hanshin expressway


I got tagged by @a-million-chromatic-dreams AND @archervale woot!! 

Rules: Use only photos from your phone to make an aesthetic moodboard based solely on your personality.

So! I keep getting phone-related tags, and as we saw last time that never works out well for me - so I used my computer instead!! (I was going to use my tablet but there was literally only fanart on there…xD)

I put credit for the artwork that isn’t mine on the individual pictures. The one by Archie is actually a picture of me and her, and I love it because that basically sums up our awesome friendship - i.e. screaming and laughing. Also, the picture of the Hanshin Expressway is supposed to be referring to the subject I’m studying and my interest in disaster management/geotechnics, and isn’t meant in bad taste (…although I am a walking disaster xD). 

Ok!! Tagging @theplatinthehat, @turtlesarethebestthingever @ursapolaris ummm… @preludeinz (*screams and runs away* ahh ignore this if you want ahaha - that goes for all three of you actually xD) uhhh and you, dear reader!! If you want to hahaha