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Gettysburg Battlefield Half Marathon Training
Easy 3
Ran with Team Mark at the Achilles workout this morning. He also had an easy 3 on his training schedule. And thanks to a three week honeymoon in Italy, his easy pace was totally managable for me.
Then lunch at Clarkville. Pictured are the remnants of half of a vegan eggplant parm sandwich, tomato fennel soup, and a slice of loaded potato pizza.

April Check In

Look at those trees budding! Spring is here in the Midwest!

April mileage: 279.6 (I may sneak in 6 more before tonight ends)

Races: 2

Road 10K: 7th overall, 1st AG; 39:15 

Road 10K: 3rd overall, 1st AG: 39:43

Group long runs: 2

2017 Goals Status:

1) Average 50 miles/week for 2017: currently on track with 57.7 miles/week for the year so far.

2)  Run a race at sub-marathon distance that converts to ~3:02:32 or faster on the McMillan Calculator for the marathon: not yet. 

3)  Do not race a marathon until #2 is achieved: check.

4)  Race more frequently, with a target of 10 races in 2017: on track! 7 races completed for the year so far.

5)  Do at least one long run per month with the local crew: on track (2 long runs this month).

Interval updates:

This was my highest mileage month of the past three years, which is crazy to me as I thought I missed too many runs. I’ve also been able to log 200+ miles for six out of the last seven months. 

Overall, I’m very happy with how this training cycle is progressing. The next month will be spent sharpening up for the June half marathon and gently getting down to something near my racing weight. I don’t have any races planned until the half and doubt I will jump into one last minute. Instead, I am viewing this month as my opportunity to largely adhere to my training plan and appropriately taper for a hard effort in a few weeks. Our training group is pressuring me to sign up for a fall marathon with them…we’ll see how the summer goes (goal #2) but I do think it would be a great experience. 

Despite the higher miles I have experienced zero aches or pains. For this I am extremely grateful and entirely credit the Lydiard-inspired base I built during the winter. This will undoubtedly be an annual part of my training year in upcoming years. 

RTP WK15D07 Saturday ¼/13

I was supposed to run 3 miles yesterday but all day I felt run down, tired and it slightly hurt to swallow. I chose to take the day off. I went to sleep early and slept in until 11:30. I felt much better today!

Today called for 5 miles. It was 40 degrees and very little wind when I started out but around the halfway point the wind really started gusting and it became miserable to finish out the run. My hip has been bothering me lately and the cold seemed to really aggravate it. Tomorrow is supposed to be another 5 mile run but if the hip is still hurting I’ll go to the gym and use the elliptical instead.

Now back to watching the Chiefs-Colts game and fingers crossed KC can get focused and not throw this lead away. Ugh!!!

Yeah I’ve wondered that myself.

The Hal Higdon plans average around 20 miles/wk with most runs between 3-5 miles and then one long run. That seems unbalanced to jump from 4-5 miles all the way up to one 10-12 mile run. It seems like that would be a recipe for injury??

The Hansons half marathon plan posted on their website is spread out over 18 weeks versus 12 weeks of the Higdon plans.  So you slowly increase your weekly mileage to average around 30 miles/wk. It includes some mid-week runs at 5-7 miles and then the long runs at 10-12 miles. So in my mind it’s not as great a risk going from a 7 mile run to a 10 mile run. Whereas I’m nervous to jump from 4 miles to 10 miles. That’s a huge gap for a newbie.

But you raise a good point since this is my first half that maybe I should trim some mileage and keep the week of the race very low mileage, maybe throw in an extra rest day.

See this is what I love about Tumblr! I really appreciate the feedback and advice.

RTP WK15D05 Thursday

I have another week and a half of just basic running to finish the base building part of the Hansons half marathon training plan. I’m still tossing around the idea of doing a sort of hybrid between Hansons and Hal Higdon half training plans. Mostly because the Hansons plan calls for 10 long runs of 10-12 miles during Jan-Mar. Jan/Feb are usually KC’s coldest months so the idea of running on a treadmill for roughly 1 ½-2 hours every Sunday is already making me dread running.  Hands down I would much rather run in 100 degrees than run in the cold. I’ve never cussed the heat the way I do the cold. Ugh! HATE. IT. The Hal Higdon plan increases the weekly long run by 1 mile each week. I really like that part and think it would help avoid burnout.

With that said, tonight’s 3 mile treadmill run went pretty good. I didn’t use my Nike+ app and covered the machine display except for the time and knew I should finish sonewhere around 24 minutes. I started out at 6.9 mph and kept increasing the speed up to 7.5. It was over before I knew it! 

3 miles / 24:46 / 8:15 avg pace