It finally came!!
I had to deal with the post office to get it but yay!
Also I HIGHLY recommend this tablet yo.
It’s ‘offbrand’ kinda but we had a great hanspree flatscreen that was super solid and had a gorgeous interface/resolution.
See all the shit it does (its also running the latest ICS)?
Know how much I paid from Tiger Direct? With shipping AND taxes? A whole $135.41.
Dare u to find a better deal than that.
Compared to a 10.1 Samsung that’s redonkulous.

Just got my new screen.

23 inches. This is almost too much to handle. Almost.

Brand: Hanspree

The build audio speakers such but it’s whatever. I mostly use my headphone anyways. 

Note to anyone who orders from UPS. I noticed that they deliver to businesses first and then to residents. Which is kind of bullshit seeing how residents are the ones who buy from the businesses. I know this doesn’t make any sense but I can rant on my own blog can’t I?

The dude came at 4:00 pm which is when I had to leave for work. I didn’t want to say thank you but this dude looked like he hated his job and had a family. Don’t tell me how I know but I guess it’s just intuition when you see parents everyday. So I said thank you and took my monitor. I didn’t bitch out I swear -.-.

On another note, This monitor is going to definitely help me for my upcoming projects. I just hope my computer comes on time or even earlier. That would be pretty sweet. COME ON factory people. Don’t fail me.