hanukkah: day 8

30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 8. Your favourite anime couple?

Okay well, I don’t like to pick favourites, but I do have one, but I’ll list a few as well…

Oh and this may contain spoilers for some people, I don’t know, just a warning though.

Inuyasha Pairings. 

Inuyasha x Kagome.  These two, are of course, my OTP. They are a perfect pair. Kagome, unlike Kikyo, never wanted Inuyasha to change for her. She believed he was perfect just the way he is… And he really is. Kagome’s really fucking lucky.

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Fuck you Kouga.

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When they finally kissed!!!

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Sango x Miroku. They are, of course, an odd couple. But they are also perfect for each other, and Sango keeps Miroku in line. Haha. But really though, they made adorable babies.

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Sesshoumaru x Kagura. I really wish Kagura hadn’t of died. They would have been perfect… She really cared for him, and at her last moment, you saw he cared for her too.

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I hated this…

Sesshoumaru x Rin (GROWN UP OF COURSE). Of course Rumiko left this up to the viewers to decide… It’s pretty split between the fandom that they’re either going to be future partners, or if Sesshoumaru was more of a father figure to her. I’m torn on it too… But since Kagura died… They’d make an awesome couple. OF COURSE WHEN SHE’S AN ADULT AND CHOOSES TO BE BY HIS SIDE!

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Rin x Kohaku (if Kagura hadn’t died). If Kagura hadn’t of died, this would have been perfect.

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Kyoukai No Rinne Pairing

Rinne x Sakura. Of course I ship them, that’s like asking me if I ship Inuyasha and Kagome…

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Gotta admit… That ^ was adorable.

Ranma ½ Pairing

Ranma x Akane. Two, in denial, love birds. Such a sweet and funny pair.

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Shakugan No Shana Pairing

Shana x Yuji. They’re perfect, I didn’t care for Yoshida at all.

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Vampire Knight Pairing

Kaname x Yuki. Yes they’re related, but they’re vampires. So shush.

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Although I’m not opposed to Zero x Yuki, I just prefer Kaname.

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Naruto/Shippuden Pairings

Naruto x Hinata. ALWAYS AND FOREVER. SUCK IT NARUTO x SAKURA SHIPPERS! WE WERE RIGHT! … Coughs Sorry, I lost my cool there… Let’s continue.

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Temari x Shikamaru. Aren’t they just perfect together???

Cardcaptors Pairing

Sakura x Li. Young love… So cute.

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Ouran High School Host Club Pairing

Haruhi x Tamaki. Perfect for one another.

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I have many more, but let’s stop it here…

Prompt submission #3:

Anders hears his calling and Fenris stays by his side, even as they face certain death in the Deep Roads.

Submitted by miss-ingno

Leaning heavily on his staff, his other hand clutching at the gash in his left side, Anders forced himself to open his eyes and look ahead. The flash of blue in the dark, accompanied by a snarl made him smile as blood and gore dripped from his chin and for a moment, he was able to forget about the soreness of his body, the tiredness that was getting stronger with each passing day.

A hurlock’s body heavily dropped to the ground and it was silent again, save for his shaky exhales and the harsh panting from Fenris, who was now leaning heavily on his broadsword as he tried to catch his breath.

“We got much further than I had originally expected,” Anders rasped.

“So you keep saying, each time we manage to take down a group of Darkspawn,” Fenris pointed out breahtlessly. Anders couldn’t see it in the dark, but he certainly heard the smirk the elf wore on his lips.

“The exit is still within reach.”

Fenris huffed at the words and straightened his back, the glow of his lyrium markings dying down completely. “You can keep saying that all you want, mage. I will continue to ignore the implication.”

Anders gave a half-hearted laugh and finally gave into his exhaustion, his body lowering to the ground even as he stubbornly held on to his staff. Fenris was at his side within a moment and knelt down, one blood-stained hand gently cupping the mage’s cheek. Anders leaned into the touch and smiled when he felt fingers pull back a strand of blond hair, now lined with silver. Years ago, Anders wouldn’t have imagined he’d ever watch himself turn old and grey. He’d had made it longer than most Grey Wardens and that in itself was an achievement.

Anders liked to believe Fenris was the reason for it.

Honey-colored eyes slipped closed and Anders allowed himself to slump against the elf’s strong body. “To be honest,” he murmured, “I don’t think I can take another step, love.”

“Then we won’t,” Fenris replied easily and Anders could feel him shift until he was seated on the ground, rather than kneeling. The broadsword was dropped and lithe arms wrapped tightly around him. Anders gave a shaky sigh and enjoyed the comfort of the elf’s embrace.

“More Darkspawn will find us,” he pointed out tiredly. “I…don’t think I can keep fighting.”

Fenris huffed and grabbed the mage’s chin, forcing him to lift his head. Anders hummed approvingly when dry lips met his for a gentle kiss that lasted for minutes before the elf pulled back eventually. Anders opened his eyes when the lyrium brands flared to life once again, allowing him to gaze into Fenris’ moss green eyes that returned the gaze with sincerity.

“So let them come.”

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Do It For Her/Him (Sworn To The Sword)
Steven Universe

Day 8: Favorite Song

Do It For Her/Him - Connie and Pearl!

I don’t know what to say. I love the meaning behind this, and how it escalated to such a dark past for Pearl. Pearl is doing this for Rose, in this case, she’s making Connie go into her shoes, and fight for Steven, even if it means losing the girl’s life. Connie understands perfectly that she’ll do anything for Steven, and for her mindset to change so quickly is so crazy.

I love the dedication they have for the ones they want to protect, it’s really touching.

Roy/Ed Week, Day 8

A Bean Story, or How Edward Elric Learned to Make Coffee

Summary: Roy likes his bed, his coffee and Ed. Nothing happens. Based on the original anime series, except Roy didn’t lose an eye (you can imagine a scar if you like).

Roy Mustang awoke in the dim, cool morning, wrapped in warm covers, alone. When he opened his eyes upon the empty side of the bed, he could read the wrinkled sheet and dented pillow as a document of the man who had slept beside him the night before. He did not have to twist around to see his alarm clock to know that Edward was up early. Too early, Roy thought, closing his eyes. Way, way too early. Too early to be up, too early to get out of bed, too early to think about getting out of bed, too early to think of anything with more than a vague, wandering attention. Sunk in dumb animal comfort, Roy felt no enthusiasm for doing anything to find out what Ed was doing. Besides, there were just two things that would drag Ed out of bed before sunrise, aside from the usual zombie walk to the bathroom. If it had been an idea breaking through the surface of his deep alchemical subconsciousness, Ed would be found in the study, his face buried in a book, or crouched over his desk, scribbling diagrams and codes across flurries of paper. If it had been a sudden attack of the munchies, there would be a voracious rough-maned scavenger in the kitchen, eating continuously as it assembled breakfast. Roy hoped for the kitchen. If Ed was in the kitchen, it was very likely he was making Roy’s coffee, with Roy’s particular blend of freshly roasted, freshly ground beans, just the way Roy liked it. In another person, it would be a thoughtful gesture of affection. In Edward, it was just logic, because he saw no point in making coffee any other way.

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Day 8: Shopping

30 Day OTP Challenge

I wrote some PG fluff to go with this one.

Hiccup laid two rolls of parchment beside a jar of squid ink and 3 packets of fabric dyes on Trader Johann’s counter. He feigned interest and smiled kindly as Johann rambled on about his adventures and the difference between Nordic and Byzantine textile merchants.

The two men watched Astrid as they talked. It was evident from her glow, Astrid enjoyed  inspecting the items on Johann’s merchant ship. She laughed and posed as she tried out the weapons, sighed with glee as she buried her hand in to open sacks and barrels of seeds and grains, oohed as she eyed the jewellery and read out loud the labels on various jars and nick-knacks, and tsked as she refolded Johann’s newly stocked furs, leathers and linens.

One particular golden coloured fur kept catching her eye, and both Johann and Hiccup observed how as she made her rounds she returned to inspect and stroke it several times.

“Do you like that pelt, Miss Astrid?” Johann asked.

“Why I do, Johann. It is very soft and the colour is nice. What is it?” Astrid replied.

“That my dear, is Eurasian Red Fox, bleached slightly with lye. On my recent trip to Pomerania, I traded one of Master Hiccup’s leather saddles for several sewn pelts and that is my last set of those furs. When I was a boy-”

“It is lovely,” Astrid affirmed, cutting him off.

“How much fur is there?” Hiccup inquired.

Astrid held out the length of the fur in her arms.

“Not, enough for a mat or a cloak but enough to line a hood,” Johann suggested. 

Hiccup eyed Astrid and the fur for a moment and stroked his chin in contemplation.

“I’ll take the fur too,” he said as he turned to Trader Johann.

Astrid’s eyes widened. Though Astrid had restored her family honour and they were well off enough now, Astrid never quite shook the frugality nurtured during the dragon scourge and could not understand why Hiccup would make such a frivolous purchase.  Such a lovely fur was a luxury when a good sheep skin would do the job.

“What use to you have for that fur, Hiccup?” Astrid asked. “You just had one of your father’s bear cloaks converted for this winter.”

Hiccup smiled and took the fur from her and draped it around her shoulders.

“It’s not for me. I am getting tired of wondering how you do not freeze to death, in only your wool cloak, if you even wear it, and since Johann says there is enough here for a hood, I think I’m going to make you a hood.”

“My cloak is itchy and too long for riding Stormfly, but you don’t need to make me a hood, Hiccup. Specially, from this. I imagine it is far too expensive!”

Hiccup threw his head back and chuckled. He petted her arms where the fur overlapped them.

“I think, I’ll manage. One of the perks of being the son of the chief, is I can afford to spoil my future wife every now and then.”

Astrid flushed. They has not been betrothed long, and the thought still set her heart a flutter.

“I’ve been wanting to make you a hood for awhile now but I wasn’t sure you’d wear it. But I’m in a better position now to insist.”

With a cocky smirk, Hiccup gripped the fur pelt and pulled Astrid close against him. He gave her three simple kisses, one on her temple, her cheek, and her lips. He let the last linger as long as social propriety would allow.

Trader Johann coughed politely to remind the young lovers of his presence and smiled jovially as they parted.

“Oh, to be young and in love,” Johann laughed, “I was in love once. She was a pretty girl from a land called Spain. Her hair was dark like raven wings and her eyes gleamed like shining amber. She stole my heart and half my bounty…”

Hiccup and Astrid eyed each other and their hands intertwined as they listened to Trader Johann tell his story of love lost, knowing in their heart they’d never let the other go.



In the end, it was meant to be like this, humanity´s strongest were the guides to freedom.

But even now, with the fresh ocean air tenderly caressing their faces, all the things they lost cannot not be forgotten.

Persistence, hope, strength and sacrifice = Freedom.

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So, this is what my lame ability came up with for this prompt.

Sigh, this has nothing to do with tea, but I guess that after all the can share a cup, right?

Day Eight: Do you have a Least Favorite Hero?

Tim Drake? His characterizations are often my least favorite, although I don’t actually dislike him as a character. In fact, pre 52 Tim is pretty great. I love him in War Games.

However, I HATE new 52 Teen Titans Tim. I said so on day 1 of this thing. (Disclosure: This is based on my knowledge of Teen Titans Volumes 1-4).

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30 Day Naruto Challenge:Day 8

Favorite Fight-Obito Vs Kakashi

this took awhile to get the video to 100MB but i finally did it haha hope it turns out good, but this is one of my favorite fights of the show there were alot of choice but i went we this one cause of the quality of the animations, hope you enjoy!

Frozen Duos Week

Since it is the last day of Frozen Duos week here are some fun headcanons for everyone :)

Day 1 - Anna and ?

  • Anna and Elsa - both have frequent nightmares after the Thaw and whenever that happens they often find themselves in the other’s bedroom  and slip under the covers no questions asked. 
  • Anna and Kristoff - are the kind of couple that teases each other a lot.
  • Anna and Hans - whenever Anna remembers what he did she calms herself by thinking of the very satisfying crunch of his nose under her fist.
  • Anna and Olaf - she uses Olaf to keep tabs on her sister whenever she goes out with Kristoff.
  • Anna and Gerda - after her parents death the older woman used to sing her lullabies to help her sleep.
  • Anna and Sven - whenever she is upset with her oblivious boyfriend or frustrating sister she talks it out with the reindeer. He is a great listener, and always agrees with her. 

Day 2 - Elsa and ?

  • Elsa and Anna - Elsa doesn’t particularly like performing her magic for people because she feels as though she is on display, but when does it for Anna its different. She feels special and it doesn’t feel so much like a curse anymore. 
  • Elsa and Kristoff - are a united front against Anna’s ridiculous schemes. 
  • Elsa and Kai - the first time Elsa holds court (answers petitioners and other queen stuff idk) she spends the entire time squirming in her chair and cursing the moron who built the wooden method of torture. The next time she goes to sit she realizes that there is now a cushion on the seat. Kai gets a raise.
  • Elsa and Olaf - Elsa also uses Olaf to keep tabs on her sister when she is busy with meetings. 
  • Elsa and Sven - though they don’t interact much Elsa has found the reindeer is very useful for making sure Kristoff shows up for important events.

Day 3 - Kristoff and ?

  • Kristoff and Elsa - the first time he and Anna fight Kristoff hides from Elsa for three days, even after they make up.
  • Kristoff and Anna - his casual pet name for her is freckles, his teasing pet name is feisty pants, and his bedroom affectionate pet name is baby.
  • Kristoff and Olaf - explaining social conventions is often left up to the mountain man (though he has told Elsa that he draws the line at explaining where babies come from).
  • Kristoff and Sven - every once in a while, whenever he has trouble sleeping Kristoff spends the night in the stables with his buddy.
  • Kristoff and Bulda - Bulda secretly has woodland creatures spy on her son when he is out harvesting.

Day 4 - Hans and ?

Sorry my Hans lovers I don’t have any for him but feel free to add your own :)

Day 5 - Olaf and ?

  • Olaf and Elsa - Elsa doesn’t let Olaf leave the castle until the epilogue where she introduces him to everyone at once. She wanted to give the people time to get used to the whole our-queen-has-winter-magic thing before springing a sentient snowman on them.
  • Olaf and Anna - he and Anna are always coming up with creative ways to cheer up Elsa or Kristoff. 
  • Olaf and Kristoff - Olaf still accidentally calls Kristoff ‘Sven’ occasionally.
  • Olaf and Sven - they become really close after the thaw and Olaf spends a lot of time in the royal stables telling his friend all the new stuff he learned that day. 
  • Olaf and Marshmallow - they can communicate non-verbally through a shared mental connection.

Day 6 - Sven and ?

  • Sven and Anna - for the longest time Sven did not like any of the girls Kristoff introduced him too. But then he met the nice lady with the carrots and now he is the most hardcore Kristanna shipper, hell he even came up with the ship name.
  • Sven and Kristoff - once a year Kristoff gives his best friend a good luck pat and says goodbye for a week when the reindeer goes of to find a lady reindeer *suggestive eyebrow wiggle*
  • Sven and Olaf - he loves the little guy but always seems to get hungry when the hang out.
  • Sven and Elsa - he always tries to kiss her when he sees Elsa because it is so funny to watch her expression and it always snows afterward. He loves catching the snowflakes on his tongue. 

Day 7 - Parent and ?

  • King Agdar and Elsa - they used to play games where they would discuss Shakespearian plays and sonnets and Elsa would try to guess the hidden meaning behind different verses. 
  • King Agdar and Anna - Anna drew her papa a picture of their family when she was six and he kept in his office drawer until he passed.
  • Queen Idunn and Elsa - whenever Elsa would get stressed about lessons or frustrated with her magic Idunn would always come and talk to her. No matter how much Elsa told her not to or the state of her room. 
  • Queen Idunn and Anna - they used to spend a lot of time in the garden together, talking and reading together. 
  • Bulda and Kristoff - she used to leave her crystal on a rock next to Kritsoff’s sleeping spot as a nightlight.