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Astrology fun facts pt.3

- Having a planet in the 12th conjunct your as makes the energy of the planet shine through & noticeable, but in a way that’s more so felt than understood.

- Chiron in the 1st can indicate childhood trauma & self-worth issues.

- The archetypes are expressions, not people.

- Astrology used to be a legitimate science that was closely intertwined with astronomy in earlier days.

- Pisces & 12th house venusians dream of/want a fairy tale love.

- Where your sun is (house) that’s where you’ll shine (through).

- Sagittarians always want more more more - it’s the sign of excess.

- Gemini risings are often small with long limbs.

- Mars in the 1st is often seen as aggressive by others, while the individual doesn’t see it that way at all.

- Venus/Ascendent aspects can give you subtle but good leadership qualities.

- If you won a fixed sign over you’ve got it.

- Pisces’ co-ruler is Jupiter.

- Aquarius’ co-ruler is Saturn.

- The fire signs always have something flirtatious to them.

- Taurus is the most musically talented of the zodiac.

- Pisces mercury can make a good writer, director & visual artist.

- Capricorns always manage to somehow wing themselves through school like nobody else can.

As always, please tell me if you want more of these. 💫🌹

The Signs as Holidays

Aries: Day of the Dead

Taurus: Thanksgiving

Gemini: St. Patrick’s Day 

Cancer: Christmas

Leo: 4th of July

Virgo: Easter

Libra: New Years

Scorpio: Halloween

Sagittarius: April Fools

Capricorn: Earth Day

Aquarius: Hanukkah

Pisces: Valentines Day


emoji spell to promote peace and happiness and relieve tension in homes and families for the holiday season!

if you are lgbtq, a child from an abusive home, the family member with different political views, a witch in the broom closet, or simply someone with a family full of struggles, you are valid and loved and i hope you have a wonderful holiday!

So like Tina and Queenie are Jewish so they celebrate Hanukkah every year - no matter how busy they are each year with the Wizarding side of their identities, they make sure to celebrate Hanukkah.

When Tina marries Newt, their children are raised in a multi-faith home, where they celebrate holidays under both religions (both Christmas and Hanukkah, for example)

31 Days of Johnlock

Day 6 - Happy Hanukkah!

Sherlock couldn’t find the right costume in the last minute so he settled to be the holiday armadillo. Sound familiar? ;)

America: It’s Christmas eve!! Ya know what that means?! Christmas Party!!! That’s right- a bunch of nations getting drunker than normal together. I’m sure they all show up out of love for me, and not some kind of political obligation- ‘cause not even everyone celebrates Christmas- BUT I am willing to party for anything- 

*Crashing and screaming in the background*

America:…I thought I locked my gun collection… 

America: Well! Merry Christmas, anyways. Gotta get back to hosting! (This one’s almost as fun as Hanukkah.)  

anonymous said:  I can’t be the only one who thought of Dadneto and his kids in those Hanukkah jumpers, right?

definitely not the only one! (hanukkah jumper post)

it has recently been brought to my attention that the jumper wanda is wearing in the original post has text on it which is both misogynistic and anti-Semitic. I am not Jewish, and I had no idea that the jumper was so gross, but ignorance is not an excuse and I should have done more research beforehand. I’ve edited out the offensive text and ask that you guys delete the old post from your blogs and reblog this new one instead. @fromchaostocosmos and @shoshanish - thank you for your patience and graciousness. 

The signs as holidays

Aries: Valentine’s Day

Taurus: Christmas

Gemini: Mother’s Day

Cancer: Easter

Leo: April Fool’s Day

Virgo: Hanukkah

Libra: Father’s Day

Scorpio: St. Patrick’s Day

Sagittarius: Halloween

Capricorn: Labor Day

Aquarius: New Year’s Day

Pisces: Thanksgiving