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It’s the twenty-first of January in the awesome year of 2017!
Arin provides voices for the song Atomic Karate in TWRP’s newest album, and he even speaks in Japanese!
Here’s a fun episode to watch today!
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Graphic T-Shirt Friday

Current mood. I’m wearing my big headphones in an effort to have people not talk to me at the office. Management is overrated. This is also why I hated group assignments in school. I prefer to be responsible for my work and my work alone. Also probably why I am a solo runner, not like an awesome team sports person. I’m also feeling tired and cranky today which is not helping my work team spirit. 

I am so tired of marathon training. I’m not just tired OF it, I’m obviously tired FROM it. I was walking up to meet a friend for dinner the other night and felt absurdly lightheaded just because it was an uphill walk. 

This past weekend was my last LONG long run: I ended up running 17.8 miles in 162 minutes.

Looking at it now, I realize why I was so tired since I ran the first, oh ELEVEN MILES way too fast. I guess I didn’t pay that much attention during the run.  

Three hours after completing that, I went to a wedding. I ended up totally leaving right at 10pm when people moved on to the after party because I was so tired just from that run. Plus, I had to be up early to run again on Sunday morning, even if it was just an easy recovery run.

Hansons doesn’t have a very long taper period so despite running my last long run, there are two more weeks of speed and strength workouts to do. Monday was 4 x 1.5 miles @ 4:40ish pace with quarter-mile recoveries:

I was surprised by how well this went considering the long run on Saturday and all the rest of it. 

Rest day on Tuesday! I went to Barre class that evening and my poor legs just hate me but the stretching and movement felt good (it’s not like a fancy barre class. It’s a ballet barre class so it’s not too stressful).

Wednesday, the ten mile tempo run. God, these are hard. Really, nothing like a tempo run at marathon pace to make you feel like you are going to fail miserably at running the actual marathon. 

I tried really hard to keep it right between 7:50-8:00 mile pace so I could avoid the numb quad problem I’ve been encountering at the end of my tempo runs but no such luck. 

But here it is: one more week of hard runs ahead of me, one week of taper and then MARATHON! Usually at this point I can’t wait to have a margarita or whatever after the race but right now, I’m most looking forward to waking up and not feeling like I have to hit a certain time or mileage on my runs. That sounds lovely to me. 


The Grumps had a little mini-stream today on FB and some random handsome guy with the craziest hair just wandered in after doing some vocal warm-ups in the other room for a while!  WEIRD!

possibly unpopular opinion?

it’s been eight and a half minutes into this guest grumps before i heard dan or arin’s voice. it’s been eight straight minutes of steve-o’s unnecessary opinion and slightly irritating voice. 

i am so happy for the grumps to get some extra exposure. for that i’m stoked. if some kid in the midwest who is way into steve-o is watching grumps for the first time because of this, great. but, idk, this feels like a miss. this feels like a washed up mtv celebrity riding the coattails of a highly successful web show to try and resuscitate his career. nothing he’s said so far sounds like anything that would particularly resound with an audience of people who play video games. in fact, it’s mostly just him shitting all over people who play video games. most of what steve has said that struck me as potentially being “Controversial ™” to the grumps crowd, danny and arin quipped back at with class and ease.

sorry grumps, i’m calling it, 12 minutes in and there is no way i’m finishing forty-five (45!!!) minutes of listening to steve-o carry on while danny and arin struggle to get a word in edgewise. maybe it gets better, i’ll never know lol. if anyone who finished the ep wants to add something to the discussion here in the replies and reblogs, i would love to hear it, because i admit that i can’t finish this episode so maybe i’m writing the whole thing off too early. i’m really curious as to what the followers here thought about it/will think about it when they watch it. judging by the youtube comments section, at least, i know i’m not the only one who found it odd. 

To Ice Bath or Not To Ice Bath

Runners are constantly trying to find ways to stay healthy, get faster, and recover faster. A popular trend recently has been how can you recover faster so that you’re healthy and can train hard! One of the ways people do this is by taking an ice bath after a hard workout to avoid getting sore or to stimulate “recovery”. Recovering from a run hurts and taking an ice bath will help ease that pain or soreness. I listened to a lecture by Dr. Richard Hanson, a successful exercise scientists in the running world and the coach or the Brooks Hansons professional running group. In this lecture, he explained ice baths and why you shouldn’t necessarily take them. When you ice, you are reducing the swelling. When you have a bruise and ice it, the swelling goes down a little bit. There’s two types of swelling (I can’t recall the exact names): first, a responsive swelling from jamming a finger or getting a bruise, and second, swelling from extensive and minute muscle tears from running or other forms of exercise. Swelling is a natural reaction by your body to heal. Now, we all know that muscle is built because you tear muscles and then they rebuild themselves stronger than before, but there’s a crucial part of this equation left out that ice baths dilute or minimize: swelling! When you ice bath, you’re accelerating your recovery, but your body isn’t getting as much from the workout as it could have. If your body is familiar with the workout, you’re not in risk of injury, and you’re not racing soon, you shouldn’t ice bath because that swelling is good for maximizing muscle development!

This doesn’t mean you should never ice bath. Alberto Salazar’s athletes tend to avoid ice bath’s, EXCEPT when they are racing. In the two weeks or so leading up to their planned peak performance, they will ice bath after their workouts. This is because they aren’t focusing on muscle development right before they peak, they’re focusing on sharpening the pencil as much as they can before it breaks. So ice baths are great for peaking, but they are also great for recovering in between really important races. If you’re a high schooler in California, ice baths are super important after races because you have to race a full effort (unless you’re @thedestinycollins and super super fast, but she ice baths more than I can imagine) once or twice every week for a couple of weeks to qualify for state. When you race 100% often, you need to accelerate that recovery process to be able to race fast. This is because the focus isn’t neuro muscular development, it’s racing! You need fresh legs for racing. Ice baths are great for injury prevention, also. Say you normally do an 11 mile long run and one day you decide to do a 15 mile long run. It might be a good idea to ice bath because that is very foreign territory for your body and you don’t want to get injured because of the new stress. Ice baths can be phenomenal for many reason, but don’t ice bath willy nilly because you might be reducing the benefits of your strength development. Taking an ice bath won’t injure you of course, but it might slow you down on your path to being as fast as possible.


Wrapped up the #RWRunStreak and kicked off the New Year with two Polar Dash races. First was the 10K with some friends and then I went back for the 5K which marked Mike’s return to racing after his kidney donation.

I used the 10K as my Hansons Tempo Run for the week. I ran the first mile with them, then picked it up to my tempo pace for the next three miles, hitting right on my 8:23 goal pace. After the tempo miles, I eased up and ran back until I found my friends again. I finished the race at their pace and ended up with 6.58 miles in 59:11 which is 9 minutes per mile. Pretty good for a training run even if my race result doesn’t reflect what I really ran. 

After picking up my medal, I went back to the car, changed into dry clothes, and met Mike for the 5K. When he signed up, he said that he was going to walk it. I knew that wouldn’t happen. Then he said he was going to run slow. Right. I was smart enough to bring my music along as I figured he might drop me. Luckily I was able to hang with him and we finished together. 

We ran the 5K in 26:52 or 8:39 per mile. We started a little slower at 8:49 but hit the third mile in 8:15. Pretty awesome for a guy that just had surgery less than 3 weeks ago! The result was good enough to put me 17th out of 406 in my age group. 

I’m pretty pleased that I finished the run streak, and today was a perfect day for a double race. It’s pretty rare that the weather is in the 20’s like it was today, so 2015 is off to a great start. No more streaking, but lots of training ahead.