hansol x you

Imagine though…

Vernon staring at you on the tv screen as you answered questions in one of your interviews. He was busy focusing on the little things you did. “Ya~ Hansol-ah!” His hyung called snapping him out of his thoughts. “He’s fantasizing over y/n again” they teased heading to their studio. “Was i?” Was all he could muster up before he became flustered after getting caught - and realizing he was guilty of the accusation.

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🍦 ice cream + chwe hansol

word count: 1,025

“Come on baby, stand up, we’re getting ice cream and you’re coming with me.”

Focused on his phone, you managed to get Vernon’s attention as his head quickly turned to look at you. “Are you sure about that, Y/N? It’s cold out and it’s already midnight.”

You pouted, tugging his arms. “But baby, I’m really craving for ice cream since ages and I can’t hold not eating it anymore.”

Pinching your cheeks, Vernon put his phone away. “How can I resist you, seriously?” He chuckled as a wide grin spread onto your face, standing up and pulling Vernon along with you.

Upon reaching the nearest 24/7 grocery store, you dashed straight to the freezers where different tubs and cones of ice cream were displayed. Vernon just laughed following you, pure adoration was seen in his eyes as he looked at you, your lips forming a pout as a wondering look filled your eyes, checking the freezer.

“Now I don’t know what to get. Why do everything has to be freaking delicious!” You complained, a sigh escaping your lips. “I wanted to get that Dark Chocolate one but then I saw this Cheese flavor and– damn is that Cookies and Cream?”

Vernon approached you from the back, his hands trapping you between him and the freezer as his head settled on your shoulder. “Done picking?”

“I’m not.” You sighed, starting to point out different flavors that caught your eyes. “At first I really wanted that one but this flavors came to my view and now I can’t choose.”

“Then just pick your first choice.”

“But Vern..” you whined a bit, leaning on his head. Vernon laughed, nuzzling deeper onto your neck. “You’re really indecisive sometimes, baby.” He commented, a bit muffled.

Moving his head away from you, Vernon’s hands wrapped on your waist. “Why don’t we just buy every flavor that you can see in this store?”

“Yah!” You snorted then laughed hardly, clearly amused at your boyfriend’s suggestion. As you lean onto him for support, your laughter rang through Vernon’s ears, bringing a smile on his face. He was happy how he could make you laugh in simple things and he swore it was the kind of laugh he could listen to for the rest of his life.

Turning to him, you bopped his nose before wrapping your arms around his neck. “Ah, seriously. As if we can do that, you silly.” You tiptoed and placed a peck his lips, which brought a bright smile on both of your faces.

“Come on, let’s just pick our ice cream so we can cuddle at home already.”

Walking side by side on an empty street lit up by streetlights, you devour your ice cream cones.

“I’m still curious; does anyone really eat that ice cream flavor?” Vernon asked from beside you, eating his own cookies and cream cone.

“What’s your problem with this?” You raised your own cone in front of him as Vernon moved away. “Hey, this is really great! I’m seriously thankful Y/F/N made me taste this.”

“So that’s why you’re really great friends.”

“What’s that supposed to mean, huh?!” You exclaimed, as Vernon started speeding up his walk. “Come back here, Chwe! I’m going to change your mind with my ice cream!”

“No way, I will not eat it!” Vernon shouted, thus started a chase between the two of you, like kids in the park.

“Gotcha!” You managed to trap Vernon and gestured your cone towards his lips. “Come on, taste it!”

His arms were blocking yours, and you exerted more effort, making the ice cream hit his nose instead. You stood frozen, your mouth gaping to apologize to your boyfriend, until you felt cold yet soft texture smeared on your cheek. Then your boyfriend grinned mischievously at you.

“You can’t be the only one here, Y/N.”

“We just wasted our ice creams, you know?” You sighed, facing your boyfriend who’s cleaning up the smears of ice cream on your face.

“You started it.” Vernon pointed out, focused on cleaning you up.

“But it won’t happen if you just let me justify to you that my ice cream was really great.” You sighed, and pouted. “Now you can’t even taste it.”

Vernon stopped wiping your face for a bit, and studied your messy yet still beautiful face, and he did the unthinkable and unimaginable.

“I still can, you know?” Before you could respond, Vernon’s lips went on the corner of your lips, seeming to lick something off and soon turned to your lips, capturing it into a chaste, intoxicating kiss.

As Vernon pulled away, your eyes went wide, mouth agape as a deep flush of red started painting your face. “You… You…”

Vernon laughed, now wiping his own face with smears. “You’re right, it tastes good, even better on you.”

“You sneak!” Flustered, you shouted, hitting him on his arms and chest. “Who taught you to be like that, huh? Are you really my shy boyfriend?!”

“It’s still me!” Vernon laughed harder at your flustered face and accusations. It always gives him a good, satisfying feeling whenever he makes you flustered, looking more adorable than ever in his eyes.

“Ah seriously, "you stood up, starting to walk away. "I’m going to tattle this to Seungkwan and others!”

Vernon followed suit, staring at your back facing him, hearing yur murmurs and frequent squeals and laughs in between. And then it dawned on him.

How the moonlight shone on your figure, clad in a big sweater paired with sweatpants, your hair in a mess from all the cuddling, laying and running.

It dawned on him, at 12:43 in the morning.

Catching up with you, Vernon took your hands, swaying it back and forth as you lean onto him. “Thank you, baby. I love you.”

“I love you too, my baby Y/N.”

It dawned on him, at 12:43 in the morning. He loved you more than he could ever love anyone else. He knew how he doesn’t mind spending lifetime and forever if it’s with you. And yet all you did was go out to buy an ice cream.

word prompts masterlist

Orange Lily (Fuck You) {Vernon Flower Shop AU}

A/N I got the idea from this https://cupidsbower.tumblr.com/post/145960730310/flower-shop-au post. So the prompt goes to @ demisexualmerrill and the flowers used in the bouquet to @koscheiis.

Summary- You work at a flower shop and on a slow night you get a very… unusual request for a bouquet from a very attractive guy.

Requests status: Open

Working at a flower shop you’ve seen a lot of people come and go through the front door, making you apart of their story with a simple chime of a bell. Whether it be out of celebration, love, or even tragedy, once they step up to the counter, you automatically enter their book. Upon having learned this you often try to learn and understand what is going on with them so you’re not just some stranger who appeared in an important moment in their life. You smile at the thought. You like being there for people, even if it’s a fleeting moment.

You sat behind the counter of a small flower shop, idly waiting for the time to pass by so you could lock up and leave. It was a slow Tuesday night in the middle of summer and you were bored. Normally you would have a co-worker with you, but they somehow both had gotten sick. Mononucleosis you think? You pause as the realization hits you. You release a deep breath while rolling your eyes. Of course, why not. It’s not that you didn’t like working at the Flower Shop, you loved it actually, but when no one was here and you’ve made just about all the bouquets you could think of, saying you wanted to go home and sleep was an understatement.

Your quiet train of thought is broken by the front door opening and the bell screaming to alert you of someone’s presents. Slightly startled, you look up to see a boy who looked to be around your age looking disheveled rushing up to you. His ash brown hair shagged in his face almost naturally, but it could easily have been due to his previous act of running. You want to shake your head to regain focus, but resist the urge not wanting to off put the guy. You’re about to greet him but before you can even ask ‘what can I help you with?’about 20,000 won is thrown of the counter and the boy is rushing words out of his mouth. This time you do shake your head, unsure of what he said.

“I’m sorry, can you repeat that?”

“How do I passive aggressively say ‘fuck you’ in flower?” That was a new request and definitely not anything close to what you had put together before. You bite your lip in hopes of not allowing the chuckle that itched in your throat out.

“Um, if you’re trying to send a hint to your girlfriend I’m not sure if that’s what you want to say.”

‘Wh-what? WAIT, NO! That’s not wha- for my friend. They’re for my friend. Girlfriend? Never heard the term.” He scratches the back of his neck his eyes not meeting yours. This time you let a light laugh out.

“Okay, no girlfriend. Let us see what flowers best fit your, um, message.” You smile motioning for him to follow. “Do you want to be really malice or?”

“Well, I am tired of his pranks.” You send him a questioning glance, curious as to how bad these pranks could be for his friend to earn him a ‘fuck you’ bouquet. “You don’t want to know.” You raise your hands in surrender. Maybe it is best you didn’t.

“Right,” You clap your hands together, “so you’d need Geraniums, to signify stupidity,” You point at the purple flowers in a frigerator “some Meadowsweet, for uselessness,” Again you point to a flower refrigerator specifying the little white flowers. “Some Foxglove, meaning insincerity. Yellow Carnations are a must. They mean ‘you have disappointed me’” You smile, “and of course, Orange Lilies for hatred. Although if he is a close friend I don’t know if you would like to go that far with it.” You direct your smile at the brunet.

“Wow.” Was the only word to escape his lips.

“What?” You ask, worry bubbling inside of you.

“You just, know a lot about flowers is all. It’s impressive,” He pauses for a moment, “Y/n.” You almost jump back in surprise but collet yourself quick enough to understand he looked at your name tag.

“Well, I work at a flower shop…” You trail off waiting for him to fill in the blank. After a moment passes you realize he hadn’t gotten the hint and was just awkwardly standing there with his hands in his pockets. Figuring you would put him out of his misery you speak again, “I’ll gather the flowers and meet you at the counter.” You do as you promised and begin collecting the flowers of different variation. You glanced back at the nameless brunet a few times but not allowing your eyes to linger for longer than a second or two. “Uh, did you want the lilies?” The break in silence caused the male to jump.

“Um, I,” He paused, “What do you think?”

“Well, if he really is a good friend then maybe it’s best to leave it out.” You smile gasping for another Carnation stem.

“Yeah, you’re probably right. No Orange Lilies.” With that silence surrounded you again save of the faint humming that came from the boy. Another moment passes before you have all of the flowers you need and you make your way behind the counter again. “Alrighty, we have the Geraniums, Meadowsweet, Foxglove, and the Carnations. No Lilies.” You rattle off placing the flowers down to begin the process of the bouquet. You reach down for some wrapping foil. You make want to make small talk but you’re not sure where to start. Instead you opt for looking a little to interested in the ribbon choices.

“So, Y/n, do you like working here?” You glance up from the string eyebrows raised.

“Yeah, actually, I do. A lot.” You choose a dark red ribbon to match the theme and stand up straight. This earns you a light “hm”. “Anyway, would you like a card to go with it? You know, to make sure your friend gets the message loud and clear?” He shrugs then nods.

“Might as well.”

“Alright, one ‘fuck you’ card coming up.” You both laugh.

After you’ve written the card and he pays, you each bid the other a farewell. He is about to step outside the door when you call out,

“Hey, I never caught your name.”

“Vernon.” He smiled a bright goofy smile before leaving you to yourself again.

“Vernon.” You whisper quietly to yourself as you clean up the counter.


The next day when you go into work your boss tells you there is something for you by the cashregister. You send her a question look but go to where she directed anyway.

Sitting next to the register is a Pink Carnation with a note attached to it. Your eyebrows furrow as you pick up the letter.

“I asked your boss what flower said ‘thank you for making my ridiculous bouquet request for my idiot friend .’ But she said there weren’t any, so I settled for a pink Carnation and this note. Thank you for last night. I hope to see you again.


P.s. my friend loved the flowers.”

A smile fills your face as you put your apron on and place the gift to the side.

Working at a flower shop does mean you become a part of someone else’s story, you glance back at the note and flower, but maybe sometimes it means they become a part of yours.

anonymous asked:

can i request a hansol x reader smut where you lose your virginity to him and vice versa - preferably in a situation where you've only been dating for a short time and since you live abroad and have to travel back soon, hansol shyly feels you have to get together asap ( i hope it's not too much (>人<;) )

I hope I got this right and that you enjoy this bb! ;u;  💕

» If you’re using the tumblr app and can’t see the scenario, which is under a “keep reading”, please try opening the post in your phone’s internet browser (or a computer)! 💕

» 4,256 words

Hansol was everything you were looking for in a person. He was kind, funny, had good manners, shared a lot of your values and, above everything and among so many other things you loved about him, you felt incredibly comfortable around him.

You had first met during your year abroad in South Korea, where he had been one of the first people to approach you, which you knew to have been because you were, to say the least, lonely at that point, in a new country without more than a handful of people you knew. It felt comforting to have someone approach you as kindly as he did, instead of only forming a shallow acquaintanceship with you, not to mention downright ignoring you.

After your first meeting, it didn’t take too long for you to notice just how pleasant he was to be around, and so you had become friends fairly quickly - and close friends even faster. You had similar experiences, being a bit odd among all the (fully) Korean people, on top of which you had some shared interests and traits.

And even if you hadn’t shared those, as long as your personalities clicked, nothing else mattered - and your personalities played together perfectly. You spent a lot of time together, studying, going to concerts and hanging out, either with just the two of you or with the small friend group you had established, whether it was at his house or at a café or something similar.

Towards the end of your year abroad you had come to terms with the fact that you had romantic feelings towards Hansol, and were sad to leave, and even when you were back home, you weren’t sure if you were happy or sad because right before you had gotten on the plane, Hansol had taken a hold of your hand and said that he liked you.

Just like that. As his last words to you face to face.

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replay (x3)

college!hansol x classmate!you

Originally posted by jonqins

  • chwe hansol isn’t that well known at your university
  • okay, yes everyone in class with him has heart eyes for him and they do recognize he’s pretty handsome
  • looks intimidating but when he smiles, everyone just knows he’s a huge sweetheart and they don’t even have to know him to know that
  • he’s a psychology major
  • he’s an avid watcher, pays attention to ppl’s body language and can read ppl pretty well
  • v quiet and v reserved and v woke about social norms and such
  • he’s always mouthing things to himself and staring at his phone all day
  • if you spook him, his eyes go wide and he looks so shook till he pulls out his headphones from his ears
  • but his rapping personality vernon is v well known across the interweb

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New Neighbor (Vernon x Reader)

It was a bright sunny day and the boys finally had their day off. The boys were fast asleep— the sound of their soft breathing and the sound of the air conditioner were the only sounds that you can hear if you were in their dorm.

Time check, 10:34 a.m

While the boys were fast asleep there were two siblings, who just moved in last night, discussing ways on how they could communicate with their neighbors. None of them were fluent in Korean.

“Now who’s the stupid master mind that decided to move to Korea and not study their language?” The older sibling asked the younger one. The younger sibling glared at the older sibling and talked back, “You, you’re the stupid master mind! And besides, we can just communicate by speaking in broken english.”

“If that makes you feel good about yourself, then I’ll be that ‘stupid master mind’ since I don’t want to hurt my little sister’s ego.” He sarcastically said and paused for a while. “Alright, since you’re too confident you will be the one speaking to them.” Aaron, the older sibling, challenged the over-competitive sibling of his.

“Fine, I’ll be do all the talking since you’re such a wuss!” She fell right into her brother’s trap. Aaron didn’t even bother to fight back and decided to start giving rice cakes to their neighbor. “Well then, let’s go now _______.”

Aaron grabbed two platters of rice cakes and left the room, leaving ______ dumbfounded. She hurriedly ran outside, shouting “Wait for me!” Meanwhile, on the other hand, all of the boys were already wide awake thanks to their Manager Hyung.

“It’s our day off and you decided to wake us up early in the morning? I want to sleeeeeep.” Seungcheol whined with his eyes closed. “You call this early? It’s already 10:40 in the morning!” Manager Hyung beamed as he threw his arms up in the air.

“I’ve finished making toast.” Jun, who just came out from the kitchen, brought a platter of toasts and a jar of jam and a bread knife. He gave Dino the plate and opened the jar of jam. “Man, I’m starving.” Hoshi and Joshua chorused.

“Calm down, you two. Jun and Dino will give you your breakfast.” Seungcheol pulled the two before they could grab a piece of toast. The others were just spacing out and were waiting for their toast.


*Ding Dong Ding Dong*

Seungkwan was interrupted by the door bell. “Hmm? Who might that be?” Seungcheol tilted his head, wondering who would visit them on their day off. The Manager Hyung walked to the door and pushed it open.

“Oh?– Nuguseyo?” The Manager Hyung was greeted by two unfamiliar faces. “Uhh, good morning. W-we…. Uhh…. Move In….. Last Night….. Wait…… This is so haaaard!” Everyone was surprised to hear a girl’s voice. Vernon and Joshua noticed that the girl was speaking in English.

“Hey, why don’t you go and help Manager Hyung?” Seungcheol asked Vernon, who looked at him for a second and stood up right away. Vernon trudged towards the door and was surprised to see the girl.

“How may I help you?” The Manager Hyung looked at Vernon and signaled him that he was going before he gets a nosebleed. “Thank goodness you speak English!” _______ cried, well not literally. “Sorry to interrupt you guys but we just moved in last night. My name is _______ and this is my big brother, Aaron. It’s nice to meet you. Well… Uhh… I did some research last night and learned that it’s a korean tradition for new neighbors to give rice cakes to their neighbor. I hope you guys like this rice cakes.“ _______ grabbed the platter of rice cakes from her brother’s hand and offered it to Vernon.

“My name is Vernon. It’s pleasure meeting you guys.” Vernon introduced himself and continued. “ Woah, this looks delicious. Thank you for the rice cakes. Why don’t you guys come in?” Vernon asked. ________ and Aaron looked at each other and ______ was about to decline but Aaron stopped her. “If it’s okay for you guys, they why not?” Aaron flashed a smile at Vernon and vice versa.

The two went in, removing their shoes as soon as they stepped foot on the floor. They proceeded to the living room, only to be welcomed by a bunch of handsome-hot-gorgeous-dorky-lovable-handsome-handsome men. “Woah, you guys all live in this room?” Aaron asked Vernon, “Uh-huh. We’ve been living with each other for a long time now..”

All heads were turned to the guests. Some stared at ______, some stared at the rice cakes and some stared at Vernon. “Who might they be, Vernon?” Seungcheol stood up and walked towards them.

“Guys, they just moved in last night and they live right next door and they are siblings. These is _______ and Aaron.” Vernon introduced the two and faced them. “_______, Aaron. I want you guys to meet my friends. They’ll be doing some self introduction and don’t worry I’ll be translating what they’re saying.” He reassured the two, which made ______’s heart at ease.

They did their greetings, the SEVENTEEN way.


Everyone introduced theirselves and thanked the two for the rice cakes. They all sat down and decided to know more about each other even though there was a language barrier between the members and the two siblings.

_______ and Aaron didn’t stay that long since they have a lot of things to do and bade goodbye. Vernon accompanied them to the door and said, “I can teach guys with some basic korean words. If you guys want to.” Vernon offered.

“Thanks Vernon but I guess you can teach ______ some basic korean words since I won’t be around from time to time.” Aaron patted his sister’s back. “Sure thing.” Aaron thanked him and left with _______ beside him.

Every since that day, _______ and Vernon talked to each other every day whenever they have a free time and they became close friends. As days pass, ________ noticed that she was slowly falling in love with Vernon. She was afraid that if Vernon knew about her feelings, they’ll be awkward and all so she decided to hide her feelings.

One night when ________ rode the elevator, little did she know that her life was going to change as soon as she reaches their floor. Once the elevator door went open, she received a call from her friend.

(Hey, _______!)

“Oh hey, Jimin. What’s up?”

(Nothing… . Oh C'mon, why won’t you tell me the name of the guy you’re in love with?)

“If I tell you, will you go and maybe treat me to a BBQ Restaurant?”

(Yeah, yeah. Now tell me.)

“The guy that I fell in love with is Vernon. Hansol Vernon Chwe.” _______ confessed, oblivious about her surroundings. She was startled when someone spoke. “You’re… in love with me?”

_______ spun around, her eyes were round like saucers when she saw Vernon. “I…… Uh…..” She was speechless. Thousands of thoughts flooded her mind. What if Vernon avoids her after this? What if their friendship ends because of her stupid unintentional confession?!

“When did it start?” Vernon firmly asked. His voice was monotoned, his stare was intent and it will surely melt any fangirl. _______ gulped and couldn’t help but stammer, “I-It s-started… . I-I’m sorry…” ________ apologized for no apparent reason. She looked down as her fingers fidgeted on the hem of her shirt.

“Why are you apologizing?” Vernon softened at the sight of ________. He could feel his heart beating really fast but he was trying to control his feels. “I’m apologizing because… . because–” ________ was pulled into a tight hug, strong arms wrapped around her. “There’s no reason for you to apologize, _______. You know why?” Vernon whispered in _______’s ear.

“W-why?” _______’s stammer was so bad she could hardly talk. Her breath hitched when she felt Vernon breathing near her neck.

“It’s because I also fell in love with a girl named ________.”

Opinion (Vernon/Hansol)

type: fluff
pairing: you x hansol/vernon
words: 1624
synopsis: in which you reluctantly go to a seventeen fansign in place of your sick best friend and it’s the beginning of a love story 
a/n: yeet hello i am here again!! thank you all so so so much for 4K! love you all so much x

I want to be your favourite hello and your hardest goodbye.

Originally posted by i-wonwoo

Hansol was having a bad day. A horrible day. A no-good, horrible, shitty excuse of a bad day. He was a panda, with eye bags as dark as the eerie black night in which he had worked tirelessly through. An old man, whose joints would creak and cramp with every small movement his pen yielding hand would make. A clown, whose cheeks ached from the prolonged amounts of times he’d flashed a drop dead gorgeous smile in the direction of an eager fan.

And what was his solution? His remedy to all these problems?

Nothing. Continue being all those things. And if he were honest, he was becoming tired and bored of the ‘same old, same old’ schedule he’d been forced to become accustomed to.

“Ya, Hansol-ah. Look alive, would you? At least make an effort to act like you want to be here. What’s gotten into you lately?” Leader S.Coups whispered, trying not to draw any attention to their conversation.

Hansol sighed, straightening his back and cracking his knuckles, “Sorry, hyung. Just feeling a little drained.”

Seungcheol gave his dongsaeng an encouraging smile, bringing his hand up and giving him a strong slap to the back, “This isn’t for us. Remember, this is for them, the carats. They’re the ones who have helped us get where we are today, and this is the least we can do for them.”

The younger nodded, refocusing his energy on the upcoming excited girl who was making her way towards him.

Don’t misunderstand, he loved his job, he adored his fans. But even idols had their bad days, and although Vernon’s presence was there at yet another fan sign - Hansol’s heart lay within the sheets asleep, where he wished he was and doing what he wished he was doing.

Earnestly, he hoped for something different to happen, something spontaneous and something that wasn’t planned. Something that would catch him off guard, open his eyes and turn the fake smile he had on into something genuine. Something… or someone that would give his heart a reason to wake up from within the sheets.

“___________!” Whined your friend, Ji Su, “C'mon, please? This is my dream!”

You rolled your eyes, placing the bag of groceries on the kitchen counter. It joined the other useless junk and clutter you were forced to scavenge for, for the sake of your best friend. It had begun during the early hours of the morning, where your slumber was disturbed by an 'urgent’ phone call from a sniffly Ji Su, who stated it an emergency. However, upon arrival, you were informed that the 'emergency’ was nothing but a hoax. You were merely called to provide for her every need whilst she recovers from a savage cold.

It began small, with the occasional glass of water here and there. But as time progressed Ji Su began to become more complacent and started making you do some errands and chores for her whilst she elegantly flipped through Tumblr and Instagram posts. Groceries, washing, dishes, cooking, cleaning - everything, you did it all.

But her final request was simply not going to happen.

“Nope. Sorry, Ji Su. There is no way in hell you are making me go to their stupid fan sign. It’s not my fault you’re sick, so you suffer the damn consequences.” You huffed grumpily, eliciting a loud groan from your best friend.

“Why are you bashing them so much! What did they ever do to you?”

You shrugged, tentatively taking out the groceries from the plastic bag and putting them in their respective places, Ji Su’s narrowed eyes watching you closely. “I’m sorry that I’m no fan of prissy goodie-two-shoes boys who wear baby pink and have millions of annoying screaming little lady fans who freak out every time one of them breathes.” You fired back in her direction, knowing damn well that those screaming little lady fans were a perfect description of the girl drowning in her own tissues in front of you.

Ji Su sighed, looking forlorn and downcast.

You groaned, looking annoyed and defeated. “Fine.”

Your best friend flashed her pearly white teeth, taking out a full-blown portrait of Hansol and handing it to you eagerly, “You’re the best, _______! Now go! Say hi to the boys for me!”

Which was how you found yourself at the door of Seventeen’s fan sign, looking like you’ve been run over by a bus ten times. But who really cared? You weren’t trying to impress anybody. 

Hansol noticed you the second you walked into the fan sign. In a room filled with girls who were buried in their makeup and covered in their finest attire, how could he not? With your sweatpants and stained hoodie - you were a sight for sore eyes. 

Hansol’s heart stirred. 

Hazel orbs followed your figure as it dragged itself to the beginning of the table and stopped in front of a shocked Boo Seungkwan. It was evident that he too was confused as to why a grumpy girl would come to a fan sign that she so blatantly didn’t want to attend to. Despite your obviously depressing attitude, Hansol suddenly felt alive and awake.

He was most intrigued by the girl who tried the least to obtain his attention. 

Four more people. Just four more people and you’d be in front of him. Four more people until he can figure out what it was about you that was causing his heart to awake from its slumber. 

Three more.

Two more.


And then you were in front of him in all your grouchy glory. And Hansol forgot how to breathe. 

With your uncombed and unruly hair, uncovered blemishes and tainted clothes, you were even more perfect up close than he could ever have imagined. You were just so different to any girl he’d ever come across. It wasn’t just natural beauty, it was also a genuine mindset and personality that didn’t give a fuck about what people thought about the way you looked. He knew there was a connection.

“Make this out to Ji Su.” You muttered quietly, shoving a photo of himself at himself. You wanted to be in and out of this place as fast as possible, so this dreadful day can finally come to an end. 

But as if the universe hated you, his hand made contact with yours. 

Sparks. Fireworks. Fucking dynamite explosions. 

You knew he could feel it too when his hand recoiled at the sudden sensation. These events were used for the two of you to observe one another. It was only then did you take notice of his hazel orbs that were shaped like the moon, the waves of his brown-blonde hair and the pink, inviting lips that were stretched into a perfect ‘o’.

You cleared your throat and blinked away the hearts that were beginning to float into your vision. 

He smiled a toothy grin, and you scolded yourself for melting a little, for falling under the stupid trance in which he had everyone in the room under. “Beautiful name for a beautiful lady.”

You scoffed, involuntarily rolling your eyes at the cheesiness and the cliche that is, the teenage heartthrob of the generation. “________, actually. Nice try. Ji Su is my friend, she’s sick so I’m stuck on slave duty for the day. Trust me, I’m not a fan.”

A perfectly plucked eyebrow quirked up, “Not a fan, huh?” He echoed, nonchalantly signing the photo and trying to act unphased, “Why is that?”

Shrugging, you watched as his dainty hand wrapped around his pen, his milky skin distracting you from what you intended to say. Your mind began to wonder about the smoothness of his skin, the waves of his hair, the pink of his lips… with wide eyes, you shook yourself from your own thoughts. 

What was it about this boy, and why were you acting like this towards him? 

“Have you guys ever heard of individuality, uniqueness? Because if you have, then you’re doing a pretty shit job at showing it. You Kpop ‘idols’ are nothing but photocopied versions of each other, that’s why I’m no fan. It’s always the bad boy, the cute one, the rapper. There’s always these same characteristics with you guys and I honestly don’t see why people keep screaming over boys who are replications of one another… That’s my opinion, at least.”

Now usually, people would back away slowly and wonder what on earth was wrong with you for having such passionate thoughts about a non-controversial subject. Usually, people would change the topic. Usually, they’d pretend they’d have to go. Usually, but not this time. 

Hansol merely grinned. 

“Well, ________.” He began, putting his pen down and leaning in closer to your face, “I’d like to be given the opportunity to change your opinion on us ‘Kpop idols’, if you’d let me.”



Oh God, Yes. 

What? No way am I associating myself with you.” You scoffed, looking away to hide the blush creeping up your neck. 

Hansol’s smile remained as radiant as ever, “Bummer.” 

And with that, he handed you the photo back, and you left feeling  somehow disappointed. You felt something for him. Your heart tugged towards him. Yet your stupid stubbornness and pride had to get in the way. 

However, as you walked back to Ji Su’s apartment that evening, you gasped as a piece of post-it paper fluttered off the portrait of Hansol. Tenderly, you picked it up and scanned the words written on it’s pink surface.

Dear, ________.
You felt something too. I know you did.
## ### ### #### (his number)

- Just another Kpop ‘idol’

You smiled and placed the paper inside your pocket. 

Could this be the start of something new?

anonymous asked:

46 and 21 for hansol thank you x

Vernon + 21/46 - “You knocked on my door at 1 in the morning, to cuddle?”/ “I’m in love…shit”

Hansol hated running. If it wasn’t a life-threatening situation, he wouldn’t put himself through that kind of torture.

Or so he thought.

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Vernon: I Love You

submission by: anonymous

anonymous asked: can you please do a request where Hansol says he loves you for the first time?? and like he says it by accident but then realizes like “dang yes I love you”. thanks!!!

Summary: Vernon has kinda a bad day but ur there 2 cheer him up !

You gently knock on the door three times and cautiously push it open. Hansol sits on his bed staring at the floor. 

“Hansol?” You say. His head snaps up and he smiles weakly, quickly pushing the hair out of his face. 

“Hey (Y/N)…”

“Everyone’s worried, Hansol. You just got off stage and shut your self in your room we’re just-” You take a step towards him then stop dead in your tracks. “Are…are you crying?”

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A Regular Night

You walked into the bedroom to find Vernon propped up against the headboard with headphones hugging at his head and a notebook in his hands. You crawled your way into his lap, your really it’s Vernon’s, you stole it from him over-sized shirt hiking up to your hips. Vernon placed his notebook onto the nightstand, and pulled down his headphones before he weaved his hands through his shirt until they came to your hips, “What’re you writing in there, Mr. Headphones?”, he rubbed circles into your hips as he spoke

“Just some raps. For you”

“Can I hear them~?” He looked at your eyes, his face barely tinted red,

“There not finished yet” the two of you say in unison. You smiled and hugged him closer

“You always say that.”

“And you always ask that. I promise to let you hear it tomorrow when I finish it, okay?” You nod and speak the question that was stirring around in your head.

“How was your day?”

“The usual. Practiced some things, ate food, talked to people”

“Mine was stressful” You yawned, getting more sleepier as you listened to Vernon’s soothing voice.

Concern and the want to help you appeared on his face “Oh, babe. I’m sorry. What happened?” He rubbed circles in the small of your back to relieve you

“Some stuff. I don’t wanna relive it again. I just want to sleep with you right now.”

Vernon nodded and laid you next to him, pulled the covers and enveloped your body closely, “Roger that. How about just me talking to you. Would that help?” You answered with a faint yes before he began babbling on about his day.

As he spoke, you slowly felt all the stress lift off from your shoulders and relaxation wave over your body like a river over the earth. You listened to his voice, how it sounded a bit scratchy ‘I better get him a cough drop or a mint tomorrow’, you thought as you watched his adam’s apple bob up and down everytime he spoke. You closed your eyes and fell asleep, floating over the river of dreams.

I extremely hope you enjoyed! and also, I really want you all to request, so then I can satisfy your thirsty selves. I am also very much wishing that you guys give me tips or advice on how I could improve my writing so I can write even better content for you all! As usual, I hope you enjoyed reading! - Toodles, and remember, keep listening to Kpop~ Jackie

ToppDogg Alphabet Drabble: U-nrequited

U is for  Unrequited!

Pairing: Hansol x You


Hansol is your childhood friend. You both lived in the same neighborhood ever since you were six, and even attended the same school. You and Hansol were always together almost everyday, going to school together and hanging out at each other’s houses after class.

He was quite popular among girls in your school and you know exactly why. Hansol is a part of the dancing club, he is very charming and friendly and is basically friends with everyone in the campus.

So you were not really surprised when you realized you already developed a crush on him, heart beating fast whenever your eyes meet or your fingers accidentally brush together.

One time, you couldn’t go to school because of a flu and your parents weren’t around. Hansol didn’t hesitate to skip school too and took care of you the whole day. For once, you were glad being sick.

You wanted to confess to him but couldn’t seem to find the right time. Until college came and you both attended different universities. You saw less and less of Hansol and even your constant texting of each other eventually stopped.

You missed him so much so you decided to give him a surprise visit at school. You stood outside the gates of his school, waiting for him to come out. From a distance, you recognize his figure immediately but your heart dropped the moment you saw who was with him.

He was holding hands with a girl, whom you recognize as his classmate who Hansol said became one of his first friends in college.

“Yah, why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” Hansol greeted when he finally saw you.

“Ah, I didn’t really plan on coming. I was just running an errand around this area and decided to drop by.” You lied.

“I see! Oh, by the way, this is my girlfriend. I told you about her before right? And she’s my friend.” He said, turning to his girlfriend.

Friend. Your heart ache at that word, but you forced a smile.

“We’re going to eat at a restaurant just around the corner. Do you want to come?” She offered nicely.

“Maybe next time. I have some stuffs to do at home.” You declined, not wanting to see more of Hansol and her together.

“Then, we’ll see each other next week? On my birthday party? She arranged one for me. Make sure to clear your schedule okay?” Hansol said.

“Yeah, of course.”

You said goodbye to them and walked your way to the station, not noticing the tears that is already rolling down your cheeks. So this is what heart break feels like.

It hurt knowing that he has a girlfriend now, but you knew you didn’t have the right to feel this way. After all, you’re just his friend.

anonymous asked:

20 for Vernon please

Prompt: “You can borrow mine.”

Genre: Fluff

Member: Vernon x Reader

“Hansol!” you called, hearing someone shuffling down the stairs just a couple of minutes later.

“Babe, what is it?” he asked as he poked his head around the door.

“I need you to tell me my phone number, I need it to sign up to this website.” you told him, expectantly waiting for him to tell you it.

“Oh, you forgot your number? You can borrow mine!” he said, a smirk forming on his face. It soon faltered when he saw your blank expression looking back at him. “Babe, it’s a pickup line.”

“Why do I date you again?” you asked, bursting into fits of laughter while Hansol stood by the door looking embarrassed. “Imagine if your fans knew the Vernon Chwe still tried using pick up lines on his partner of 2 years!”

Still laughing, you went over to him and hugged him. “I wouldn’t have you any other way.”

Vernon: Life Without You

anonymous asked: Oh sorry I’m the one that sent the Vernon getting help us sorry if it made you uncomfortable or annoyed. Can u make a fluffy Vernon scenario instead then ? Thanks x

Summary: Vernon fluff :o (that title is so misleading)

Your back hits the ground and you laugh. He throws a leg over yours and pulls you into him, nuzzling his face into the side of your neck. The grass underneath you is like molten lava under the summer sun, but you couldn’t care less. All you can think about is his arms wrapped around you.

“Hansol,” You say, putting a dent in the silence around you.

He hums a reply, closing his eyes and diving further into a world of strawberry scented shampoo and day dreams.

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Morning View

You woke up. The wonderful view of Vernon holding you close into his chest had been the first thing you saw.

The way his hair had miraculously stayed on his forehead, the soft yet deep breaths he took from the air, his glowing skin. These things made you love him even more. If that was even possible.

This sight, it was him. Raw. Exposed. But invulnerable. His strong yet lean arms had been a magnet. Keeping you near his torso, even in sleep he wanted you close to him. As close to him as he kept you to his heart.

You couldn’t resist but lift your fingers to leave a tickling trail down his cheek, leading to a dead-end to his shoulders.

Hansols eyes fluttered open like Snow Whites’ and immediately found you. His soft, warm stare had made your heart skip a beat.

“Good morning.” Vernons’ morning voice was deep and slightly-hoarse, but that just made you nuzzle up into his chest even more.

“Morning.” You said, your voice was muffled by his tender and welcoming flesh.

The air was sun-filled as you two stayed like that for a while. Completely content in just being in each others arms.

His hands unconciously rubbed soothing circles in the small of your back. You enhaled his scent, untouched by cologne or sweat.

You acknowledged his arms, wrapped around your waist lovingly. How protected you felt, as long as he enveloped you in his arms.

Birds chirped outisde and the sound of bicycles ringing at each other could be heard.

You drank in the perfect moment like wine. Sweet and coaxing enough to forget about your troubles.

“I love you.” Vernons’ voice annexed on to the perfection.

“I love you too.”

You know what I love? Writing stories like these when I don’t have to rush to get anywhere. Just relaxed and not planning out the story, just go with the flow. Please request and send in advice on I could improve my writing. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading!- toodles, and remember, keep listening to Kpop!~ Jackie