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i hope you stay safe from the storm and it doesn't get any worse! I have family who lives there too and its sad seeing so many people affected by this. I hope you recover quickly from the damage!

Thank you so much! I really hope it doesn’t get any worse too. A lot of people are having such a hard time. We’re on the 6th floor which is pretty high up so we’re good. It just won’t stop raining. I hope you’re family’s doing okay!

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Hello beautiful person! (✿◠‿◠) Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself then pass this on to your 10 favourite followers! x10 CONGRATS UR TEN PEOPLE IN MY EYES ANSWER THIS TEN TIMES SO I WANT 50 FACTS

jesus fucking christ dylan okay you terrible person you asked for this

  1. i am barefoot right now
  2. when i was like 9 i gave my best friend a framed photo of me because i’m fucking beautiful and vain
  3. i used to fall asleep on the bathroom floor while waiting for my mother to brush her teeth so she could carry me to bed and tuck me in
  4. i was such a little shit as a kid and that’s probably why i don’t have any friends
  5. i’m really paranoid, like seriously, when i take a walk i look over my shoulder every five minutes because i feel like someone is going to run up to me and stab my kidney
  6. i watch too many horror movies
  7. i hate you dylan for doing this to me but also i’m flattered that you consider me your 10 fave followers but also i think you’re lazy so i don’t know where i stand on this
  8. i love noodles
  9. my favorite food is thai food okay dylan now you know
  10. i hate going to actual stores to shop unless it’s a book shop
  11. when i was in africa i helped a blind man at our hotel find his family again because he was lost I’M NICE SEE
  12. i had a mcflurry yesterday and it was great
  13. i love ice cream
  14. i love dogs
  15. i love you
  16. i don’t know what i’m saying
  17. i can’t cook
  18. but i have to cook because my mother’s not home
  19. i miss my mom because she’s a great cook and ugh i just want edible food again
  20. i really should go grocery shopping but there’s so many tourists in my town during the summer and it’s my nightmare
  21. i’m gonna cut my hair soon because i’m sick of this goddamn mane on my head
  23. i’m so hungry right now
  24. i took a break from this list because it’s fucking hard to think of 50 facts about myself but you asked for it so you BETTER READ IT ALL
  25. i should cook but i never went grocery shopping and now my stomach is rumbling like craaaazy
  26. i guess i’m slowly starving myself
  27. hey i’m halfway through this
  28. my hay fever was really bad today MY EYES HURT
  29. i just learned how to do the laundry today! because i ran out of clothes /i’m naked
  30. i am terrified of horror movies but i watch them anyway because i obviously need to fuel my paranoia
  31. i just painted my nails PINK
  32. my best friend had these two cats when we grew up that were called jesus and pussy
  33. i make friends with weird people who would’ve thought
  34. i’m watching masterchef right now because i obviously like to torture myself 
  35. i’m really scared of butterflies
  36. and snails
  37. i find gum disgusting
  38. and also when you roll tin foil into a little ball GROSS
  39. my brother throws both of those at me whenever he can
  40. i want a cat
  41. i sleep with a nightlight because the night is dark and full of terrors
  42. i will eat anything that has chocolate
  43. i would eat anything right now tbh
  44. i’m right handed
  45. i have ten fingers
  46. and ten toes
  47. i have a nose too
  48. there’s a belly button on my stomach
  49. i’ve watched so many episodes of orange is the new black today i think i’m in prison
  50. i like apples