hansons marathon training

Chicago W4 Tuesday

I just couldn’t bring myself to run my same old route one. more. time. so I decided to head off the other direction and run over to the park I sometimes run through. It was a much needed change of pace. I saw some of the flags from Sunday’s group run hadn’t been picked up so I stopped and grabbed them on the way back. I got more than a few odd stares running with a hand full of orange marker flags.

Tuesdays are normally the SOS (speed/strength) workouts on the Hansons plan but I’ve chucked those workouts (*gasp* I know, I know) and instead will run at a moderate pace on these days and save Thursday tempo and Sunday long runs for more of the harder pace efforts. I feel those two workouts are more representative of the preparation I need for the marathon. If I were running a 5K/10K distance then I think the SOS runs would definitely have an impact on race day. But covering 26.2? At my pace? Nah. I’ll be happy just to keep my legs moving at mile 25, definitely will be no surging towards the finish!

Graphic T-Shirt Friday

TWO DAYS. Well, really, in less than 48 hours I should (hopefully) be DONE with the Chicago Marathon. I know, I KNOW. It’s crazy pants. I’m so ready for that moment though!

Let’s talk goals:

A Goal: 3:30. 

B Goal: 3:35 or below. My current PR is 3:33:18 but I would love to hit that or get a little below it.

C Goal: Finish without walking

D Goal: Finish

E stands for emergency room. Let’s not go down that road.

On paper, I can do this. I did the speedwork, I did the tempo runs, I did the easy runs, I did the long runs. I have run more miles and more consecutive days than ever before. There were some substitutions made because of a couple of races. There was the week I had to take off because of my tendinitis. But generally, I think I followed Hanson’s pretty well. ALL of my training was to meet my time goal. So if I can’t hit it or get in spitting distance then I don’t know what to do about that. 

There are two big things that I can think of that may trip me up. First, it’s supposed to be a warm day. Luckily, the morning looks cool and if I can finish in time, then I’m hoping the heat won’t affect me much. The other thing is, well, biology. I’m due to start my period basically right now but it’s not super regular so it could be anytime in the next week. I’ve had some cramping and stomach issues the past couple of days which is normal but it doesn’t make me feel great.

My basic approach for this is to keep it simple: run with or close to the 3:30 pacer. Ditch the extras: I’m not wearing my hydration backpack this time because I drank too much during Marine Corps and then had to go to the bathroom. My gels and a small water bottle are on my belt, I’ll use the aid station for any other hydration. I’m bringing my iPod  and will turn it on between mile 14-16, depending on how I’m feeling. At mile 16, it’s just another tempo run, right?

Oddly, the idea that I haven’t run more than 16 miles in training isn’t freaking me out. Okay, it might on Sunday morning when I hit 16 miles but right now? I’m cool with it. 

I have run 948 miles between May 1 and today. Last year, I ran 659 miles from May 1 through the END of October (when I was training for and then ran Marine Corps). So if I’m not ready now, I don’t think I’ll ever be. 


Detroit W15D7 - LONG 16

Target pace: 10:29
Actual pace: 9:58

The final 16 miler is done!! I can’t decide if the thought that my race is three weeks from today excites or terrifies me.

Anyway this run! Started out great! I felt strong and was going along. The thought of all of the miles ahead worried me, but I was in good spirits. It was starting to get warmer than I was expecting. Around mile 5 there is a drinking fountain I usually refill my bottles at, but for some reason today I decided I didn’t need to. I would later regret that!

I ran to mile 8 and turned around. This is when I realized I should have filled my bottles. I had some left, but I wasn’t going to be adequate to get back to the fountains. I didn’t really have a choice though, so I kept heading back. Once I got to the fountains I was so thirsty and excited! I knew I was drinking too much water, but the thirst! I eventually got myself moving again and of course felt like I had an aquarium in my stomach. I only have 4 miles left at that point, so I just kept pushing forward. I still felt strong overall, although it was getting warmer and the sun was beating down on me. I did my best to relax though and imagining these hard miles as the last miles of the race. I tried to picture the finish line and how relieved I would feel! It definitely helped!

Overall I’m happy with this run! I had a good pace and felt strong. Had I been smarter about my hydrating I know I would have been more successful. I am slightly bummed this run didn’t go really great though. I just wanted it to be a real confidence booster. I need to not be negative about it though! The main factor of the day was the weather, which was out of my control, and I’m sure the weather will be cooler on race day. Also I had a comforting thought during this run which was that this is likely the hardest run of my training. It’s the highest weekly mileage and the final of the long runs. It’s not supposed to be easy! But it’s supposed to make me stronger! Which is in my control! I need to stay positive about this run. I did good! Aside from the heat and hydration issues, there were no other issues. Legs felt great and I felt strong. So this run was a success! The final long run! It’s over! The taper is so close I can taste it!

Thanks for reading if you’ve made it this far haha you now know the thoughts that chaotically run through my head! I think I need to drink more water haha

I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend! I’ve been eating and sitting the rest of today and I’m very content about it :)

Marathon training: week one.

Monday: 45 minutes on the elliptical
Tuesday: 5.07 miles avg. pace: 7:21/strength training at night
Wednesday: 45 minutes on the elliptical
Thursday: 5 miles avg pace: 7:29 followed by 30 minutes HITT circuit training
Friday: 3 miles w/ Grace avg. pace 7:35 followed by 30 minutes elliptical
Saturday: 3 miles w/ Grace avg. pace 7:27
Sunday: 6 miles avg. pace 7:38 (probably doing legs/core at some point today)

Total mileage: 22
Beard status: pathetic

Honestly, I’m just really fucking happy to have running back in my life. I feel like I’m in some cheesy musical and when my alarm goes off in the morning I spring up out of bed with a big ol’ dorky smile on my face. But, uh, yeah. The Hansons marathon method that I’m following has two plans: beginners & advanced. I’m not a beginner, but I’m also not quite *~advanced~* yet. So, I put the beginners plan and the advance plan side-by-side and made my own plan. It’s basically just the average of the given day from the two plans. Eventually I’ll be transitioning into the advance plan in the next month or so. Hansons’ goes into depth on what paces you should be running for a given workout depending on what your marathon goal is. For a 2:55 marathon I should be doing these easy runs at a 7:37 pace. First couple of runs I got a lil ahead of myself (excitement, I suppose) but I’m really happy with how well this mornings 6 mile run went. Settled in at the given pace and went with it. As far as my legs are concerned, all good homie. No pain whatsoever while out running. The only thing that makes me “?” is that my right leg (leg that was operated on last year) was feeling a bit sore/tender last night. Whereas my left leg (3 months since surgery), feels perfectly alright. The surgeon who performed my first fasciotomy really screwed me up. Anddddd yeah. I’m excited. One week down//seventeen weeks to go. Portland, imma comin’ for ya!

Chicago-Hansons Week 11/18: Mid-Week Check In

(with bonus mini race recap!)

Not to self: STOP WITH THIS POSE. 

I think a summary of the “big” runs of the past week could just be, blargh. 

I ran a race over the weekend, the Leesburg 20k. And okay, I went into it having spent two days at the beach with friends, getting very little sleep, and a little too much alcohol. It wasn’t the ideal prep for race day. 

The race started bright and early at 7:30am but it was already HOT. I was so not prepared for that. Luckily, almost the entire course was on the W&OD trail which was nicely shaded! The course was also an out and back…with the out going up and the back coming gradually down.

The race was very quiet. That’s the only way I can think of how to describe it. Since it was all on a bike path and pretty early in the morning, the only spectators were the aid station volunteers. They, however, were totally awesome. A ton of aid stations (since they were there on the out and back) and so many people and so loud when I came through!

I did pretty well all things considered but I’m not going to lie, my effort felt so flat somehow. I think it was a combination of the previous few days and also just general exhaustion from training.

The other problem was that I am TERRIBLE at pacing myself. Seriously. I wanted to hit between 7:50-8:00 for my miles but everytime I looked at my watch I was too fast or too slow and then I would panic and try to compensate and I have no chill, basically.

I also totally miscalculated the distance I had left at the end. I tried kicking for the last .25 but it ended up being more like .45 and uphill and ohmygod my poor legs. My poor poor legs.

Official results: 1:37:25. 28th female. 6th in AG (the 5th place girl in my AG was at least four minutes ahead of me which actually makes me happy. If she had finished just a minute or 40 seconds ahead I would be thinking of all the ways I could have been faster overall).

Since I raced on Sunday, I made Monday a recovery day and ran an easy 6 miles. Nothing happened.

Tuesday was a rest day!

This morning (Wednesday) I was back on with an eight mile tempo run. It’s the first time I’ve had to do it in Gaithersburg (where my office is) and I was not thrilled about it because I had to get up even earlier than usual to get there and it’s all on sidewalks with road crossings, etc.

It sucked. I really failed the pacing thing again. First mistake:I realized  I’m using my tempo runs as speed work. They aren’t supposed to be! They’re supposed to be race pace practice. This is why I can’t maintain pace. 

Second mistake: general overcompensation every time I look at my watch. Too fast, too slow, I could not settle down at all. It was hard and I ended up feeling pretty cranky about the idea of running 26.2 miles at race pace. LUCKILY, Chicago has a pacer for the 3:30 and we are going to become BFFs.

Anyways, they can’t all be good but I’m hoping my aha moment about tempo runs=race practice will really help me improve over the next few weeks because race day approacheth!


Detroit W11D7 - LONG 16

Target pace: 10:29
Actual pace: 10:08

First of the three 16 milers! This one went by well! I set out early (should have been earlier) to try to beat the heat. That only lasted until about half way through, but oh well!

The first three miles went by okay, the usual waiting for my body to relax into the run. I stopped at a water fountain right at mile 3 and chatted with a guy out running too. He was aiming for 20ish miles today and is training for the Wisconsin iron man. A nice exchange with a fellow endurance athlete :) I saw him again towards the end of my run. We both weakly waved at each other haha

I ended up taking a gel at mile 4 because I was feeling sluggish. That helped so much! I decided to take them every 4 miles instead of 5 like usual. I think that was a good choice I may continue to implement.

Once I reached the half way point I was feeling good still. My return home things got a little tougher. It was getting much hotter and the sun kept peaking out. I made sure to take frequent water stops though and just kept pushing forward. My legs were getting really tired too, but I knew this run would make them stronger. Once I got to the final two mile stretch I was still feeling strong. If it hadn’t been so hot I know I would have felt great. I pushed the last two miles and finished happy and strong (and very very sweaty) :)

Once I got inside I chugged so much water and turned into a puddle on the ground. I was wishing so hard for someone to make me food, but alas as I live alone that did not happen. I eventually picked myself up, showered, and devoured a wonderful self made brunch.

Overall a successful long run! I’m happy with how this went and with how I’m feeling. I hope the trend continues! :)

I hope you all had great weekends! I’m excited to read long run recaps!


Boston Marathon Training W6D6

You guys are probably sick of me talking about a victory everyday. Oh well, if you are, sorry, because here comes another one. With today’s easy 8 miles, this completes an entire training week without pain.

I am not 100% positive, but I think this may be the first week of training that I have been able to complete from start to finish without missing a step. It is definitely the one where I feel like I’ve got my old self back. As much as I talk about it here, I have actually begun to stop thinking about the possibility of pain while actually running. I’m hoping that it is just a thing of forgotten memories, like so many other ailments I’ve had over the years, that are brutal while going through, but then suddenly disappear and never again rear their ugly heads.

Week 6 is complete at 37.79 miles.

Week 7 is going to be approximately 38 miles and made up of easy 4, 8 x 600 speed, 5 mile tempo, easy 4, easy 6, and long 10.

Easy 8 miles.

Target pace: 12:05-12:55
Actual pace: 12:16


September 1st: Body Appreciation Post

I have a waist, guys! Look at those arms! Check out dem calves!

Please ignore the A+D ointment stained shirt. It comes with beastmode territory.

217 miles covered for August. By far my largest mileage month, ever.

Two hundred and seventeen. That’s really fricken far, guys!!

I’m not sure a run will happen today.

I’m not thrilled to start September off with a “red” day, but the outside of my right foot is definitely bruised. I’m doing my best to subscribe to better safe than sorry.

I’ve been incredibly good at keeping up with my mileage and at this point, staying injury free is more important than running these specific five miles.


In any case, my plan is to spend today fully recovering from 16 trail miles and run 5 easy on Wednesday. #Can'tStopWon'tStop

Chicago Marathon, Hansons Plan: Week 18/18, Mid-Week Check In



Four days (I’m counting today. Technically it’s like three and a half. WHATEVER, I run, I don’t math)!

Okay, okay. I’m actually….feeling good? Ish? You know, about as well as can be expected. This morning’s run was the first one where afterwards my body was sort of like, is that IT? I don’t know about you all but sometimes I can feel energy sort of humming through my veins and that’s how I felt this morning. So the taper is working. Four more days to rest up and let that energy build.

Despite yesterday’s mini moment, I’m actually feeling prepared. I mean, as @94monkeys, pointed out: the hay is in the barn. Nothing I do between now and then (running wise) is going to help much but there’s plenty of damage that I could do with something stupid. Yes, I made some modifications to the training plan but I think I made smart swaps and didn’t compromise my training over all. On paper, I’m ready, and that’s definitely a comforting thought.

Right now I’m concentrating on sleeping which is actually going better than expected. I came to the novel realization that I can just…sleep in if I want. Working from home gives me the flexibility to sleep basically until 8:59am if I choose to and I can always run later in the day. So if I’m up until 1 or 2 am, nbd. Shockingly, this realization has totally calmed me and I’ve been sleeping well every night. Now that I’ve written about it, no doubt, I will now have insomnia until Sunday.

Runs have all been easy and slow. I also made two ART (Active Release Therapy) appointments this week. Today was my last one and my chiropractor was a saint and worked on both of my feet and calves. Usually my appointments are only 15 minutes but he worked on me for 25 and it was amazing. Coincidentally, this was also the last chiro appointment my insurance will cover for the year. 

So yeah, that’s all I’ve got. I’ll probably post about goals and strategy later but I’m so close, I can almost taste it!


Detroit W9D7 - LONG 15

Target pace: 10:29
Actual pace: 10:13

This went so good!! I was so nervous to do it because long runs always scare me. But I’m so happy with how this went!

I got up at 6 am and ate my oatmeal in my bed. I then took a half hour nap to digest haha after that I rolled out of bed and got ready and nervously headed out.

The first two miles weren’t great. I was nervous and just couldn’t clam down and find a rhythm. After the second mile I make a turn and it’s off of the main road and I think that always calms me down. After mile two I really felt great! I felt like I found my rhythm and was just cruising along. I made sure to keep my pace in check since I had a lot of miles to do today.

One great thing about the path I run on is there are water fountains along the way. So I made sure I was hydrating during my run and filling up my bottles as I passed the fountains. I took a gu at mile 5 and 10 and that helped keep my energy up.

I was ridiculously sweaty during this run too! So much sweat and I was legit salty when I was done. Pretty gross haha I also had two near run ins with geese on this run. I had to cross the street in order to avoid them. I hate geese haha they scare me!

Overall very happy with this run! The weather was great, the time went by fast, and I felt good the whole time. Can’t ask for anything better for a long run :)

I hope you all had great weekends!!! :) :) :)

Happy National Running Day!

I celebrated by taking a rest day and doing 40 minutes of recovery yoga.  My body needs it after all this running!  And then I made an appointment at a sport doc for Active Release Therapy on my plantar fascitis. It flared up this past week and I’m so over it. Does anyone else hobble around after they get out bed? No? Just me? There’s only so much I can do at home so I feel like I need to call in the big guns to get me through this intense training cycle.

When I say intense, I mean it. I copied out the Hanson’s beginner plan into my journal and realized how CRAZY it is. I read the book but it still didn’t hit me until I wrote it out: jump from 24 miles to 39 miles in one week? Long run goes from 10 to 15 miles in one week? Six days of running? Yeah, it qualifies as training madness. That’s why I’ve been trying to get into the habit of running six days a week already. I’m keeping my mileage fairly low at 4-6 miles per run and easy with paces between 8:30-9 minutes per mile until the training catches up with me around week 5 of the plan but I am totally intimidated. 


My roommate caught me reading “Racing Weight” last night and totally judged me. She also heard me listening to the Runner Academy podcast while cleaning the other day. She definitely thinks I have a problem. Whatever. I like it.

Rest and recovery day. These compression socks don’t match and don’t work with this outfit but luckily I work from home and can wear what I want.

And God knows, I needed this rest day. I’ve had an eventful couple of runs over the past few days!

Saturday was long run day: 10 miles. I went out for a coworker’s birthday on Friday night and was very grumpy that I didn’t get home until 1 am. I was working from 10-5:30 on Saturday so I had to wake up early and get that run in pretty early and on very little sleep (by my standards). When my alarm went off on Saturday morning I was dismayed to hear rain against my window but was hoping it was just a stray shower. I was wrong. For ten miles (and the whole day really), it POURED rain. I was wringing out my shirt and my hat every couple of miles. My fingers started pruning and by the end, my shoes were squishy. I stood on my porch at the end and took off as much as I could while protecting my modesty and just WRUNG out my clothing.

To be honest, around mile 3 I wanted to cry because I was so tired but it never crossed my mind to quit. The thing about Hansons is that it really doesn’t give you a ton of wiggle room so I knew I had to get this run in and that was my only chance to do it.

I did make the executive decision to catch up on sleep so I ended up running Sunday’s recovery in the evening. Originally this was going to work out perfectly: Sunday evening run and then do Monday’s speedwork in the evening as well since Tuesday (today) is a rest day and then I could use it to reset back to morning runs.

But when I was getting my stuff ready for work on Sunday night, I felt surprisingly good so I thought I would just suck it up and hit the track on Monday morning. I was doing something unusual by going into the office on a Monday but luckily there’s a high school a mile away from my office so I thought I could go to their track.

Sadly, I was foiled in that plan. Stupid Montgomery County high schools CLOSE their tracks to the public! So I had to improvise: there was a park with a mile long paved trail across the street so my 6x800 repeats became 6x ½ mile repeats (literally the same distance):

I CANNOT believe I pulled them off. I was aiming for 3:30s. Seriously. I wanted to die for about 75% of this workout. Plus the trail isn’t nice and flat like a track. There were a couple of tight turns and and hills along the course. But yeah, I’m going to give myself a high five here and say that I pretty much nailed it.

That’s my “track.”

And then last night I thought I was too cool for school and went on a bike ride to enjoy the nice weather. My legs are so tired today. So I’m taking a real rest day and not even considering going swimming tonight. Rest is important too!

Chicago Marathon, Hansons Plan: Week 16/18, Mid-Week Check In

After staying away from caffeinated beverages for almost a year (I drink decaf coffee when I go to Starbucks), I’m at that point where it’s necessary. English Breakfast Tea was brewed. I love it.

So…two and a half weeks until the marathon. I’m sort of in shock because I’ve clearly been training but somehow I haven’t felt like I’ve hit “peak” training yet. Maybe because I’ve been running all the miles for like…forever so I’m not feeling any different week to week? Except after my 16 milers: those sort of killed me (oh and the triathlon). Not exactly confidence inspiring, to be honest.

Quick running schedule recap: I spent my weekend in New Jersey and New York attending my dads 35th college reunion. I had to get up early and pick up my sister from a local college on Saturday morning to drive her up to West Point so I pushed my long 16 mile run from Saturday to Sunday (I did run 8 miles on Saturday though).

I ran this one on a 6 mile long bike path in New Jersey. It was nice because the whole path was uninterrupted by any sort of street crossings. I didn’t love how flat it was. But the scenery was pretty and I think I did pretty well. The first 10 or so miles flew by but after that I was doubling back on parts I had already run (I parked in the middle of this path) and then the whole thing felt tedious. But I made it. 

This was my last “long” run and now I am “tapering”  (so instead of running 60 miles per week, I get to run 50 miles per week. Oh Hansons, so cute).

Following that, I substituted Monday’s speed work with a 6 mile recovery run.

Tuesday was a rest day. I don’t mess with this.

I don’t really like that I had to change things around and basically skip my speed day on Monday but it worked out the best around my crazy schedule. 

Today, however, I went back to my regularly scheduled 10 mile tempo run. Fall weather is MAGICAL, you guys:

Look, it’s still not easy but I didn’t die and I felt like I could keep it up for a while longer. Not for another 16 miles necessarily, but for a while. The pace, however, has reinforced the idea that I am going to just stick with the 3:30 pace group during the marathon. I can’t be trusted to do it on my own.

On with the taper!

Coffee Date!

Fake it til you make it, ammirite?

Not pictured: the iced passion tea I also got from Starbucks. I am fading hard here. I think I have some sort of combination of a cold and allergies and all I want to do is sleep. So I’m popping CVS brand Zicam and getting lots of sleep and drinking water. I refuse to still feel ill on Friday, because I AM GOING TO ICELAND AND GERMANY!

I can’t even tell you all how excited I am. I’m heading to Iceland first, for a quick 48 hours and then heading on to Germany for a week. In addition to visiting my family there, I will be meeting angeldrinkstea (!!!!!!) and running a half marathon! And eating lots of delicious food and drinking delicious wine and beer. 

I just have to survive! Last week was a crazy crazy work week and this week is gearing up for some crazy too–which is why I’ve been AWOL on here lately. 

I have been running though! And guess what:

NIce and easier runs (except for that 10k which was a PR!). I’ve really really been concentrating on taking things from “race runs” to “regular runs” and I feel fairly successful (this cold is making it pretty easy to run easy too)! I have to admit, it’s still weird only because I feel like doing slower runs will make me a slower runner. But, my legs don’t feel as completely shot everyday so running more seems possible. I DO need to mix in some speed training though.

I’ve been reading Hansons Marathon Method and I’m tempted to drink the kool-aid and give it a shot. I’m worried about the volume causing an injury though. But the basis of more running=better running makes sense as does taking things easy so you’re not burning out on the high volume. I have about five  months between now and Chicago so I think I’m going to start bumping up the frequency of my runs over the next four weeks and see how my body responds. If I feel okay, I’ll go with Hansons. If I feel like my knees are about to give out on me, I’ll stick with a more traditional program. 

Chicago seems like the perfect marathon to give Hansons a shot, though. Mostly because after I return from Germany, I have nothing planned between then and the marathon. No weird trips or obligations that could deter me from the plan. No real crazy races either (although that will change, I’m sure. Summer time is trail time!). It’s definitely tempting. 

Hola! Long time, no selfies!

Actually, this post has been sitting open ALL DAY which is pretty indicative of my general life lately. Too many tabs open, too many things going on all the time.

But you know what? Marathon training starts ONE WEEK from today. In case you missed it, I signed up for the Richmond Marathon on November 12 of this year. Why? I mean, why does anyone sign up for these crazy things. Glory, honor, an excuse to buy more accessories?

I’m following Hanson’s plan again and have made modifications! I think I hinted at this a while ago but I reread their training theory and then realized I’m not actually as creative as I think I am but here goes.

My problem with the Chicago Marathon, despite the PR, is that I ran out of steam. It could have been weather but I think part of it was just endurance. The plan wasn’t able to get me past mile 22 smoothly and that’s where I lost almost all of the time I fought so hard for over the course. So this time around, I want more miles.

Hansons has a couple of ways you can do this: the first and what they seem to say makes the most sense, you can nix the rest day and add in an easy run day. In my case though, that rest day is holy. My body needs it and it’s something I looked forward to each week.

The other way to add more miles is to add some on over the course of the week. Here’s the way I’m going to do it. I’m going to stop running for distance and I’m going to run for time. For example: for me, an easy run day of 6 miles at a 9 min/mile pace works out to roughly 54 minutes of running. This time though, I’m going to convert all the miles to 10 minute miles. Overall, this isn’t a huge leap: 54 minutes to 60 minutes is a little over 6.5 miles. As the training gets longer, however, that distance becomes more significant. Now, a 16 mile day (the longest distance of the plan) is 160 minutes of running whereas before it was about 144 minutes. It’s still not hugely dramatic but that’s almost two extra miles if I’m at a 9 minute pace. 

Follow me so far? I’m hoping that doing it this way is continues the logical progression of training so I’m not going too far too fast. But I do hope it has a measurable impact on my marathon!

The only things I’m not modifying are the speedwork and tempo days. Those are deliberate distances at a certain pace so I am not qualified to mess around with those.

Things I’m worried about are the usual: burnout and injury. The burnout factor is actually very real to me. Mostly because i think I’m STILL burned out on running. This is part of the reason I’ve been quieter on tumblr lately. Running is part of my life but it’s not all of my life anymore (for better or worse). I’m not feeling a ton of passion in it these days. But I am nothing if not a creature of habit and routine so having a goal and a training plan still makes me feel better about my life. 

Graphic T-Shirt Friday

Current mood. I’m wearing my big headphones in an effort to have people not talk to me at the office. Management is overrated. This is also why I hated group assignments in school. I prefer to be responsible for my work and my work alone. Also probably why I am a solo runner, not like an awesome team sports person. I’m also feeling tired and cranky today which is not helping my work team spirit. 

I am so tired of marathon training. I’m not just tired OF it, I’m obviously tired FROM it. I was walking up to meet a friend for dinner the other night and felt absurdly lightheaded just because it was an uphill walk. 

This past weekend was my last LONG long run: I ended up running 17.8 miles in 162 minutes.

Looking at it now, I realize why I was so tired since I ran the first, oh ELEVEN MILES way too fast. I guess I didn’t pay that much attention during the run.  

Three hours after completing that, I went to a wedding. I ended up totally leaving right at 10pm when people moved on to the after party because I was so tired just from that run. Plus, I had to be up early to run again on Sunday morning, even if it was just an easy recovery run.

Hansons doesn’t have a very long taper period so despite running my last long run, there are two more weeks of speed and strength workouts to do. Monday was 4 x 1.5 miles @ 4:40ish pace with quarter-mile recoveries:

I was surprised by how well this went considering the long run on Saturday and all the rest of it. 

Rest day on Tuesday! I went to Barre class that evening and my poor legs just hate me but the stretching and movement felt good (it’s not like a fancy barre class. It’s a ballet barre class so it’s not too stressful).

Wednesday, the ten mile tempo run. God, these are hard. Really, nothing like a tempo run at marathon pace to make you feel like you are going to fail miserably at running the actual marathon. 

I tried really hard to keep it right between 7:50-8:00 mile pace so I could avoid the numb quad problem I’ve been encountering at the end of my tempo runs but no such luck. 

But here it is: one more week of hard runs ahead of me, one week of taper and then MARATHON! Usually at this point I can’t wait to have a margarita or whatever after the race but right now, I’m most looking forward to waking up and not feeling like I have to hit a certain time or mileage on my runs. That sounds lovely to me. 

Chicago Marathon, Hansons Plan: Week 15/18, Mid-Week Check In

With bonus good hair day! 

Obviously, the big news of the weekend was that I did my first triathlon! Thanks for all the support guys. If I hadn’t been falling asleep on the couch at 3pm, I would have replied to you all much better. It was really fun and I hope to write up a race recap as soon as the pictures are posted to marathonfoto possible.

Other than that, this week has gone swimmingly re: running! Thank you for the cooler temps, fall! All of a sudden I’ve gone from a hot sweaty panting mess to a graceful gazelle. Sort of. 

Monday was supposed to be 3 x 2 miles at 7:50 pace with ½ mile recovery periods (total milesage 9) but I planned on  running 9 easy miles instead since it was the day after the tri. As always, plans went awry. First, I totally overslept and realized I only had time for 6 miles. BUT THEN, it was SO nice outside and I was feeling SO good that I ended up doing 2 x 2.5 miles at 7:50pace because…why not? I was going to stop as soon as my body started pushing back but it never did!

So yeah, not exactly what was planned but I’m going to go with a firm “nailed it” anyways.

Then yesterday was a true rest day. It was amazing. I totally agree with you ariavie, I don’t understand how some people don’t take them! 

Today was another sort of weird run day. It’s tempo run day and I had to do 10 miles at marathon pace plus of course the warm up and cool down miles. Gulp. On any morning, this is daunting but I had the added challenge of having to go into the office today. So I was up before 6am to drive to work and run around Gaithersburg. It actually went a LOT better than I was expecting. 

Splits were:

1 (warm up) 9:00

2- 7:54

3- 7:50

4 - 7:52

5 - 7:52

6 - 7:54

7 - 7:53

8- 7:52

9 - 7:54

10 - 7:56

11 - 7:54

12 (only .75 and the cooldown) - 6:50

I did something new for this run as well and for the first time in years, ran with music (other than the rare times I run on a treadmill). I think it really helped actually because it prevented the run from becoming monotonous and my legs wanted to follow the beat.

Overall, I’m tired still but feeling like I’m in a much better place. This weekend I run my second and last 16 miler before starting the taper. Eek!