Ten Questions with Hansmole

The name comes from a nickname that my friend Rodney gave me in high school. People call me Han or Hans a lot, so he made it into a Hans Moleman joke—I guess. A couple years ago I needed a Tumblr handle, so I used that one, and it’s become a pseudonym. No one seems to be able to pronounce my last name, so it’s actually been great.

I maintain an online portfolio at http://hansmole.tumblr.com/ with both visual art and the songs I post on Soundcloud. Also I can be found in the first issue of the brand-new Butthole magazine that’s based out of Victoria.

1.Introduce yourself.
I’m Hannah; I make art and music under the name “Hansmole.”

2. How do you define your own work?
I’m bad at this question, but it’s a pretty open catalogue of what I was thinking at a given time.

3. What is the worst job you have ever had?
Definitely cleaning toilets at the airport at 5am. That was the pits.

4. What is your biggest vice?
I binge on things, so right now my biggest vice is Dr. Pepper. I also compulsively drink tea, which has become a trope in my drawings—pretty vanilla in the vice department.

5. Most embarrassing creation?
Probably the album I made right after high school. I called it “Cowboys!” and all copies should be burned.

6. What do you think our generation will be remembered for?
Bellbottoms and universal suffrage.

7. What was the most memorable response to your work?
I get nice messages on Tumblr sometimes. Being told that I was someone’s favourite artist was really cool. Either that or “I don’t get it.”

8. Best advice (or worst) you have received?
Never cut your own bangs.

9. Where are you most creative?
In my room at my parents’ house: it’s in the woods and by the ocean.

10. What’s next?
I foresee lots of drawing. I really enjoy designing posters and shirts for bands. I’m also working on an album, piecemeal, when I can’t stand to look at paper anymore.

hansmole replied to your post

…what’s the bit he remembers about me? that time your mum thought you and i were dating?

he’s actually pretty good about you because he knows you through me AND patrick, but usually it’s “HANNAH FROM ROWING? THE ONE WITH SHORT HAIR? AND NOW SHE LIVES FAR AWAY?