hanuman dhoka


Jeremy Villasis เจอเรมี่ วิลลาสิสSveta Bhairava

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Project 365/66. An image of Sveta Bhairava, one in a series depicting the process of crafting religious metal images at Patan Museum. The intended design is a replica of the 15-foot 18th centry repoussé located at Hanuman Dhoka. Only the right side of the face has been gilded with 24-carat gold in this example.

NEPAL, Kathmandu : Nepalese Hindu priests clean the idol of Swet Bharab, which is uncovered only during the Indra Jatra festival, on the first day of festivities at Hanuman Dhoka in Kathmandu on September 25, 2015. The eight-day festival celebrates Indra, the king of gods and god of rains. Kumari, the living goddess, is also taken around parts of the capital city in a religious procession during the festival. AFP PHOTO / Prakash MATHEMA                        


Scooter ride through Kathmandu Durbar Square - before the 2015 Nepal earthquake