hanson fan club

Bands or artists that do meet and greets usually charge $100-$150. Most bands don’t even do that. Hanson? They give them out randomly and FREE. That is really rare and awesome and unusual and should be appreciated. They could charge easily and fans would pay but they don’t. So think about that next time you bitch about how Hanson only sees their fans as cash cows.

“I’ve always staunchily defended the value of a membership but I’m not so sure anymore. They have sneakily removed ‘Livestreams’ from the perks description (it used to be listed). ‘Site improvements’ - the 'new’ site was launched in 2014 and it’s still in Beta (2017). The forums are slow as hell to load. PMs to the band - Zac used to be online and reply to people a lot, now that hardly ever happens. The M&G is a one off, and they can’t even ensure that the same people don’t get one on two consecutive tours when others have never had one. Real 'live’ streams don’t happen anymore - so no Q&A w/ band, no spontaneous stuff.
So the membership buys you a 5-song CD and the 'privilege’ to buy fan club merch. They don’t even stream the HDay show anymore so the free concert is only for those who can travel to Tulsa. The $50 is becoming a one-off fee to have the new EP. I can’t judge someone for not wanting to renew anymore.“