Kyungsoo being gay cute -because that anon asked for it!-

we all have seen this

how he rest his head in jongin’s shoulder

how he seems to be


a little puppy

the maknae like kyungoo hyung so much

So gay… errr… CUTE, even with the couple rings *3*


helping pretty Luge

hugged by Luge


xingxing the real namja strikes again





man!! they are not girls! just in case you didn’t know! you are so gay!! i mean… cute!!

he knows they aren’t girls…

he knows

nobody can resist Do Kyungsoo


well Donghae did it!! he resisted!

but… the squishy is too much

it’s an overdose♪ -of squishyness(?)-

favorite hyung forevahh


Kyungsoo is THE CUTEST OF CUTEST!! SOrry u_U everybody loves him! <3


anonymous asked:

Hello and thank you to both the new and old admins for all your hard work! Are there perhaps any new preggo!soo fics any pairing is fine, and I've already read all the ones previously recced in mpreg. */u\*

Hope you’ll like thse :) - Admin R

Hello everyone and welcome to bottomsoofest, a fic centered around fics where our lovely Kyungsoo bottoms! We (Mod R, Mod L, Mod M and Mod A) are excited, so without further ado, here is the intro post!


  1. We will post according to Korean time zone.(KST)
  2. Everything will be posted on livejournal.
  3. You don’t have to prompt in order to claim, or to claim in order to prompt.
  4. Please, claim a prompt only if you’re 300% sure you won’t drop out.
  5. Avoid talking about your fic on social media.
  6. Every pairing is accepted as long as Kyungsoo is one of the main characters and bottoms. Ot3, ot4 etc are accepted, as well as pairings involving members of other groups/others celebrities (such as Jo In Sung, Kim Woobin…).
  7. Your story doesn’t have to involve smut. You can hint it, or just incorporate D/S undertones.
  8. ONLY bottom!soo if there is smut please. Bottom!soo DOESN’T mean sub!soo. In fact, Mod R absolutely adores dom/bottom!soo, so if you want to write something involving daddy!soo, dom!soo, go ahead, as long as he bottoms.
  9. Pedophilia and stories involving non-con elements are prohibited. Please don’t forget to tag sensitive warnings (underaged sex, triggering contents…). Contact us if you don’t know if you should tag something.
  10. The minimum word count is 750 words for the first check in, 1.2k words for the second check in and 2.5k words for the final submission. You will have to send us your progress via email.
  11. If you have to drop out, please tell us before the 8th of October ( 4 days after the first check in).
  12. Let us know if you need an extension. I’m sure we could work something out!


  • Prompting will start on 26th of July and will end on the 20th of August. The form will be posted on the 26th of July.


  • You will have until the 24th of October to submit your self-prompt. You’re not obligated to submit 1.2k words for the second check in. The minimum is 700 words.


  1. The prompts will be revealed on the 21st of august and the claiming will start right after.
  2. It will end on the 13th of September.
  3. You will have to list the top 3 prompts you liked in the google form. Prompts will be given on a first come, first serve basis. Your 2nd and 3rd choice will be proposed to you if your first prompt is already taken.
  4. You can claim ONE prompt in the beginning. You will be able the claim another one after you submit your first fic.

Twitter: Bottomsoofest
Tumblr: bottomsooficfest
Email: bottomsoo12@gmail.com

EDIT : New schedule