go with Sehun and Junmyeon just to skip his chores. Minseok vaguely remembers there were dishes scattered across the counter top, and he can remember Lu Han exhaustively promising to clean the dishes himself. Minseok scrutinizes the slightly taller male, who had light brown feline ears perched on the top of his head and a light colored tail waving calmly behind him, and shakes his head.

Lu Han’s face falls. “Why not?!!” Lu Han cries.

“You didn’t clean the dishes.” Minseok simply says, looking back in the bathroom mirror to take care of his bedhair.

“H-how do you kn-know?! I could’ve done them!”   

“Lu Han, when you wash the dishes, there are always wet spots on your clothes becasue you are so careless with water. That’s how I know." 

Lu Han groans, stomping into the living room and faceplants the beige couch Minseok bought from la z boy. 

Minseok can hear the boy grumble and mumble in misery. He can’t help but chuckle softly. Lu Han is such a brat. 

Being the stubborn boy Lu Han is, the silence treatment Minseok receives from him goes on for twenty minutes. But after that short time, Minseok can hear a pair of feet paddling toward him. 

"If I do the dishes, Minseokie, then can I go?” Lu Han says in the softest voice, his lower lip trembling, making him look so delicate and childlike. 

Minseok’s heart softens. When Lu Han looks so fragile like this, he can’t help but say yes. “Fine.” 

Lu Han smiles, tackling Minseok is a generous bear hug. “THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU~”

“Yeah, yeah. whatever~” Minseok laughs as gently pushes Lu Han away from him before the latter can kiss him. “I love you, too."