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That seems a little too virulent so like don’t worry about the tagging thing unless you wanna. Honestly you don’t even have to answer the questions. ilu.

1. name your favorite fairy tale by aarne-thompson type if you’ve got it or failing that by a vague and wobbly summary.
My absolute favorite, which I could not find in the ATU index, is a substory from Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins wherein Hershel offers pickles to a demon and the demon gets stuck and Hershel is like “I will tell you the secret if you let me light the hanukkiyah” and the demon is like “FINE WHATEVER YOU WANT” and Hershel is like “dude just take one pickle; you’re stuck because you tried to take? all of them? what is that even”
2. do you have synaesthesia?
I do not!
3. have you ever seen  a ghost? you yourself, not someone you knew.
Never seen a ghost but when I was five my babysitter tried to show me magic that I was unable to replicate later for my parents, and we were threatened by a GI Joe action figure once so that was kind of a ghost but I feel like my mental stats were too low as a kid to become a plasticmancer and my greatest regret in life is not asking her, when she visited my mom 15 years later, if all the things I remembered actually happened because what if?? What if magic is real and I could have done it. I failed the test. Never going to Brakebills now.
4. aliens: Would you?
I think a better question is “which aliens: wouldn’t I?” and like okay thinking harder about it there are certain, like, Things that would be massive turnoffs to, ahem, Diplomatic Entanglements, ahem, but like for example Alternian/Beforan trolls yes Klingons yes Vulcans only if they’re halfsies Hutts no Toydarians solid maybe tentacle monsters depends on texture & secretions Twileks sure Na'vi no mulefa no Andalites no Yeerks tentative yes Hork-Bajir mmyes Taxxons no Skrit yes Na no Chee in a hEARtbeat Ketrans hell no the moon-sized brain coral that trapped the Ellimist for several years yes Leerans no voidf
5. do you have a favorite way to do your nails like all the same color or alternating or designs or what?
My favorite way to do my nails is NO WAY BECAUSE NAIL LACQUER IS A TRANSGRESSION BEFORE THE NAME but nah really it’s just that the idea of something on my nails that is not nails is sensory hell, to the point where I feel uncomfortable looking at other people with painted nails
6. what’s the longest you’ve ever gone without showering (doing something cool like camping for three weeks or something doesn’t count)
Hahahahahaha um I would say 2 weeks tops? My mean time-to-shower has like. quadrupled over the last few years.
7. how many languages can you say dirty words in? & what are they?
Russian, Arabic, English, French, wanna say German but I am like a little baby and can’t remember any rn
8. who’s your most embarrassingly transparent favorite character who like Shaped you in a mortifying way? double points for homestuck
Oh dear okay Karkat is like…my most embarrassingly transparent self-insert bc she’s shouty and also a terrible egg baby and hates herself but in a really admiring way; character I was most embarrassingly Shaped by is…probably Marten from Questionable Content…bc he was chill at a time when I really needed to learn to be chill……ugh okay next
9. what’s the worst internet phenomenon you’ve ever had to explain to a family member?
Uhhhh honestly my parents don’t ask questions about memes or discourse but one time I described playing Smear the Q**** with the [redacted] Scouts and my dad was like “UM you do know that’s a slur for gay people right?” and I was like “wait wtf BEN EARLE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU” so that was the worst thing I have ever explained to a family member
10. how bad is your handwriting? bonus points for posting a picture of it.
CAN’T SEEM TO POST THE PICTURE I MADE FOR THIS but yeah my handwriting is 95% legible to me and 20% legible to a surprising number of people. It is very tall and skinny.
11. did he turn his hat around backwards?
He Inverted The Direction Of His Head Adornment

I am tagging @galacsin @menderash @octobig @haretonearnshawismysonnow @itsady @73785733 @bimahbabe @with-amore-infinito @carpebutts uhhhhhh I am for real falling asleep as I consider the complicated social dynamics of who to tag/not tag so I am not going to make it a round 11 anyway question time Ctrl-X Ctrl-V let’s go

1. What’s yr favorite reaction image?
2. If you’re autistic or an autism cousin, what’s an echo you have been fond of recently?
3. Which Carly Rae Jepsen song makes you feel the gayest? If you are unfamiliar with her body of work, which song in general makes you feel the gayest?
4. Give yourself a good good epithet. For instance, I am Lulavet, Mistress of the Endless Night! Get it cuz I don’t sleep ever.
5. Have you ever done a scavenger hunt? If yes, tell me the most memorable clue. If no, make up a scavenger hunt clue!
6. You’re in a desert walking along in the sand. You look down and you see a tortoise. It’s crawling towards you. You reach down and flip the tortoise on its back. The tortoise lays on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun, beating its legs, trying to turn itself over - but it can’t. Not without your help. But you’re not helping. Why is that?
7. Recount a time you saw someone so attractive you just had to, like, lie down?
8. What’s the most disconcerting game glitch you have ever seen?
9. What’s your go-to condiment, when something tastes boring and you want it to not taste boring?
10. What is your most gender-affirming vestment/accessory?
11. Tell me about a character you made up! An original character, if you will.

A Light

Mercy is the Linus of Hanukkah: a story by Holligay. This one’s kind of personal to me, friends, so be nice I guess. About 1200 words. All of HON HON HON is here. 

“Lena, you’re hogging the couch.” Winston looked down at her, sprawled across the cushions, as he settled into the living room.

“Oh come on now, I can’t ‘og an armchair, we all know that,” She looked at him and grinned, “It’s only through my sheer power of will and personal strength that I’m able to mark me place on this–”

Winston picked her up with one hand, and sat down on the couch, Tracer responding with a peal of laughter and a shove against Winston’s shoulder.

“This is some level of oppression, I’m sure of it.” She jumped on to his shoulder and looked into his eyes with mock seriousness. “So who is it you ‘ate, love? Women, or just lesbians?”

Winston thought for a moment, and smirked. “The English.”

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scurator  asked:

Old Retired Dudes? :)?

Erik’s not sure if it’s Charles’ new medication routine or the solidity of a year together, proof that they can live together, keep this relationship afloat without the trappings of their positions, despite the rough edges of their differences. Either way, the second year winter in their little house, Charles drags Erik off towards the big box store near the college a few miles away. He makes Erik push a cart as he purchases new sweaters and socks (and Erik will perfect turning a heel some day soon—he’d much rather Charles wear socks that Erik made for him) and a few electronics that Erik doesn’t care to understand. When he’s through with that, he leads Erik to the seasonal aisle and plants himself in front of the meagre display of Hanukkah decorations.

“Pick one,” he says, gesturing to the hanukkiyahs for sale.

“Have you gone mad?” Erik asks conversationally.

“We’re doing the holidays this year,” Charles informs him. “Hank is sending the little tree I used to keep on my desk. I think the light and color will do us good—I think that’s what made last winter so glum.”

Erik thinks that a chemical imbalance in Charles’ brain made last winter so glum, but he also finds he has no desire to argue with Charles

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