hanukkah sweater

so how’s this: Mendel having lots of sweaters and also making lots of sweaters just for himself (imagine him sitting at home and knitting his problems away)

he has an awful lot more sweaters than he can wear so he just wears each of them once or twice and then moves on to the next one

and then suddenly hanukkah is near and he is so overwhelmed because SUDDENLY for the first time in YEARS he has a HUGE FAMILY and he needs PRESENTS FOR EVERYONE and he wants to IMPRESS THEM AND GET THEM THE BEST PRESENTS EVER but he’s EXHAUSTED and has no idea what to do



So I have been working on this a disgustingly long time but finally finished another year of Star Trek holiday sweaters. It’s been too long since I really sat down and drew these guys. Kinda rusty still but it’s getting there.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season. Thanks everyone!

I wasn’t going to do another one, but after a couple TNG requests, and many comments about how Worf should be Jewish, too because of his human parents, I had to do it. (We’ll just pretend that in the last one, Ezri gave him the xmas sweater because she thought the tradition was great, and he didn’t want to bother telling her why he wasn’t going to wear it when she gave him those big doe eyes)

And you just know that when Troi’s dad introduced the family to the Christmas sweater tradition, that Lwaxana went ALL OUT with the most GLORIOUSLY GAUDY sweaters in existence. 

I was going to go for representation and give Geordi a Kwanzaa sweater, but I couldn’t find one that worked with the pic, so I apologize.

A little less quality on this one because I wasn’t really trying as hard. Sorry.

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Good vibes! Great vibes! My mom let me get a gentalmanly haircut! And I got men's soap and conditioner and pommade clay and volume thing! I got men's spray deodorant and boxer shorts! I feel very valid today! I'm so happy! Unrelated to being trans. I found four Hanukkah sweaters at target. It's really hard to come by anything Jewish


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stenbrough hc's around the holidays

k im doing these on the bus as a pick me up they might b kinda dumb

-bill always buys stan the most ridiculous, awful hanukkah sweater you’ve ever SEEN like its SO tacky and huge

-stan returns the favor and uses his Old Man Knitting Skills to knit bill a perf sweater to go with his thats christmas

-all the losers pitched in to buy stan a beautiful menorah and he loves it SO much its as valuable to him as his bird books and binoculars

-bill also likes it a lot but he teases stan about liking it more than him and he makes stan kiss the menorah and then kisses it where he kissed it and says “this is the only way we can kiss now, through the menorah” and stan gets really huffy about it and bill has to kiss him to make him stop. it happens like every year

-bill works extra hard to learn all the prayers and songs for hanukkah to make it easier for stan and stanley is absolutely overjoyed, like hes so happy and relieved

-stan chastises his silly boyfriend every year bc he always buys too much gelt and they have to give it all to richie

-every christmas, all the losers go over to mike’s house to spend the weekend and bill and stan always end up, without fail, in front of the fire looking at it and talking softly until the sun is way past where it should be and its too late for them to be up.

-bill asks stan relentlessly to be stan’s new years kiss every single year, over and over. stan says yes, every single time. and every time it happens, stans cheeks turn a bright red and he stumbles back and excuses himself outside. he knows why bill does it, though- new years was their first kiss.