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Incorrect Seventeen Quotes #288
  • Vernon: Watch as I hold my whole world in my hands.
  • Wonwoo: Yeah right
  • Vernon [cups Seungkwan's face] : see
  • Wonwoo: oh
  • Seungkwan [softly] : oh

Hansol’s live~

Most notable event. Hansol casually came out as asexual and my love for him has somehow multiple just when I thought I couldn’t love him any more.

It pretty much went something like this:

Fan: “Do you love me?”

Hansol: “Yeah.”

Fan: “Will you marry me?”

Hansol: “Nope.”

Fan: “Why not?”

Hansol: “I’m asexual. You guys know asexual? I don’t like men or women. I want to live alone.”

I love him so much.

If I find out this post gets Hansol hate I’ll probably delete this post and then run to protect him. Just so you know what happened.

Update/Edit: He also said he was thinking about it for a long time and it’s part of the reason the shipping made him so uncomfortable

Edit: Deleted a paragraph ‘cause it was misleading and some thought I was gloating. Originally was gonna’ edit to make my message more clear, decided it would be a bit forced when I tried to think of wording, decided the post as a whole would be better without it. I reblogged this once with an explanation if you really want to see though.

I watched the live earlier today with Hansol and although I don’t speak Korean I kind of picked up on what he was saying. It was so shocking and scary. I’m glad his friend got in contact with him and told us not to worry but I really hope he’s alright. 
If anyone doesn’t know about all this basically Hansol from Topp Dogg did a live on Instagram and was saying things like he wanted to commit suicide and that hes going to kill himself and was standing beside a road and after a while there were tears in his eyes. I think it would be good even if you aren’t a ToppKlass to leave some supportive messages on his instagram.

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