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re: Anons talking about religion - Should someone tell them that religion being primarily about belief is pretty much only true of Western Christianity and mainstream branches of Islam? Like, no one at a Hindu temple's gonna be like "But do you BELIEVE in Hanuman-ji?" You just do your puja and move on. Same for most Buddhists, Europagans, Zoroastrians, you name it. I just like how aggressive anti-religion atheists don't realize their worldview is still entirely shaped by Christianity.

They always—ALWAYS—look at things with a Christian lens, even when they are supposedly forsaking Christianity. 

A bhakta (devotee) is one who is never separated from his master. Hanuman, as a real bhakta, is always in union with his master. The case of Hanuman is different from other devotees because Hanuman himself is a divine incarnation with all the siddhis at his fingertips, with no need for anything either in this world or in heaven. He chose to remain in the world as the eternal sentinel to sing the glory of Ram Nam, and to give the darshan of Ram to his ardent devotees. He has been working as the divine channel all through the ages.
—  The Near and Dear: Stories of Neem Karoli Baba and his Devotees